Top facts about Trevoh Chalobah, Chelsea's number 14

Thu 20 January 2022 | 14:30

Here in Sportmob we try our best to find the top facts! In this article, we are going to zoom on top facts about Trevoh Chalobah and get to know him better.

In Sportmob's top facts about Trevoh Chalobah, we will talk about every interesting fact we found on Internet, his social media and etc. We will read about Trevoh's childhood, early life, parents, family, brothers, and sisters. Being an immigrant and having big dreams is a hard mixture to achieve.

However, there are those who dare to challenge destiny itself, and today we are going to read the story of one of these people in our

top facts about Trevoh Chalobah

. So, without further ado ...

Let's go, top facts about Trevoh Chalobah

Before we get into the real story and start our Top facts about Trevoh Chlobah, we will get to know him a little better. Below, you can some quick facts about our midfielder that will help us understand him better.

  • Full Name:

    Trevoh Tom Chalobah

  • Known As:


  • Occupation:


  • Age:

    22 years old

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Born:

    5 July 1999

  • Birthday:

    5 July

  • Birthplace:

    Freetown, Sierra Leone

  • Nationality:

    Sierra Leone

  • Weight:

    75 Kg

  • Height:

    190 Cm

  • Eye Color:

    Dark Brown

  • Hair Color:

    Dark Black

  • Parents:

    Mr. and Mrs. Chalobah

  • Wife:

    Not Available

  • Sibling:

    Nathaniel Chalobah, Paul Chalobah

Now that we know the basic info we needed to start Sportmob's

top facts about Trevoh Chlobah

, it's time to get into the real story and discover all facts and secrets of our midfielder.

Trevoh Chalobah Childhood

Let's start our

top facts about Trevoh Chalobah

with something you might not know! Trevoh has a middle name and it's Tom. Our defender opened his eyes to this world in Freetown, Sierra Leone's port city and capital, on the 5th of July 1999 to his Sierra Leonean parents.

Trevoh was born into a family of males, including his brothers Paul and


who are active in the football field. All Chalobbah's children are the result of a blissful marriage between their ever-beautiful mother and a cool-looking father, both of whom are so kind and sacrificed so many things for their children.

Trevoh spent his childhood in West Africa, in the city of Freetown which is

Sierra Leone

's capital, with his brother older Nathaniel. Chalobah's parents immigrated to England when Trevoh was three years old. After arriving in the United Kingdom, the family moved to Lambeth, a borough in central London which is a hilly neighborhood in this London administrative division.

Chalobah's family lived there, and Trevoh and his siblings Nate and Paul grew up there. The defender was booed by Eagles fans during his debut Premier League encounter of the 2021-2022 season.

According to Sportmob's fact-finder team, Trevoh Chalobah's family lived in a London neighborhood inhabited by Crystal Palace supporters, and Selhurst Park which is home of the Eagles is only 11 minutes away from Gipsy Hill, where Trevoh and his siblings grew up.

Many people throughout England recognize South London as a distinctive area for sports enthusiasts. Considering this fact, Trevoh and his brother Nathaniel growing up with a passion for football is not strange at all. The lads used to go to a unique cage to play soccer when they were younger.

Let's tell you something interesting in this part of Top facts about Trevoh Chaobah! The cage we are talking about is the very beginning of their story and they stated so many times that the cage gave them the opportunity to dream. Both lads had nothing else on their minds as they grew up other than the desire to play football all day. The Brothers have maintained the preservation cage to this day, owing to the wonderful memories it brings them.

Trevoh and Nathaniel had no trouble honing their skills in the football cage. This was due to the fact that it was at the heart of the estate, where their family resided. It's what they call their little world, around which they've built their lives and fortunes. Trevoh once said:  arriving in Gipsy Hill when my family moved to London from Sierra Leone was seeing this cage. There was something unique about it, as people came together to play football there at all times.

Trevoh Chalobah Family

The player's parents are pretty ordinary people who ran a middle-class London household after relocating from Sierra Leone. More importantly, Trevoh Chalobah's parents are football fans who gave their approval for their sons to pursue their pastime at the batting cage. They also made sure Nate Trevoh had everything he needed, including food, shelter, clothing, and a good education.

Trevoh and Nathaniel have always credited their parents with guiding and showing them the path - something that provided them with the necessary platform, passion, and heart to succeed. The center-back is best regarded as a Sierra Leonean-British, despite his British identity. Because of the Londoner's African ancestry, this is the case. Trevoh Chalobah's parents both have family roots in Sierra Leone, a West African country.

In case you didn't know,

Antonio Rudiger

, a defensive stalwart for Chelsea FC, is also from Sierra Leone. Rudi's family is now German citizens. Their parents made sure they (Rudiger and Trevoh) got a better life in Europe because of the Sierra Leonean Civil War (which saw a lot of child soldiers).

