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Hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021

Who are the hottest Barcelona WAGs in 2021? Who are the club’s players dating right now? Follow us below as we delve deeper into the personal lives of Barca players and get to see who their significant others are.

Barcelona might have fallen deep compared to their prime days, but they are still considered to be one of the best clubs in the world with millions of fans around the globe. The Blaugrana are certainly famous for their class and style of play. Even though the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez have all left the Catalan club to join other clubs in Europe, Barcelona still have their fans backing them up through thick and thin.

Surely when you play for a club as high-profile as Barca, you are going to be the center of attention both on and off the pitch. While many focus on the professional side of the matter and get to analyze all the stats of a player, there are many others who also focus on the personal lives of these footballers and get to know what they do at their homes and who their respective significant others are.

That is why the topic of

hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021

is still a hot topic as millions of people are eager to know more about the club’s players and their WAGs. So if you too are interested in Barcelona WAGs in 2021, read on as we provide all the information you might need to know about these footballers and their significant others.

Hottest Barcelona WAGs in 2021

From Sergio Busquet’s girlfriend and baby momma Elena Galera, to Gerard Pique’s world-famous wife Shakira and Frenkie de Jong’s stunning girlfriend Mikky Kiemeney, there are a lot of beautiful ladies on the list of hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about these WAGs and their respective personal backgrounds.

Daniela ter Stegen

  • Significant other: Marc-Andre ter Stegen

You simply can’t talk about the greatest goalkeepers in the world without mentioning Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who has turned himself into one of the best in the business with his incredible stats throughout the years. He has conquered La Liga on several occasions and has won many other trophies as well during his illustrious and trophy-laden career at


. However, this is only one side of the story and the German goalkeeper is not just a winner on the pitch.

He is also a winner off the pitch and might even be a better winner while off the pitch right now. The Germany international is married to Daniela Jehle, aka Daniela ter Stegen, whom he married back in 2017, when the world was not yet suffering from the horrible pandemic. Daniela was born on 18 December 1989 in Monchengladbach, Germany. Even though Daniela lived through her parents’ divorce early on in her life, she did not lose hope in marital relationships.

The blonde beauty met the Barcelona goalkeeper back in 2011, when he was still playing for

Borussia Monchengladbach

. Their relationship took a big step forward when Daniela decided to move in with her then boyfriend back in 2014, as she packed her bags and joined ter Stegen in Spain. Having moved to a new country with her significant other, the stunning beauty got to graduate from the University of Barcelona in the field of architecture.

Dani is certainly one of the

hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021

with her incredible figure and amazing lifestyle, which she shows glimpses of on social media. She has more than 486k followers on Instagram and enjoys her life in a luxurious manner. She is actually the mother of ter Stegen’s child as the two tied the knot in 2017. The lovely coupled welcomed their son Ben on 28 December 2019.

Romarey Ventura

  • Significant other: Jordi Alba

Jordi Alba is without a doubt one of the best left-backs in the world and has not suffered a drop in form contrary to his Brazilian counterpart Marcelo, who is nowhere near the level he used to be in in previous seasons. Alba has won it all during his career at Barcelona and is one of the last hopes Barca has to salvage something from the 2021-22 season.

While the Spaniard still cuts through the opposition defense like hot knife through butter, he is also a smooth professional off the pitch as he has managed to get engaged with one of the

hottest Barcelona WAGs in 2021

. Perhaps her name reminds of you of a particular movie, but don’t let her familiar surname fool you, because she certainly is not related to Ace Ventura.

Romarey Ventura is one of the more active Barcelona WAGs in 2021 as she both takes care of her child and works as an amateur model for herself on social media by selling her fashion sense and making money off of her wardrobe. The Spanish model was born on 10 May 1991 and has been with Jordi Alba for more than a decade.

As one of the hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021, Romarey boasts more than 569k followers on Instagram, on which she shares all sorts of snaps from her life. While pursuing her modeling career, the Spaniard also shares cute photos of herself alongside her world-famous fiancé. The two actually got engaged not more than six months ago, despite already having two children.

The 32-year-old left-back might be planning on getting married after retiring from football. However, we will have to see if he finally decides to hang up his boots, or if he continues to amaze us with his incredible skills and defensive awareness until helping Barcelona return to its former glory.


