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Top facts about Conor Gallagher, Chelsea's loanee to Crystal Palace

Life can be hard on you, but you can overcome any hardship if you have a dream. Today we are going to talk about a footballer with amazing dreams in our Top facts about Conor Gallagher.

Conor Gallagher found his love for football at young age and thanks to his supportive family became a professional football player. Today in Sportmob's top facts about Conor Gallagher, we will talk about every untold fact about our English player. 

We will talk about a footballer who, through his bravery and determination to win, overcame a devastating heart arrhythmias disease. We've created a pictorial overview of Conor Gallagher's life to answer all your questions about him. Con's football is as good as his stunning looks, as everyone knows. His box-to-box combative temperament and drive to cover every blade of grass on the pitch are eerily similar to two Chelsea icons, Michael Essien and



Here we start our Top facts about Conor Gallagher

As always, before we start Sportmob's

top facts about Conor Gallagher

and find the untold facts we are here for, we will take a look at his basic information so we won't get in any trouble while reading.

  • Full Name:

    Conor Gallagher

  • Nickname:

    Not Available

  • Profession:


  • Age by 2022:

    21 years

  • Birthplace:


  • Date Of Birth:

    6 February 2000

  • ign:


  • Hometown:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

    182 cm, 6'0" Feet

  • Weight:

    70 K,154 lbs

  • Body Measurements:

    Not Available

  • Shoe Size:

    8 UK

  • Eye Color:


  • Hair Color:


  • Father:

    Lee Gallagher

  • Mother

    : Samantha Gallagher

  • Brother

    : Jake, Josh, and Dan Gallagher

  • Marital Status:

    Not Married

  • Girlfriend

    : Aine May Kennedy

Now that we got the basic info we needed, let's start our top facts about Conor Gallagher without any hesitation!

Conor Gallagher Childhood life

Conor Gallagher opened his eyes to this world on February 6, 2000, in the town of Epsom, south of central London, to his parents, Samantha and Lee Gallagher. Our professional footballer was born as the youngest son in a family where males outnumbered females cause Samantha was the sole female of the house!

Conor has three brothers and no sister as you might have guessed, all of whom are the result of his mother and father's love. Conor Gallagher's parents, Samantha and Lee, taught him as a child the value of developing a close relationship with his older brothers. Thankfully, the family's future was ensured by the sibling relationship formed by Conor, Dan, Jake, and Josh.

It's vital to note that Conor's two older siblings Josh and Jake are twins. They are seven years Conor's senior. The Gallagher family's eldest kid is Dan who is said to be the little father of his little brothers. Conor was known as a competitive kid when he was younger. He was constantly striving to match his bigger brother's abilities and strengths. Conor understood that being the family's lastborn should not limit him. As a result, he grew fearless when it comes to trying new things.

Conor Gallagher's parents used to let him and his siblings go outside and play, primarily on a kids' trampoline. Dan, Jake, and Josh perform their pieces with a smidgeon of anxiety in Lee and Samantha's minds. Conor's situation was unique. If you wanted to put him on the kid's trampoline back then, you had to be careful. This was because the English player was performing a variety of backflips. Finally, the Gallagher family assumed that because of his athletic ability, he would pursue gymnastics as a career.

The power of brotherhood

Rather than pursuing a career, the youngster became obsessed with one thing: following in the footsteps of his older siblings. Early on, all of Conor's brothers developed a passion for football and embraced their younger brother's competitive inclinations to outperform them.

The Gallagher brothers used to play football in the neighboring open fields and in their Great Bookham garden. Dan, Jake, Josh, and Conor all had aspirations and owing to their hard work, they have all found success in football.

Conor Gallagher Family

Let's start this part of our

top facts about Conor Gallagher

with his father! The father and head of the household, Lee Gallagher, is frequently acknowledged as a pillar in his sons' development and emotional well-being. Conor Gallagher's family wasn't very wealthy, but they lived comfortably as ordinary British people.

One of the most crucial aspects of Conor Gallagher's family is that, with the exception of Dan, the first son of Lee and Samantha they are all Chelsea followers. With the Blues receiving the bulk of the votes, it's no wonder that Conor has a connection to the club.

Conor Gallagher's parents choose to live in Epsom, which is close to Cobham, because of the family's affection for the


football club. This is Chelsea's football club's training ground, and it's a further 34 minutes from the famous Stamford Bridge.

