Latest home kits unveiled for the 2022-23 season

Sat 30 July 2022 | 15:30

Are you ready for another exciting football season full of great kits? Then follow us below as we provide detailed information about the recently unveiled home kits for the 2022-23 season.

There many aspects of football that we all fall in love with and remember for a long time. As the memories of great goals in the final moments of a crucial game stick with us forever, these memories are almost always complemented by the shape, color and the feel of those nostalgic football kits that both sides wore on those specific days. That is why most football clubs try to hire designers to create memorable kits for their players. Amongst the home kits unveiled by top clubs in Europe are a number of great works of art, as well as some flops every season. Surely you too are excited for the new season to kick off as these clubs continue to unveil their football kits for their following campaign. So read on as we provide more details about the

latest home kits unveiled for the 2022-23 season

and get to see what colors and shapes each of the top clubs in Europe will be donning this time around.

Recently unveiled home kits for the 2022-23 season

It could take some time before all the clubs get to unveil their new home kits for the upcoming campaign, which is why we will update this article along the way. From Real Madrid to Bayern Munich and AC Milan, all three league champions have already launched their new home kits and we are quite excited to tell you all about it. So follow us down below if you too are eager to find out more about the

recently launched home kits for the 2022-23 season


Borussia Dortmund

Puma really did a doozy with their horrible copy-pasted design for some of the third kits they launched for top clubs such as

Manchester City

, AC Milan and

Borussia Dortmund

last season. Now, however, it seems that they seek redemption with their new designs. Of course we are yet to see how football fans are going to react to these designs as details about shirt sales will be available at the end of the season. As one of the

latest home kits unveiled for the 2022-23 season

, BVB’s classic design seems to have gotten a modern revamp.

Even though the base color of the shirt is the same yellow Puma used in previous seasons, the overall design has seen some changes. Instead of featuring an all-yellow base color on the front with black details for the badge and the sponsor logo, Puma have opted to bring back the stripes onto the front of the shirt once again. The stripes were positioned on the sleeves in the 2021-22 season and fans did not quite fancy the previous design.

There are four black stripes on both the top and the bottom of the front side, with the sponsor logo being positioned right in the middle, creating a gap between the two groups of stripes. Contrary to the previous design, Dortmund’s new home kit features the club’s badge in its original style and colors, with the Puma logo coming in a yellow color as well. The black stripes feature a subtle geometric pattern as well, which is inspired by the Wildschutz restaurant, at which Dortmund was actually founded way back in 1909. 

The sleeves are yellow, but end with a single black stripe on the cuffs. The back of the shirt is plain yellow and does not feature black stripes. However, all other details at the back of the shirt come in black, which include the club’s name on top, the player number and the player’s name on the bottom. Amongst the home kits unveiled by top clubs in Europe, Dortmund’s new home kit is one of the more slick designs available. We will have to wait and see if their new kit could prove effective in their new battle against the goliaths of Bundesliga.

Bayern Munich

Next on the

list of recently unveiled home kits for the 2022-23 season


Bayern Munich

’s new design, which was first debuted in their 2-2 draw against Stuttgart last season, after which they held their trophy ceremony as well. Having won ten consecutive Bundesliga titles, Bayern have opted to feature a special badge on the crest to commemorate their long-running triumph over their domestic rivals. The shirt features a bright red base color and is complemented by different-sized white horizontal stripes on the front.

The sleeve cuffs and the neck line come in white as well to further add to the depth of the frame that covers the base color. Bayern Munich’s badge appears in its original design, while the Adidas logo and the sponsor logo both appear in white.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid had a wonderful season under Carlo Ancelotti’s management last season as they went on to conquer both Spain and the whole Europe by winning La Liga and the Champions League. Los Blancos have almost always appeared in classy home kits and this season is no different. Adidas’ new design for the reigning Spanish champions is amongst the

latest home kits unveiled for the 2022-23 season

. In a special tribute commemorating Real Madrid’s 120th birthday, Adidas have decided to feature a unique purple design on the anterior side of the collar.

The base color is obviously all white, while the accent colors come in both black and purple. The Adidas logo and the sponsor’s logo both appear in black, while the Adidas shoulder stripes are featured in light purple. As one of the recently launched home kits for the 2022-23 season, Real Madrid’s new home kit includes a classic straight collar, which is complemented by purple and black accent colors. Madridistas certainly look forward to the new campaign as two new additions have joined the Galacticos in the new transfer window.


