Facts about Malang Sarr, the potential Paolo Maldini

Tue 04 January 2022 | 5:30

A young center-back with great potentials! That's what the future looks like for Malang Sarr. But what do you know about the yong Chelsea player? Stay tuned to know more.

Usually, signing contracts with notable and stunning football stars earn a much more reputation for each club and adds a lot of fans to their followers. However, it is a little different for the players who have not gained much fame yet.

For this group, playing in prominent clubs might be a good scale to measure how talented they have been by which they have got the allowance of joining the team. Young skillful footballers, who spend the early years of their career, trying to establish themselves as a star in the football world.

Indeed, they strive to prove that they are talented enough to become a star in the future. In today's article, we have focused on one of thses young, great players and described his life on and off the pitch.

Malang Sarr is a French professional footballer, who has spent his senior career with several clubs, Nice II, Nice, Chelsea, Porto, and Porto B. Let us not explain his entire career history here. Stay with us throughout this article to know more. 

Facts about Malang Sarr you might not know

Although we will present a comprehensive collection of facts about Malang Sarr throughout the article, we have placed a shortlist of general info about him in this section. Ready to know more about the young French player?

  • Full Name:

    Malang Mamadou William George Sarr

  • Christian Name:

    William George

  • Nickname:

    The Potential Paolo Maldini

  • Date of Birth:

    23 January 1999

  • Age:


  • Place of Birth:

    Nice, France

  • Parents:

    Late Mr. and Mrs. Mamadou Sarr

  • Sibling(s):

    Idris (half-brother) and some other brothers

  • Family Roots:


  • Family Origin:

    Les Moulins, Nice

  • Religion:


  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:


  • Position:


  • Number:


  • Team(s):

    Nice II, Nice, Chelsea, Porto, Porto B

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facts about Malang Sarr

 in more details. Stay tuned. 

Malang Sarr Early Life

Born to his parents on 23 January 1999, Malang is famous by his nickname "The potential Paolo Maldini." When he was 14, his father died, which was one of the most painful moments of his life.

Malang has one half-brother who was formerly a cook in Australia, which following the death of their father, left there and came back beside his family. Although Idriss was only 21 at the time, he knew he's responsible for taking care of his younger brothers. 

The young French defender grew up in his birthplace, Les Moulins, in Nice, France, in which the high level of violence had made the district an unsuitable area to raise a child.

Also, during

Malang Sarr early life

, his family was in a low-level of economic situation, and he grew up in a poor background. Lack of safety had caused much stress and worries for Malana's parents, and they always tried to shield their children from various violence.

However, at the time, Malan was a child, and like many children, he sometimes did not follow his parents' ruling. Once, his disobeying led him to a deadly situation, which could cost him his life. In 2014, when Malang was 15, he did something so dangerous despite various pieces of his mother.

He described the event to the media and mentioned that though his mother had told him not to go out to play football on that date, he went. He said, "I did something stupid, coming home from football when I could not see anything.

Only smoke from the violence. That day, I disobeyed my mother." Nice's history remembers that day as one of the biggest civil unrest in the city, which led to a hundred arrests.

Malang, whose hometown was a vibrant sports city, attended a type of schooling that earned him the chance of playing football as long as he studied at school. It was an excellent opportunity for the young boy, who was interested in becoming a successful player. 

Malang Sarr Family

To know more about 

Malang Sarr family

, we have collected some info about his parents and siblings in this section. As we mentioned earlier, Sarr's family suffered poverty, which shows that his parents' jobs were not so lucrative. Malang's father worked at Les Moulins in Nice as a delivery driver before his death.

He used to wake up early, before other family members, and after praying, he prepared himself for his daily work. On the other hand, Malang's mother was a housewife and could not help her husband with the family expenses. However, despite the difficult situation in which they lived, there was a warm atmosphere at their home. 

To know more about Malang's family origin, it is not necessary to search a lot. By looking at his appearance, it is easy to guess his ancestral roots. Although he was born in France, some online sources have tied his origin to West African, Senegalese descent.

Following his parents' decision about immigrating from Senegal to France before raising a family, they moved to Les Moulins to explore a much-improved future. They chose the poor neighborhood of Nice because it was the only place which the couple could cover the family expense and afford to stay there. 

Malang Sarr Girlfriend

Lack of info about 

Malang Sarr girlfriend

 and the romantic relationship has led us to guess that the French footballer is single. However, there are a few pictures, published on online sources, in which he is with a small beautiful back girl. This photo has made some people think that it is his daughter and Sarr is not single.

Malang Sarr Instagram

Like many other footballers who share the memorable scenes and moments of their career history on social media, you can see a series of attractive posts on 

Malang Sarr Instagram



, which recalls many stunning times of his profession.

One of them refers to the date he signed a contract with the giant club,


, for which he commented, "Blue is the color. Happy and grateful to sign for Chelsea FC. Thanks for the love and support. Let's get to work and achieve big things together." 

If you have checked the page, you might have seen several other photos that we just described two of them. At the time of writing, the famous French defender has much reputation by which a wide range of fans, 224k, have followed him, which amongst them you can probably find a group of Chelsea's fan. 

Malang Sarr Net Worth

As we mentioned earlier, Malang experienced a difficult situation during his childhood, and his main goal from joining the football world was to improve the economic level of his family. Nowadays, Malang has earned much reputation through performing an excellent performance and establishing himself as a talented star.

So, many football fans are interested in knowing if he could achieve his goal successfully or not. In this paragraph, we have collected some info regarding 

Malang Sarr net worth

 to get if he fulfilled his childhood dream. 

