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Tiemoue Bakayoko Biography

You will read the full account of Tiemoue Bakayoko's biography along with Tiemoue Bakayoko's life story and his professional career in this part.

Tiemoue Bakayoko is a French professional footballer who plays for Serie A club AC Milan on loan from Chelsea and for the France national team. He was born on August 17, 1994.

Bakayoko plays as a center midfielder, but due to his ability to break up play, he can also play as a box-to-box midfielder. He is regarded as a complete midfielder, boasting all-around talent as well as physical power and athleticism, as described by France manager

Didier Deschamps.

Everything you need to know about Tiemoue Bakayoko Biography

Bakayoko joined the


academy at the age of 13 after suffering a leg injury as a young athlete. Clairefontaine Academy turned him down when he was 14 years old. His senior career began with Rennes, where he made 24 appearances before joining Monaco for 8 million euros in 2014.

Bakayoko made 31 Ligue 1 appearances in his first two seasons with the club, but was a regular starter in the 2016–17 season, contributing to Monaco's Ligue 1 title success and being nominated to the 2016–17 UEFA Champions League team of the season. He joined Chelsea for £40 million in 2017. In March 2017, Bakayoko made his senior international debut for the France national team.

Tiemoue Bakayoko information

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Tiemoue Bakayoko biography

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Tiemoue Bakayoko bio

  • Full Name:

    Tiemoue Bakayoko

  • Nickname: 


Tiemoue Bakayoko personal information

  • Tiemoue Bakayoko Date of Birth: 

    17 August 1994

  • place of birth: 

    Paris, France

  • Age in 2021:


  • Tiemoue Bakayoko Religion: 


  • Tiemoue Bakayoko Nationality: 


  • Zodiac Sign: 


  • Facebook:


  • Instagram:




Physical Stats

  • Foot:


  • Hand:


  • Height:

    189 cm

  • Weight:

    77 kg

Family information

  • Father’s Name:


  • Mother’s Name:


  • Marital status: 


  • His girlfriend:


  • His Child:

    A Son

Football Information

  • Position:

    Centre midfielder

  • Teams:

    Rennes B, Rennes, Monaco, Chelsea, AC Milan (loan), Monaco (loan), Napoli (loan)

Tiemoue Bakayoko Favorites

  • Favorite food:

    Chicken confit, French onion soup, Bouillabaisse

  • Favorite drinks: 

    Calvados, Cognac, Absinthe

  • Favorite Superhero: 

    Grey Gargoyle

  • Favorite sports:

     Soccer, football, American Football, Swim

  • Favorite Musician/Music: 

    Julien Dore, Manu Chao

  • Favorite Footballers:

     Patrick Vieira, Lilian Thuram, Marcel Desailly, Claude Makelele

  • Favorite color:


  • Favorite Digit:


  • Favorite Pet:

     Cat, Dog

Tiemoue Bakayoko early life 

In this part of our article on Tiemoue Bakayoko biography, we will review some facts about 

Tiemoue Bakayoko childhood

 and his family facts, from the early days to the time he became famous. Football fans know about Tiemoue Bakayoko's abilities, but few consider his bio, which is quite interesting.

Bakayoko was born in Paris to parents who emigrated from the Ivory Coast in search of a better life. He is of French-Ivorian ancestries, like many of his black partners. He grew raised in the Barbes neighborhood, which has a considerable population of people of African heritage. It was once known as a Parisian area with a large population of black people who had arrived from Africa.

At the age of five, Bakayoko played with Paris 15seme O. He was imprisoned at Paris 15 for four years (until he was nine years old) until his parents were allowed to move him to CA Paris Charenton, a higher institution.

Bakayoko's leg was broken when he was a young athlete, which forced him to sit out for eight months. He enrolled at Rennes's academy at the age of 13 in 2008. He was rejected by the prestigious Clairefontaine academy when he was 14 years old.

When Bakayoko was at his first academy, he was at the pinnacle of his abilities. He stood out among the other youngsters in the program, and at one time he was dubbed the best young footballer. He was only at Charenton for a year before joining Montrogue FC 92. At this club, he ran across an enormous stumbling block in the form of a waterloo.

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Tiemoue Bakayoko profile

When Tiemoue Bakayoko was a child, he saw his parents working numerous menial jobs to put food on the table and send money to extended family members in Ivory Coast.

Even the most educated black Africans were more likely to work in menial employment at the time. Going to school was not a priority for the young guy. He was inspired to play football by the 1998 World Cup in France, just like

Sadio Mane

. He was taken aback when he saw Senegal, a country close to his own (Ivory Coast), defeat France in the first round and then saw France fall o brag about the tournament's glories.

