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Best Premier League goalkeepers of 2021

Who were the top-performing goalies in the year that passed? Which footballers in the English top-flight are worthy of being amongst the best Premier League goalkeepers in 2021? Read on as we take a look at the careers of these footballers and get to see how they’ve fared so far this season.

We have so many fond memories from the year that passed, despite the world being in a constant state of emergency. We got to witness some of the best football games of our lives and we certainly enjoyed watching the best performers of each club dazzle us with their brilliance. While most of the plaudits usually go to forwards or midfielders, goalkeepers are always an essential part of any team and they can be the difference between defeat and victory.

That is why people always cheer for those goalies who manage to keep the ball out of the net in style and with great efficiency. But who were the top-performing goalkeepers in the English top-flight in the year that passed? Who managed to rack up great stats in order to be one of the

best Premier League goalkeepers of 2021


Surely you too are eager to find out who these footballers are and how their respective careers have been going so far. So follow us below as we provide all the information you might need to know about these players and delve deeper into the details of their careers, while also getting to see how their current teams have fared in the league and other competitions so far.

Premier League best goalkeepers in 2021

From Liverpool’s Alisson to Chelsea’s Edouard Mendy and Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris, there are many world-class footballers on the list of best Premier League goalkeepers of 2021, all of whom have had great seasons on individually. Even though most of them did not get to win a major trophy in the past year, they still managed to attract quite a lot of attention for their brilliance in keeping the ball out of their nets. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the greatest Premier League goalkeepers in 2021 and their respective careers so far.

Lukasz Fabianski

  • Team: West Ham

  • Market value: €1M

Lukasz Fabianski might not be considered to be one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, but his consistency in goal has certainly helped West Ham keep a consistent quality week-in week-out. Fabianski is a 36-year-old Polish goalie who first rose to prominence after joining Arsenal from Legia Warszawa for €4 million in the summer of 2007. He went on to spend seven years with the Gunners before finally joining Swansea on a free transfer deal in 2014.

The Poland international spent four years at Swansea before joining

West Ham

for €8 million in 2018. Fabianski proved to be an efficient addition to his club’s squad as he helped them raise their standards in the league. They are currently sixth in the league with 42 points in 26 games and the Polish goalkeeper’s brilliance in goal has been a vital contributor to their efforts in finishing in a European tournament spot.

As one of the

best Premier League goalkeepers of 2021

, the former Lech Poznan shot-stopper has made 7 clean sheets in 26 league appearances this season, conceding 33 goals in the process. Given the fact that West Ham are not amongst the top four clubs in the league, Fabianski’s performance is more than impressive for a side who are usually considered to be a mid-table club.

Being one of the greatest Premier League goalkeepers in 2021 requires consistency and that is why we will have to take a look at his stats from the 2020-21 season as well. The Polish footballer made a total of 37 appearances across all competitions for West Ham and managed to get 11 clean sheets while conceding 45 goals in the process.

Robert Sanchez

  • Team: Brighton

  • Market value: €11M

West Ham are not the only club other than the top-four who have one of the

best Premier League goalkeepers of 2021



& Hove Albion are the second club who have acquired such a well-performing goalie in recent years. Robert Sanchez is actually a Brighton youth academy product and has been at the club since 2016. He rose up the ranks to join Brighton’s senior side in 2020 and has since been a vital part of his club.

The 24-year-old is one of the most promising youngsters in Spain and his current market value is a testament to that fact. It is currently believed to be around €11 million as the Spaniard enjoys a good run of form. Sanches made a total of 30 appearances for the Premier League side in the 2020-21 season and managed to rack up 12 clean sheets, while only conceding 29 goals in the process.

Such a goal-to-game ratio is only possible for top goalkeepers in the world and that is why Sanchez is considered to be one of the best Premier League goalkeepers in 2021. Even though the Spain international has not managed to live up to the same expectations in the new season and has conceded more goals in less number of games, he is still considered to be one of the best Premier League goalkeepers of 2021 as he has helped his side claim a position on the middle of the league table.

Jose Sa

  • Team: Wolverhampton Wanderers

  • Market value: €8M

Next on the list of

best Premier League goalkeepers in 2021

is Jose Sa, who has been an integral part of

Wolverhampton Wanderers

’ squad since his arrival in the summer of the 2021. Even though he was not at the English club for the first half of the year that passed, the Portuguese goalie still managed to earn himself quite a lot of fame as a well-performing shot-stopper in the second half of the year.

Jose Sa played for clubs such as

FC Porto

, Maritimo and Olympiacos before joining the Wolves for €8 million in the summer transfer window. Since his arrival, Sa has managed to record 9 clean sheets in the 25 league appearances, while conceding 20 goals in the process. These stats have helped Wolverhampton to still have a chance at finishing in the top-5 position, earning a spot in next season’s European tournaments.

