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Top facts about Matheus Fernandes, the delightful sensation

As a gifted player with a good build and pace, Matheus Fernandes can adapt his mental and physical skills to various game situations. Read on to find out more facts about Matheus Fernandes.

Matheus Fernandes Siqueira (born June 30, 1998) is a Brazilian pro footballer who currently plays as a midfielder for 



Matheus Fernandez age

is 23. Here you can find out the most important facts about Mattheus Fernandez, the Brazilian youngster.

The first fact about Matheus Fernandez is that he was born in the Brazilian city of Itabora. He began his professional footballing career with Botafogo's junior squads before making his first-team debut for the Brazilian club in 2016. In the next two seasons, he made 70 appearances for the club before joining Palmeiras in the summer of 2012.

Despite making 11 appearances for Palmeiras, Matheus Fernandez was loaned out to Real Valladolid during the winter transfer window in the year 2020. Matheus Fernandez had to wait until the restart before making his debut against

Atletico Madrid

. After the restart, he made his debut against the Spanish champions.

Top facts Matheus Fernandes:

Matheus Fernandez was signed by Barcelona in January 2020 but played just 17 minutes during his time at the Nou Camp. In 2021, Barcelona informed the Brazilian player that the club no longer requires his services and is terminating the contract.

Fernandes hit out at the way he was released by Barcelona. The Brazilian claimed that they released him by email without even a 'goodbye'. Fernandes said it was his 'dream as a child' to one day play for Barcelona.

Matheus Fernandes early life

Fernandes was born in Itabora, Rio de Janeiro, and played for Botafogo as a kid. Matheus was incredibly attached to his family, and he looked up to his parents as role models.

Brazilians have an incredibly close relationship with football, and the love of the game is often handed down from one generation to the next.

Speaking about

Matheus Fernandes childhood

, it should be mentioned that football was nearly a matter of principle for Matheus Fernandes, who thought he was responsible for his father's premature retirement from football due to an injury.


Matheus Fernandes parents

, it is known that at the time of his birth, José Reinaldo, his father, had already played in the junior academies of America RJ and Esporte Club Noroeste, and he was on the verge of breaking into the professional ranks himself.

Reinaldo prioritized his family first, without forgetting about his son's genetic make-up, which is why he attempted to expose his son to football right away.

Matheus Fernandes personal life

There is little information available regarding Matheus' family and relationships. All information regarding his personal life is kept under wraps. But as of now, it is obvious that he is married to his longtime girlfriend, Victoria.

Matheus Fernandes professional career

Matheus Fernandez made his senior debut on 28 January 2017, starting in a 1–1 Campeonato Carioca home draw against Nova Iguaçu. Four days later he made his Copa Libertadores debut, replacing Camilo in a 2–1 home win against Colo-Colo.

Matheus Fernandes club career

On January 28, 2017, Fernandes made his senior debut for Botafogo, starting in a 1–1 Campeonato Carioca home tie against Nova Iguaçu. He made his Copa Libertadores debut four days later, replacing Camilo in a 2–1 home triumph against Colo-Colo.

During the 2018 season, Fernandes was a regular starter for Bota, participating in 32 league matches (for a total of 40 appearances) and won the Campeonato Carioca. On 10 May of that year, he scored his first professional goal in a 1–1 Copa Sudamericana home tie against Audax Italiano (3–2 aggregate victory).


An important

fact about Matheus Fernandez

is that he signed a five-year deal with Palmeiras on December 19, 2018, for a reported sum of R$ 15 million.

He was not enrolled for the Campeonato Paulista and made his debut for the club on 1 May, replacing Moisés in a 1–1 away draw against CSA. He was a backup to regular players Felipe Melo and Bruno Henrique.

After Moisés' transfer to Shandong Luneng, Fernandes began to play more consistently, and he scored his first goal on December 1, 2019, in a 1–3 home defeat to Flamengo.


A notable fact about Matheus Fernandez is that he joined

Real Valladolid

on loan from Palmeiras on January 31, 2020, only hours after signing for Barcelona. On the 20th of June, he made his international debut, starting in a 0–1 defeat against Atlético Madrid.


