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Top facts about Mikel Oyarzabal, the Big Foot

Lack of knowledge about footballers' achievements leads us to measure their success in the football world incorrectly. So, to know the players well, it is better to review their biographies. Join us throughout the top facts about Mikel Oyarzabal to find more about one of the young Spanish stars.

Today's article is regarding the personal and professional life of a Spanish professional footballer, Mikel Oyarzabal. He currently plays for the Spain national team and is a left-winger or forward in Real Sociedad, the La Liga club.

The 24-year-old football has played the whole era of his career for the club. Meanwhile, he has made more than 200 appearances and netted more than 60 times. His brilliant performance has earned him many achievements, which in the following we have prepared a section to list all of them.

In addition to his successful club career, Mikel has appeared at the international competitions since 2015 with Spain U-18, Spain U-19, Spain U-21, Spain U-23, Spain, and Basque Country. However, his full debut for his national team was in 2016, in which he represented them at UEFA Euro 2020.

To know more about the talented footballer and understand how he has gotten to the current position in the football world, we have described his personal life from his childhood until today. In the text, you will find out that unlike the popular belief about athletes, that they drop out of education and only turn to sports, Mikel followed his studies at university and did it well until its end. Let us not go into more detail here and review them later in the article. 

Top facts about Mikel Oyarzabal

First of all, we have prepared a list of general

facts about Mikel Oyarzabal

, which gives you much info about him as fast as possible. 

  • Full Name:

    Mikel Oyarzabal

  • Nickname:

    Big Foot

  • Date of Birth:

    21 April 1997

  • Place of Birth:

    Eibar, Spain

  • Parents:

    Mr. and Mrs Ernesto Oyarzabal

  • Sibling(s):

    Cristina Oyarzabal (Mikel's older sister), Elene Oyarzabal (Mikel's younger sister)

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Ethnicity:


  • Religion:


  • Position:

    Winger, Forward

  • Number:


  • Team(s):

    Real Sociedad

Now that you got a bit about the successful Spanish footballer, it is better to go through the 

facts about Mikel Oyarzabal

 and read about details of his life on and off the pitch. 

Mikel Oyarzabal Early Life

Born to his parents on 21 April 1997, Mikel Oyarzabal bears a nickname, Big Foot. As the second child and the only son of his family, Mikel inherited the spirit of reverence from his parents. 

Mikel Oyarzabal early life

 was an era in which he never felt lonely because he spent most of it with his older sister, Cristina Oyarzabal.

They have a good relationship with each other. Though Cristina was older, she never behaved such a bossy sister, which made their connection stronger. Cristina always took excellent care of her younger brother, and as an older sibling, she did her best not to let her brother feel alone.

Years later, their mother gave birth to another girl, Elene, which was joyful news for Cristina and Mikel. Like most lastborn children, Elene was endearing and lovable and liked to be around her older siblings, who always looked after her. 

Mikel, his older sister, and possibly their younger sister has followed in their father's footsteps and kept studying to be reasonably educated. Mikel Oyarzabal is now graduated from the University of Deusto and has a Business degree.

Education and sports were two goals, which Mikel began to follow both purposes at the same time from his childhood, and none of them interrupted him from following the other goal. However, making a balance between them at that age was so hard.

In an interview, Mikel has described those days and said, "The hardest thing was to go to training every day by taxi because it took up a lot of time from studying." He also added that "It was difficult for me to adapt and do well in my exams in my first year [at Real Sociedad].

However, with some good organization, I managed to sort it out. I made up some time before going to training when I was leaving school and on weekends." Mikel recalls the days he was studying at university and said, "Many times I did not feel like studying, but I know that it is important in life to have a second option for the future apart from football. You never know what can happen."

However, football was not his only sports interest, and he was so passionate about martial arts. By becoming interested in martial arts, Mike's parents enrolled him at a taekwondo school, in which he achieved a red belt, one grade below the black one. 

Mikel Oyarzabal Family

Born in a family with a warm atmosphere, 

Mikel Oyarzabal family

 had a modest income, which had placed them under the Spanish middle-class. Growing up in a simple family, Mikel has always been under the support of his parents and siblings, which empowered him to overcome all difficulties he faced in his profession.

Ernesto, Mikel's father, has had an easygoing character and played an efficient role in managing Mikel's career. There has been a close relationship between Mikel and his father, who is his agent. 

