Hottest Bundesliga WAGs in 2021

Tue 18 January 2022 | 17:30

Who are the hottest Bundesliga wives and girlfriends in 2021? What goes on for the League’s world-class footballers off the pitch? Follow us below as we take a look at the hottest Bundesliga WAGs in 2021 and see who they are married to or are in relationship with.

There is an old saying that behind every successful man, there’s a strong woman. To understand how the best football players manage to stay on top, we need to know some more details about their personal life. Let’s find out who the supportive partners of the Bundesliga football teams are?

While every soccer fan will be eager to watch the matches, many people are also interested in the players’ love life. If you are curious about who are the wives and girlfriends of the key players of Bundesliga, check out the following list.

Pulling up a definitive list of the hottest WAGs of footballers in the Bundesliga wasn’t a really tough task, given the fact that footballers are basically seen with attractive women on and off the pitch.

Hottest Bundesliga WAGs in 2021:

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous, hot, and successful

Bundesliga WAGs

to get some interesting and curious information about them and their relationships. Here, check out who are the wives and girlfriends of the key players of the league.

Scarlett Gartmann (Marco Reus – Borussia Dortmund)

One of the

top hottest Bundesliga WAGs

is Marco Reus’s wife, Scarlett Gartmann, now known as Scarlett Gartmann-Reus.

Marco Reus

began dating German model Scarlett Gartmann in December 2015.

Scarlett Gartmann-Reus is set to steal the limelight away from her husband - Borussia Dortmund footballer Marco Reus. The 30-year-old and his wife had their first child in March 2019, and the loved up couple married later the same year.

Gartmann-Reus has modelled for car makers Volkswagen and Hyundai, and is rarely not seen cheering on Marco when the Borussia Dortmund star is in action. The pair started dating in December 2015, and had their first child in March 2019, before marrying later the same year.

The 26-year-old has posed for car makers Volkswagen and Hyundai - and is also regularly seen cheering her man on from the stands at BVB and national team matches. The model is a keen dressage rider and plasters his Instagram (


) with photos of herself alongside her equine extras. She has 267K followers.

Scarlett, who is one of ten brave amateur riders racing at the track, first met Reus in 2015, after he split with Carolin Bohs. Then, in December that same year, the pair walked down the aisle in a small wedding ceremony attended by friends and family.

Their reputation as one of Germany's most celebrated couples has grown ever since. When she was just seven, the blonde beauty's father Ralf sadly passed away.

She was raised by her mother Christine and her grandmother in Hagen, some ten miles south of Dortmund. And it wasn't soon before she was discovered as a model.

Reus was in a relationship with Carolin Bohs, which lasted for four years. After that, he started dating German model Scarlett Gartmann in December 2015 and got married in a small wedding ceremony attended by friends and family on December 21, 2019.

Sandra Jerze (Serge Gnabry – Bayern Munich)

Serge Gnabry

's amazing season with Bayern Munich may have been cruelly interrupted by the league's suspension, but his stunning year doesn't seem to have been halted too much.

For it is believed that the former Arsenal winger, 24, has been getting cosy with gorgeous Swiss model Sandra Jerze. Many believe that Gnabry has scored off the pitch as well as on it after bagging himself a super model girlfriend.

Sandra Kaminska Jerze was born on December 9, 1997, so her age is 24. According to her birthday, Sandra's zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which means that she is extremely careful to details and she is also very resourceful.

Sandra Jerze was born in Zurich, Switzerland, so her nationality is Swiss, but she is also an Ethiopian descent.

The pair are believed to have spent Easter together in Munich, as their new relationship goes from strength to strength.

Gnarby wasted no time in jetting off with his partner Sandra Jerze - who posted a snap of the two together on holiday in Greece. The model posted the picture on her Instagram (


) with more than 31K followers.

Jerze once appeared in a music video for a song in which the lead singer dresses in a German national football team kit - but she now seems to have found romance with a real player.

Swiss model Sandra Jerze is rumored to be dating

Bayern Munich

winger Serge Gnabry. It’s thought the former Arsenal man spent Easter with Jerze in Munich as the couple get cosier.

Jerze even once appeared in a music video where the lead singer was dressed in full Germany kit, but she seems to have landed a real footballer in real life.

The couple first started dating in the early months of 2020, as it is believed in March, but they kept it a secret until July 2020, when Sandra announced it officially with a lovely photo of them in Greece.

The fans went crazy about it, as Sandra is extremely gorgeous and they immediately fell in love with her.