Barcelona confirmed on January 31, 2020, that they had struck a deal with Palmeiras for the transfer of Fernandes, who would join the Catalan club at the end of September after finishing his loan term with Real Valladolid. Barça spent €7 million for the player, plus €3 million in add-ons, and he signed a five-year deal with the club.

On November 24, he made his first and only debut for Barcelona's first team, as well as in the UEFA Champions League, as he came on to substitute Pedri for the final 17 minutes of a 4–0 away win against

Dynamo Kyiv

in a group stage encounter.

An important fact about Matheus Fernandes is that he earned his first and only championship with Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final on April 17, 2021, when his team beat Athletic Bilbao 4–0.

Despite the fact that he didn't play a single minute in the tournament, he was regarded a winner since he was included in the matchday squads for two of the games. Barcelona cancelled his contract on June 29, 2021.


After his contract with Barcelona was cancelled on July 9, 2021, Palmeiras signed Matheus for four and a half seasons, until December 31, 2025.

Matheus Fernandes international career

A notable

fact about Matheus Fernandez

is that he was a member of Brazil's under-17 and under-20 teams.

Matheus Fernandes, the oddest Bartomeu purchase

A notable fact about Matheus Fernandes is that he was the oddest buy of the Bartomeu period. Barça signed the unnamed 21-year-old reserve midfielder from Brazilian club Palmeiras in January 2020.

The transfer cost was €7 million, with a further €3 million in possible add-ons. Fernandes' signing was nearly a covert operation. He was never given a formal introduction by Barça.

He returned to the Camp Nou after a loan stint at Valladolid, where he only played three games, and was handed the "Covid" jersey number 19, which no one else wanted. "The Brazilian Phantom" played 17 minutes for the first team last season.

Nobody could figure out why Barça purchased him. Alexandre Mattos, Palmeiras' sports director, subsequently stated that he had persuaded Abidal to see the club's reserves practice.

"They labeled me insane at the time, saying, 'You want to sell a guy from Palmeiras reserves to


who doesn't play much?'" What did Messi think of Braithwaite and Fernandes?

Barça has offloaded a few low-paid reserves without making a significant dent in the pay cost. Fernandes got an email stating that his contract will be terminated; he is allegedly pursuing legal action for wrongful termination.

Matheus Fernandes style of play

An important fact about Matheus Fernandes is that he is a defensive midfielder with a right foot who generally plays in a 4-2-3-1 system.

His height (183 cm / 6'0"), power, and speed make him a solid defensive player, and he also has some technical talents that might help him suit Barcelona's offensive strategies.

A notable

fact about Matheus Fernandes

is that he sits in front of his centre-backs most of the time, functioning as a deep-lying playmaker and defending that zone. His heat map reveals that he prefers to play in the center of the field and behind the ball.

Fernandes has some exceptional skills that might make him a valuable player in the future. For a UEFA Champions League team, his physical traits and ability to exhibit great details might be quite beneficial.

Matheus Fernandes playmaking abilities

When his side tries to play from the back, Fernandes is generally near the centre-backs, making excellent moves behind the first pressing line to collect the ball. His teammates know he's a reliable option and want to locate him with the initial throws from the defensive line since he has personality and isn't scared to receive the ball in little pockets of space.

An important fact about Matheus Fernandez is that he seldom makes runs from behind after the ball is ahead of him, preferring to give assistance by placing himself behind the ball in central zones.

One of his finest qualities while receiving the ball is his initial touch. Fernandes has a terrific body form and can swivel and face the portion of the pitch he wants to progress to with only one touch.

Fernandes is a very cautious player when it comes to passing. He prefers to play backwards or to the flanks, seldom making forward passes. He can play forward and can beat lines with his passing, so his cautious approach seems to be a matter of confidence more than talent.

When Fernandes gets the ball in midfield, he has two strong choices for moving forward with very straightforward passes. However, he is unsure in this scenario and chose to give the ball back to the centre-back.

