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Top facts about Nikola Vlasic

from Sportmob include information about his childhood, early life, his parents Venera Milin and Josko Vlasic, his wife Ana, and his celebrity sister Blanka Vlai. More specifically, Nikola's other siblings Luka and Marin, his Personal Life and Lifestyle among other things.

In a nutshell, we will recounts the life of Nikola Vlasic, an Athlete endowed with a skill who comes from a prominent sporting family. The story of a young man who utilized his father's and sister's global fame to propel his career as a professional footballer.

Without a doubt, Nikola possesses the offensive midfield qualities of

Kevin De Bruyne

and Bruno Fernandes. Our awesome player is a direct, aggressive box-to-box midfielder who can take on defenders and dictate the pace of any football game.

Despite the numerous accolades heaped upon his name, we find that just a few football enthusiasts have read a condensed bit of Nikola Vlasic's Life facts. As a result, we wrote the Top facts about Nikola Vlasic for you. Now, let us tell you his story without wasting any more of your time.

Here we go, Top facts about Nikola Vlasic You Need to Know

Before we start searching Nikola Vlasic's life, we need to know some basic info about him. After reading the quick facts below, you can dive into the top facts about Nikola Vlasic...

  • Full Name: Nikola Vlasic

  • Age: 24 Years

  • Nick Name: Nikola

  • Birth Date: 1997-10-04

  • Gender: Male

  • Profession: Footballer

  • Nationality: Croatian

  • Place Of Birth: Split, Croatia

  • Birth Nation: Croatia

  • Ethnicity: Mixed

  • Race: White

  • Religion: Christian

  • Horoscope: Libra

  • Mother: Venera Milin

  • Father: Josko Vlasic

  • Siblings: 3

  • Marital Status: Married

  • Wife: Ana

  • Sexual Orientation: Straight

  • Source of Wealth: Football career

  • Height: 1.78 m

  • Weight: 72 kg

  • Body Type: Athletic

  • Hair Color: Brown

  • Eye Color: Dark brown

  • Position: Attacking midfielder

Now that we know what we wanted to start our

top facts about Nikola Vlasic

, its time to get into the real story.

Nikola Vlasic Childhood

To begin our story, he is known by the name Niksi. Nikola Vlasic was born on October 4, 1997, in Split, Croatia, to his mother, Venera Milin, and father, Josko Vlasic. The offensive midfielder was born as the last-born kid often known as the baby of the home among his siblings and parents. Nikola Vlasic's siblings are all the result of his parents' happy marriage.

Nikola grew up with three elder siblings that are at least four years older than him. Blanka Vlasic is Venera and Josko's first child born in 1983. Marin Vlasic, the first son, is the next to arrive. Luka Vlasic is the third kid so, they both are Nikola's elder brothers.

Nikola grew up realizing that the name of his Vlasic family was incredibly popular not just among Croatians, but around the world. Aside from his father Josko Vlasic, his older sister Blanka achieved international prominence in athletics. She is a well-known high jump world record holder.

Nikola has two amazing childhood memories. First, there's that wonderful moment and joyful emotion of witnessing his big sister Blanka Vlasic win and celebrate her world record in the high jump.

The second portion of Nikola Vlasic's childhood recollection is that lovely time when he sat on the chair in his family's living room and saw all of his sister's gold medals. Little Niksi convinced himself here that he, too, would one day make his parents proud.

It's worth noting that, by this time, Nikola had developed an interest in football. There was no such thing as " lazy last born syndrome."

Nikola used to spend a lot of time playing football with his elder sister when he was a kid a Croatian Olympic GOAT and renowned world record holder in high jump. The youngster showed a strong desire to succeed at such a young age. Let's check out our player's origin in next part of our Top facts about Nikola Vlasic.

