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Top Facts about Jan Bednarek, The Kleczewian Defender

Top Facts about Jan Bednarek is filled with information regarding the footballer’s private life as well as a summary of his career as a player.

Bednarek's efforts with Lech Pozna earned him a move to Southampton in the Premier League, where, despite a rough start, he has established himself as one of the team's most dependable defensive cornerstones.

Bednarek's game style takes advantage of his natural physicality and height. The footballer, who is 6'3′′ tall, is a formidable opponent on the football field. His size and strength allow him to overpower the opposition and win headers all over the field.

His prowess to dominate in the air makes him a concern from start in the opposition half of the pitch, and he has demonstrated his ability to score on a few occasions over his career.

While Bednarek is known for "using his head" in the conventional sense for decisive clearances, according to Conor Smith, he is also a skilled fan of the sport, frequently using his perception and underrated football expertise to read the play of his opponents, keeping him one step ahead of the competition.

This ability to read the game helps him to not only make key interceptions to stifle opposition play, but also to place himself advantageously in the box to defend well in difficult circumstances, often making excellent last-ditch tackles.

Top Facts about Jan Bednarek Interesting to Read

Here you see several items just to start on knowing him.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Jan Kacper Bednarek

  • Nicknames:

      The Big Pole, The Polish Maldini, Brick Wall

  • Date of Birth:

     12 April 1996

  • Place of Birth:

     Słupca, Poland

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     1.89 m (6 ft 2 in)

  • Weight:

     77 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Wife: 

    Julia Nowak

  • Net Worth: 

    6 Million Euro (5.2 Million Pound)

  • Position:


  • Current Team:


  • Jersey Number:


Jan Bednarek Upbringing Years and Family Roots

To begin with, he goes by the nickname BRICK WALL. Jan Kacper Bednarek was born on April 12th, 1996, in Slupca, a town in central Poland, to his parents. The footballer from Poland is the second of two sons born to his father and mother.

Jan Bednarek spent his childhood years in the company of his older brother, Filip Bednarek. Filip, who is four years older than him, is also a sports fan, he is a Polish goalie. You can feel the flow of affection just by looking at them. Both Jan and Filip have come a long way.

First and foremost, the Polish footballer comes from a well-educated family, one of the Top Facts about Jan Bednarek. Both of Jan Bednarek's parents are graduates of Warsaw's University of Physical Education.

Mummy and Daddy, both highly educated, sought to persuade Jan to follow in their academic footsteps. Their intentions, unfortunately, did not pan out.

The player refers to himself as a Kleczewian, as do most people from his hometown. This is a phrase used to describe Kleczew residents. These are persons with Jan Bednarek's Polish ancestors.

Kleczew is a town in Konin County, western-central Poland, in case you didn't know. The White Polish ethnicity makes up the bulk of the population in this town. 

His family is from a village with a population of less than 5,000 people. The majority of Kleczew residents work in the mining industry. The tranquil town is well-known for producing lignite, sometimes known as brown coal.

Jan Bednarek Career Buildout

Jan Bednarek began attending Sokol Kleczew sports school when he was six years old. Our youngster got his first taste of amateur football under the guidance of his first coach, Wojciech Bielawski.

His father and mother later decided to combine education and sports.

Jan was always eager to follow in his older brother's footsteps as a child. Because Filip started out as a goalkeeper, he did the same, one of the Top Facts about Jan Bednarek.

His parents decided to look for a goalkeeping school after noticing their sons all playing similar football positions.

MSP Szamotuly was found after numerous searching. Szamotuly, a town in Greater Poland, has a football school.

They provided goalkeepers with specific training. The brotherly bond was maintained by enrolling in the same school.

After doing some research, we discovered that Lukasz Fabianski, a former


, and West Ham goalkeeper, attended the same goalkeeping school as Jan and Filip’s. He is, in fact, their most well-known graduate.

After several failed attempts to make it as a goalkeeper, Jan decided that he wasn't cut out for the role.

This sparked his decision to drop out of the academy. Jan and Filip were separated for the first time in both playing position and academy.

Another one of the

Top Facts about Jan Bednarek

is that he dropped out of school to join the

Lech Poznan

academy, which is known for creating Robert Lewandowski.

The young lad attended a sports school in Poznan while playing there. As his parents had desired, he split his time between education and football.

The Polish settled in as a defender with the Lech Poznan academy and progressed through their youth ranks.

The bright youngster graduated from the academy at the age of 17 and was called up to the Lech Poznan reserve team.

Jan Bednarek Path to Prominence

He was a member of the first team prior to the 2013/2014 season. Jan Bednarek became the type of player who constantly received positive feedback from fans thanks to his spectacular style of play.

Despite the fact that he was not a starter, he contributed to the team's first senior title, the Polish championship. Jan Bednarek decided to go on loan after the triumph to gain more experience.

The Polish defender spent most of 2015 with

Gornik Leczno

, one of Lublin's most successful clubs. He returned to Lech stronger after the season.

In reality, Jan Bednarek has established himself as Poland's most promising youngster, one of the Top Facts about Jan Bednarek. His ascension was evident almost immediately.

He was named the winner of the 2016 Polish football Discovery award, which was given to a group of young players from throughout the country. This honor is known in Poland as the Football Plebiscite.

The center-back went on to give a string of outstanding performances after receiving the prize.

In 2016, he assisted his Poznan side in winning their second league title and the Polish Super Cup.

Jan Bednarek Ascend to Prominence

It was expected that after winning the Polish football Discovery of the Year award, he became Poland's hottest transfer prospect.

Bednarek was called for


trials in June 2017 and passed with flying colors.

A month later, he left his parents and relatives for the first time to sign a five-year contract with the Saints.

He became the most costly player in the history of the Polish professional league's top flight after joining the team, one of the Top Facts about Jan Bednarek.

