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Top Facts about Ki-Jana Hoever, the Dutch defender

Ki-Jana Delano Hoever is a Dutch professional footballer who currently plays for Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League. In this article, we will take a look at top facts about Ki-Jana Hoever.

Hoever graduated from


's youth academy, but his limited appearances earned him a move to

Wolverhampton Wanderers

in 2020. In a nutshell, SportMob tells the story of an attractive Dutch footballer from Amsterdam. Our story begins with Ki's childhood.

The Dutch has it all, from his cute-handsome appearance to his impressive playing style. It's no surprise that he's one of Football's young debutants.

Despite the honor, we discovered that only a small number of football fans have seen an in-depth version of his facts. Sportmob has prepared it specifically for you and your love of the game. Let us move on without further ado. And now it's time to learn more

Top facts about Ki-Jana Hoever


Top Facts about Ki-Jana Hoever You Might Want to Know

Born on January 18th, 2002, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, his father was a former American football player who worked as Ki’s sports instructor from an early age. He joined the academy of AZ Alkmaar as a child and would eventually go to Ajax. His efforts for Ajax’s U17 team were seen by scouts from English club Liverpool who were impressed enough to offer the youngster a chance to train with their junior system.

Ki started up with Liverpool’s U18 side but was progressively moved up to the U23s despite his relatively young age. By late 2018 the Dutchman had already begun to practice with Liverpool’s first-team, and coach

Jurgen Klopp

gave him his Liverpool debut on January 7th, 2019, in an FA Cup fixture against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

His goal against MK Dons in the EFL Cup later that year made him the fourth-youngest player to score for the legendary Reds. With positions in his favored position occupied by Trent


and Andrew Robertson, Liverpool chose to cash in on their prized asset, with fellow Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers paying a reported £9 million for his services.

Ki made his Premier League and Wolves debut in a 4-0 loss to West Ham United on September 27th, 2020; however, his home debut came in a 1-0 triumph over Fulham. The analysis of top facts about Ki-Jana Hoever involves his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family background, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

Ki-Jana Hoever early life

For facts beginning, he has the nickname “Ki”. Ki-Jana Delano Hoever was born on the18th day of January 2002 to his mother Marianne Hoever, and father, Ivan Hoever, in the city of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Upon his birth, his parents named him after Ki-Jana Carter — a US sports personality.

Carter is a retired American Football player whom Ki-Jana Hoever’s father (Ivan) holds in high regard. Due to his enormous affection for this man, he chose to respect him by having his child bear his name. For clarity purpose, Carter, the American footballer, was born in Westerville, Ohio, United States. He carries the full name, Kenneth Leonard Carter.

A point to note: “Ki-Jana” is his nickname and not part of his real name. Surprisingly, Carter received this nickname from a character in the movie named ‘Shaft in Africa’. Little Ki-Jana was born as the sole child to his dad (Ivan) and Mum (Marianne). 

The defender spent his early years in the Amsterdam suburb of Pieter Lodewijk Takstraat. There, he had some great soccer memories — an indication of a good childhood.

In case you didn’t know, where Ki-Jana grew up is barely a stone’s throw to Johan Cruijff Arena. This is the stadium of Ajax football club. The map evidence demonstrates — that the stadium is within a 10-minute drive from where Hoever’s family resided. Back then, as a youngster, tiny Ki-Jana would stay in his family house where he hears the noisy chant of Ajax supporters as they go crazy for their team.

It was such a gorgeous Euphoria. Little did the little boy realize - that such would have a role in his destiny of becoming a professional footballer. Let’s continue to read the

Top Facts about Ki-Jana Hoever

Ki-Jana Hoever Family Background

The player from the Netherlands comes from a sports family. Did you know... Ki-Jana Hoever's father, Ivan, was a former professional American football player. It's no surprise that there was a link to Ki-Jana Carter, the man Ivan named his son after.

The fact that his father was a former American player implies that his family must have lived in the United States of America at some point. According to what we know, Marianne and Ivan departed the United States for the Netherlands, where they raised their son, Ki.

