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Top facts about Denzel Dumfries, Euro 2020 rising star

Here you would go through an engaging ride through some of the most intriguing Top facts about Denzel Dumfries with taking into consideration the twist and turn of his professional career as well as everything you need to know about his family, origin, childhood and a lot of such marvels.

As a Dutch professional footballer, Denzel Dumfries currently plays for

Serie A

club Inter Milan and the Netherlands national team in the position of right-back.

Being named after Denzel Washington, the multiple Oscar-winning actor, Denz is a physical specimen, who has blended his innate power, speed and strength, to establish himself as one the world’s most fearsome wingbacks.

But despite all of these he has been a bit underrated in these years until the 2020 UEFA European Championships that he eventually managed to grab worldwide recognition with his dazzling displays for the Netherlands from right wing-back.

To such an extent that he has been transferred to Seria A club Internazionale in the summer of 2021, so as to further develop his game as a defender.

But back to his early career, he started his senior career in 2014 at Sparta Rotterdam, as he helped them gain promotion to the Eredivisie in 2016, becoming the Eerste Divisie Talent of the Year.

Then in 2017, he moved to


, until joining PSV the next year, where he eventually became the club captain.

One of the amazing

top facts about Denzel Dumfries

is that he represented two national teams because he was born in the Netherlands to an Aruban father.

Therefore he initially represented Aruba in 2014, until he switched allegiance to the Netherlands making his senior debut in 2018.

Top facts about Denzel Dumfries you need to know

Here we have highlighted Top facts about Denzel Dumfries.

Denzel Dumfries facts in brief


  • Full Name

    : Denzel Justus Morris Dumfries

  • Nickname

    : Denz

General information

  • Date of Birth

    : 18th day of April 1996

  • Age

    : 25 years

  • Place of Birth

    : Aruba

  • Nationality

    : Netherlands, Aruba and Suriname

  • Religion

    : Christianity

  • Zodiac

    : Aries

Physical status

  • Hair colour

    : Black

  • Hairstyle

    : Afro

  • Beard or Mustache

    : Beard

  • Eye Color

    : Dark Brown

  • Height

    : 189 cm

  • Weight

    : 80 kilo

Personal information

  • Parents

    : Boris Dumfries (Father), Marleen Dumfries (Mother)

  • Siblings

    : Demelza Croin-Dumfries (older sister), Danielle Dumfries (younger sister) and Donovan Dumfries (younger brother)

  • Uncles

    : John Dumfries, Joseph Dumfries and Samuel Dumfries

  • Cousins

    : Jahfarr Wilnis and Jason Wilnis

  • Marital status

    : Unmarried

  • Girlfriend

    : Jaimy Kenswiel

  • Children

    : Probably one child

Football information

  • Occupation

    : Soccer Player

  • Current team

    : Inter Milan

  • Jersey number

    : 2

  • Net worth

    (2021): Between $2 and $8 Million

Denzel Dumfries childhood

While most of

Denzel Dumfries childhood

was spent at Rhoon, a village located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, his time growing up there with his elder sister (Demelza), younger sister (Daniélle) and a little brother (Donovan) is some of the most momentous and memorable parts of his life.

But Denzel had very unusual features that had made him distinguished from his siblings, while this had led everyone to love him excessively. That is he could not just sit in one position for an hour without making trouble.

He had such a restless personality that always came up with new things, earning the nickname of Pietje Bell by his sister when Denzel deflated the tires of her bicycle.

It is notable to suggest that Pietje Bell is his family adventurous cartoon series which is about a little boy whose character resembles Denzel Dumfries personality.

When he came back home from school, there was always a ball at his foot and staying at home was considered to be a real punishment for him to such an extent that his father had to carry him outside even in the middle of the winter so as to cool off his great energy.

Yet it was proved to be an abortive measure against the extra power of his son. In the cope of his unusual behaviours, his parent speculated that he might be suffering from something strange like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) so they decided to take him to a doctor.

Yet it was revealed that it was just the way he is and all of his family accepted him in that way. Perhaps this unconventional character has led him to achieve such great success in his football profession.

Denzel Dumfries family and background

Dumfries background is related to three countries. That is to say, from his father side, his origin is from Aruba, which is an island located in the mid-south of the Caribbean Sea.

But from his mother side, he is from Paramaribo, the capital city of Suriname, which is a small country located on the northeastern coast of South America. While both of his parent nations use Dutch as their national language.

As Denzel was raised in a comfortable middle-class family, his parents were quite busy with their jobs, making very good use of their time that was difficult for them to often stay at home.


