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15 Hottest UFC Ring Girls Ever

With the rising popularity of the UFC, the appearance of gorgeous octagon girls displaying the round number in between rounds has become ever more influential. So here it is, the Top 15 Most Beautiful UFC Ring Girls of All Time.

There is not a shadow of a doubt over the amount of brutality that exists in one of the most popular promotions in MMA, the UFC.

Even if you have been a hardcore MMA fan, it is not always a pleasing sight to see that some of the toughest fighters on the Earth would go head to head in a sport that draws a lot of resemblance to a street fight, where most of the bouts would result in bruised, battered, and bloodied sceneries.

Just, for instance, you can take a look at the

10 worst injuries in MMA history

, of course, if you have got the guts.

In order to make such disturbing scenes a bit less insane, UFC Ring Girls are there to be pleasant to the eye and help the fans relax so as to let them take a break from the action between rounds. They are all stunning beauties, yet some are noticeably outstanding among the others.

Their apparent main job is to notify the spectators about the next round of the fight, as they tended to do this by holding a placard high up in the air and at particular time intervals.

Yet, in fact, their presence there has something to do with entertaining the audience by their hot appearances and body shapes, in so far as to attract the attention of the viewers during the fights.

15 Hottest UFC Ring Girls Ever

Come along with us to delve into UFC's top 15 hottest ring girls that you can not resist watching.

Red Dela Cruz

One of the 15 Hottest UFC Ring Girls is Red Dela Cruz, that came to the stardom after that she was raised up in the Philippines in not a very idyllic life conditions.

Yet even back then, she aspired to become a model and she has been blessed with all the merits of good looking appearance, brains, and charisma.

Therefore it was no wonder to see her winning the UFC Octagon Girl Search in Asia several years ago, as she even went on to become one of the most famous UFC ring girls ever, in the blink of an eye.

With such popularity, her dream of becoming a model came to the truth and it is interesting to suggest that whenever she is not busy as a UFC ring girl or doing a modelling gig, she works for a data company in Sydney with her partner and entrepreneur Joey Bacic.

With her perfect body and brain, she is active in social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where she has racked up around half a million followers.

Logan Stanton

Logan Stanton was a UFC ring girl for a short period of time and she went on to find success in the modelling industry and that is the reason why just old school fans might remember her.

Yet, she utterly deserves to take a position in our list of the 15 Hottest UFC Ring Girls, in the light of the fact that she was once heralded as “the cutest Octagon Girl” ever observed in Dana White’s company.

Despite her glamorous appearance, she was laid off from the UFC perhaps because she has not been as attractively curvy as usual

UFC ring girls

and she did not intend to go through plastic surgery transformations.

But this is what makes her even more unique as she is naturally impressive and that is the reason behind her huge success in modelling.

With her stunning looks and outgoing character, she has racked up around 18k followers on Instagram with her account of


, yet she does not strive to be an influencer at all.

Amber Nichole Miller

Amber Nichole Miller was among the first UFC ring girl ever and even if there has been a long time that she is not working as a UFC ring girl, she could not be excluded from the

15 Hottest UFC Ring Girls


While she left the UFC over a decade ago, she remained connected with the promotion as she married the legendary former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, who has been considered as one of

The most overrated UFC fighters of all time


Even if she has around forty years now, she still looks stunning. While she and her husband are both retired from their UFC career, they started a fashion-related business together, where she does a lot of modelling.

Therefore she is a full-time model and despite the fact that her Instagram account that had almost a hundred thousand followers got taken down, with her new account she has gathered around 31k followers so far.

Jhenny Andrade

Jhenny Andrade is a Brasilian model that has been working in the UFC for some time and was honoured to win the Best Ring Girl Of The World award three times for her unbelievable beauty and sexy body forms.

It seems that as time goes by, she is becoming even more alluring, while in her social media profiles, she has racked up more than half a million followers.

If you might be curious about her amazingly attractive long legs, it is interesting to know that before starting her modelling career, she used to play soccer for years.

Not to mention that she is is even an actress who has been busy in the entertainment industry since she was just six years old and sometime in 2015 she dated the soccer legend



While she is currently a mother, she still is considered to be one of the hottest blonde UFC ring girls ever.

Luciana Andrade

Luciana Andrade is a gorgeous woman in any sense of the words to the point that she is assumed to be among the most beautiful women in the world, let alone among UFC ring girls.