He was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as you and I both know. In terms of ancestry, the Dutch actress is of Surinamese descent. It's worth noting that Surinamese people are from the country of Suriname.

They are a close-knit community recognized for their gorgeous Mulatto mixed-race skin tones. As can be seen from the map, this is a small country on South America's northeastern coast.

Ki-Jana is one of the most well-known footballers of Dutch Surinamese descent. Edgar Davids,

Clarence Seedorf

, and Patrick Kluivert are some notable instances. Did you know... As of 2021, we are aware of three EPL footballers with Surinamese parents. 

They include

Georginio Wijnaldum

of Tottenham Hotspur, Steven Bergwijn of Tottenham Hotspur, and Virgil van Dijk of Liverpool. Now we see why our boy chose to join the Reds in the first place.

Ki-Jana Hoever Education

Making their child attend school was a priority for Marianne and Ivan Hoever. Early on, Ki-Jana attended Berlage Lyceum. This is a Bilingual school in the Pieter Lodewijk Takstraat area of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Thanks to a good parental environment, Ki-Jana struck a balance between study and football. When the time was right, fate called. Stay tuned to read Top Facts about Ki Jana Hoever.

Ki-Jana Hoever Information

Now that we know him much better, it is time for us to share some general information about him in this section of top facts about Ki-Jana Hoever such as


Hoever Birth Place.

  • Full Name

    : Ki-Jana Delano Hoever

  • Birth Date

    : 18 January 2002

  • Age

    : 19 Years Old

  • Birth Place:

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Nickname

    : Ki

  • Religion

    : Christianity

  • Ki Jana Hoever Nationality:


  • Ethnicity

    : Surinamese descent

  • Education:

    Berlage Lyceum School

  • Ki Jana Hoever Horoscope:


  • Father’s Name:

    Ivan Hoever

  • Mother’s Name

    : Marianne Hoever

  • Siblings

    : No Brother & No Sister

  • Height

    : 1.80 meters

  • Weight

    : 65 kg

  • Hair Color:


  • Eye Color

    : Black

  • Build

    : Athletic

  • Marital status:


  • Wife

    : N/A

  • Profession

    : Footballplayer

  • Active Since

    : 2014

Ki-Jana Hoever Family life

The Amsterdam-born defender makes major career decisions with the help of his parents. Ki-Jana, on the other hand, considers them to be one of life's greatest blessings. This section contains further information on them.

It was difficult for Ivan and Marianne, like many other parents, to have their only child relocate to Liverpool at such a young age. Ki-Jana Hoever's parents introduced him to a host family when he arrived in England at the age of 16.

The youngster connected well, which aided him in learning British culture. In addition, our boy learned to consume more bacon and eggs. Marianne and Ivan spend a lot of time at Ki-Jana on weekends, except during Corona.

During that trying time, Hover's mother made certain that her son received other cooking lessons in addition to his favorite, Pasta. Ji-Jana made his Liverpool debut as a 16-year-old on January 7th. His parents sat in on the action from Amsterdam.

They had hoped to have him on the field in the last minutes, contrary to their expectations. They were surprised to see him fill in for the injured

Dejan Lovren

in the sixth minute of the game.

Ki-Jana pledged as a child that when he becomes a professional, he will ensure that his parents do not have to work. Ivan and Marianne usually insist on working now that he has arrived. Ki-Jana hopes to join them in Amsterdam when he retires from the game. Let’s continue to read the Top Facts about ki Jana Hoever.

Ki-Jana Hoever Personal Life

Aside from being a quick right-back, getting to know his personality outside of football can help you form a more complete picture of him. Now comes the tricky part. Who exactly is Ki-Jana Hoever? First and foremost, he is born in the Capricorn Zodiac.

Ki-Jana, in its entirety, represents time and duty. The Dutch footballer has an inner sense of independence that allows him to make swift positive decisions and advance in his career and personal life. Ki-Jana, as mentioned in his biography, began accepting overseas moves while he was just 16 years old.

Though he is an impatient guy, he occasionally wishes for a change of scenery. So far, he has made some sound and realistic decisions with the help of his parents and other family members.

