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Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes, Paco

Information gathered in this article, the Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes are regarding the footballer’s personal affairs as well as his soccer career during the past couple of years.

Gedson Fernandes' top facts includes information about his childhood, early life, family, girlfriend, net worth, lifestyle, and personal life. We illustrate the background of the Portuguese professional footballer. We start at the beginning and work our way up to when he became renowned.

Gedson isn't a very dangerous goal threat for a guy who is frequently placed in more advanced parts of the pitch.

His inability to score goals could be explained by the fact that, even when playing higher up the pitch, he is rarely instructed to approach the penalty box, preferring instead to operate deeper in the opposition's half or drift out into wide areas.

He is a capable player on both the offensive and defensive sides of the field. The 22-year-old is a good presser, clean tackler, and ball-winner. With the ball, he is technically skilled and has excellent vision, allowing him to play a wide range of passes.

The Portuguese is frequently tasked with attempting more line-breaking passes forward, which carries a higher risk but also a larger return for his side if successful. He's also a strong ball carrier who can cause a number of difficulties for his opponents.

Presenting the Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes

Have a look at these quick facts before we get into any details.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Gedson Carvalho Fernandes

  • Nicknames:

      Paco, The Ghost

  • Date of Birth:

     9 January 1999

  • Place of Birth:

     Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     1.84 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Weight:

     68 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Girlfriend: 


  • Net Worth: 

    7.5 Million Euro (6.8 Million Pound)

  • Position:

     Midfielder, Winger

  • Current Team:

     Galatasaray (On loan from Benfica)

  • Jersey Number:


Gedson Fernandes Upbringing Years and Family Roots

To begin with, he goes by the nickname "Paco." On the 9th of January 1999, Gedson Fernandes was born to his mother in Sao Tome, the capital of Sao Tome and Principe

His parents named him "Gedson Carvalho Fernandes" when he was born. The footballer from Sao Tome came from a lower-middle-class family where his proud mother and father ran the place.

Many fans, including those reading this post, may have wondered where Sao Tome and Principe, the country from where Gedson Fernandes' family originated, is located in Africa.

Sao Tome and Principe are two African island republics who have agreed to unite as "ONE country."

The country is situated off the coast of Cameroon and Gabon in the Atlantic Ocean, far south of Nigeria's southern coast. During the age of African slave trading, the Portuguese built the country.

Sao Tome is larger than Principe and has an oval form. According to a photo of Gedson's early years that he shared on Instagram (on the 9th of January 2019), he was not raised by his parents in an affluent family, one of the Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes.

It also looks that little Gedson grew up in Sao Tome's rural areas. Little did he realize at the moment that he would go on to become a superstar footballer.

Unlike any other sport, Gedson Fernandes spent most of his childhood playing football.

As a child, he mainly cared about having fun playing football in the streets of Sao Tome.

Great foreign connections between his country and Portugal made it possible for citizens to migrate to Portugal in search of greater economic prospects.

Gedson Fernandes' parents were among those who took advantage of the opportunity to migrate to Portugal.

His parents settled at Frielas, a former civil parish in the municipality of Loures, Lisbon District, after arriving in Portugal.

The kid maintained his football love in Frielas, where he had left off in Sao Tome.

This time, he was dead set on becoming a professional footballer, an ambition that didn't fade away, another one of the Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes.

Gedson Fernandes Career Buildout & Path to Prominence

Gedson began taking football classes with Sport Clube de Frielas when he was ten years old, in 2008.

This is a minor local club in Frielas with no footballing history in Portugal. Little Gedson matured into a good footballer at the Sport Clube de Frielas, aka SC Frielas.

During one of SC Frielas' games, the goalkeeper passed to Gedson, who began dribbling everyone on the field before scoring, one of the

Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes.

The little lad's heroics persisted, and he couldn't seem to quit dribbling and scoring. It took his coach a lot of effort to intervene, saying:


Gedson's quick response to his coach reflected exactly how brilliant he was in his early years. As he puts it:

“COACH… PLEASE LET ME PLAY JUST A LITTLE MORE. I PROMISE I WON’T SCORE ANYMORE.” Remembers Paulo Sergio when he was his coach at SC Frielas at the time.