When Conor walks into Cobham's Painshill park these days, he feels a peculiar sensation of nostalgia. This is where he formed his love for football, where he grew up dreaming of one day becoming a professional footballer.

More intriguing, Conor grew up watching Chelsea stars drive their expensive automobiles to train at Painshill Park in Cobham. Unlike his faraway buddies, he is familiar with the likes of

Frank Lampard

, Didier Drogba, Michael Essien,

Salomon Kalou

, and other Chelsea legends.

We all know that he is a British-born English player. From a racial standpoint, Conor Gallagher is a member of the White British ethnicity which represents 81.88 percent of the total population of the United Kingdom.

Epsom, the principal town south of central London, is where the Gallagher family lived. The hometown of Conor Gallagher is known for its Clock Tower, High Street, thriving sports culture, places of religion, educational institutions, parks, and numerous open spaces. Living there is fantastic; it's very obvious that Conor's family made the most of their surroundings.

Conor Gallagher Education

Samantha and Lee, our English footballer's parents, have always made sure that their children had a good education. Therefore, Conor Gallagher attended Howard of Effingham School in Leatherhead, England.

This is an interesting fact in our top facts about Conor Gallagher! You should know that this school is where all of the Gallagher brothers attended. The necessity for their sons to be self-sufficient and have a safety net was the primary motivation for their parents to provide them with a good education. Also worth noting is that Conor Gallagher's and his siblings' school, Howard of Effingham, is around a 23-minute drive from their Epsom home.

Conor Gallagher football dream

Samantha and Lee, as lovely parents, never forced their children to participate in any sport. When they were younger, Conor and his siblings were able to participate in a variety of sports, including rugby, football,


, and karate. The lads also went to children's sporting events. Football took their heart, though. The first time they were seen playing together, everyone in Cobham's Painshill Park area agreed that the Gallagher brothers were talented soccer players.

People loved it when Josh, Jake, Dan, or Conor were on the same squad because they could see how much they cared about football. In no time, all of the guys had come up with the brilliant notion of becoming professional football players.

There was absolutely no sporting interest for the boy outside of the beautiful game. As a result, he needed to try out for Epsom Eagles, a perfect academy for beginners that was close to his family's house.

Conor Gallagher's parents gave him permission to try out for Chelsea when he was eight years old. He was an excessively enthusiastic child when he first joined the Blues the year 2008. Little Conor received a lot of help from his parents and older brothers to stay committed to the academy. Growing up in the neighborhood aided him because everything felt familiar to him.

Conor Gallagher's twin brothers, Josh and Jake gained places at


's academy at the time he joined the Blues. Dan, on the other hand, was able to secure a place at

AFC Wimbledon

. Conor began his Chelsea career as a winger before moving to central midfield. Conor's football became serious around the time of the transition.

Conor Gallagher around the fame

The Chelsea academy has produced a number of prominent players, many of whom have gone on to make a name for themselves in football.

Reece James

in the right-back, Marc Guehi in the center-back, and

Rhian Brewster

are among Conor Gallagher's teammates.

Conor was largely regarded as one of the top midfielders in his Chelsea academy set. He is a deep-lying playmaker who excels at exploiting space and assisting. Things just got better and better for the rising midfielder.

Chelsea academy put the boy through extensive technical training sessions between the ages of nine and twelve. Gallagher made significant progress as a result of this. He had no idea, however, that he was placing a lot of stress on his body.

Conor Gallagher heart of dreams

Just before graduating from the Blues academy, the midfielder encountered the unexpected. First, he had to overcome a serious knee injury. Then came the worst of 2018 in terms of weather. Conor Gallagher had a heart ailment that year, which nearly ended his career.

Conor couldn't even train, so it was a terrifying experience. The poor youngster was running out of breath on several occasions. Conor had no other option than to undergo surgery if he wanted to continue playing football.

Conor endured a 45-minute cardiac operation to correct what doctors called a heart arrhythmias illness. With the support of his parents and family, the boy recovered and returned to doing what he loved.

Conor Gallagher became progressively powerful as the game progressed, and he eventually dominated it. Chelsea FC had no choice but to name him their 2018/2019 Player of the Year due to his vision, pinpoint accurate passing, ball movement, and positional awareness. Conor was ready for senior football. It also proves that the hoopla that surrounded him at the time was genuine.

Chelsea's football club offered Conor a professional contract as a reward for his efforts. The midfielder made the most of the opportunity by posting snapshots of his professional signing on the same day as his first day with the club.