The rising celebrity received the call of his life while in Southampton. Bednarek was called up to the

Polish national squad

in 2017, much to the delight of his family.

He also won the prize for Defender of the Year during that great year.

As fate would have it, his name was also approved as one of the candidates to represent Poland at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. 

He was supposed to be a part of a team that included Robert Lewandowski and Arkadiusz Milik.

Bednarek played in every match for Poland during the World Cup in Russia. On the 28th of June 2018, he had his most memorable moment of the competition.

The great defender netted the winning goal in Poland's last group match against



Jan Bednarek's world cup goal gave his people enough to celebrate over, another one of the

Top Facts about Jan Bednarek.

The Slupca-born had no remorse about bowing out of the competition at the hands of Sadio Mane's Senegal and Yerry Mina's Columbia.

More importantly, scoring the game-winning goal in that tournament became his and his family's greatest national honor.

The Polish defender has continued to build a name for himself with Southampton after the 2018 World Cup.

With great players like

Krzysztof Piatek

joining the Polish national team, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be even better.

Jan Bednarek Personal & Love Life

For the sake of clarity, the Polish defender has been taken. Julia Nowak is pictured above. Jan Bednarek's lover and the only lady who knows the key to his heart is her.

We'll tell you more about Julia Nowak in this part. First and foremost, Bednarek and Julia Nowak have been married for more than a year now.

Both began as best friends before becoming lovers, one of the Top Facts about Jan Bednarek.

Julia Nowak is a Polish actress who was born on April 4th, 1997. She has now reached the age of 24 years and 8 months at the time of writing.

She is a well-known fashion model and a social media influencer. She participates in photoshoots for both Polish and international businesses, as her job requires.

Julia is the type of person that always manages to keep her audience interested.

Both lovebirds decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level in July 2020. 

Our Premier League boy, as planned, dropped the big ‘would you marry me’ question. Julia Nowak, of course, said "yes."

Who wouldn't want to be with a man as attractive and well-mannered as Jan? Julia Nowak, as you may have seen, is not your normal model, who is usually very tall.

She stands at 5 feet 2 inches much shorter than her spouse, who stands 6 feet 2 inches taller.

We'll also use this section to tell you about his life outside of football, aside from his position as a defender for Poland and Southampton.

First and foremost, the 6'2" footballer is a huge puzzle fan, another one of the Top Facts about Jan Bednarek.

Bednarek believes it helps him to exercise his intellect, reduce stress, and raise his IQ.

Second, the dashing player is a great family man who cherishes his time at home.

Jan Bednarek Networth & LifeStyle

The center-back signed a contract with Southampton in July 2017 that pays him a massive 1.3 million Euro (1.1 million Pound) per year.

According to calculations, he earns €6,445 (£5,650) each day and €269 (£235) per hour, one of the

Top Facts about Jan Bednarek.

This indicates that the average man would have to work for 3.2 years to earn the same amount as The Big Pole does in a month.

His signing with Southampton has increased his net worth to €6 million (£5.2 million). The footballer played for Lech Poznan before moving to England to play for Southampton.

Despite the fact that he has yet to be proven at the highest level, his potential market value is €8.2 million (£7.2 million).

Rather than showing off his fancy automobiles and large homes (mansions), Jan only reveals two ways he spends his money to his supporters.

To begin with, he is a desert enthusiast. Jan Bednarek spends his money on vacations to some of the top desert resorts in the United Arab Emirates.

He, on the other hand, has chosen Ibiza as his next idyllic Mediterranean getaway. This is where Julia and Jan relax and enjoy nature's laid-back hippy vibes.

Jan Bednarek Family

One of the most important goals in the Kleczew native's life is to make his family proud. We talk about his parents and brother in further detail here.


Anyone can act old, but only a special person, such as this man, can be a father. Kacper is a modest man who has worked hard to do the best he can for his two sons, Jan and Filip.

For many fathers, having their only children pursue a sport that offers little or no promise of success is a risk. Thankfully, Kacper let his sons live out their fantasies. He is pleased with his family's accomplishments today.

Despite the fact that she gave birth to her first kid (Filip) on September 26, 1992, she still looks young. Jan's mother, smiles the brightest in the picture of them altogether, a sign of her accomplishments as a wonderful mother.

The photo we’re mentioning was taken when her family was invited by Marek Wesolowski, the mayor of Kleczew, who awarded her son with a rare honor.


The Polish goalkeeper, the defender’s brother is now at Lech Poznan at the time of writing this article.

This is the club that made his younger brother (Jan) and Robert Lewandowski famous if you recall. Jan Bednarek stands one inch higher than brother Filip, who stands at 1.88 meters.

Jan Bednarek Less-Known Details

Here, we'll inform you about things that aren't well noticed yet by the public and are quite interesting.


Bednarek is his surname, which means "barrel maker." His first name, on the other hand, means 'God Is Gracious.' According to this assumption, it is more likely that he is among the 92.8% of Poles who practice Roman Catholicism.

His Agent

As far as we know, the defender is Fabryka Futbolu's most important client. The footballer's career is managed by this company, which is based in Poznan, Poland. They have aided him in accumulating a net worth of around 6 million euros.

His Worst Memory

It happened on February 2nd, 2021. Bednarek scored an own goal and gave up a penalty on that tragic day. To make matters worse, after a foul on Anthony Martial, he was sent off, one of the Top Facts about Jan Bednarek.

That day, his club, led by Ralph Hasenhuttl, was thrashed 9-0 by Man United's Ole Gunnar Solskjear. The opposing manager thought the defender should not have been sent off because of the red card. As a result, Jan Bednarek's suspension was lifted.


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They are incapable of being leaders due to a lack of courage and good command skills.

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