  • Significant other: Gerard Pique

Perhaps Shakira is one of the very few WAGs in the world who are much more famous than their significant others. Even though Gerard Pique is known to be one of the greatest center-backs of his generation, his global fame will never reach the levels of his partner Shakira, who is one of the most followed persons on numerous social media platforms. Pique rose to prominence during his days at

Manchester United

after joining the Premier League side from the La Masia academy all the way back in 2004.

He returned to Barca after four years away from the Spanish side as the Blaugrana paid €5 million to bring him back in 2008. Since his return, Pique has been one of the most vital parts of Barcelona with his incredible defensive prowess, which has turned him into one of the best center-backs in the world.

While the Spain international himself might need a bit of introduction for millions around the world who don’t follow football, few on earth don’t know who Shakira is. Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, shortly known as Shakira in the world of music, was born on 2 February 1977, which means that she is currently 44 years old.

The Colombian singer, actress and dancer used to be in a pretty serious relationship with her agent Antonio de la Rua for more than ten years before meeting Pique. She and la Rua halted their relationship for what was believed to be a temporary period. However, during that temporary period, Shakira met the love of her life on the set of her official music video for the 2010 World Cup. It did not take long for the two to hit it off as they started to build up on their beautiful relationship with every passing day.

After terminating her contract with her ex-boyfriend Antonio, the Argentinian lawyer sued Shakira for $100 million in 2013, a lawsuit that was dismissed by a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge. Shakira is certainly one of the

hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021

with her short and slim figure, which she puts to good use every time she dances on stage.

The world-famous singer gave birth to her and Pique’s first child Milan on 22 January 2013 and later welcome her second son Sasha on 20 January 2015. As one of the hottest Barcelona wives and girlfriends in 2021, Shakira is actually ten years older than her significant other and the two are yet to tie the knot as they are not yet married.

Joana sanz

  • Significant other: Dani Alves

Dani Alves’ stunning Instagram model wife Joana Sanz surely has a spot on the list of hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021. She actually earned a spot on this list after her husband returned to Barca after being away for more than five years. Alves, who had previously conquered everything with Barcelona during his first spell at the club, joined


in 2016 and later moved to clubs such as

Paris Saint-Germain

and Sao Paulo, before finally becoming a free agent in the summer of 2021.

That is when Xavi came in calling as he planned to get the gang together once again. The last time Alves was at Barcelona, he used to be married to Dinora Santana, whom he divorced back in 2011. Of course there was a brief moment before Alves’ departure from Barcelona, during which Joana Sanz was a part of the Brazilian right-backs life. Being amongst

Barcelona WAGs in 2021

, Joana was born in September 1993 and rose to prominence as a stunning model at the age of 17 after appearing in a modeling contest held by the world-famous Ford agency.

She already has more than 721k followers on Instagram alone and owns her own fashion website. Joana met Daniel back in 2015 as the two were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. They started dating soon after and hit it off from the very beginning. It might be hard to believe for many, but we might have actually missed the opportunity to have the stunning beauty as one of the hottest Barcelona wives and girlfriends in 2021 had the Spanish right-back given up on his dreams.

It was revealed during an interview that Alves actually proposed to Sanz three times before the Spanish model finally said yes on the third time. They tied the knot back in 2017 as they got married in secret on the island of Formentera.

Mikky Kiemeney

  • Significant other: Frenkie de Jong

Next on our list of hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021 is Frenkie de Jong’s stunning blonde girlfriend Mikky Keiemeney, who has attracted quite a lot of attention throughout the years. Her talented boyfriend joined Barcelona from


for a massive transfer fee of €86 million back in 2019 and has since turned into one of the clubs most vital players. The Netherlands international is only 24 years old and is already considered to be one of the best midfielders of his generation.

That is why he has won numerous awards as an exciting prospect and we have gotten the chance to see Mikky Kiemeney attend every important ceremony with her significant other. Mikky and Frenkie are actually high school sweethearts as they first met each other while studying at the same school. De Jong’s beautiful girlfriend is actually a former athlete herself as she used to be a professional hockey player for Dutch side HC Den Bosch.

Born on 17 April 1998, the 23-year-old beauty currently has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and owns her own clothing brand named Mikkyki. As one of the

hottest Barcelona wives and girlfriends in 2021

, it is nice to see that the Dutchwoman owns her own business and continues to inspire thousands of children to one day become a successful business owner.

Mikky shares stunning snaps of herself on Instagram and is nothing short of a model herself. She enjoys her luxurious life with her boyfriend and is certainly planning on turning her already serious relationship with De Jong into a more serious one by getting a proposal out of the young footballer in the near future.