Real Madrid

repeat their success by winning the Champions League once again? The home jersey certainly looks reminiscent of the time they historically won three UCL titles in succession. It is only a matter of time before we get to see Los Blancos back in action, donning their iconic all-white kit once again.


Real Madrid’s archrivals


did not have much of a good season last time. They were eliminated from both the Champions League and the Europa League, ending their miserable season behind Los Blancos in the Spanish top-flight. Despite the club’s financial issues, club legend and current manager Xavi seems keen on starting the new campaign as he aims to restore his side to its former glory. Perhaps the new colors donned by the Blaugrana could help motivate them further as well.

As one of the latest home kits unveiled for the 2022-23 season, Barcelona’s home jersey has set new standards for itself by introducing a third color to the classic blue and red. With a vertical striping that starts from the chest area and goes all the way down to the bottom, Barca’s home jersey features navy, royal blue and red colors on its stripes. There is a subtle pattern visible on the stripes as well, which gives the jersey a modern look.

The shoulders and the sleeves appear in navy color and do not feature any stripes. Barcelona’s new jersey is amongst the better-looking

home kits unveiled by top clubs in Europe

. Yet we are awaiting for further statistics to see if the fans actually do like the new design or not.

Atletico Madrid

In a rather avant-garde approach to shirt design, Nike have opted to introduce a rather bizarre style for

Atletico Madrid

’s home kit. As one of the latest home kits unveiled for the 2022-23 season, Atletico Madrid’s home jersey comes with a white base color as always. However, instead of the traditional straight red stripes we are used to seeing, it features odd non-straight red stripes all around the shirt. While we see vertical non-straight stripes that go from the chest to the bottom of the shirt.

The shoulders feature horizontal stripes, which go all the way to the sleeves. Just like Barcelona’s home kit, Atletico’s jersey is divided into two parts from the chest area with a subtle horizontal line that expands from one end to the other. The Nike Swoosh appears in blue in a nod to the blue color on Atleti’s badge.

The badge itself appears in its original form instead of being combined with a minimalistic design. As one of the recently launched home kits for the 2022-23 season, we will have to wait and see if the odd stripes featured on the front of the shirt can succeed in attracting enough positive attention in the coming weeks.

Paris Saint-Germain

Next on the list of latest home kits unveiled for the 2022-23 season is

Paris Saint-Germain

’s home jersey, which is obviously a nod to the club’s main colors and badge design. The new shirt features a navy blue base color, which is quite dominant to its accent colors. There is a single white stripe on the middle of the shirt, which is cut in half to open space for the sponsor’s logo. The white stripe is accompanied by two thinner red stripes, which are placed on either side of the main white stripe.

Contrary to what we are used to when it comes to how the club badge and the Nike Swoosh are positioned, both are now positioned centrally on the white stripe. The Swoosh appear under the club badge, with the Swoosh logo copying the navy blue color of the badge. As one of the latest home kits unveiled for the 2022-23 season, PSG’s kits feature a rather unique sponsor logo on its sleeve, which quite suits some of its wearers.

Having signed a contract with sneaker marketplace GOAT, whose name appears on the sleeve. It is quite suiting to see Lionel Messi, one of the greatest footballers of all time, don a shirt which has GOAT written on it.

AC Milan

Puma’s new Ultraweave template has been used on

AC Milan

’s jersey for the new campaign. Even though the sportswear giants failed miserably with their third-kit design for so many top clubs in Europe last season, it seems that they are still daring enough to try and think out of the box. That is why instead of the traditional stripes we are used to seeing on AC Milan’s home kits, we have now got boxed red stripes, which start from the chest are and go all the way to the bottom of the shirt.

That leaves the shoulders free of any stripes, which is why the shoulders are only featured in black, the base color of the jersey itself. The cuffs on the sleeves, however, feature the colors red, white and green, which obviously represent Italy’s three main colors. As a nod to Milan’s home jersey template from the 2007-08 season, Puma have decided to go with a rather interesting collar design, which features two stripes on the front as well.

The Rossoneri are the reigning champions of Serie A after quite a long time, which is why we are certainly going to see yet another season of intense rivalry between both Milan clubs and Juventus. Who will lift the Scudetto this time?