"I was inspired by the bravery of the team's renowned black French players," he said. I used to be a big fan of strong defenders and defensive midfielders. My favorites were

Patrick Vieira

, Lilian Thuram, and Marcel Desailly. Their performances inspired me to pursue a career in acting. But I can't leave out Claude Makelele, who laid the groundwork for who I am today." Bakayoko, like many other black children, skipped school and grew enamored with football following the 1998 World Cup in France.

Tiemoue Bakayoko's parents recognized his calling and equipped him with all of the resources he required to get off to a good start. They enrolled him in a football academy when he was five years old (Le club de football de PARIS 15).

Stay tuned now in this section of Tiemoue Bakayoko biography because we want to share some information about his playing style.

Style of play

Due to his strong all-around abilities of pace, clever game reading, ability to intercept passes, accomplished tackling, passing, and dribbling, as well as being physically powerful and athletic, Bakayoko has been likened to

Yaya Toure

. He is a center midfielder who plays in the center of the pitch, breaking up attacks and moving forward; he is also known as a "box-to-box midfielder."

Leonardo Jardim

, Bakayoko's Monaco manager, said: "He gives balance to the team by winning a lot of balls. He is a good passer and wins his duels. That is Bakayoko's responsibility." Bakayoko is a "complete midfielder," according to France manager Didier Deschamps, who added: "He has an essential athletic presence, he's strong at recovery, he scores critical goals, and he can project himself."

Bakayoko's manager at Milan, Gennaro Gattuso, claims that he plays as a deep-lying midfielder unusually, preferring to point and run past opponents rather than launching the ball, giving his team a numerical advantage.

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Tiemoue Bakayoko life story



Bakayoko broke his leg as a young kid (age 10) while playing for Montrogue FC 92 following a "nasty challenge" from an opponent, according to him. His youthful career was put on hold for a long time due to the severity of the injury.

"At some point, I realized my brief career was coming to an end." For me, it was a period of intense suffering. "My recuperation was lengthy, and I didn't play football for over three years," Bakayoko adds. In 2008, a complete recovery from a distal humerus fracture was confirmed. At the time, he was only 13 years old. Before taking up where he left off in his job, he waited a few weeks to make sure he was fully recovered.

He was not picked by any club due to his poor form. Even his prior football academies had turned him down. After several discussions with the management, it was the football academy at Rennes that eventually gave him the chance to reclaim his form.

They took into account the fact that he was once highly regarded by his previous teams. This happened in 2009 when he was only 14 years old. After 31 Ligue 1 appearances in his first two seasons at Monaco, Bakayoko resolved to change his ways to reach his full potential. It's allowing to his mentor,

Claude Makelele

, who was named technical director of Monaco in January 2016.

"Makelele was quite helpful to me. I wasn't an excellent player when he arrived in Monaco, but we had a lot of conversations. He provided me with a lot of advice and showed me how to play football more straightforwardly. He even let me phone him for more training help."

It wasn't long before he realized he could look after himself better off the field. On the field, he established himself as a regular starter for Monaco, assisting the club in winning the league 1 title in 2016/2017. He had not only established himself as an important player of Monaco's team with regular performances, but he had also experienced fewer injuries and his training application was no longer questioned.

Bakayoko has finally reached adulthood. In center midfield, he has made effective use of his mix of strength and vision.

Goal celebration 

As a central midfielder, Tiemoue Bakayoko has scored 13 goals so far during his career and although he doesn't have a trademark goal celebration, we have seen him celebrate his goals very differently. One point to remember about the goals celebrations of Tiemoue Bakayoko is that, along with his teammates, he always likes to celebrate his goals.

Tiemoue Bakayoko outside football

After football and management, Bakayoko spends more time with his family and less time at countless parties. He has everything, thanks to his football career and a market value of €20.00 million. Swimming is another sport that he enjoys.

Tiemoue Bakayoko personal life 

Now we want to read about 

Tiemoue Bakayoko life story

. are you ready?

Although he is from the Ivory Coast, he is a Muslim who has performed Hajj and can be considered a believer.

One of the Top Facts about Tiemoue Bakayoko is that he isn't scared to experiment with his appearance, dyeing his hair pink one day and blonde the next. He arrived in Monaco in a pink Porsche Cayenne, exiting from the gates of a posh mansion, in 2014. The French-African once painted his entire fleet of automobiles black instead of pink.

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to more information because he keeps his personal life entirely private.

Family, children, and relationships 

Bakayoko has kept his personal life a complete secret, not even revealing the names of his family members or his wife and girlfriend. She has only shared a few images of herself and her son on the internet.


He does not have a foundation or is not currently active in philanthropic activities.