Mr Boris once held the position of a manager (now supervisory board) of a Dutch health care institution, who has worked days and nights to keep his family going.


The young and stunning mother of Denzel Dumfries Marleen, who is in her early 50s (as of 2021), is two years younger than her husband, Boris.

She tends to have an optimistic viewpoint amid all of the difficulties she faced in controlling her son's eccentric childhood behaviours. Therefore it is of little surprise to see she has a close relationship with her first son.


Donovan is his little brother who is also the last born of the family or the baby of the house. He is also an upcoming professional football player, following in the footsteps of his Big brother Denzel. Denzel and Donovan are the only members of their family who are into this sport.

Younger sister

The younger sister of Denzel, Danielle is the third child and second daughter of her family. Being three years younger than her brother, Denzel, she has a very attractive and stunning appearance.

Elder sister

The elder sister of Denzel Dumfries, Demeliza, is two years older than Denzel, who is the first child and daughter born to their parents.

She is a graduate of Psychology from Leiden University, South Holland and her love for her family has been always her priority. Being currently called Demelza Croin-Dumfries she has a blissful time with her husband, Daiman Croin, and her daughter, Neal.


Although none of their family members are into football, Denzel Dumfries's cousins have excelled in the sport of kickboxing. That is to say, Jahfarr Wilnis and Jason Wilnis who are brothers have been crowned both heavyweight and middleweight champions.

Perhaps one day you would see them among Sportmob's MMA articles. Currently, in case you are interested, you can check into the

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Denzel Dumfries professional career

After his failed attempts at clubs like Spartaan '20, Smitshoek and BVV Barendrecht during his youth career, he joined

Sparta Rotterdam

in 2014.

Sparta Rotterdam

While he progressed with the club's youth system within months, he made his first professional deal with Sparta Rotterdam on a multi-year contract, to remain in the club until 2017.

His professional debut occurred on 20 February 2015 against FC Emmen, when he appeared as a second-half substitute, in a 2–1 defeat. Then he went on to make two more appearances in the 2014–15 season, in both as a substitute.

Although at the beginning of the 2015–16 season, he was a substitute bench, he managed to establish himself in the first team, as he starred in the right-back position and led Sparta Rotterdam to become contenders for promotion to



Then on 7 November 2015, he made an agreement with the club, keeping him until 2019, while he netted his first goal in his professional career, in a 5–2 victory over RKC Waalwijk on 18 January 2016.

While he started in every match, featuring in the right-back position, he helped the club maintain their promotion to Eredivisie and therefore during the 2015–16 season, his great feats saw him be called the best player in the league, winning both Eerste Divisie Talent of the Year Award and the Bronze Bull.


Afterwards, in the summer of 2017, he moved to Heerenveen in replacement of Belgium-bound Stefano Marzo signing a four–year contract with the club.

In his debut for Heerenveen, he started a match in the opening game of the season against

FC Groningen

, putting out two goals, in a 3–3 draw.

While he also amazingly netted three goals, with twice against ADO Den Haag and once against PSV Eindhoven, it urged Dutch media Algemeen Dagblad to name him Team of the Week as he was also granted Eredivisie's Talent of the Month for August.

Totally hr finished the 2017–18 season, with appearing thirty–seven times and scoring four goals in all competitions.

PSV Eindhoven

Moreover, on 19 June 2018, he made a contract with

PSV Eindhoven

so as to play for them until 2023, for a fee to be around 5.5 million euros.

In his debut appearance, he featured in the right-back position against Feyenoord in the Johan Cruyff Shield starting the whole game throughout 120 minutes, while they conceded the game 6–5 on penalties.

He put away a goal on his league debut, scoring from a header, in their 4–0 victory over FC Utrecht in the opening game of the season.

As he starred in every league match over the course of his first season at the club, he made forty–three caps and netted four times in all competitions, being named Eredivisie Team of the Year of 2018–19 season.

Dumfries captained his first match for PSV Eindhoven against his former club, SC Heerenveen on 24 November 2019 and helped the club win 2–1.

By the time the season was suspended, he went on to make forty appearances and scored eight times in all competitions.

Although ahead of the 2020–21 season, he was linked with a transfer to Serie A clubs, like


and Milan, he stayed at PSV Eindhoven and went on to resume his captain role being preferred over Pablo Rosario.

Although he underwent minor injuries on three separate occasions during the 2020–21 season, he could make forty–one appearance and put away four times in all competitions.

