Travel guide for Genshin Impact beginners

Sat 15 January 2022 | 20:29

If you started playing Genshin Impact, this article is for you! We will check the first steps of the game here in our Travel guide for the Genshin Impact.

If you're looking for a Genshin Impact guide, you've come to the right place. Over the last year, the free-to-play Action-RPG has exploded in popularity, and more players than ever are rushing to Teyvat to embark on their own trip with the Traveler. But Genshin Impact isn't as straightforward as it appears.

Sure, once you've played it for a while, you'll grasp it, but with so many different variables, it can be a little confusing when you first start: Where should I put my money? Is it necessary for me to level these characters? Is there a method to get Adventure Ranks faster? What exactly is this resin stuff? All of those questions, and more, are answered in this

Travel guide for Genshin Impact beginners


There are plenty of hints that can help you push things a little further if you've already been playing for a while but don't feel things are quite falling into place. Stumbling blocks are an inevitable component of any game, and conquering them is an important part of the experience. This Travel guide for Genshin Impact beginners is an excellent place to start if you want to go into Teyvat with your best foot forward.

LET'S GO! Travel guide for Genshin Impact beginners

Genshin Impact has grown in popularity, gaining new players on a regular basis with its new characters and events. Whether you want to start playing the game or you've been playing for quite a while, Sportmob's Travel guide for Genshin Impact beginners makes your adventures across Teyvat as easy as possible.

So, if all the hype has piqued your interest or if you're currently playing and need some assistance, our guide will ensure you sail through the realms of Teyvat with ease. Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact is right here.

Wishing for characters

Let's start our

Travel guide for Genshin Impact beginners

by its wishing system. To gain more characters, you'll need to in-game Wishing system to summon new Characters, but this will cost you a specific form of in-game currency. Thankfully you have the free will to choose from three or four wish banners and spend either Acquaint Fates or Intertwined Fates to summon a weapon or a character. The Gacha system is quite similar to other games in this category. All banners have distinct rarity classifications, and the rarer a Character is, the less likely it is to appear on a summon.

Fortunately, there are measures in place to ensure that you won't stay unlucky indefinitely, since saving enough Fates to wish in quantities of ten in most events will ensure at least one 4-star Character. Furthermore, the longer you wish without getting a 4 or 5-star character, the better your odds of approval will be until you finally strike it rich. Be careful to read over the details of each Wish Event to see what the odds are and who you might be able to summon.

If you're given a character you already have in your group, you'll be offered extra resources and gold to trade for uncommon valuables, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.


As you start your journey in Teyvat, Paimon will start explaining how to get around and solve puzzles. You can dash for short periods of time using your stamina meter, just like what we've seen with Link in Breath of the Wild, and climb up virtually any surface and expend extra stamina to jump up. The best part is that rain won't stop you from climbing.

When you arrive in Monstandt during the Prologue, you'll be given a glider, which you can use to safely glide down from high places or perform plunging attacks on unsuspecting foes.

Combat will begin simple, but you'll soon need to prepare for more difficult boss fights or encounters, which is where character swapping and elemental combos come into play. Many of the foes you'll encounter will be weak or resistant to specific elements, so take advantage of this by switching between characters and using their elemental attacks to stun, debuff, or slow them.

Furthermore, hitting an enemy with multiple elements in rapid succession can result in some exciting reactions, such as freezing opponents with Cryo and Hydro abilities! Simply having a large group of characters in a party with specific elements can provide passive buffs. Having four characters with unique elements reduces your party's overall elemental damage, while having two Pyro teammates increases your party's overall damage. Let's continue our

Travel guide for Genshin Impact beginners

with its level up system.

Level up system

You'll notice that you're leveling up in several areas as you progress through Genshin Impact. This is due to the fact that you will gain two sorts of experience: Character Experience and Adventurer's Experience. These cover two very distinct topics, but all are connected to your success in Genshin Impact. Your entire party will acquire Character Experience each time you fight and destroy opponents.

This will be used to level up your characters, increasing their health, attack power, and defense. However, you may find that foes provide a rather modest amount of experience, and the best way to quickly boost a character's level or bring a new party member up to speed is to use Character EXP Material, such as Wanderer's Advice, which can be found in chests or obtained as a prize.