But things might have become very difficult for the couple, as in January 2021, it was reported that Sandra was forced out of Gnabry's house in Harlaching by the police.

The quarrel between the couple, who had a very good time before that, came after Sandra told Gnabry that she was pregnant and according to some reports he had doubts that he was the father, so he asked her to leave, but she refused, so there is when the police had to intervene.

After their fight, both of them deleted their photos together on Instagram, so now we are not really sure if they are together or not.

Ann-Kathrin Brömmel (Mario Götze – Dortmund)

Among the

hottest Bundesliga WAGs in 2021 

is Ann-Kathrin, who is a lingerie model. Ann-Kathrin Brommel began dating

Mario Gotze

in 2012 and the happy pair wed six years later.

Mario Gotze (29) who is married to the 31-year-old German singer Ann-Kathrin, was born on December 6, 1989. The smitten couple have been together through the highs and lows, from Mario's health problems to his sensational World Cup winning goal.

And as an infamous picture from a holiday in Ibiza shows, he simply cannot hide his affection for his true love Ann-Kathrin. Lingerie model Ann-Kathrin Brommel married World Cup-winning hero Mario Gotze in 2008 after six years of dating.

While the Borussia Dortmund playmaker has experienced some real highs and lows in his career, including suffering a metabolic disorder, Brommel has been by her man’s side throughout much of his career.

Despite their lengthy relationship, Gotze clearly still gets excited by his wife sometimes, as shown by that unfortunate picture we all remember of the two on holiday.

Ann-Kathrin Brömmel Intagram page (


) is definitely one of the high-tier influencer pages as she earns an exorbitant amount of money through endorsements and paid-partnership deals.

Before becoming an Instagram model, she used to be contender in ‘Germany’s next top model’ show which wasn’t as successful as she hoped it could be, considering her dream is to model for the Victoria’s Secret brand. Her dedication is worthy of applause as she has managed to stay in a modelling shape even after giving birth to a baby.

Mr. and Mrs. Gotze had their first baby in 2020. The lucky couple named their firstborn son “Rome”. Ann-Kathrin Brömmel posted a heartwarming picture of her holding their baby with the following caption, “almost 3 month old and this little guy makes life so much more precious. I would have never thought that something so little can make our life so full and so much more beautiful”.

Lisa Müller (Thomas Müller – Bayern Munich)

Lisa Muller

is a professional dressage rider and spends many happy hours with horses. She has always been interested in horses and found great solace in their companionship.

For her, horses are great friends to human beings. Her husband and Lisa share this mutual interest, so a significant part of their quality time is spent around horses. It is an interesting fact about Lisa Muller,

Thomas Muller

's stunning wife.

Thomas and Lisa had met each other when they were still teenagers. A love story as old as theirs is always inspiring to hear, especially when you are as successful as them.

All of us struggling life from childhood to adulthood, pursuing what we perceive as happiness. It is always heart-warming for us to read about people who seem to have figured it out. Keep on reading to learn more about this lucky couple.

Lisa Muller was born on 23 November 1989 in Weinheim, Oberbayern, West Germany. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and like many people who are born this month, she is full of life and positivity.

Lisa is highly optimistic and feels like the world is filled with possibility. Being spontaneous and fun are only some of her exciting traits. She always keeps her family and friends close because she knows perfectly well how connection can help you through everything that life throws at you.

Lisa Muller social media is active and field with beautiful pictures of her training or working around horses with her husband.

On Instagram and Facebook, she is known as a public figure, and she has an amazing fan base on both social media platforms. On her Instagram (


), she has over 206k followers in which she shares aspects of her daily life both professionally and personally with them.

There are many accounts on Twitter with her, but none of them seems to be her. Apparently, she is not active on Twitter. However, her husband has an account and has over 4.3 million followers.

Izabel Goulart (Kevin Trapp – Eintracht Frankfurt)

Kevin Trapp

is engaged to Izabel Goulart. The Stunning Brazilian is a supermodel. Goulart is a former Victoria's Secret Angel.

Brazilian supermodel Izabel Goulart was named one of People magazine's 100 sexiest women in the world in 2007, with the 35-year-old having previously worked as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

She has since started dating Eintracht Frankfurt goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, with the pair now engaged.

Goulart will be hoping that Eintracht do well on their return to action, having previously revealed, "Kevin and I make love a lot - four or five times a week.

"But if he has played in an important game and his team loses, I can make myself beautiful, have my nails done and wear my best lingerie - and there still won’t be any sex.”