Don't be misled by his strong visage when he gets serious on the field. Ki-Jana is a cool person with a fantastic sense of humor. We learned this when he took supporters on a tour prior to the Netherlands' 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup Round of 16 matches against



Ki-Jana Hoever Lifestyle

We are all aware of his calm demeanor and impatient demeanor. Ki-Jana would have stayed with


and Liverpool otherwise. We'll inform you about his way of life in this section.

Ki-Jana used to live a simple life in his Low-key apartment, despite the thousands of pounds that flowed into his wallets. Ki-Jana and his fiancée appear to live in a tiny house. Stay tuned to read

Top Facts about Ki Jana Hoever.

Ki-Jana Hoever Girlfriend

First and foremost, no one can disagree that someone as attractive as Ki-Jana should be unmarried. A gorgeous girlfriend lurks behind the attractive Dutch defender. Ki-Jana is completely smitten by his toned and curvy lover.

Hoever and his Girlfriend started dating as childhood sweethearts. Both have sought relationship blessings from their parents, who have agreed to their cohabitation. Ki-Jana Hoever's girlfriend is a devoted woman who does nothing but provides emotional support to her man.

She does this despite the fact that it means putting her own life and career on hold. They both enjoy going to seaside vacation spots. We're certain of one thing based on how much fun these two are having in their relationship. Their next formal stages would be a proposal and a wedding.

Ki Jana Hoever Net Worth & Salary

In September 2020 the right-back signed a contract with Wolverhampton Wanderers that nets him a huge income of 2.1 million euros (1.9 million Pound) each year. We have calculated the calculations; this implies he earns €5,753 (£5,171) each day and €240 (£215) every hour! This indicates the ordinary man needs to labor for at least 5.2 years to earn the same as Ki makes in only 1 month.

  • Net Worth

    : 10 million Euro (9.1 million Pound)

  • Market Value

    : 7 million Euro (6.4 million Pound)

The Dutchman moved through Ajax's system before joining Liverpool for a short stint. In the summer of 2020, he finalized a move to Wolverhampton Wanderers and signed a deal with a net worth of 10 million euros (9.1 million Pound).

The Reds went against the odds, securing the transfer for £9 million when his market value was rated at 7 million euros (6.4 million Pound). Let’s continue to read the Top Facts about ki Jana Hoever.

Ki-Jana Hoever Football Story

Understanding his ambition to embrace athletics as his vocation, Marianne and Ivan did everything necessary to encourage his aspirations. Like his fellow teammate (Myron Boadu), Ki-Jana began out in the youth ranks of

AZ Alkmaar


At the AZ youth program, he created his career foundation, even rising to become their most promising kid. Ki-Jana’s gameplay intrigued Ajax, who begged his parents to make their kid join them.

Considering the academy was better and closer to his family home, Ki-Jana began donning De Toekomst colors in the year 2014. Meeting all expectations in his way, Ki-Jana had an easy start to life with the club.

Back then, he was considered as someone quite comfortable playing at both center-half and right-back. Not to forget, our youngster was also a freekick specialist. At Ajax, Ki-Jana Hoever played alongside Ryan Gravenberch – now a Paul Pogba-like superstar.

He was this pleasant child with unparalleled football prowess that made him thrive against his opponents. In no time, Hoever’s sticky control with the ball began attracting the curiosity of big clubs from other nations, particularly England.

They include

Man City

, Chelsea, and Liverpool. During his academy years, he gained a mindset of an adult. Ki-Jana had an open mind translating his concepts into tangible action. He was quite keen on relocating to any team that would make him grow faster. 

Such an attitude at a very young age truly worried Ajax. Ajax verified their greatest suspicions after discovering there was considerable rivalry for the teenager’s signature.

 In fact, Liverpool, Manchester City, Man United, and Chelsea all had their eyes on their priceless diamond. Since Ki-Jana was not of the age to sign a Dutch professional contract, the law stated that –foreign clubs are authorized to sign him – even on the cheap.

What became Ajax’s greatest nightmare began to reality as Liverpool battled off heavy competition to approach the youngster’s family. The England club visited Ki-Jana Hoever’s parents — in their house- to request their son’s signature.