Nikola Vlasic Origin

When it comes to one of the best sports families in Split, Croatia, there is only one name that comes to mind: the Vlasics. To be honest, sports did not begin with Nikola's elder sister, but with his father and mother. In fact, we could've right an essay about the family instead of writing the top facts about Nikola Vlasic!

Croatian footballer Nikola Vlasic was born into the family of former cross-country skier Venera Milin his mother and an athletic coaching father, Josko Vlasic. The Super Dad is a sports graduate from Zagreb's Faculty of Physical Culture.

Josko Vlasic was a coach for ASK Split which is an athletic group before becoming a physical education teacher at many Croatian elementary and high schools. His offices are all located in Split, Croatia's second-largest city.

Croatian nationality is held by the attacking midfielder. Nikola is also of the Slavic ethnic group, which is indigenous to Croatia as well as areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the country of

Edin Dzeko


It's worth noting that Nikola Vlasic's parents Venera Milin and Josko Vlasic come from different areas of Croatia. His father is from Dubrava, a Zagreb area. Nikola Vlasic's mother is from Jezera, a distant Croatian hamlet.

Nikola Vlasic educations and first steps

There were expectations as a prominent and well-known sporting family, such as the obligation to carry on the Vlasic family legacy. As a result, Nikola Vlasic's parents Venera and Josko contemplated putting him in a football program early on.

Aside from school, Nikola's initial training in football came from none other than his multi-talented father. In the year 2002, his father, Joko Vlai, determined that Niksi, as his family calls him, would devote his entire life to his dream of being a professional footballer.

Joko Vlai first trained his son on his own. Later, he sought counsel from late Croatian manager Tomislav Ivi, who recommended that his son be taught by Zoran Vuli, a former Croatian footballer.

Nikola was tutored individually by Zoran Vuli for most of his youth. After that, he began his career in Dalmatinac. Josko Vlasic, his father, allowed his son's enrollment in Omladinac Vranjic, a football academy in Vranjic, Croatia, near Split.

The concept of formalizing things seemed straightforward. It was to witness his son being reared in the image and likeness of 

Mario Mandzukic

a goal machine who was a legend with Dinamo Zagreb at the time.

Nikola Vlasic: Football is everything

Niksi was a real soccer phenomenon when he was a member of the Omladinac Vranjic academy. Videos of him had gone popular on YouTube as early as 2006 when he was 8 years old. As an 8-year-old, Nikola was achieving amazing things.

After four excellent seasons with the Omladinac Vranjic academy, the 12-year-old moved on to Hajduk Split, where he began his dream route to become a professional. Nikola succeeded at the youth club level, with his finest Hajduk Split academy days coming only a year before graduation.

During the 2013-2014 season, he forged a strong midfield connection with one of his colleagues, Andrija Bali. Hajduk Split achieved enormous success as a result of this collaboration. It's worth noting that both men had been playing with each other since they were kids.

Both youngsters contributed to their team finishing first without a single loss in the first half of a single season. Andrija Bali and Nikola Vlasic received a professional contract as a result of their hard work.

Nikola Vlasic started his professional career on a high note. The emerging star scored on his debut, much to the delight of his parents and family members, in a UEFA Europa League qualification match against Dundalk.

Nikola established a record by scoring on his debut, becoming Hajduk Split's youngest international competition scorer at the age of 16 years and 9 months. Vlai's success did not stop there, as he scored additional goals that season.

Nikola Vlasic in search of fame

On June 30, 2016, two seasons after turning professional, the teenager was named vice-captain of his team. While his team's captain,


, was abroad for the UEFA Euro 2016, the youthful Nikola Vlai assumed leadership. He captained Hajduk Split and led them to significant triumphs.

His leadership qualities, along with his performance, made him a desirable transfer candidate. It drew Nikola Vlasic to the attention of Everton football scouts. The Toffees signed him to a five-year contract following the 2016 Euros.