The same sloppy decision-making that causes him to play excessively cautious passes also causes him to attempt forward passes without determining whether or not they are viable choices. It seems to be a focus issue, since he appears to be out of the game at times.

When Fernandes gets the ball from the right-back, instead of playing it back, he opts for a progressive pass when the passing line is non-existent. The ball is intercepted easily, and Fernandes is forced to commit a foul in order to halt the counterattack.

When Fernandes receives between the lines, he is significantly better than when he receives between the lines, facing his own goal.

When he intercepts a pass, he may launch a counterattack with strong runs that demonstrate his acceleration, speed, and skill in moving the ball forward. He possesses an excellent blend of speed and skill for breaking lines with powerful ball runs.

While Fernandes is capable of certain great details under pressure, such as making clever passes and escaping pressure with solid turns, he struggles in more advanced situations.

He's not excellent in one-on-one scenarios in confined quarters, and he lacks the ability to help when he's close to the box. To make the most of his abilities, he has to command from deep positions and observe the pitch from there.

Matheus Fernandes defensive abilities

Apart from his intriguing on-the-ball ability, Fernandes has all of the necessary characteristics to be an excellent defensive midfielder. His physical condition is excellent, and he dominates in duels, recovering the ball with his torso and legs.

An important

fact about Matheus Fernandez

is that he is fast to push his opponent, successfully shutting down gaps. He can also defend one-on-one situations. He possesses the mobility to swiftly shift paths and avoid being taken off guard by the assailants.

He's a terrific tackler in tight circumstances, displaying his versatility and power to take advantage of whatever open space his opponent leaves.

All of these defensive talents, however, must be deployed appropriately, and Fernandes does not always do so.

He defends extremely reactively, only tracking back when he senses a threat, leaving a lot of space between him and the defensive line. Instead of running back until it's too late, he should trackback as soon as the ball passes him and reclaim his position in front of the center-backs.

Fernandes compensates for his positioning errors by utilizing his speed and making last-second tackles. However, in other instances, such as the one below, he is unable to return in time.

Fernandes can use his speed to anticipate and is decent in the air, giving strong cover once he's positioned in front of his defensive line. He thrives in one-on-one duels and has the speed to chase down speedy wingers on the wings while defending the back of the fullbacks.

Mattheus Fernandez key stats

Fernandes excels at defensive duels, winning a high percentage of them (10.28 defensive duels/90') (65.15 percent of duels won). For those criteria, he outperforms the majority of Brazil's center and defensive midfielders.

He's also come a long way since 2018, when he was the league's average midfielder, averaging eight defensive duels per 90 minutes and winning 57.84 percent of them. His interception percentages were also impressive, with 4.78/90' in 2018 and 4.2 in 2019.

With 2.49 fouls per 90 minutes in 2019, he was one of the midfielders with the most fouls. He wouldn't need to utilize fouls to halt attacks if he was in the right spot.

For a defensive midfielder, his dribbling is exceptional. In the previous two seasons, he has completed more dribbles per 90' than more than 75% of his position's players in the league, and his success rate has also been higher. In 2018, he tried 2.9 dribbles/90' with a success rate of 58.11 percent, while in 2019, he attempted 2.34 with a rate of 60 percent.

His passing, on the other hand, was not as good as his defense. In 2019, Fernandes' pass completion (87.5 percent) and progressive pass completion (87.5 percent) were the only important numbers in which he was in the top half of the league (80.65 percent).

He was in the lowest half of the league in terms of forward and completed passes, as well as passes into the attacking third. In any case, he's come a long way from 2018, when he was in the bottom quarter of all these metrics. This demonstrates that he needs to work on his originality.

Even though he played 2,303 minutes in 2018 and just 586 minutes in 2019, the progress from 2018 to 2019 was significant.

Matheus Fernandes and Koeman

Matheus Fernandes has opened out in a touching interview with Mundo Deportivo about the difficulties he had endured in his first season with the Catalans, as well as the unusual chemistry that had developed between him and Coach

Ronald Koeman


His lack of participation during training sessions perplexed him, "In training, I was constantly in defense or on the wings - which was completely out of my natural position." There were even days when I didn't bother to workout at all. "I was just warming up, and I wasn't engaging with the rest of the group."