Because of Gedson's skill on the field, his school and academy teammates gave him the nickname "Paco," which means "Eagle" in Spanish. 

His nickname stemmed from his ability to fly high on the field. Sporting CP and S.L. Benfica, two of Portugal's biggest clubs, planned to sign Gedson at the end of the 2008/2009 season because he was so outstanding.

Sporting CP

had the upper hand between the two giants, having signed a pre-contract agreement with SC Frielas.

Gedson was to join them for free at the end of the 2008/2009 season under this deal.

While Sporting CP wanted him for free, S.L. Benfica was willing to give something in exchange in order to get Gedson before June 2009.

The youngster joined Benfica in what has been described as the most awkward deal a rising star has ever made, another one of the Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes.

SC Frielas' manager was given "250 euros plus 25 balls" by SL Benfica. To avoid a delay in negotiations, the club contacted SC Frielas' president, informing him as follows:


SC Frielas consented because he had no other choice, but Gedson Fernandes' parents opposed, saying that their son would not leave so quickly. It took a lot of work on the part of SC Frielas to persuade them. They put it this way:


Gedson Fernandes joined

S.L. Benfica

's junior system and quickly made an impression at the academy. He matured physically and technically as he progressed through the club's youth divisions, much like his predecessors Renato Sanches and Nani.

Given that Gedson's father and mother were from a lesser footballing nation, Sao Tome and Principe, the young footballer had no qualms about switching allegiance to Portugal after he obtained Portuguese citizenship.

His excellence at the SL Benfica academy earned him a call-up to the

Portuguese national youth team

. In Gedson's youth, the year 2016 was regarded as a watershed moment.

That year, he was selected to play at the UEFA European Under-17 Championship for his country. Gedson saw the European competition as an opportunity to showcase his talent to the rest of the globe.

He played a key role in helping his teammates and his home country of Portugal win the title, one of the Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes.

The soccer player thought the time had come for him to break into the first squad after helping his country win the UEFA Under-17 Championship and the Campeonato Nacional de Juniores (Portuguese football league system for young players).

Fortunately, he was promoted to Benfica's first team at the start of the 2018–19 season.

Gedson Fernandes Ascend to Prominence

Benfica supporters dubbed the rising star "The Ghost" after his debut senior game on August 10, 2018. During that game, Gedson reminded supporters of former heroes such as Nemanja Matic and

Axel Witsel

, two of their best powerhouses.

The footballer will remember the 2018–19 season for a long time. Throughout the season, he was regarded as one of the league's most promising midfielders.

His spectacular rise was marked by close collaboration with other megastars such as Joao Felix and Rafa Silva.

They helped Benfica win the 2018/2019 Primeira Liga with the support of their teammates.

One of the

Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes

is that Benfica's management opted to increase Gedson's release clause from 60 to 120 million euros out of concern of other clubs pricing their star player away.

This is the most significant clause ever proposed and granted to a player in Portugal.

The Portuguese had a strong finish to the 2018/2019 season. Unfortunately, he got off to a bad start in the 2019/2020 season, due to a metatarsal fracture in his right foot that kept him out of football for a while. 

It was a difficult time for Gedson Fernandes' family, particularly his parents. The winger reportedly fell out with his manager, Bruno Lage, after returning from injury for unexplained reasons, another one of the Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes.

This unfortunate situation resulted in the midfield dynamo not being used in games.

Top European teams were after the player for his signature as a result of the fallout, despite the midfielder's huge 120 million euro release clause.

It was only be a matter of time before he would leave Benfica. On January 15, 2020, Fernandes agreed on an 18-month loan with

Premier League

team Tottenham Hotspur.

On January 18, he made his Premier League debut, coming on in the 80th minute against Watford in a 0-0 draw.

Fernandes joined the Turkish club


on loan until the end of the season in January 2021.

Without a question, we are on the verge of witnessing another midfield maestro grow into a world-class talent right in front of our eyes.

Gedson Fernandes is unquestionably one of the best among Europe's never-ending supply of midfielders.

Gedson Fernandes Personal & Love Life

Most fans must have wondered who Gedson Fernandes girlfriend is or whether the midfield dynamo has a wife since his rise to stardom and the transfer rumors that surrounded him in January 2020.