Several online sources have estimated his net worth after the significant growth during the 2020-21 season. According to the published figures, it is about 3 million euros. 

Malang Sarr Career History

When Malang was a 6-year-old child, he got the chance to join OGC Nice academy, which was like fulfilling the child's greatest wish. After passing some trials successfully, Malang joined the training center that Alain Wathelet, who later became his coach, had established. 

Although many did not imagine a successful future in football for him, he, himself, knew that his passion for football was not a temporary fantasy. In addition to pursuing his interest in playing football, Malang had one more goal from joining the football world, which was his main reason for playing football.

Indeed, he looked at football as a way to save his family from poverty and difficult living situations. To achieve his wish, he had to work hard and establish himself as a young star in the football world.

The talented boy started his effort from those days and tried to achieve awards for his academy. Malang could catch other football academies' attention through performing his excellent performance though he remained faithful to Nice and stayed there.

His all-time dream was playing for Nice as a professional footballer, and after 12 years of playing in its academy, he fulfilled the maturation process and achieved his goal. When Malang turned 17, he made his first Ligue 1 appearance for OGC Nice, and by scoring the winning goal in the 60th minute, he earned a great victory for his team.

The brilliant performance made him the second-youngest player who could score during his first appearance in Ligue 1 and placed his name behind

Bartholomew Ogbeche

, a Nigerian professional footballer. Malang did something symbolic with his first goal, which was so valuable for him.

He announced that in honor of the victims of the 2016 terror attack, he dedicated it to them. Since the violence had happened in the neighborhood he had grown, he wanted to show how sorry he was for the event. After his early success, Malang continued his stunning playing style and added his name amongst the hottest young defensive properties in Ligue 1.

It did not take so much that several prominent football clubs, such as


, Arsenal, Chelsea,


, and AC Milan, became interested in footballer's services and found Malang, a promising footballer. One of the well-known characters who knew Malang as a skillful and talented footballer was Arsene Wenger.

By earning the title of the world's fifth-most promising footballer amongst footballers younger than 20, which CIES Football Observatory gave him in February 2018, Malang added to the amount of admiration he gained. When his contract with Nice expired on 30 June 2020, Chelsea was the fastest team, that by signing a five-year contract, grabbed the talented footballer and added him to its outstanding team.

Also, several other stars, such as

Kai Havertz

, Timo Warner, Ben Chilwell, Hakim Ziyech, Edouard Mendy, and

Thiago Silva

, joined the club in the same season. Malang has shared a post on his Instagram and said, "It is time for me to say goodbye to you. I spent 16 wonderful years with OGC Nice." Additionally, he thanked all who allowed him to grow as a footballer and a man in this club.

As it is clear, there has been a comprehensive plan behind the club's choice.

Frank Lampard

, the club's coach in 2020, has sent Malang to Porto, the Portuguese side FC, on loan. Playing for Porto allows Malang to prepare himself to appear in the toughest league in the football world.

Through performing a series of breathtaking performances and leaving many memorable moments in Porto's shirt, Malang has done his best to show he is excellent enough to wear Chelsea's shirt.

Malang described his feeling about joining Chelsea on its official website and said, "I was training on my own, training at home, and just waiting. I had been almost six months without playing [after seeing Ligue 1 shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic]. When my agent told me about this opportunity to come here to Chelsea, I was surprised and happy." 

He also explained the idea of playing on loan and mentioned, "It was a great opportunity for me. He talked to me about going on loan for the first year, and for me, it was a good idea. I had not played for a long time, and I needed to get the rhythm and to play and have a good experience also, step up after Nice, and come back stronger and ready to go." 

Short Facts about Malang Sarr 

Malang's religion is one of the other most notable facts about him. Based on Malang Sarr's explanation, he is a Muslim, and through practicing and adhering to the Islamic faith, follows the religion. There are some published pictures on the Internet in which he is celebrating religious occasions.

Doing well in education as long as Malang appeared at the football academy was such a challenge. During the years of his education, while he was trying to fulfill his studies at an acceptable level, Malang recalls his fourth grade of primary school as the most challenging era of those days.

He talked about the days and said, "After three weeks of my fourth grade, I told that I might not do well. I was a little scared, but I picked up the pace. My parents were proud." He mentioned history as his favorite course and introduced a history book written by Guy De Maupassant as the one he liked a lot. 

Chelseafc.com has published Mlanag's words after his return to London by the expiration of his contract with Porto. He said, "It is a pleasure to be here, starting to work. We are working very hard and very well.

So, I am happy. I have enjoyed being here." He also added, "They want to work, and they want us to give the best every day, and that is a good thing because that is how I see things. I want to work hard every day and try to improve in every aspect. I hope to join the team and help the team to the top."

To summarize the presented 

facts about Malang Sarr

 in the article, we can say he is a successful French footballer who grew up in a rough suburb of France. Although his hometown was such a center of repeated violence, Sarr tried to become a flourishing character in his future.

Also, coming from a poor economic background could not make Malang give up following and reaching his goal. The aspiring Chelsea's defender faced a family tragedy when his father died. His father's death caused many hardships for Malang, who was spending his early life.

Despite being under much pressure and tolerating many difficulties, as you see, Sarr is now a professional footballer, which shows his strong spirit and perseverance in pursuing his goals.

Although the life of the French football player has a lot of words to say, we only tried to mention the most notable facts about Malang Sarr. If you have more points to add to the presented version, share them with us and place them in the comment section.

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