Even though the English club’s strikers have been shooting blank throughout the season and have only scored 24 goals in the process, Jose Sa’s brilliance at the back has helped them to keep a positive goal difference. As one of the best Premier League goalkeepers of 2021, the 29-year-old is slowly gaining prominence as a world-class goalkeeper and we will have to wait and see if he can help his side finish in a European tournament spot in the end.

Hugo Lloris

  • Team: Tottenham

  • Market value: €7M

If you want consistency in your team and you want someone to deliver week-in week-out with impressive performances, then you are going to need someone like Hugo Lloris, who has been a vital asset for Tottenham Hotspur for almost a decade. The Frenchman joined the English club from Olympique


for only €12 million way back in 2012 and has since become an icon of the Lilywhites with his incredible consistency in goal. Llori initially started his career at

OGC Nice

, yet soon joined Lyon for €8 million in 2008 and gained prominence as a talented goalkeeper with immense potential.

But why is the France international considered to be one of the best Premier League goalkeepers of 2021? Lloris was quite exceptional for Tottenham in his own level in the 2020-21 season as he managed to keep 14 clean sheets, while conceding 59 goals in 48 appearances across all competitions. The 35-year-old is yet to break his last season’s record as he currently has 9 clean sheets in 29 appearances this season. Sadly for the Frenchman, however, Tottenham have failed to win a major trophy despite Lloris’ impressive performance.

At least the former Lyon goalie can be happy about the fact that he was one of the greatest Premier League goalkeepers in 2021 and that he is, after all, the 2018 World Cup champion. Tottenham are currently sitting seventh on the league table with 42 points in 25 games and still have a chance to earn a position amongst the top-4.

The race for a spot in next season’s European tournaments is just as intense as the race for the league title itself, and that is exactly why a lot of responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of Hugo Lloris, who must prove to the world why he was amongst the best Premier League goalkeepers of 2021 and why he is still a capable shot-stopper.

Aaron Ramsdale

  • Team: Arsenal

  • Market value: €25M

While the whole world focuses on Gianluigi Donnarumma and his achievements at both club and international levels, there are many exciting prospects who aspire for greatness and have the potential to become successful in this line of business. One of the many young goalies who are overshadowed by the Italian goalkeeper, is Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale, who has attracted the attention of other big clubs and the Arsenal supporters with his phenomenal performance in goal.

Ramsdale is a 23-year-old Englishman who rose to prominence as a talented goalkeeper during his time at


after having played for clubs such as Chesterfield and AFC Wimbledon. Ironically enough, Sheffield United paid a whopping fee of €20 million to sign the youngster in 2020, even though they were the ones who sold the talented goalie to Bournemouth for less than a million Euros in 2017.

Of course it did not take Ramsdale long to switch clubs once again as he joined the Gunners from Sheffield United for €28 million in the summer of 2021. Even though the England international was not present at the Premier League club in the first half of the year that passed, he still managed to earn his place on the list of best Premier League goalkeepers of 2021 thanks to his outstanding performance in goal, which forced Mikel Arteta’s hand to make him the first-choice goalkeeper ahead of Bernd Leno.

The former Sheffield United footballer’s current market value is estimated to be around €25 million and is yet to reach the fee that


paid to bring him in. Ramsdale’s first season in the English top-flight has simply been remarkable as the Englishman has managed to keep 11 clean sheets in 21 league games, conceding only 18 goals in the process. He has also been a solid goalie in the EFL Cup, during which he managed to keep 2 clean sheets in 3 games.

Mikel Arteta has managed to lift Arsenal a bit since his arrival and the Gunners are now competing for a place in next season’s European tournaments, preferably the Champions League or the Europa League.

Ramsdale will have to live up to the billing with even more impressive performances every week in order to push his team up the league ladder as they aim to finish the season above the likes of Manchester United and West Ham. They might even reach Chelsea, who are only five points ahead in the league and are sitting third on the table behind Liverpool and Manchester City.

Kasper Schmeichel

  • Team: Leicester City

  • Market value: €4M

The likes of Aaron Ramsdale might be hogging most of the attention that is left right now, but they were not even considered to be a professional footballer when Kasper Schmeichel was busy winning the Premier League trophy against all odds. The Danish goalkeeper might not be as famous as his father used to be at his time, yet he has achieved so much throughout his career and is hailed as one of the greatest goalkeepers in Denmark’s history.

Schmeichel has played for oh so many clubs throughout his career, from Manchester City and Coventry City, to Notts County and Leeds United. He joined the Foxes from Leeds United for a little less than €2 million way back in the summer of 2011 and has since been the English club’s first-choice keeper. No Leicester fan will ever forget the heroics of the Denmark international during their title-winning season a couple of years ago.

But we are not here to talk about the long-past history as we focus on the recent history of each goalkeeper. While

Leicester City

are currently struggling to find their form and the Danish keeper has conceded many goals throughout the season so far, he was absolutely brilliant in the 2020-21 campaign as he helped his side finish in a Europa League spot, a task which has become relatively difficult considering how much the top clubs in the league have spent to boost their squad strength.