Matheus reiterated his dissatisfaction with his lack of playing time, even in insignificant matches where players were rotated, and he stated that he has no idea what is going on in Ronald Koeman's head, and that he was surprised to learn that the coach did not count on him one day after being told that the coach did not count on him.

He also spoke about the time he was signed and there was no official unveiling, but the Brazilian seems to understand why given the fact that he came during a difficult period for the club at the time.

"I appreciate what you're saying since it was an extremely touchy situation. The day before they were supposed to present me, Leo's burofax came in the mail. "There was no president at the time," he said.

"It is not a nice thing to happen, but it is possible. Despite this, I am hopeful that this will not happen in the future. The whole thing is a little weird, and there are a few aspects that I don't quite grasp. "I have the same knowledge as you – nothing – because they [the board of directors] never spoke to me," the midfielder said.

Matheus Fernandes, a champion without playing

Matheus Fernandes has won the Copa Libertadores and the Copa del Rey despite the fact that he hasn't played a single minute on the field. The Palmeiras midfielder has only appeared in five games, with two of his appearances coming as a starter.

Matheus Fernandes, a Brazilian footballer who only played 17 minutes for FC Barcelona and was a creditor of the Glass of Rey, has now added a new title to his own list of winners: the Glass Libertadores, despite having played on the smallest possible amount of playing territory.

This season, the Palmeiras midfielder has appeared in five games, two of which were as a starter and the other three as an auxiliary player.

Last week, the Brazilian image was crowned winner of the Glass Libertadores competition, after defeating the Flamengo in the final of the tournament, in a match that was determined in extra time.

However, Matheus Fernandes did not participate, and the Palmeiras only included him in their team to compete in the national championship, despite the fact that the ex-Barça player celebrated the victory as if it were his.

It is important to recall that Fernandes, the player who had arrived on the Barcelona team with a banner depicting him as a potential replacement for Sergio Busquets, did not make it to the end of the season 2020-2021 and that his signing was not announced in an official manner.

Without providing further explanation, the board of Joan Laporta decided to terminate their way usu agreement at the end of the course, and they became free agents. They returned to the Brazilian picture where they had previously played before joining the Barça, and they signed him in January of 2020, with effect from the summer of this year so that they could play for Valladolid until June.

Additionally, it is important to note that the board of Bartomeu in the Barça paid 7 million euros but three in variables to the Palmeiras by Fernandes, but the club finished playing in Valladolid in the final stretch of season 2019-2020, despite the fact that the step was complicated, as the pandemic of the Covid-19 indicated. Essentially, his contribution was to draw attention to certain chances for exhibiting 'without fear,' but nothing more than that was provided.

Fernandes seemed "to be delighted to be returning home" now that he had returned to his 'residence'. This is how it reviewed the official website of the Palmeiras, where it can be noted that the Brazilian teenager feels at home because of his familiarity with the team's lineup.

This season's triumph of the Glass Libertadores has been celebrated in grand manner, bringing an end to a year that has been difficult on both a sporting and contractual level for the player.

Previously, it did not go well for the Barcelona and now, in Brazil, there may be a possibility for them to prevail... provided that they are consistent and follow the rules of the game.

Matheus Fernandes positions

Matheus Fernandes is a versatile player who can operate as a holding midfielder, a center midfielder, or an attacking midfielder.

His defensive talents in the midfield, along with his ability to bring the ball out from the back, make him a standout defensive midfielder in today's game. Because of his exceptional ability to win the ball back, he is most often used as a holding midfielder in the attacking third.

When Matheus Fernandes has played in his past 50 matches, he has done so in a wide variety of positions in the midfield, which has offered a great deal of variety for the team.

Matheus Fernandes made 34 appearances as a defensive midfielder, nine appearances as an attacking midfielder, and seven appearances as a central midfielder throughout his career.