His football-crazed family's warm embrace is one of the reasons he and his brothers have had so much success in sports. We'll tell you more about Trevoh Chalobah's parents and other family members in this section. Let's start with his family's patriarch.

Trevoh Chalobah's Father:

Now in his 50s, he is a man who rarely draws attention to himself, save during his son's contract discussions. Trevoh Chalobah's father has recently gained a lot of clout in the area of working with his son's agent (Caa Base LTD) to secure good contracts for his sons.

Mother of Trevoh Chalobah:

The Defender revealed the identity of the woman who gave birth to him on the 21st of July 2016. Trevoh Chalobah's mother looks to be late, according to his Instagram bio. He previously shared a photograph of his mum when she was younger. DEAR MUM, A THOUSAND Remarks CANNOT BRING YOU BACK, followed by these heartfelt words. I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I HAVE EXPERIENCED IT.


Nathaniel Nyakie is a successful professional footballer whose name is Nathaniel Nyakie. Nate has always had a major influence on Trevoh throughout their football careers. To this day, the Chalobah brothers never leave each other alone in the dark. That is how sibling solidarity is defined.

He is a much younger sibling than


, hence he is less well-known. Paul Chalobah is a multi-sport athlete from the United Kingdom. If his career trajectory continues, you might see him representing England in the Olympics or another major event in the future.

Paul Chalobah has been involved in athletics since high school, according to the powerof10 website. He's competed in the London Youth Games, the South of England Championships, and a variety of other events.

One of the most notable characteristics of Paul Chalobah is that he is an exceptional dancer, even better than the other Chalobah siblings. Here's a video for you to see and decide for yourself... Who among Nate, Trevoh, and Paul is a better dancer?

Trevoh Chalobah Education

Both brothers went to St Andrew's Catholic Primary School, which is regarded as one of Gipsy Hill's best. They went on to Bishop Thomas Grant School after that. Trevoh's passion for football compelled him to practice after school hours.

Gipsy Hill is well-known for being a difficult place to live. The lads, like the Pogba brothers, utilized football as a way to get away from criminal groups. Trevoh and Nathaniel both trained on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, according to Trevoh.

Trevoh's soccer game was more of a routine back in the day. This one entails his going to school, being picked up by his parents, attending training, and then returning home. Week after week, the same thing happens.

Trevoh Chalobah Football dream

Trev (his childhood nickname) used to share everything with his older brother Nathaniel, who was four years his senior. This entails not only going to the cage for football but also playing games with Nathaniel's age group of boys. ACK THEN, MY FRIENDS WOULD COME OVER AND SAY YEAH, LET'S PLAY FOOTBALL IN THE CAGE, said Big Brother Nate. 'TREVOH, DO YOU WANT TO COME WITH US?' I'D SAY, AND MY BRO WOULD ALWAYS SAY, 'YEAH, COOL.'

People didn't expect much from Trevoh at first because he appeared to be the smallest and most distant of the kids. But then, out of nowhere, the boy would enter the cage and perform some tricks, which everyone would enjoy;

'OH MY GOD!' exclaims the speaker. MANGO SEED HEAD IS EXTREMELY DELICIOUS' Trevoh was never fond of the moniker Mango Seed Head. He was dubbed such by his friends because he was a tiny, gangly boy with a head that was too enormous for his frame.Trevoh's knees were too large, and he stood higher than his age. He once told the media about a horrible moniker he was given by his friends;


Everything in the cage was about demonstrating football abilities and people praising the boys who dribbled the most. Trevoh and Nathaniel would wind up doing more talents as a result of their innate talent. It had an impact on his pals, who dubbed him Mango seed head. Trev, when asked how they came to a halt, said:


The Chelsea Acadamy and the big step

Trev was inspired by his older brother's determination to pursue a football career. We would never have known Trevoh if Nathaniel hadn't played football. His parents must have advised him to change his mind.

His brother Nathaniel initially joined the Fulham academy system before being discovered by Chelsea. Trev spent two seasons there before joining Chelsea Youth — at the age of ten. Trevoh was a forward for Cannons, a Sunday League team, during that period.

In the year 2005, Nathaniel joined the Chelsea academy. Trevoh arrived two years later, after a successful trial with the London club. Both brothers began their careers as central defenders who can also play as defensive midfielders due to their height and adaptability.

The fame and fortune

Something – quite factual – might be of interest to you. Trevoh and Mason Mount both attended Chelsea Academy and were in the same age group. Their friendship was the most difficult thing to express.

Trevoh received the greatest gift of his life while in Blues academy. He never felt lonely with his best friend Mason, and he had a strong sense of belonging and purpose. Mount (who is shorter here) is older than Trevoh, which may be of interest to you.