As the captain of the Foxes and being on the list of

Premier League best goalkeepers in 2021

, Schmeichel kept 17 clean sheets in 48 appearances across all competitions in the previous campaign and helped his club win their first-ever FA Cup title.


  • Team: Manchester City

  • Market value: €50M

More money in football means better equipment and bigger stars to use those equipment. That is how

Manchester City

have managed to turn themselves into one of the most formidable sides in Europe. Having signed the best of the best from all around the world throughout the years, it was only a matter of time before they could sign one of the best goalkeepers in the world as well.

Man City paid a whopping fee of €40 million to sign Ederson from Benfica back in 2017, despite the fact that the Brazilian goalie had arrived at the Portuguese side for half a million Euros only two years prior. The 28-year-old is considered to be one of the best keepers in the world as he is the direct rival of Liverpool’s Alisson, with both competing for the Premier League title.

Ederson’s current market value is believed to be around €50 million and the Brazil international is the only one who can convince the Brazil national team to deploy him on the field instead of his Liverpool rival. With Alisson being the Brazilian Neuer of the national team and not giving his compatriot the proper chance to prove himself on an international level, Ederson has more than made up for the lost chances by winning more league titles in the English top-flight.

He was and still is one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League as he has kept an impressive number of 15 clean sheets in 26 league appearances this season, which has certainly helped in Pep Guardiola’s journey towards winning yet another league title. Ederson is yet to win the Champions League and winning it is probably the main goal of the whole squad and their manager for the time being.

The former Benfica goalie will have the chance to prove himself to his national team in the UCL, since club success can directly affect the selection process for the starting-XI in the Brazil national team.


  • Team: Liverpool

  • Market value: €60M

Next on the list of Premier League best goalkeepers in 2021 is Ederson direct rival and international teammate Alisson, who has been at the pinnacle of world football for some time. The Brazilian attracted global attention for his phenomenal performance at

AS Roma

back in 2016 as he joined the Italian side from Internacional for €8 million. It only took him two years to convince Liverpool to pay an eye-watering fee of €62 million in order to acquire his services from Roma in the summer of 2018.

Since then, Alisson has been an irreplaceable part of Jurgen Klopp’s tactics as he is the solid wall defending the goal. Despite the fact that Liverpool’s defense was in a state of emergency in the 2020-21 season, Alisson managed to keep 15 clean sheets in a total of 42 appearances across all competitions, which helped the Reds stay amongst the top clubs in the English top-flight.

With Virgil van Dijk’s return and the addition of other great defenders, the Brazilian has already managed to surpass his previous record as he has managed to keep 17 clean sheets in 32 appearances across all competitions so far.


are currently chasing Manchester City in a tight and exhilarating race for the league title and considering the fact that Alisson is directly competing with City’s Ederson, the Brazilian will be doubly determined to keep as many clean sheets as he possible can in the coming weeks.

David de Gea

  • Team: Manchester United

  • Market value: €18M

Everyone knows that

Manchester United

would be having a much tougher time in the league had it not been for the heroics of David de Gea, who has saved the Red Devils from humiliation countless times over the years. The Spaniard is believed to be one of the best goalkeepers of his generation and he has proven time and time again why there is such a belief.

Just like Thibaut Courtois, de Gea rose to prominence at

Atletico Madrid

. Yet unlike the Belgian goalkeeper, de Gea was an academy product of the La Liga side, instead of being a loan player at the club. He joined Manchester United from Atletico for €25 million way back in 2011 and has since been a top goalkeeper for the English side. He has already kept 7 clean sheets so far in the Premier League, despite the fact that Ralf Rangnick’s defenses are still shaky.

The 31-year-old’s current market value might be €18 million, but his contributions to his club are certainly worth a lot more than that. Manchester United are battling to cement their position amongst the top-four and that is why keeping clean sheets and winning games week-in week-out is of utmost importance for the Red Devils.

Edouard Mendy

  • Team: Chelsea

  • Market value: €32M

No one, not even Edouard Mendy would have thought that he would go on from being unemployed and struggling financially, to become the best goalkeeper in the world with his sensational saves. The


goalkeeper was not always drowning in praise as he actually had to restart his career in football after briefly retiring from the game for supposedly “not being good enough.” Mendy started to train with Marseille’s reserves side back in 2015 and earned himself a move to Stade


a year later.

Three years later, Stade Rennais paid €7 million to acquire his services and the Senegalese goalkeeper kept on improving his performance every year. That is why Chelsea opted to sign him for a massive fee of €24 million in 2020 and since then Mendy has won everything there is to win with the Premier League club.

The 29-year-old has already gotten his hands on the Champions League trophy and is eyeing his first Premier League trophy right now. He has managed to keep a clean sheet in half of his appearances across all competitions this season, conceding 19 goals in 30 games. These stats are truly brilliant for a goalkeeper of Mendy’s caliber and we are waiting to see if the former Rennes shot-stopper can help Thomas Tuchel and his men to win the league title anytime soon.




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