Everton utilized the proceeds from the sales of

John Stones

, Romelu Lukaku, and Ross Barkley to pay for Nikola Vlasic. Gylfi Sigurdsson, Jordan Pickford, Theo Walcott, Michael Keane, and Cenk Tosun were among the other prominent players that joined Everton that season.

Everton, ironically, met Nikola Vlasic's previous club in his first year with the club. At the moment, the young man had a lot to prove. As a result, it's no surprise that his performance impressed Everton manager Ronald Koeman and director of football Steve Walsh.

Vlasic continued to work hard to impress his manager, even scoring on his debut at Goodison Park, the Toffees' home field. Watch as he scores his first goal in an Everton jersey.

Nikola Vlasic Rejection

Failure is part of the success and that's why we read about it in our top facts about Nikola Vlasik. Everton's management changed in 2018/2019, bringing in a Portuguese manager with his own improvement plans.

Marco Silva

's strategy revolved around the purchase and employment of his personal favorites, André Gomes, Ademola Lookman, and Richarlison.

While Marco Silva thought

Wayne Rooney

was too old for him, Nikola Vlasic was labeled as not his kind of offensive midfielder. Marco Silva never gave the hapless Croat enough opportunity to shine. Rather, he devised a strategy to convince Nikola to take a loan. Wayne Rooney's efforts were required to soothe the Everton reject, making Nikola think that there is yet hope.

Marco Silva never gave the hapless Croat enough opportunity to shine. Rather, he devised a strategy to convince Nikola to take a loan. Wayne Rooney's efforts were required to soothe the Everton reject, making Nikola think that there is yet hope.

Nikola Vlasic the Shining star

It was difficult for a young boy to deal with the reality of being rejected by Everton, a club he adored. After being declared surplus to requirements, Nikola Vlasic chose to leave England with the hope of one day returning to show his value.

The Croatian midfielder joined the Russian club CSKA Moscow on loan on August 31, 2018. Nikola's aim, with a fresh strategy in mind, was to utilize the Champions League to establish himself which he achieved in style.

On his Champions League debut on September 19, 2018, he scored two goals for CSKA Moscow. That was not the end of the impression. Nikola Vlasic made another major statement by scoring the only goal in CSKA's 1-0 victory over Real Madrid.

CSKA awarded Vlai a permanent deal after being pleased with his efforts, which included a wonderful assist to Andrej Kramaric while on national duty in November 2018. With that new deal came more expectations, and Nikola continued to overcome all obstacles piled against him.

Because he was that talented, prominent European teams such as Napoli, Atlanta, and others started racing after Nikola Vlai's signing. Despite intense pressure, CSKA refused to sell the valuable jewel.

Nikola Vlasic England's call

Nikola Vlai agreed in December 2020 that he had completed his duty in Russia, therefore the necessity to move on. That decision was made after he received the Russian Premier League, Russian Football Union, and Sport-Express Footballer of the Year awards. Nikola will be the winner of all of these in the year 2020.

With CSKA Moscow remaining keen on selling him, his relationship with the Russian club worsened. CSKA Moscow quickly obliged, forcing the Russian football superpower to slap a high price tag on its Rebellious midfielder.

On the 31st of August 2021, David Moyes' West Ham United completed the signing of Nikola Vlasic for a sum rumored to be about £25 million. According to Croatian media, the sum made Nikola the fourth most expensive Croatian player move in soccer history.

At the time of authoring Nikola Vlasic's Biography, he was playing for West Ham United, expecting to make a larger impact in England. Still, at the age of 23 as of 2021, the son of Josko Vlasic and Venera Milin has a lot more to prove. The remainder of his biography has passed him by.

Nikola Vlasic Love Life

The Croat has been proclaimed taken for a long period. Simply said, Nikola Vlasic is not single. Even before his early Premier League days with Everton, he was in a relationship with the love of his life, Ana.

According to Jutarnji, Nikola and Ana started dating in 2016; shortly after he began playing professional football for Hajduk Split. She has stood with him the entire time, even though it meant relocating her schooling to Russia after her partner departed Everton.