Mason Mount and Trevoh Chalobah both served as ball boys while at the Blues school. As ball boys, their most memorable occasion occurred in 2012, when Chelsea defeated FC Barcelona in the Champions League quarterfinal stage.

Lionel Messi appeared to have preferred Mount's possession of the ball to Chalobah's. The Football GOAT had no idea that Chelsea would go on to win the UCL the following year.

Take a look at this stunning photo of Chalobah and Mount ballboy during Chelsea's 2012 Champions League victory.

Perhaps you've wondered, "What match was it?" As we already stated, it was the unforgettable 2012 Champions League (first leg) match versus FC Barcelona. Now, here's the footage of the highlight — Chelsea's memorable home victory over European heavyweights Barca.

Both pals sat next to each other at Stamford Bridge while they assisted in the ball collection. The return leg – (nicknamed the embodiment of an against-the-odds victory) ranks No. 2 among the most exciting Chelsea matches of all time, according to the Chelsea FC Website.

The 2012 Champions League return leg ended in a thrilling 2–2 tie. Sergio Busquets, Ramires (that exquisite chip), Andres Iniesta, and Fernando Torres all scored in this encounter (that classy finish).

Watch highlights from the second leg of FC Barcelona's 2012 UEFA Champions League semi-final match against Chelsea.


Trev established a strategy to build a name for himself in both club and England youth football after signing his first professional deal with Chelsea in June 2016. With a diverse defensive repertoire, the youngster began by honing his long-range passing ability. Trev was a captain and leader for England's young teams from the Under-16 to the Under-20 levels.

Even in difficult situations, tackling the ball became second nature in his sector. Trevoh had a knack for running and tackling, which he used to save the England young team on numerous occasions.

Going on loan was always the best option for many Blues youngsters, rather than waiting to compete with the never-ending first-team megastars. Trevoh went on to play for Ipswich Town in the Championship.

With the Tractor Boys, he faced players like Tammy Abraham, who was a prolific goal-machine for Aston Villa at the time. It wasn't just about defending (for Trev) but also about scoring goals while he was there.

Huddersfield Town was the boy's next destination. Trevoh scored and showed off his defensive prowess with the Terriers. Following that performance, he was loaned to Ligue 1 club FC Lorient (The first division league football in France).

While on loan with Huddersfield Town, his performance earned him a new contract from then-Blues boss Frank Lampard. Trev left his family (for the first time) shortly after signing it to play football in a distant country - France.

He had another good loan spell with FC Lorient, just like he did in England. When Trev pushed forward with the ball, he became the most aesthetically beautiful (scoring goals in the process). After numerous masterpiece defenses, he also gained the hearts of his fans.

Trevoh's ability to match up with massive Defenders had been clear as early as the year 2021. Little David Luiz was his nickname as a result of this.

Thomas Tuchel put his trust in Trevoh after failing to gain favor with Frank Lampard. After seeing his performance in the French League, the German coach allowed his return from loan and included him in the 2021/2022 season's plans.

Trevoh's first test would be to do well in the UEFA Super Cup in 2021. The 6 foot 3 defender did not disappoint, thanks to his bravery. He helped the Blues avoid defeat against the likes of Boulaye Dia and Gerard Monero by forming a dangerous partnership with

Kurt Zouma

. Trevoh eventually assisted his club in winning the 2021 Super Cup. Of course, none of this would have been possible without Kepa Arrizabalaga's shot-stopping heroics.

Trevoh Chalobah Love life

It is reasonable for fans to inquire about Trevoh's girlfriend or wife once he has made a reputation for himself in sports. However, Sportmob's fact-finding team discovered that Trevoh has yet to make his relationship public. His girlfriend, wife, or mother of his child are nowhere to be found.

Perhaps his father and big brother persuaded him to stay single, especially at this critical point of his Blues career. We hope Trevoh finds a girlfriend as lovely as Nia Georgio as soon as possible. She is the wife of Nathaniel, his older brother.

Trevoh Chalobah Personal life

What defines someone's personality and lifestyle? Everything is revealed in this section of our

top facts about Trevoh Chalobah

. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of him is his ability to dance. In fact, This is a popular pastime among the Chalobah brothers.

Following his dance hobby is how he performs his exercises. Trevoh, like

Paul Pogba

, enjoys showing off his muscles in entertaining workout videos. In terms of automobiles, he loves the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Trevoh Chalobah, in reality, drives the same model and color car as

Ivan Toney


Several footballers set the tone for everyone else in the realm of streetwear trends. Trevoh considers fashion to be a moving target. Thanks for reading Sportmob's top facts about Trevoh Chlobah.

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