Lucky boy Kevin Trapp of Eintracht Frankfurt is engaged to Brazilian supermodel Izabel Goulart, who was once named one of People magazine's 100 sexiest women in the world in 2007.

Goulart was also once a Victoria's Secret Angel, but she admits that her goalkeeper fiance isn’t always in the mood to “make love”.

She has more than 4.5 million followers on her Instagram page (


). The 35-year-old previously revealed, “If he has played in an important game and his team loses, I can make myself beautiful, have my nails done and wear my best lingerie - and there still won’t be any sex.”

Anna Lewandowska (Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich)

As her name suggests, Anna is married to Bayern Munich and Poland striker

Robert Lewandowski


One thing you might not know about Anna is that she is a three-time world medalist in karate, and has won 29 Polish Championship medals in the martial art.

More recently, the 31-year-old has focused on nutritional and fitness advice, for which she has a degree from a specialist university in Warsaw.

Anna Lewandowska was born on 7 September 1988 in Lodz, Poland. Anna and Robert began their relationship 14 years ago in 2008. They tied the knot in 2013 at a big wedding ceremony at the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary located in Serock.

Robert Lewandowski's wife Anna is also an athlete worthy of giving her 31-year-old hubby a run for his money.

She is a PE graduate, health and nutrition expert and has even represented Poland in karate championships around the world.

No doubt she has helped to keep Robert in fine shape, as he aims to help Bayern win yet another title over the next few months.

On 4 May 2017, Anna gave birth to their first daughter, and On 6 May 2020, she gave birth to their second daughter. She has more than 3.7 million followers on her Instagram page (



Lina Meyer (Joshua Kimmich– Bayern Munich)

Lina Meyer

is the stunning girlfriend of the Bayern Munich key player, Joshua Kimmich. Joshua Kimmich has been in a long-term relationship with the stunning Lina Meyer since 2013.

The couple met when Kimmich was still playing for RB Leipzig and have been together ever since then.

Lina and Joshua had to spend some time apart from each other, as Lina was still studying when Kimmich had to move to Bayern Munich, but when she finished her education in 2017, she joined him in Munich and now they live together.

Lina is also a professional volleyball player. However, Lina prefers to keep a low profile and she doesn't like to share any personal information publicly.

Lina Meyer was born on May 23, 1992, which means that her age is 29 and she is three years older than Kimmich.

According to her birthday, Lina Meyer zodiac sign is Gemini, which means that she is a very curious and adaptable person. Usually people born under the sign of Gemini have the ability to learn quickly and they like to exchange ideas with others.

Lina Meyer was born in Rottweil, Germany, such as her partner, meaning that Meyer's nationality is German. Lina Meyer is very active on her social media. She has an Instagram profile with more than 19K followers, but she is not the typical WAG, who posts pictures in bikinis and so on.

Lina prefers to post lovely pictures of herself or snaps of her and Joshua. From time to time she also posts pictures of their children. She has more than 37K followers on her Instagram (



In 2019,

Joshua Kimmich

and Lina Meyer announced that they were expecting their first child. Later that year, Lina gave birth to Kimmich's first child, but the couple have not revealed the gender of the kid.

In 2020, the couple welcomed their second child. Lina and Joshua prefer to keep their children away from the spotlight.

Mirjana Zuber (Steven Zuber – Eintracht Frankfurt)

Steven Zuber is married to former Miss Switzerland finalist Mirjana. As a successful model, Mirjana has also tried her hand at other professions, last year launching Elle Myra - an online shop that acts as a platform for young brands and designers.

Ex-Miss Switzerland finalist also filmed action sequences for US TV show Limitless, which was based on the Bradley Cooper film of the same name.

Mirjana has explored several avenues in her career, including acting, modelling, and even launching an online shop for young brands and designers - Elle Myra.

She has more than 41K followers on her Instagram page (


).According to some sources, the couple got divorced and do not live together anymore.

Christina Ginter (Matthias Ginter – Borussia Monchengladbach)

Borussia Monchengladbach defender Matthias Ginter is married to Christina, who watched him at the World Cup in 2018.

Christina Ginter was born on July 14, 1993 in Freiburg, Germany. Christina Ginter is very popular on social media and the fans just love her, as she has a very positive influence on them. Christina has gained over 30K followers on Instagram and she is very active there.

On her Instagram (


), Christina loves to share beautiful snaps of her child and with her husband. She also likes to express her support for Matthias via her posts. Christina is in fact one of the most supportive WAGs we've ever seen as she has been through thick and thin with her partner.