Legal issues

Bakayoko was born in Ivory Coast. In October 2020, controversy erupted after it was revealed that Bakayoko, along with several other prominent French footballers, liked a threatening Instagram post by ex-MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, in which he called for "the Almighty to disfigure the face of this creature," referring to French President Emmanuel Macron. Khabib wrote the article in response to French President Emmanuel Macron's outspoken condemnation of Samuel Paty's tragic murder.

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Tiemoue Bakayoko biography


Tiemoue Bakayoko Career statistics 

During his professional career, Tiemoue Bakayoko has featured for six teams already. We want to hear more about these 6 teams now in the Tiemoue Bakayoko biography.


The first team he played in was Rennes and now we want to know about it.


Bakayoko made his Ligue 1 debut against Evian TG on August 24, 2013, playing the entire match in a 2–1 away win.


In a 2–1 home loss, he was substituted by Valere Germain after 32 minutes. "From then on, something was a bit broken between him and myself," Bakayoko said, referring to Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim's early substitution. After his debut, Bakayoko didn't play again for nearly two months, and the rest of his season was hampered by injuries and poor form. Difficulties between Jardim and Bakayoko persisted, with the latter believing he had been unfairly handled by his manager, who had grown unhappy with Bakayoko's progress, questioned his attitude during training, and chastised him for being late for meetings.

After 31 Ligue 1 appearances in his first two seasons at Monaco, Bakayoko chose to adjust his lifestyle to maximize his potential, which included relocating from a luxurious villa to an apartment and changing the color of his car from pink to black. He also started boxing, altered his diet, and increased his strength. Former France international Claude Makelele, who was appointed director of football at Monaco in 2016, advised him on how to develop his football and look after himself off the field.

Yannick Menu, Bakayoko's former youth coach at Rennes, was also consulted. As a consequence, Bakayoko became a regular starter for Monaco, helping the side win the Ligue 1 championship in 2016–17 and being named to the UEFA Champions League team of the season in 2016–17. For Bakayoko, it was a pivotal season. He had not only established himself as an important player of Monaco's team with regular performances, but he had also experienced fewer injuries and his training application was no longer questioned. Monaco won 3–1 and the tie (aggregate score 6–6) on the away goals rule.

Bakayoko revealed in an interview that a recurrence of a 2015 knee injury that resulted in a crack in the meniscus caused him a lot of pain during his final season at Monaco: "People are unaware that I was sidelined for the entirety of last season due to a knee ailment. Every match required me to clench my teeth."


Bakayoko signed a five-year contract with Premier League club


on July 15, 2017, for a cost of about £40 million, making him the club's second most expensive signing after

Fernando Torres

. He made his Chelsea debut in a 2–1 Premier League away win over Tottenham Hotspur on August 20, 2017. He got sent off for the first time in his Chelsea career in a 4–1 loss to Watford on February 5. Bakayoko was sent off in the first half for two bookable offences, one against Etienne Capoue and the other against Richarlison.

Milan (loan) 

Bakayoko signed a season-long loan with Serie A club AC Milan on August 14, 2018, for a cost of €5 million with the option to make the move permanent for €35 million.

He was labeled "confused," "a catastrophe," and "messy" after a poor performance in a UEFA Europa League match against Olympiacos, in which he gave the Greek club the opening in a 3–1 win. However, towards the end of 2018, his form had significantly improved.

During the second leg of Milan's Coppa Italia semifinal encounter against


, where the game was not suspended and Milan was eliminated 1–0, Bakayoko was exposed to racial abuse by traveling Lazio ultras.

Return to Monaco (loan) 

Bakayoko agreed to return to Ligue 1 club Monaco on loan until the end of the 2019–20 season, with the option of making the move permanent for a reported sum of €42.5 million, on August 31, 2019.

Napoli (loan) 

On October 6, 2020, Bakayoko returned to Napoli on a season-long loan. He would play under the club's current manager,

Gennaro Gattuso

, who was in charge of A.C. Milan throughout Bakayoko's 2018–19 season there. On October 17, 2020, he made his Napoli debut in a 4–1 home win over Atalanta. He made his Napoli debut on 10 January 2021, scoring his first goal in a 2–1 home win over Udinese.

Return to Milan (loan) 

Bakayoko returned to Milan on a two-year loan until 2023 with the option to buy on August 30, 2021.


He was a finalist in the 2014 Toulon Tournament 2014. The Ivory Coast national team approached him before he picked France in 2017. After

Paul Pogba

withdrew due to injury, Bakayoko was called up to the national France squad for the first time in March 2017 to face Luxembourg and


. He made his debut against the latter on March 28, 2017, coming on as a half-time substitute for Adrien Rabiot in a 2–0 friendly loss at home.

Tiemoue Bakayoko honors 


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  • FA Cup:



  • UEFA Champions League Team of the Season:


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