Matheus Fernandes, despite his young age, has a high level of maturity in the game; his physique is a significant factor in this.

Along with his long, robust arm, his 6-foot-tall stature aids him in stopping an assault dead in its tracks. His physical strength also aids him in knocking an opponent off the ball during a typical shoulder-to-shoulder battle on the football field.

His power also makes it tough for opponents to take control away from him, as he is able to defend the ball from all angles and drive past his marker, all of which aid him in his ability to play box to box in the Premier League.

Upon being questioned about his hero, Matheus Fernandes said, "I have liked several players, but


is the one I respect the most." Busquets was a great source of inspiration for me.

I looked up to other players who were role models for me as well. These were Xavi, Iniesta, and Messi." It is clear that Busquets has had the most important impact on him, as seen by his playing style and positioning.

Matheus Fernandes and terminated contract

Matheus Fernandes, a former Barcelona midfielder, is preparing to file a lawsuit against the club after his contract with the club was terminated.

As part of their effort to re-sign

Lionel Messi

, Barcelona has made significant changes to its pay budget. One of the first victims has been Matheus, who had his contract terminated less than 12 months after joining the club.

When Matheus' contract was terminated, the club contended that they were within their rights to do so since he was not performing at a high enough level for them.

Barcelona cited his poor form throughout the season, his lack of minutes when compared to other midfielders, and his poor performances in training, in which he was below average in six out of nine significant areas, as reasons for their decision to release him.

Matheus received an email from Barcelona informing him that the club had terminated the remaining four years of his contract. Charming.

Although the controversy has come to an end for the time being, Cadena SER reports that the 23-year-old is prepared to contest his dismissal and will take Barcelona to court over what he believes to be an unjust dismissal.

Matheus, who appeared in only 17 minutes for Barcelona, is anticipated to argue that he was never given a fair opportunity to prove his value to the club, arguing that those in control at Camp Nou deliberately set him up to fail.

According to Matheus, who recently spoke to Mundo Deportivo in which he flatly accused manager Ronald Koeman of having a personal issue with him, his current position mirrors his previous position on the subject of personal issues.

Matheus admitted that he had done it: "I went into Koeman's office one day and asked, "Why haven't I been playing more?" he said. 'Did I make a mistake?' 'No, you performed well, but I can't put you on because I don't trust you, and you don't have the quality to play for Barça,' he said.

"If he doesn't put me on, he'll never know whether or not I'm of high enough caliber to be hired. If the club decided to sign me, it was because of my abilities. There has to be something else going on. I always assumed it was a personal vendetta since he never spoke to me and just went about his business. It's a really personal issue for me.

"The last few months have been challenging for me since I arrived with the idea of playing, developing as a player and as a person, but a weird thing has occurred to me, which is not playing, not having chances, and always being on the outside looking in.

"I was practicing in positions that were not my own, like as right-back or defense, and it was frustrating. In several training sessions, I was not even invited to participate.

"There were days when I didn't go to the gym. I remained out to finish things up and take shots on goal. I merely warmed up and finished off a few things, but I was not with the rest of the group. I didn't do much training with the group in the days leading up to the games, which were more tactical in nature."

Matheus Fernandes social media


Matheus Fernandes social media

, it should be mentioned that he has an Instagram page (


) with 224k followers. In the page we can see various pictures of him with the fans and his family.

He also has a Twitter account (


) with more than 25k followers. He rarely posts new stuff on his Twitter page.

Matheus Fernandes body measurements

Speaking about

Matheus Fernandes body measurements

, it should be mentioned that the player is 183 cm and 71 kg.

Matheus Fernandes net worth and salary

Matheus Fernandes successful work has enabled him to enjoy some of the luxuries of life, as well as some of the most beautiful automobiles.

Matheus Fernandes’ net worth

is expected to be about $4 million in 2021. His football profession provides him with the most of his money.

After his contract with Barcelona expired on 9 July 2021, Matheus was signed by Palmeiras for four and a half seasons, or until 31 December 2025, after the termination of his contract with the Catalan club.

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