Each of them will provide a character significantly more experience than defeating a single monster, but they will also cost a small amount of Mora when utilized in the Character screen to speed up-leveling.

On the other hand, as you explore more of the world, complete quests, discover shrines and teleport locations, and more, you'll collect Adventurer Experience. Your Adventurer's Rank determines how much of the game you have access to, which main story tasks you can complete, and what kind of loot you can obtain as well as the difficulty of adversaries. Additionally, you can chat with the Adventurer's Guild in Monstadt to learn that every time you reach a rank, you will be rewarded with a plethora of extra stuff.

It's worth noting that both your Character Levels and Adventurer's Rank will be capped at 20. Instead, you'll have to complete Ascension Quests, which are unique tasks. As players progress through the Ascension levels, they will get access to new Talents that will enhance their abilities. Meanwhile, improving your Adventurer's Rank will raise the world level, providing you better rewards and more difficult adversaries to face.

Another thing that levels up in tandem with your adventurer rank is your World Level. The difficulty of the overworld creatures is determined by the World level. The gangs will be considerably tougher and fiercer as you progress in level. You must accomplish ascension trials in order to raise your world level. These only emerge at particular adventurer ranks and serve as a test to see if you can manage the difficulty of the mobs.

In-game currencies

Let's talk about money in this part of Sportmob's Travel guide for Genshin Impact beginners. Like many other Gacha-style games, Genshin Impact will feature a variety of currencies that can be difficult to keep track of. Despite this, only one sort of currency can be purchased with real money and then traded for a variety of items. Keep in mind that you don't have to pay actual money to unlock stuff in Genshin Impact; you'll just get specific currencies at a slower rate.

The most basic kind of currency is the mora. It can be obtained in a variety of ways, including opening chests, defeating foes, and completing tasks in your Adventurer Handbook as well as claiming benefits from the guild when your Adventurer's Rank rises.

You can also trade in other currencies, such as Stardust, to earn a large amount of money quickly. Mora can be used to purchase food ingredients, basic weapons and artifacts, and other items from many of the world's basic merchants and big cities.

Primogem is one of the more valuable currencies, and it may be earned in modest amounts for just about everything, including discovering new objects, fighting groups of monsters, achieving accomplishments, and boosting your Adventurer's Rank. Primogems are mostly utilized to make Acquaint and Intertwined Fates, which are both employed in Wishes.

As previously stated, there are two types of Fates: Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates, which are utilized to wish distinct sets of characters and weapons for separate event Wishes. They're quite difficult to come across on your own, although they're occasionally given out by the guild at particular Adventurer Ranks or by the creators through in-game mail. Most of the time though, you have to exchange them with the Primogems you purchased in the game's shop, which can be done automatically if you're trying to wish on a Wish banner and don't have enough.

Genesis Crystals can only be obtained by purchasing them in bulk and paying actual money for them. If you want to get ahead, these crystals can be used to buy packs of things and resources, or transformed into Primogems if you don't have enough Fates to participate in a Wish.

Wishes offer away Starglitter and Stardust as you gain characters, especially if you summon a double. These currencies can be exchanged for specific rewards in the shop's exchange menu, which may include characters you haven't been able to gain in your previous wishes. Both currencies can be used to acquire additional Fates, as well as other resources and even Mora.

Sigils and Oculi are based on the areas you visit, and while sigils can be obtained through opening chests, beating monsters, and exploring, Oculus emerges as floating collectibles all over the place. Sigils can be used to buy souvenirs and upgrade materials in that region's town, and the Oculi can be used to upgrade the level of the Statues of the Seven that will give you its blessings and different forms of rewards, such as greater stamina!

Original Resin is one-of-a-kind money that can only be utilized for Ley Line Blossom challenge events, which will start appearing across the land once you reach Adventurer Rank 8. You can rejuvenate the flower by spending a particular quantity of Resin to get experience awards after beating the waves of opponents called at the Ley Lines.

Players can only have 120 Original Resin at a time, and once you've spent some, it will slowly regenerate. If you want to replace your stock faster, you can either use Primogem or receive Fragile Resin as a prize, which you can use to replenish 60 Original Resin at once.

