Top facts about Harry Redknapp, the great coach

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How much do you know about one of the best English managers of all time? Join us in the following article to review detailed information about Harry Redknapp's life.

Henry James Redknapp, widely known as Harry, is regarded as one of the greatest English managers of all time. Born in Poplar, London, Redknapp's professional life began with

West Ham United

in 1965 and went on to play for several clubs, including Brentford, Seattle Sounders, and AFC Bournemouth. As a member of


's national side, the former English midfielder represented his country at the youth level at the age of 17.

He helped England U18 achieve UEFA European Under-18 Championship in 1964. After hanging up his boots, Harry Redknapp tried his hand at management, starting with AFC Bournemouth in 1983. The English coach went on to manage West Ham United and Portsmouth. In 2005, he returned to Portsmouth, leading them to the 2008 FA Cup title. After three years, Redknapp was appointed as a manager of Tottenham Hotspur, guiding them to the UEFA Champions League.

The English coach announced his retirement in 2017. To know some more interesting

top facts about Harry Redknapp

's life, scroll further.

Facts you need to know about Harry Redknapp

Let's take a look at the top facts about Harry Redknapp. Facts like Harry Redknapp birthday, wife, Instagram, which may be fascinating to football lovers.

Harry Redknapp age and biography at point

  • Full Name:

    Henry James Redknapp

  • Nickname:


  • Date of Birth:

    2 March 1947

  • Age:

    74 years

  • Place of Birth:

    Poplar, England

  • Nationality:


  • Height:

    1.80 m

  • Weight:

    87 kg

  • Parents:

    Henry Joseph William Redknapp, Violet May Brown

  • Wife/Partner:

    Sandra Harris (m. 1967)

  • Children:

    Jamie Redknapp, Mark Redknapp

  • Occupation: Former

    Professional Football Manager

  • Playing Position:


  • Club(s): As a player:

    West Ham United, AFC Bournemouth, Brentford, Seattle Sounders, AP Leamington, Seattle Sounders, Phoenix Fire, and AFC Bournemouth/ As a manager: AFC Bournemouth, West Ham United, Portsmouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, Tottenham Hotspur, Queens Park Rangers, Jordan, and Birmingham City

  • Jersey/Kit Number: 1

    4 (at West Ham United)

  • Net Worth:

    $18 million

Harry Redknapp Childhood

The first part of our article on top facts about Harry Redknapp is about his childhood.

Harry Redknapp birthday

is on 2 March 1947 in Poplar, England. He was born to his father, Henry Joseph William Redknapp, and his mother, Violet May Brown. Harry was the only child of his late parents.

Once he said on his parnts: "My mum and dad never went abroad for a holiday. My dad was overseas in the war but never thought about going anywhere like the Mediterranean after that, so my mum died without ever having been on a plane or abroad." During his time at East London Schools football, When

Harry Redknapp age

was 11, a

Tottenham Hotspur

scout, Dickie Walker, spotted him. He moved to West Ham United when he was 15, playing alongside Bobby Moore.

Later in 2008, after becoming Tottenham's manager, Redknapp said: "I am a big follower of the history of the game, and Tottenham have been a great club over the years. I followed Tottenham, I trained there as an 11-year-old, 12-year-old so I know the history of the club. It is a big, big club."

Harry Redknapp Career Stats

After reviewing

Harry Redknapp childhood

, let's take a look at

Harry Redknapp career stats

, that is, one of the significant-top facts about Harry Redknapp. As we mentioned earlier, at the age of 15, he joined West Ham United, making his debut on 23 August 1965 against


. On 8 April 1966, Harry scored his first goal against Tottenham. During the 1968–69 season, the former English midfielder scored three times in 42 appearances that he made for the club. In 1972, he moved to AFC Bournemouth, Division 3, spending four seasons with the club from 1972 to 1976.

The English midfielder moved to Seattle Sounders, North American Soccer League, as a player coach. During the 1976 season, he made 15 appearances, helping them finish second in the Pacific Conference, and also reach the playoffs. He went on to play Phoenix Fire and AFC Bournemouth. The English footballer hung up his boots in 1982.

At the international level, Harry Redknapp played for his country at youth level at the age of 17. He was one of England's key members at UEFA European Under-18 Championship in 1964, when three Lions defeated Spain in the final and achieved the title.