Yes, Gedson's attractive handsome looks combined with his style of play would put him at the top of the wish list of potential girlfriends or ladies who believe themselves to be marriage material.

We've spent hours exploring the internet for leads and have reached a conclusion that the Portuguese midfielder has made a purposeful effort not to reveal who his girlfriend or wife is at the time of writing, one of the Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes.

On the other side, it's possible that he's single right now, implying that he doesn't have a WAG. However, we all know that football can be unforgiving at times. 

We've all heard stories about footballers whose careers were ruined because of improper relationship management. This could explain why our leading man is single as of this writing.

Knowing more about Gedson Fernandes' personal life can give you a better understanding of his personality away from the field of play.

To begin with, he has a well-thought-out and realistic life plan. Those who know him describe him as knowledgeable, stable, and trustworthy.

Since 2009, Gedson has learned to live freely, particularly in his personal life. This was the year he moved away from his parents in Frielas to pursue his life in SL Benfica.

His zodiac sign of "Capricorn" symbolizes his independent nature, another one of the Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes.

Finally, in terms of his personal life, Gedson Fernandes possesses an inner level of independence that allows him to make significant development in both his personal and professional life.

Gedson Fernandes Networth & LifeStyle

The midfielder signed a contract with Tottenham Hotspur and Galatasaray in 2020-2021, which pay him a massive 3.4 million Euro (3 million Pound) per year.

According to calculations, he earns €9,315 (£8,322) per day and €388 (£347) per hour! This means that the average man would have to work for at least 8.4 years to earn the same amount that Paco does in a month, one of the

Top Facts about Gedson Fernandes.

The 22-year-old Portuguese midfielder progressed through the SL Benfica junior system before breaking into the senior team.

His net worth has increased to 7.5 million Euros as a result of his loan moves (6.8 Million Pound).

Due to a lack of opportunities, his market value has fallen, and he is now valued at 13.5 million euros (12.1 Million Pound).

For Gedson, making a lot of money as a footballer is quite important. The humble footballer, on the other hand, has no trouble managing it and conserving some for a rainy day.

He seems to be an antidote to living an affluent lifestyle, as evidenced by a couple of luxury vehicles, residences, and other possessions at the time of writing.

So far, the closest thing we've seen him drive is a speed boat, which is a clear representation of one of his many interests.

Gedson Fernandes Family

While enjoying the results of their efforts, Gedson Fernandes' parents have already begun taking on duties, such as providing the best parental support for their son's needs.

The delighted mother and father are currently residing in London, where they cheer and pray for Gedson from afar.

The player's parents, like other African parents, take the time to pray diligently for him in order for him to prosper.

Little is known about the remainder of Gedson's family, including whether he has a brother or sister (the girl in the picture above might be his sister, but we can not be certain until he says so himself). 

If he does, it appears that his brother(s) and sister(s) have all made deliberate efforts to keep their identities hidden.

Gedson used to have a grandfather named Gustavo, with whom he shared one of his fondest childhood memories. Gustavo has unfortunately passed away.

He honored one of his dearest family members (his grandfather) on July 4th, 2019 by saying:


Gedson Fernandes Less-Known Details

And in our last section, we talk about things commonly unknown by the public.

Gedson Fernandes Tattoos

Tattoo culture is quite common in today's football world, as we all know. It's frequently used to depict one's religion or the people they care about.

Gedson Fernandes, our very own, is tattoo-free. There are no signs of tattoo inks on his upper or lower body, as seen above.

Gedson Fernandes Birthmark

If you look closely at Gedson, you'll probably notice something that resembles a scar. It's not a scar, but a birthmark that appeared the instant his mother gave birth to him.

Gedson Fernandes is believed to be a refreshing cure to those who have had a love-hate relationship with their facial birthmarks their entire lives. He, like the majority of individuals, has accepted his facial birthmarks.

Gedson Fernandes Religion

We told you about Gedson Fernandes' parents praying sincerely for their son's career success in the Gedson Fernandes family section of this article.

This action suggests that the footballer comes from a Christian family. However, it is unclear whether Gedson is totally committed to Christianity.

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