Inter Milan

With his mind-blowing feats at the UEFA Euro 2020, many clubs around Europe, like Everton and

Bayern Munich

and Inter Milan, became ever more interested to sign him.

As a result, on 14 August 2021, he was transferred to Serie A champions Inter Milan for 12.5 million euros, in addition to a further 2.5 million euros as a bonus for the PSV Eindhoven.

While he was given a number two shirt immediately, he debuted for them as a second-half substitute in their 4–0 victory over Genoa on the opening day of the 2021–22 Serie A season.


On the international stage when he was at Barendrecht, he represented Aruba national football team and scored a goal in the two caps he made for them.

After that, he started to represent the Netherlands. However, Dumfries maintained his desire to represent the Netherlands appearing nine times at their youth level.

He also went on to represent the country at senior-level making 30 caps and scoring 3 goals for them until now while he put away two of his three goals in the UEFA

Euro 2020


Whereas upon his success in the competition, then Aruba manager Giovanni Franken reproached him for his rejection to play for Aruba and called him a "traitor".


As Dumfries was a member of the final 26-man squad of UEFA EURO 2020 on 26 May, he went on to put away his first goal for the Netherlands, amazingly scoring the winner in a 3–2 victory over Ukraine at the competition.

That is to say, with his excessive energy, he was a true shining light in the first half but the finish was even more dramatic.

As he (in)directly contributed to both the first and second Orange goal, with his striking header (his first international goal!), his performance defied any sort of description.

Then he went on to score a goal in the following game against Austria in their  2–0 victory. Therefore, since he helped the


qualify for the knockout stage, he was included among the Best Eleven of the group stage tournament.

Moreover, the Dutch were knocked out in the Round of 16 following a 2–0 defeat to the Czech Republic on 27 June at the Puskás Aréna in Budapest.

Denzel Dumfries love life 

In regards to the

top facts about Denzel Dumfries

, if you are curious to know his personal life affairs, it may finds you well to know that he is involved in a romantic relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Jaimy Kenswiel.

It is to be said that they have been together since he began his professional career with Sparta Rotterdam as it dates back to more than five years before. It seems that with the passage of time, their relationship has only become stronger and more intimate.

While she would be most likely his future wife, she is totally accepted by the members of the

Denzel Dumfries family

and has a close relationship with them since she poses in their images.

Although there is not much information available about the first meeting instance, what is crystal clear is that they were certainly together from June 2016, in as much as his girlfriend, Jaimy shared the two posing in a photo together.

While they are yet to get engaged or tie their wedding knot, in March 2020, his girlfriend started to share posts showing signs of her pregnancy as they were expected a baby boy.

Eventually, the lovebirds welcomed their first child in February 2021 as the family of three is living a blissful life together.

Also when it comes to the profession of

Denzel Dumfries Girlfriend

, it is no wonder to find out she is party planner and stylist due to her beautiful hair.

She is also the founder and CEO of webshop Four Thousand 4000, where women and men’s clothing are marketed.

Moreover, at a time they tend to share pictures with both of them looking perfectly at ease, enjoying their lives at the beaches while it is a piece of evidence for the fact that Jaimy Kenswiel has indeed changed Denzel's life as such Mr Busy now finds time for enjoyment.

Denzel Dumfries lifestyle and net worth

If we take another aspect of top facts about Denzel Dumfries personal life, we can suggest that aside from his passionate love for his family, he has also a very protective and responsible personality, has always wanted to be the man of the house.

Top facts about Denzel Dumfries lifestyle

might be easily inferred by his protective and responsible personality, as such he has an anti-flash attitude, who tends to ignore the luxurious lifestyle. To the point that he has little dress sense and is yet to be a fan of supercars. However, he has stuck to Mercedes Benz because the car is designed to provide his kind of comfort.

While he has recently made a contract with the club Internazionale, he earns a whopping salary of 4.5 million euros (3.8 Million Pound) per year.


Denzel Dumfries net worth

as of 2021, is estimated to be between $2 and $8 Million while his current market value is $16 Million at the time of writing. At the same time, he also makes a decent amount of money through his sponsorship and advertising deals.

Denzel Dumfries social media 

In the last part of our top facts about Denzel Dumfries, his activity on networking platforms merits a mention. Therefore in line with

Denzel Dumfries social media

activity, he often shares posts on his Instagram account of


racking up around 335 thousand followers there.

Although his account is verified, he most often shares posts about his football profession. This means that both he and his girlfriend tend to share just a few images of each other, their child and their family members, preferring to have a low key profile.


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