Harry Redknapp Managerial Career

The English manager career began at Seattle Sounders, where he was a player-assistant manager under Jimmy Gabriel. He played 24 times for the club and guided them to second place in the Pacific Conference, Western Division. In the 1982–83 season, six years after leaving the club as a player, Harry was appointed as assistant manager to David Webb at AFC Bournemouth, and when he joined Torquay United, Redknapp became the team's first manager.

In his debut season, he helped the club defeat

Manchester United

in the FA Cup, a great achievement for Harry and AFC Bournemouth. He left the club in 1992, and two years later, he was named West Ham's assistant manager to Billy Bonds. In August 1994, he became the first manager of the club, establishing the club in the FA Premier League. Some of the world-class footballers, including Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole, and Michael Carrick, were introduced by Harry from the club's academy. During seven seasons as the English club manager, Redknapp helped the club win UEFA Intertoto Cup in 1999.

On 9 May 2001, the English manager left the club and said: "The chairman Terry Brown had offered me a new four-year contract. What I did was talk to a fanzine, made some comments, and sometimes I should be a bit more careful. I sat down with these guys from the fanzine, and they started asking me questions, and I spoke to them in the way I'd talk to someone in a pub. I said a few things I shouldn't have said. He read it and got very upset. I walked into his office expecting to sign the contract and walked out without a job!"

Harry Redknapp went on to manage Portsmouth, and in 2004, he took over Southampton, wanting to keep the club in the Premier League, but unfortunately, he was not able to achieve this. On 7 December 2005, the English manager returned to Portsmouth to keep the club from relegation again, but this time he was successful. The following season, he guided the English club to a ninth-place, the club's highest league finish since the 1950s.

After three seasons, in 2008, he moved to Tottenham Hotspur, following the sacking of Juande Ramos. The highlight of his career came in the 2009–10 season when the English club finished in fourth place with 70 points and also reached the UEFA Champions League. Harry Redknapp achieved the Premier League Manager of the Year award, however, his side did not win the title.

In 2012, he left Tottenham Hotspur after four years, taking over

Queens Park Rangers

. He spent three seasons with the club, helping them win Football League Championship play-offs in 2014. The English coach went to manage Jordan national team and Birmingham City, retiring in 2017. "My career’s gone. I’ve had a long spell managing. I’ve done roundabout 1500 games or something crazy. I don’t see myself going back into football. I’m 37 years of age. I’m humble and honest enough to say that I don’t know everything. To have his [Redknapp’s] advice in one of the most ruthless leadership environments, which is professional football, I’d be a fool not to take it," said Redknapp on his retirement.

Harry Redknapp Net worth & Salary

In this section, we will take a look at

Harry Redknapp salary

and net worth, which is one of the fascinating top facts about Harry Redknapp.

Widely known as Harry, the retired manager is regarded as one of the best English managers in football history. As of 2021,

Harry Redknapp net worth

is estimated at around $18 million.

Harry Redknapp salary

as a Birmingham City manager was £250,000.

Harry Redknapp Children & Wife

Football fans know about Harry Redknapp's managerial skills, but few consider his bio, which is quite interesting. Stay tuned to read more about the

Harry Redknapp family

. The former professional footballer began dating Sandra Harris in 1964. The couple married four years later. But who is Harry Redknapp wife? Sandra Harris, the hairdresser from Essex, met her future husband when he was 17 at a local pub. Two lovebirds have been together for over 50 years.

In the case of

Harry Redknapp children

, you might know that he has two sons.

Harry Redknapp wife

gave birth to Mark, a model, in 1970, and they welcomed Jamie, a former professional footballer, in 1973. Jamie played under his father at Bournemouth in 1990 and got married to Louise, a pop singer, for 19 years, but they got divorced in 2017. The former professional manager has six grandkids.

"I enjoy spending time with the grandkids, I love it, I really do. Going to watch them play football and sport... I love being there and turning up and watching the kids and taking them to football on Saturday," said Harry. Harry Redknapp family has their own business, a property development company, Pierfront Developments.

Facts about Harry Redknapp you did not know

Harry Redknapp nickname

  • Harry Redknapp nickname is given to him by his fans. He is known as Arry. It is interesting to know that his wife nicknamed him Mr. Pastry. "When I'm doing anything at home, my wife calls me Mr Pastry. Mr Pastry was a bloke that, if he had a job to do, he'd just mess everything up. And that was me, that is me," said Harry.