Coral Simanovich

  • Significant other: Sergi Roberto

There is one thing that none on the list of hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021 except for Sergi Roberto’s significant other Coral Simanovich, and that is the fact that Simanovich actually served in the army for two years back in Israel. The feisty-looking beauty is both a professional model and a businesswoman, which has earned her quite a follower base on Instagram. Her husband Sergi Roberto is an original Barcelona product and has been at the Catalan club from the very beginning.

He rose up the ranks at the club’s youth academy and joined their senior side back in 2013. The Spain international has won everything there is to win with the Blaugrana and is certainly enjoying his life in his home country. The Barcelona right-back met Coral back in 2014, a year after joining the club’s senior squad, and the two started to date from then on. Roberto finally proposed to his beautiful girlfriend in September 2017 and the happy couple finally tied the knot on 30 May 2018 as they got married in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Coral gave birth to her first child, Kaia, in 2019 and the happy family of three are currently living in Barcelona. Coral has more than 810k followers on Instagram and works as a model for several fashion companies, jewelry brands and clothing productions. The Israeli wonder-woman also owns her unique website, on which she sells attractive clothes and uses her fame on social media to boost her sales. We usually see Simanovich sharing snaps of her beautiful figure wearing designer clothes and sexy bikinis, while occasionally supporting her husband on match days.

Aine Coutinho

  • Significant other: Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho might have switched clubs a couple times after suddenly deciding to leave Liverpool in 2018, but he only has eyes for one woman in his life and that woman is Aine Coutinho. The world-class winger has actually been married for more than nine years and is entering his tenth year of marriage with his stunning wife. Aine is certainly an incredible woman with an amazing attitude towards life and a mesmerizing figure as a mother of three.

The beautiful lady has certainly earned her place on the list of hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021 thanks to her stunning looks and great fashion sense. Even though the Brazil international did not get to succeed in completing his journey towards making history with Barcelona, he is definitely thankful for having his wife beside him through thick and thin. At least the former Espanyol winger spent a season on loan at

Bayern Munich

and got to win the history sextuple with the Bavarians.

Coutinho’s wife is currently an Instagram influencer and works hard each day to keep her figure, while attending to her beauty with every chance she gets. Aine is the proud mother of three beautiful children. The beautiful WAG gave birth to two daughters, Maria and Esmeralda, before welcoming her third child, a son named Jose in 2020. The Brazilian beauty has more than 937k followers on Instagram and keeps her fans updated with incredible photos of herself and her family, while also posting her good deeds as well.

Anne-Laure Louis

  • Significant other: Martin Braithwaite

Martin Braithwaite surprised, or better to say shocked the world when he suddenly joined Barcelona from

CD Leganes

to replace Luis Suarez after the Uruguay international was forced to join

Atletico Madrid

. While Suarez left Ronald Koeman’s squad to help Diego Simeone win the league title against Real Madrid and Barcelona, Braithwaite fell victim to thousands of trolls and mockeries online as everyone believed the Danish striker is not anywhere near Barca’s level and they were right.

The former Middlesbrough center-forward has been an utter nightmare since joining the Catalan giants from Leganes for €18 million and there is no one to blame but the striker himself. Of course perhaps Braithwaite is the last person to care about the situation as he is currently earning ten times more than what he used to earn before joining Barcelona. The 30-year-old significant other is definitely happy as well as she too benefits from this salary boost. Anne-Laure Louis is without a doubt one of the hottest Barcelona players' WAGs in 2021 with her amazing looks and great fashion sense.

The stunning beauty has more than 34k followers on Instagram and is enjoying her life in Spain. Anne-Laure is actually quite a professional journalist and TV host and is a serious independent woman, contrary to many other football WAGs in the world. She even has her own consulting agency and is quite an active person in the work environment. The Frenchwoman is the proud mother of two children from a previous marriage. Braithwaite seems to have no problem with the French beauty’s children as they are currently living as a happy family in the city of Barcelona.

Anne-Laure is also the proud founder of the clothing brand Trente France as she also works as an Instagram model. The Denmark international might not be one of the best strikers in the world and his time might be suffering quite a lot after Lionel Messi’s departure, but at least he goes home to an incredible family, who always support the footballer through thick and thin. The couple welcomed their first child together in 2015, whom they named Romeo Lion. Anne gave birth to Martin’s second child in 2020.




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