Condensed resins, on the other hand, take 40 stamina and a crystal fly core to make. Condensed resins can be utilized to speed up the farming process by giving you twice the rewards as compared to regular resins.

New features along the way

This part of our Travel guide for Genshin Impact beginners is important, so read carefully! Adventure level is an important aspect of Genshin Impact because it determines what's available in the game and whether or not you can complete specific objectives. Opening chests in the world, doing quests, doing daily commissions, defeating bosses, and collecting their prizes with resin are all ways to improve your adventure rank. As your adventure rank rises, you'll be able to access the following features:

Adventure rank 8

: Revelation's Blossom Locate this challenge in the environment and battle adversaries to collect experience goods that will help you level up your character.

Adventure rank 10

: is about codes. Genshin Impact codes can now be redeemed.

Adventure rank12

: Wealth Blossom and Daily Commissions Blossom of Wealth offers mora, but Daily Commissions rewards you with adventure rank exp and primogems for wishing for characters.

Adventure rank 14

: Now you can Send characters out to farm mora, minerals, or food at the adventurer's guild. Keqing, Bennett, Fischl, Chongyun, and Sara, have expedition time reductions based on area.

Adventure rank 16

: Co-op and Forgery Domains Cooperative play allows you to play with others, while domains of forgery are challenges that reward you with resources for upgrading weaponry.

Adventure rank 20

: Battlepass and Spiral Abyss. The Spiral Abyss last floors are actually Genshin Impact's seasonal challenge! You have to fight through it with your strongest characters in order to collect rewards that are refreshed on a regular basis. In addition, the battle pass awards you for achievements such as cooking meals, using resin, and defeating bosses.

Adventure Rank 22

: Blessing Domains These domains, like forgeries, allow you to earn and farm artifacts.

Adventure Rank 25

: Reputation feature unlocks. Now you can acquire a reputation in each location by performing quests and assignments. The condensed resin recipe you get for reaching level 3 in Liyue is likely the best prize for reaching specific reputation levels.

Adventure Rank 26

: Story Keys unlocks.  Now you can collect story keys and unlock quests for specific characters by completing daily commissions.

Adventure Rank 27

: Domains of Mastery will now accept you. These domains contain resources for raising characters' level caps and improving their abilities.

Adventure Rank 28

: Serenitea Pot will be available. You need to complete the "A Pot Called Home" quest, which grants you a teapot item with its own realm, allowing you to construct a house, grow plants, and keep fish.

Adventure Rank 45

: Mystic Offering will be available. This feature allows you to use an alchemy bench to mix five-star artifacts to create a strongbox holding a five-star artifact of a specified sort.

Adventure Rank also changes the difficulty of adversaries and the quality of the loot they drop as the world level rises.

Build your characters

Although it may seem self-evident, Genshin Impact's combat revolves around elemental skills and how you mix them to generate powerful reactions that can freeze, melt, or electrocute adversaries. The combination of characters you have in your party, as well as how you employ their elemental skill, burst, and attacks, will determine how you build and reach these reactions.

You must also understand how to develop characters in order for them to play a role in your party. Every good team has a healer, a damage dealer, and some form of support, such as shields, attack-boosting skills, or even the ability to create more powerful reactions, like with Anemo heroes.

Choosing a good weapon and artifact set isn't difficult; all you have to do is consider the character's function in your party. Reading over their talents can also be beneficial because it offers you an indication of what stats their abilities level with, allowing you to prioritize.

Every artifact has a random stat role, which means that while they provide consistent set-based abilities, they don't necessarily provide the most helpful numbers. This is why five-star leveling artifacts or those with strong attack-based stat rolls are preferable.

Weapons are significantly easier to use than artifacts; all you have to do is pick one with a skill that fits your character's job. Do you rely on your elemental ability a lot? After that, use the sacrificial weapons. Do you need to refuel your batteries? The Favonius ones are the way to go. You can also build a good number of four-star weapons at the blacksmith or obtain them through other means, such as The Catch in version 2.1. Thanks for reading Sportmob's Travel guide for Genshin Impact beginners

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