Also on her Instagram profile, you can see that she has some very famous friends. Christina is friends with Cathy Hummels and Scarlett Gartmann, Mats Hummels and Marco Reus' wives respectively.

In May 2018, Ginter married his wife Christina. His son, Matteo Ginterwas, was born on Ginter's own birthday, 19 January 2020. Matthias and Christina started dating back in the summer of 2015 and they have been together ever since then.

In December 2017, Matthias proposed to Christina in a very romantic way, as they were on a romantic flight with a plane.

When Matthias suffered a horror eye injury against Hannover later that year, Christina rarely left his side. And she gushed on Instagram, labelling him "My everything."

Hana Behounkova (Patrik Schick – RB Leipzig)

Patrik Schick

, 25, is one of the most successful players at the moment. He has become a key player for Bayer Leverkusen since he joined in 2020 and he was one of the best players at Euro 2020 and he was even so close to the Euro 2020 Golden Boot, but

Cristiano Ronaldo

won it on tie-breaker on Schick.

Schick's career has been so successful because he has the support of his stunning wife, Hana Běhounková. Patrik Schick is married to his long-term partner Hana Běhounková. Patrik and Hana started dating when they were still students. It was love at first sight and they started dating soon after that.

Patrik and Hana dated for almost a decade before he popped out the big question. Patrik proposed to his girlfriend in 2019 and in August 2020 they tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony.

Hana Behounkova was born on June 9, 1996, so her age is 25. She was born in Czech Republic. Hana Behounkova is very active on social media and she posts mainly pictures of her lovely family. Hana is a proud mother and she likes to upload cute snaps of her daughter.

Hana regularly posts adoring messages on Instagram (


), appearing to rarely miss his games.

Hana Behounkova's height is around 5 ft 4 inch (165 cm) and her weight is around 55 kg. Hana Behounkova and Patrik Schick have one child together. They have a daughter.

On October 9, 2020, Hana gave birth to their daughter, Victoria Schick. Almost a year later, Patrik and Hana welcomed another cute baby which was a boy and they named him Nico.

Cathy Fischer (Mats Hummels – Borussia Dortmund)

Cathy Fischer was named as Germany's WAG of the year for 2013. Fischer and

Mats Hummels

married in June 2015. The couple have a son named Ludwig, who was born on 11 January 2018.

While Mats may have hopped about from Bayern to Dortmund over his career, his home life has been far more settled.

Cathy is a German television presenter and she is well known in Germany. Cathy Fischer Hummels was born on 31 January in Dachau, Bavaria, Germany. She is 33 and she has achieved plenty so far. She attended the Technical University of Dortmund economics and studied business administration.

Cathy Hummels social media is very active and extremely popular. She is genuinely doing a brilliant job being an influencer. She has over 663K followers on Instagram (


) and a wonderful fan base who follow her posts. Cathy usually posts pictures of her professional and personal life.

Rumor has it that Cathy and Mats have decided to end their marriage to date a 20-year-old who asked Haaland to ‘marry her.’ His new alleged girlfriend is 20-year-old Lisa Marie Straube, an Instagram model living in Dortmund.

Paulina Procyk (Krzysztof Piatek – Fiorentina, on loan from Hertha BSC)

Paulina Piatek is Polish like her husband. She is originally from Lubin. After four years of love, Krzysztof Piatek married his girlfriend in 2019. Paulina has always been at his side, she followed him from Poland to Genoa, where Krzysztof played in Serie A, and then remain with him always, also in Milan.

The footballer has always been very reserved, his life off the football field you know very little. Paulina is 29 years old and is a lawyer and also a fashion blogger. She has more than 76k followers on her Instagram page (


). The couple got married in a lavish Polish castle in Lagow.

She has encouraged Krzysztof to follow his dreams. However, Paulina had to deny rumors that she had vetoed husband Krzysztof's mooted move to Tottenham in January, but the North Londoners' loss was to be the Bundesliga's gain.

Piatek instead ditched AC Milan for a £23.5million switch to Hertha Berlin, and Paulina couldn't have been happier for him. She wrote on her Instagram page, "Any place in the world that allows my husband to grow, be happy, and make his dreams come true, is perfect for me."

Krzysztof hoped to further vindicate the decision by banging goals in to keep Hertha clear of those dreaded relegation places. He joined Fiorentina on a six-month loan deal from Hertha Berlin.

The 26-year-old Polish forward, who previously spent time in Italy with Genoa and Milan, joined the Viola on a six-month loan deal with a €15m buy option attached, reinforcing Coach Vincenzo Italiano’s attack.




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