Harry Redknapp tattoo

  • The amusing fact about Harry Redknapp tattoo is that just like many football managers of his generation, he has yet to have any tattoos on his body.

Harry Redknapp Instagram account

Harry, like many football managers, is active on Instagram. Harry Redknapp Instagram account (


) has around 1.4m followers.

Harry Redknapp height

  • Harry Redknapp height is 180 m, and also his weight is 87 kg.

More facts about Harry Redknapp

  • The former English manager is the uncle of Frank Lampard, a former English footballer.

  • The retired manager autobiography, Harry Redknapp: My Autobiography, was published in 1998. Harry published his second autobiography, Always Managing, in 2013.

  • On 28 November 2007, Redknapp, along with Peter Storrie, Portsmouth's managing director, agent Willie McKay, footballer Amdy Faye, and former Portsmouth chairman Milan Mandaric, was arrested for alleged conspiracy to file false financial reports. Harry was later released without charge and then announced he wanted to sue the police.

Harry Redknapp Quotes

One of the most amusing parts of SportMob's article on top facts about Harry Redknapp is a look back at his most controversial quotes.

On Munich air crash

"I've still got a scrapbook at home of the Munich air crash. I was an Arsenal supporter, and I went with my dad every week. I would have been 11 in 1958 and remember standing at Highbury for the Busby Babes. I remember that was the last game before they jetted off to Europe, and a lot of them never came back."

On being a good judge of players

"You can look at stats as much as you want - and we do - but you can have too much of it. You can spend too much time looking at computers rather than looking at the real thing which is out there on the pitch. I still think that being a good judge of players is the most important thing."

On kids' dream

"It seems like all the kids want to be strikers or number 10’s now where they have no responsibility. Play in a position where they can do what they want. They don’t have to defend. They don’t have to go in with people who run. They just go in there play on the ball and either score or make goals. They all want to be a Lionel Messi now."

On Ron Greenwood

"I see it every week - parents shouting and screaming at kids. My dad was the same. He was always there, but he never interfered. Ron Greenwood, who was the manager of West Ham when I was a kid, wouldn't allow any parent to shout from the touchline. He thought players should be allowed to think for themselves."

On clubs' owners

"You now have these owners who are all successful businessmen, and they think they should be winning. They come in thinking that they should be winning. Some don't understand that only one team can win the league."

On lockdown

"Lockdown was fantastic. We walked on the beach with our bulldogs, nobody around, the weather was amazing. We looked forward to it. The kids and grandkids would come and stand outside the house. Sandra FaceTimed them too — I’m useless at that stuff. My granddaughter does my Instagram account but I don’t really know what Instagram is."

On Covid

"I had time to look through old photos and albums and got in touch with mates I hadn’t spoken to since I was 14. Covid helped me rekindle friendships — I love that. Your old mates are the best mates. One hadn’t been well and he was in hospital with the Covid. I rang his wife to see how he was."

On his grandmother

"Beatrice said, ‘My grandmother loves racing,’ and said she’d won the Gold Cup the last year at Ascot. I was thinking, ‘She must have a good horse.’ Then I thought, ‘Who won last year?’ Then I ­realised it was the Queen and I was thinking, ‘What’s she got to do with the Queen?’ I eventually sussed it all out and said, ‘Do you reckon she took bets with Cyril the paper boy, your nan?’ She started laughing. She was lovely."

Harry Redknapp TransferMarket

According to 

Harry Redknapp transfermarket

, the former English footballer played for eight clubs (West Ham United, AFC Bournemouth, Brentford, Seattle Sounders, AP Leamington, Seattle Sounders, Phoenix Fire, and AFC Bournemouth). During his playing time, Redknapp scored four goals until 1991-92 seasons.

At the international level, Harry Redknapp earned five caps and scored one goal for England's U 18 side.

Harry Redknapp Records & Achievements

Sportmob's article on top facts about Harry Redknapp will end with a list of Harry Redknapp's individual records and notable achievements. Redknapp won UEFA European Under-18 Championship in 1964 during his playing time.

As a manager, he helped AFC Bournemouth win the Associate Members' Cup. Redknapp achieved UEFA Intertoto Cup in 1999 during his spell at West Ham United, and he also won one Football League First Division title as well as one FA Cup with Portsmouth. His notable individual achievements are Premier League Manager of the Season (2009-10), Premier League Manager of the Month (eight times).

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top facts about Harry Redknapp

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