Conor Gallagher story of the loan

Chelsea loaned Conor out to Charlton Athletic in the middle of 2019. Aside from his mom and brothers, leaving Chelsea was difficult since he missed the lads he had played with since he was a child. Conor was visibly moved in a way that everyone knew he was sad.

It is a well-known fact that Chelsea youth players that go on loan are always incredibly successful. Trevoh Chalobah of Lorient,

Tammy Abraham

of Aston Villa, Mason Mount of Derby, Thorgan Hazard of Zulte Waregem, Fikayo Tomori, and others can attest to this. Conor Gallagher became a fan favorite at Charlton Athletic. The club fans had already devised a chant for his name after only a few games.

Conor Gallagher and the success

Let's talk about our English footballer in this part of Sportmob's top facts about Conor Gallagher! When clubs compete in England's second-tier, the atmosphere is sometimes fierce. It's also the best place for academy graduates from prominent Premier League clubs to start their careers. Gallagher was able to handle the heat of the Championship, as expected.

The youngster, like many academy graduates, was bullied by older players. Getting through the English second division was a learning experience for him. Conor was victorious in the end, thanks to his assists and goals. Take a look at how he was bullied and eventually rose to greatness.

The English Championship management blessed Liam Gallagher as a method of honoring the youngster's hard effort. In August 2019, he was named the English Football League's Young Player of the Month.

Charlton Athletic thanked Chelsea from the bottom of their hearts for sending one of their outstanding youngsters to play for them. Conor was recalled by the London club on 14 January 2020, in order for him to practice with the main team before being loaned out to Swansea. Here's a video of Conor saying goodbye to his favorite Chalton.

The agreement to join Swansea was reached on January 15, 2020, right before the COVID-19 lockdown. Conor had to leave his family in a foreign nation for the first time. Gallagher reportedly told Chelsea Media that his stint at Swansea gave him the opportunity to be more creative as a footballer. As a result, he was finally able to compete in the

Premier League


Conor Gallagher initially chose to stay in London with his family, insisting on having a physical with Crystal Palace. The South London club changed their minds and accepted Michy Batshuayi instead of Conor.

Crystal Palace's move allowed Bilic to contact a former West Ham teammate, who was the Chelsea coach at the time. Conor Gallagher's loan move to The Hawthorns was made easier as a result of this. Gallagher reached a significant career milestone on November 28th, 2020. His family was overjoyed when their son scored his first Premier League goal.

Gallagher joined the Eagles on a one-year loan contract in July 2021, following his loan term with the Baggies. In a team that had cool names like Zaha, Odsonne Edouard, Jean-Philippe Mateta, Joachim Andersen, and Eberechi Ze, he progressed from strength to strength.

Gallagher is unquestionably ready for the Chelsea first team. He is now worthy of competing for a starting spot with the Blues senior squad alongside Mateo Kovacic and Mason Mount.

Conor Gallagher Love Life

Her name is Aine May Kennedy, and she is commonly referred to as Conor Gallagher's future wife by fans. You could tell what she did for a living just on her appearance. Aine May is a model for Pulse, a modeling agency in Liverpool, England.

Gallagher's Girlfriend is Irish, not English as a matter of the fact. It implies that Aine May's parents and Conor Gallagher's parents either his mother or father come from the same family. Let's have a look at their dating history now.

Aine May and Gallagher started dating just a few days after Christmas, on December 27th, 2018. Their affection for each other has only grown stronger since then. To be honest, you're unlikely to meet a pair of strangers than Conor and May.

Conor Gallagher Personal life

Going on vacation with Aine May, especially to the far-flung Portuguese coast, brings back vivid memories that brighten his mood. Conor Gallagher, to put it simply, leads a healthy lifestyle. Watch this video to learn about the couple's favorite summer vacation spots.

Conor Gallagher prefers the Desert Buggy High-Speed 444 Fast Race electric car for comfort, especially during desert tours. This car has a famous reputation for off-road toughness, as seen here.

Conor Gallagher has a passion for other cars, particularly the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque when he is not on vacation. He bought the car for his future wife, Aine May Kennedy, as a Christmas present.

Soccer has the most attractive stars, which is one of the reasons it attracts the most spectators. Conor Gallagher is in a league of his own, despite the fact that Jack Grealish and David Beckham are also attractive. Thanks for reading our top facts about Conor Gallagher.

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