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What's going on with Julian Brandt and Borussia Dortmund?

Sun 08 December 2019 | 21:25

I never question myself. No, truly, that is truly valid. I have a lot of fearlessness. Obviously, I question my very own few parts of exhibitions, you ought to consistently do that. In any case, I never question myself whether I can do it. I trust I have plenty of capabilities to offer - Brandt

Brandt, 23, has thrived outstanding amongst other midfielders in the Bundesliga and the world since joining Die Werkself from childhood club Wolfsburg in 2014. He was one of the main impetuses behind Bayer's fantastic performance to fit the bill for the Champions League in 2018/19, netting seven goals and 11 assists.

Julian Brandt is beginning to feel especially comfortable at Borussia Dortmund and says he can detect an uncommon association developing with BVB skipper Marco Reus. 

In the wake of featuring in midfield for BVB in their 5-0 thrashing of Fortuna Dusseldorf on Matchday 14, Brandt addressed Bundesliga official website about getting along with BVB's new framework, refinding certainty, and how playing beside Marko Reus feels like his matches with Kai Havertz at previous club Bayer Leverkusen. 

Bundesliga official website: Julian Brandt, you were a member of a fantastic side exhibition in the success over Fortuna Dusseldorf. Do you get the feeling that you're flourishing in that new midfield position? 

Julian Brandt: "It's a great deal of amusing to play there. Having the option to get into the game from the center point of the pitch can truly breathe life into it. In that new midfield position, you're related to each player, and a significant connection among defense and attack. That was surely the situation against Fortuna Dusseldorf, and it worked truly fine!" 

Bundesliga official website: To you what is the reason that Dortmund have frequently struggled to Carry out solid exhibitions this season? 

Brandt: "We're not robots. We as a whole commit errors and there are occasions when things don't exactly work out the manner in which you envisioned. As I would like to think, we've figured out how to escape this circumstance at an extremely significant spot, where there's been a great deal of antagonism encompassing us. The successes at Hertha and against Dusseldorf have made a positive climate that is particularly significant when we look forward to the Champions League game against Slavia Prague on Tuesday." 

Bundesliga official website: There have been questions with respect to whether you and Marco Reus are equipped for consolidating admirably together on the pitch. Was today confirmation that you can? 

Brandt: "Once in a while, you simply need a touch of time to become accustomed to one another. Presently we're ready to be unquestionably and progressively effective. It's tied in with knowing where the other player is, regardless of whether you can't see him. In the previous weeks, I've played out wide, at that point as a forward, and today I played as a central midfielder. It generally felt like Reus was in an alternate situation on the pitch. In any case, I've understood that things could end up being equivalent to they were for me last season with Kai Havertz at Bayer Leverkusen. Shockingly, these mixes don't generally work medium-term. Marco and I have consistently had persistence, however. We trust it's working." 

Bundesliga official website: Are you trying to say that you've truly landed in Dortmund now? 

Brandt: "I'm positively mindful that not all things have turned out flawlessly, particularly in the most recent months. You additionally can't neglect the way that all strikers are assessed on their goals and assists. Be that as it may, when the first starting stage is finished and you play all the more routinely in a specific position, at that point you become substantially more reliable. For me, it was significant that it turned out well against Hertha, that it turned out well against Dusseldorf. What's more, on Tuesday against Prague, it should turn out similarly." 

Bundesliga official website: Have you questioned yourself over the most recent couple of weeks? 

Brandt: "I never question myself. No, truly, that is truly valid. I have a lot of fearlessness. Obviously, I question my very own few parts of exhibitions, you ought to consistently do that. In any case, I never question myself whether I can do it. I trust I have plenty of capabilities to offer. I believe I'm en route to turning into the player Borussia Dortmund and numerous others knew the last term." 

Bundesliga official website: There have been two specific events up until now where we thought that certainty was working in the Dortmund squad. Is it true that you are idealistic that it would now be able to get steady? 

Brandt: "Fundamentally, wins consistently fabricate certainty. What's more, winning with a solid defensive exhibition is the approach. In my opinion, we played well in the primary half in Berlin. It was increasingly troublesome after the red card, yet we played with a great deal of enthusiasm and defended it well. Against Fortuna, you could see that we were having a great deal of fun, we played with a sense of freedom and certainty. Jadon Sancho has netted two goals, Reus, as well. Two players who have been scrutinizing their very own exhibitions as of late. You need to discover the stream, and on the off chance that we can do that, at that point we can get Dortmund back to a similar level as last season. At that point, a ton of beneficial things will occur." 

Bundesliga official website: Lucien Favre has now managed three consecutive successes utilizing a 3-4-3 system. How do you feel about the new framework? 

Brandt: "In terms of attacking style, it's a generally excellent framework. We can generally locate one another, we can have the superior possession of the ball. We're ready to exhaust our rivals. It's significant for us to have the option to clutch the ball and not simply counter-attack when we get it back. but in terms of defense, we can depend on our physical robot that is Zagadou. He generally defeats the danger. Our two guard-midfielders likewise make a decent attempt to press, and the equivalent goes for Hakimi, Guerreiro and the wingers. At the point when opponents come through our defense, we have three players at the back to clean up. So it suits BVB at this moment. We won a ton of second balls in the primary half against Dusseldorf, and in the second half, Zagadou and Akanji managed the long balls well indeed. It's everything fitting together pleasantly up until this point. You don't need to broadly expound each week on the off chance that it works, it works!"

source: SportMob