The Reds were beaten by Real Madrid in the Champions League final last season, despite their best efforts to put a goal past Thibaut Courtois. But that has not stopped their supporters from searching through all the news about the latest home kits unveiled for the 2022-23 season to get a glimpse at what their favorite team is set to wear for their new campaign. The Era of Salah Firmin and Mane came to an end this summer as Sadio Mane signed for Bayern Munich in a surprise move during the transfer window.

Now, we will have to see who is going to replace the Senegalese winger by donning his number on the new shirt design. The new


home jersey comes in an as classic as possible design. The base color of the shirt is obviously red, while the entire surface area is covered with subtle patterns.

Aside from those subtle patterns, there are no necessarily unique details about the simply yet classy shirt. All logos and the club’s badge appear in white on the front of the shirt, with Nike’s new design template subtly distinguishing the chest area from the shoulders with a simple line.



, alongside their sister club AC Milan, are once again back on top of the Serie A league table as they have challenged Juventus’ reign over the Italian top-flight for the last two seasons. Even though the Nerazzurri lost out on their chance to lift the Scudetto last season, they are back with a better attitude to once again challenge for the league title. That is why Nike have decided to create a unique piece for Inter’s home games.

As one of the latest home kits unveiled for the 2022-23 season, Inter’s home kit comes in a rather classic style, while being complemented with a couple of modern features here and there. The classic blue base and black stripes are there as always. But these details are encased in Nike’s new design for its home kits, which comes with a horizontal stripe ranging from one sleeve cuff to the other, while finding its way through under the collar. The club’s crest comes in its original colors, while the Nike Swoosh and other sponsor logos are featured in white.



might not be the only title contenders in the Italian Serie A anymore, but they have certainly dropped one of the better-looking home kits of the new season. The lightning-inspired Jeep logo is encased inside black stripes, which are made up of small and detailed triangles instead being simple black lines. The white base of the shirt also features a subtle pattern for itself, while being combined with black details all over.

The round collar is further highlighted through its black color. Basically every detail on Juventus’ home kit is black other than the base of the shirt, which is obviously white. Adidas’ new modern take on Juve’s classic black and white look will certainly have a lot to prove in the coming months. Perhaps the only thing that could make the design memorable is if the Bianconeri could win a title or two this season.

Manchester City

The reigning Premier League champions are certainly ready for yet another great season with all their new signings throughout the summer transfer window. With only a couple of days to go until the start of the new campaign, City have dropped their home kit for the new season. Puma’s new design might not be one of the greatest kit designs of all times, but it is certainly an interesting one.

The sky-blue base of the shirt is complemented with red and white stripes on the cuffs and the collar, with two red stripes encasing a white stripe in the middle. Apart from that, the only interesting detail is the fact that the Man City badge and the Puma logo appear in the center of the chest area, instead of covering the flanks as usual. All sponsor logos come in navy blue, while the club badge appears in its original design and colors.

Manchester United

Manchester City’s city rivals United have dropped one of the boldest and slickest home kits of the new season according to football fans from across the globe. Even though the Red Devils struggled to find a place in European football last season and have certainly missed out on playing in the Champions League, their new home kit has definitely grabbed our attention since its unveiling. The all-red base of the shirt is complemented with white and black accent colors.

The iconic Adidas shoulder stripes come in black, while the classic white polo collar is filled with red triangle patterns. These triangles also include three black stripes inside them as well. Aside from these little details there is also a subtle dotted pattern on the base of the shirt too.

However, we all know that the main star of the show is the collar itself, on which Inigo Turner, the Design Director at Adidas had to say: “The polo collar is synonymous with Manchester United. Turned up or folded down, it has played a starring role in many of the club’s biggest moments. With such a rich history, we wanted to pay homage to some of the club’s most legendary kits and players."


Mikel Arteta is snatching away any and every Manchester City player he can get his hands on, which is why he has already signed Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko from the Citizens. Many are excited to see how the Gunners perform this season with all their new signings, especially with the neat home kit that Adidas have unveiled for the London-based club. Arsenal’s home jersey somehow resembles Manchester United’s in some aspects, but it is quite different in other details. Even though it features a polo collar, the details on the collar are not triangles as there is a zigzag pattern instead.

The shoulder stripes come in red, while the base of the shoulders is white. The base of the shirt itself comes in Arsenal’s iconic red color and the badge itself is featured in its original design. The Adidas logo and the main sponsor logo both come in white since the base of the shirt is red. The sleeve sponsor logo, however, comes in red as the base of the sleeves is white.




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