Moreover, the Brasilian model is not perfect just in her looks, in as much as her brains are as great as her appearance in that she is an educated legal practitioner with the body shape similar to an angel and an enlightening charming face.

With her kind, funny, outgoing, cheerful, smart character, sensual body, and long brown hair, aside from her UFC gig, she is busy working as a model as well as a social media influencer.

Natasha Wicks

One of the 15 Hottest UFC Ring Girls who was also a fan favourite is Natasha Wicks, that is similar to more of a rockstar with an insane attitude and a dashing style, perhaps because she lives in Las Vegas.

She is excellent at playing seductive games with her flashy hairstyles and stunning body type. While she is no longer working in the UFC, as soon as she quit her job as a UFC ring girl, she entered the modelling industry and it seems that she is a successful model too.

It is also notable for suggesting that her name is not Natasha Wicks anymore, since after that she married the former UFC fighter, Kyle Kingsbury, she is called Natasha Kingsbury.

Even if her husband did not make such a great feat in the cage with conceding his last four fights before his retirement, he at least had some blissful moment in the UFC, the best of which has been getting married to Natasha.

Ali Sonoma

Ali Sonoma is a Florida native who was previously a UFC ring girl, and still with considering her long legs, her tall height as well as her unfathomable blue eyes she would take a spot in our list of the 15 Hottest UFC Girls.

She stopped working in the UFC when she found a new passion for a modelling profession outside the octagon as she proved to gain great success as well.

Needless to say, she is a very educated woman who has studied nutrition and dietetics while she is often seen doing fitness training.

Many MMA fans would be delighted to see her come back in the octagon, in light of the amount of energy she used to inject in the cage.

Summer Daniels

One of the other UFC's top 15 hottest ring girls is Summer Daniels who tended to create unforgettable moments in the cage in the light of her outgoing and energetic character as well as her stunning and refreshing look.

While she had done spans of her career as both UFC and Bellator ring girl, showing MMA fans her enchanting beauty, she is one of few girls that has worked for these two rival organisations.

With her great exposure as a ring girl, it is no wonder to see her thriving in the modelling industry. As she no longer works as an MMA ring girl, she has concentrated not only on her modelling career but more on her singer-songwriter profession.

It is self-evident that she has an excellent sense of humour as she tends to light up the room and shares funny sort of things on her social media accounts.

On Instagram, she is active with the username of


where she has gathered around 41.5K followers.

Rachelle Leah

Even if Rachelle Leah is around thirty years old, she is still included in our list of the 15 hottest UFC Ring Girls, perhaps owing to her incredible physique, beautiful face, and strong, confident personality.

Much to your surprise, it seems that she is also interested in fighting and trains MMA, yet she does not compete in any promotion seriously. In fact, she just recently began working with the UFC and still is busy with her modelling career outside of the octagon.

Just like many others on the list, she is not ashamed to show off her astonishing body to the lustful viewers, especially while she has done some topless shoots previously. Still, she is yet to grab great popularity among MMA fans.

She is also included among UFC Ring Girls who featured in Playboy (in 2008) while she also appeared in FHM, Maxim, Muscle & Fitness, AXL and served as a host on

Randy Couture

’s show MMA Athletics.

Carly Baker

Our list of

Top 15 Most Beautiful UFC Ring Girls of all time

, would be incomplete without suggesting the English Carly Baker who is honoured to be the first European UFC, ring girl.

While she often features on TV for the promotion, her successful career has led her to gain a big number of social media followers, especially when she takes huge delight in a variety of hobbies like pilates, Muay Thai and dancing as she amazingly practices martial arts too.

It is quite fascinating that she tends to share her activities of singing, dancing, modelling, and fitness, on her social media accounts, and perhaps that is why she receives so much support.

Not to mention that her natural charm and astonishing curves are enough to make any man go insane. It is also notable to suggest that she was a former pageant competitor who holds a remarkable showing in the Miss Great Britain competition.

Kahili Blundell

The stunning blond Australian UFC ring girl would take a spot in our list of the

15 hottest UFC Ring Girls

especially when her intoxicating smile injects a rush of positive energy wherever she goes.

While she is busy working for promotion sometime now she is considered to be the fan beloved UFC ring girl. Recently she was absent due to the fact that she took maternity leave for giving birth, yet at the time she came back, she appeared to be more incredible than ever.

Aside from her profession in the UFC, she is also a social media influencer as she is a registered nutritionist and Pilates instructor.