After five years of courtship, the loving guy – Nikola – wanted to propose. Ana eagerly agreed, and both loves sought their parents' approval for their marriage. The following step was to prepare for the big event.

Nikola and Ana returned to Split after the Russian championship in 2021 to plan for their wedding. The couple married in the presence of their parents, siblings, extended family members, and closest friends in May 2021. Their wedding took place in St. Lawrence's Church in Split, Croatia.

At the time of their wedding, Nikola Vlasic's wife, Ana, was expecting their first child. The kid was born in the middle of 2021 when her husband was representing Croatia at the 2020 European Championship. It's a tie for our star's personal life. So let's get into it in the next part of Sportmob's top facts about Nikola Vlasic.

Nikola Vlasic Personal Life

Away from the field, the feisty midfielder engages in unorthodox football activities. Sometimes we question if bow and arrow shooting is a good workout. Well,… The bursts of energy displayed by Nikola Vlai in this video assist to explain this. Take a look at his incredible training regimens.

Living a healthy lifestyle as a footballer takes a significant amount of extra time and effort. As a result, prioritizing health amid a hectic lifestyle is critical for Nikola. Vlasic can easily climb into his car after a long day of transfer negotiations thanks to his father's unwavering backing.

Nikola Vlasic Family

The only thing better than being a footballer is having an athletic family. And Nikola Vlasic's family has achieved sporting prominence as a result of their accomplishments in various sports. Let us now tell you a little bit more about his father, mother, and elder siblings.

Nikola Vlasic's Father:

Joko was born in Split in 1956. He began his athletic career as a student at ASK Split, a Croatian club for athletes. Ante Teija, Joko's previous coach, thought Joko would perform well in the decathlon since he was "tall and slender."

According to Wikipedia, a decathlon is a combined sport event in athletics that consists of ten track and field events. Joko was first hesitant to join the sport. As a result of his patient approach, he remained tenacious, and the results came soon.

Joko Vlai went on to become the leading Yugoslav decathlete, winning five consecutive national titles from 1979 to 1983. In 1983, Nikola Vlasic's father set a state record in the decathlon (7659 points).

The proud father earned two decathlon medals in successive Mediterranean Games: a bronze in 1979 and a gold medal in 1983. In fact, Joko Vlai's decathlon personal best of 7659 points, accomplished in Izmir in June 1983, is still a Croatian record.

After retiring, the proud father began teaching his daughter in the long jump. Joko worked as the lone coach for his daughter Blanka Vlai. Take a look at Super Dad Joko and his daughter, who went on to become a world high jump champion.

Mother of Nikola Vlasic:

Venera Milin is most recognized as the wife of Joko, one of Croatia's most famous athletes. She, like her spouse, was an Athlete (now retired). Venera used to enjoy cross-country skiing before retiring. She then pursued handball and athletics.

Sister of Nikola Vlasic:

Her parents (Venera and Joko) decided to name her after Casablanca, the host city of the 1983 Olympics. Blanka Vlai was born during the Mediterranean Games, in which her father, a prominent athlete, won a gold medal.

She began following in her parents' footsteps when she was a child. Blanka participated in a variety of sports, including tennis, volleyball, and basketball. After talking with her father, she decided on the high jump.

Blanka won multiple medals as a high jumper, earning her the title of Legend. The sister of Nikola Vlasic is a European champion, a double world outdoor champion, a double world indoor champion, an Olympic silver medalist, and a double world junior champion. Blanka's father, Joko, is her most valuable possession.

Nikola Vlasic's Brothers

Both elder siblings are six years apart in age. Marin Vlasic is the family's firstborn son. He was born in 1986, making him three years younger than Blanka and 11 years older than Nikola. Luka Vlasic (Joko's second son) was born in 1992.

Marin and Luka have not achieved the same level of success and global reputation as Blanka and Nikola, the family breadwinners.


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