Later on, Hoever and his family were welcomed to Merseyside, where they were shown about the club’s playing facilities and Kirk by base (their unique youth training complex). 

After Ivan and Marianne Hoever got convinced, the Merseyside club began a transfer fee that outraged Ajax. Did you know? … Liverpool defeated tough competition to sign the wunderkind for just £90,000. Ajax was rumored to be deeply sad to lose the player, especially on the cheap. Stay tuned to read Top Facts about Ki Jana Hoever.

Ki-Jana Hoever Road to Fame Story

The young Dutch star finalized his deal to Liverpool in August 2018 but had to wait a month for international clearance. Three months later, Hoever began practicing with the Liverpool first team.

As a substitute, Ki-Jana Joever replaced an injured Dejan Lovren in the opening minutes. A fantastic performance saw Ki-Jana becoming the youngest ever Liverpool player in the FA Cup.

Even the prying eyes of the opposing manager could not let grip – on Ki-Jana Hoever’s admiration. Following the great performance with Wolves, Klopp began to express huge likeness for the young Dutch. That also comes with a big burden. Did you know? … Ki-Jana Hoever was assigned the unique responsibility of marking

Mohamed Salah

during training sessions.

Ki-Jana Hoever Success Story

The year 2019 proved a turning point for the Dutchman’s career. Away from Liverpool commitments, he went on to participate in the U17 European Championships in Ireland. Ki-Jana assisted The Netherlands to win the event, which was contested with Italy in the finals.

Following the win, he got nominated among the Team of the Tournament. Going back to Liverpool, Hoever continued to live up to the buzz that surrounds him. In little time, the emerging star signed a long-term professional contract with the Reds.

Thou, not a full participant, Ki-Jana Hoever was happy to see his name being placed in the list of legends who won their major prizes of the decade. Just two months after he signed a Liverpool pro contract, the quick defender began to soar high.

At the age of 17 years, eight months, and ten days, Ki-Jana Hoever became the fourth-youngest player to score for Liverpool, behind Ben Woodburn, Michael Owen, and Jordan Rossiter. Just after he achieved the award, an old admirer re-ignited his interest in him.

Hoever’s ability to read the game, his aerial skill, pace, and poise made Nuno Espirito-Santo position him as a top transfer priority. Following the departure of Matt Doherty to Spurs, Ki-Jana Hoever moved to Molineux.

On the other hand, Liverpool signed Wolves’ Diogo Jota. The young Dutch maintained Doherty’s number two shirt. At the time of writing Ki-Jana Hoever’s facts, he has acclimated to a new life in the city of Wolverhampton.

More so, he presents himself as a huge competitor for Nelson Semedo. Ki-Jana’s comment after joining the club speaks a lot about his enormous intentions. For many fans, it is only a matter of time before he becomes Wolves and Netherland’s first-choice right-back. More importantly, the best right-backs in the world.

Quick Facts About Ki-Jana Hoever

. Hoever is a Dutch national and plays for their national team but his parents have Surinamese origin, hence, he is of mixed ethnicity.


There is no information about his girlfriend or relationships in the media.

. The renowned footballer has a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) (180 cm). Due to his stature, he plays at the center-back and right-back position.

. He joined the youth ranks of AZ Alkmaar when he was 14 years old and made 13 appearances along with scoring 2 goals in the U-17 Eredivisie.

. Right from his early years, he was complimented by coaches for being comfortable as a right-back and a center-back.

. After making it to Ajax, Holland’s greatest football team, scouts from all around Europe were interested in him.

. Shortly after, he was signed to Liverpool in 2019 for a cost of £90,000 ($116k), they just beat off Manchester City for the player.

. In September 2020, he was transferred to Wolves for a full contract of £45 million and an initial price of £10 million.

Ki-Jana Hoever Achievements

Ki-Jana Hoever has collected various awards over his playing career, which we will cover here.

  • Liverpool

    : UEFA Super Cup: 2019, FIFA Club World Cup: 2019

  • Netherlands U17

    : UEFA European Under-17 Championship: 2019

  • Individual

    : UEFA European Under-17 Championship Team of the Tournament: 2019

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