Vanessa Hanson

Any list of the

15 hottest UFC Ring girls

would be incomplete without the presence of one of the youngest, one of the tallest and one of the most beautiful members of the promotion.

That is to say, she is just in her mid-twenties and still, her mature attitude is self-evident in her seductive look. Moreover, with her 180 height, she is considered to be one of the tallest girls and her stunning long legs are the icing on the cake for her already attractive face, making her a true paragon of modelling.

With these in mind, it is of little surprise to see her being a fan favourite ever since she stepped into the octagon, especially when it is not a long time that she has joined the promotion.

While she is active on Instagram with her account of


, she has gathered more than 300 000 followers, while she also runs another page in which she shares her love for foods.

Likewise, as a Ford model, she appeared in magazines like GQ, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan, while she has also worked for brands like Sketchers, TJ Maxx, and Joico, just to name a few.

Chrissy Blair

Chrissy Blair has a special place at the heart of many fans and as a result, she is an indispensable part of the top 15 Most Beautiful UFC Ring Girls of All Time.

Having around thirty years old, she initially worked for Strikeforce until she joined the UFC back in 2013 and went on to remain the UFC Ring Girl so as to establish herself as a true fan favourite to the point that many of the promotion's fans confess that she has been by far the most beautiful woman ever to be a UFC ring girl.

 Moreover, she has performed many modelling works and she has appeared in almost all the big, important American magazines as the likes of Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and GUESS.

While she also has co-founded Kalumi Beauty, which are nutritious food supplement bars, and she is thriving in her modelling career, it does not seem that she has any intention about leaving the Octagon in so far as she herself expressed multiple times that she has not any plan for leaving the UFC since she is utterly passionate about her work there.

Hopefully, her feeling is mutual because not only the UFC respects her a lot, but also the fans can not get enough of her lovely appearance and character.

It is notable to suggest that on Instagram with her account of


, she has gathered around 200k since the start of her career.

Arianny Celeste

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Arianny Celeste has joined the UFC since 2006 and that makes her one of the most famous and longest-tenured ring girls.

With her astonishing beauty, her perfect body as well as her firm but sweet attitude, she is one of the most recognisable and accomplished ring girls in the whole world of MMA, as many publications voted her to be “Ring Girl of the Year” on five separate occasions.

What has made her even more popular, is the fact that she once had a spat with former MMA fighter

Ronda Rousey

who claimed the following terms: “Either the ring card girls are paid too much, or the fighters aren’t paid enough.”

Consequently, Arianny Celeste jabbed back and called Rousey a “big bully”,  arguing that being a ring girl is a harder job than it seems.

But it seems that work outside of the Octagon is more scintillating for her, in as much as she has been featured in a multitude of magazines such as Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated.

Moreover, she has by far the most followers on social media among all the UFC ring girls as she has gathered more than 3 million followers on her account of @ariannyceleste.

Several months ago, when


's commented that Octagon girls are 'the most useless people in martial arts', she came on Instagram to clap back at the criticism, briefing on what accomplishments  an octagon girl is capable to achieve as she finally expressed: “You don’t have to like me, but you will respect me.”

Moreover, since 2020 she has been blessed with a cute baby boy and it is just amazing that she still has a very stunning body form after giving birth to her child.

Brittney Palmer

Palmer began working as a ring girl in 2011 when she joined the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) and stayed there for just one year until the UFC quickly got her service.

Ever since then she is still working as a UFC ring girl, being proved to be one of the

UFC's top 15 hottest ring girls

in the light of the fact that not only she has a charming beauty but also she is a kind of a woman whose path, determination and lust for life are uniquely unparalleled.

You would also agree with us if you had known that she has such a resiliency that has overcome the most painful moments of her life and came back to life.

That is to say, she underwent a car crash that had her bedridden for a long time and still, she survived, recovered, and ended up winning the UFC ring girl award two times.

It goes without saying that Brittney has been confirmed to be ring girl of the year 2020 at the World MMA Awards, to add to the three titles she had already won and make her career ever more illustrious.

The San Diego native is also one of the most popular ring girls in the world since she has racked up more than a million followers on Instagram with her account of



Aside from her UFC career and her modelling profession, she is so much intelligent to be an incredibly masterful dancer, and an artist too.

To put in another way, once she attended UCLA to study classic portraiture and tends to use bold colour to convey emotion on the canvas, grabbing worldwide attention for her contemporary style of art to such an extent that her masterpieces are in several large museums throughout the world including cities such as Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Miami.


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