Mikel's father, responsible for making money for his children and wife, never struggled with money and always tried to make everyone happy. Mikel's parents are so simple people and have been so supportive. They always have let their children follow their interests and any career of their choice.

Mikel has described his father on social media and has commented that "He is a special person. Both my mother and he have supported me at all times in all the decisions I have made.

They did not question what it was or what I wanted to do in life. If I was happy with anything, they tried to help me with it." However, Mikel's father, who ensures his son's career stability, was not the only influential person in his life.

By preparing a warm atmosphere at home, Mikel's mother tried to provide comfort and tranquility for her son. Mikel talked about his parents with EI Diario Vasco and explained that "I do not see anyone better than my parents to advise me because they want the best for me." 

As you read earlier, Mikel grew up beside his older sister, Cristina, who followed her studies to the university and is highly educated now. She is a marketing graduate from the University of the Basque Country. Unfortunately, there is not much-published info about Mikel's younger sister, Elene, born in the mid-2000s. 

Due to Mikel Oyarzabal's birth in Eibar, Spain, the talented footballer holds Spanish nationality. Eibar is in the Basque Autonomous Community of the country, which led Mikel to be a full-fledged Basque. Mikel Oyarzabal's family's ancestors were from San Sebastian, and their hometown was in the country's Basque region. 

Mikel Oyarzabal Early career

Though the Spanish athlete followed martial arts and was successful in it, he joined the football world at a very young age. His football story began by being trained by German Andueza Berregi, the former professional athlete.

His coach was one of the athletes who played a prominent role in Basque sport. The start of 

Mikel Oyarzabal early career

 by a famous trainer earned him enormous success in the future. Finally, his interest in football led him to attend the academy.

Mikel kept playing in the lower levels of Eiber and stayed there until he turned 14. To explore more about the football world, Mikel thought that he had to leave his team at the time. By his decision, he left Eibar and moved to 

Real Sociedad

 in 2011 to begin his youth career.

After two years of playing, Mikel returned to Eibar on loan, but it did not last for more than one season. Leaving excellent performance led Mikel to become the Greatest Symbol of the Real Sociedad Academy. 

By the end of his youth career in 2014, Mikel accepted the Real Sociedad B's call and began his senior career with them. It did not take long that the young Spanish star joined the senior squad and soon gained a high-level place in the team. 

Mikel Oyarzabal Girlfriend

As a talented and successful player, who has introduced himself to the football world well and is handsome, many fans are interested in getting if the Spanish legend is in any romantic relationship or is single.

The fact is that he is dating a lady, Ainhoa Larrauri. She was born on 17 May 1997, which according to Mike's birth date, he is only one month older than his girlfriend.  

Mikel Oyarzabal girlfriend

 and her famous partner started their love story several years ago, and they have been dating since before 2015. As it seems, both Mikel and Ainhoa prefer not to share much info and photos about their relationship. Mikel and Ainhoa's first public appearance was when he had celebrated his UEFA U-21 winning with his family. 

On Ainhoa's 18th birthday, Mikel posted a picture of themselves and commented that "Because with you, there are plenty of words. Congratulations, my love. Enjoy the 18. Thanks for everything." Ainhoa responded to Mikel's posts and wrote, "How much I love you, very much. Thank you very much." 

Mikel Oyarzabal Instagram

Nowadays, football fans visit their heros' pages on social media to get the most updated info about them and even know more about their life off the pitch. Now that we are writing the article, Mikel has shared 208 posts, and 152k followers have followed his page, 


One of the most fantastic photos in 

Mikel Oyarzabal Instagram

 is the one in which he is holding a championship cup in his hands. He has commented that "There is no better way to close the season, an indescribable feeling!!! EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS."

One of the other photos is of his team in Tokyo 2020 that Mikel has written, "We are Olympic silver! Success for any athlete and achieving it with this family makes me feel privileged. Thank you all for your support from a distance.

You have not failed us. It's time to rest and disconnect a few days before the new season." Mikel has recently shared a post in which he has said, "My body has told me that I have to help the team from the outside. Already thinking of returning as soon as possible." The text is probably related to suffering a torn hamstring that occurred in a training session and has caused Mikel to be out for several weeks.

At all, Mikel has posted a wide range of photos about memorable moments of his career history, by which you can review many prominent times that he has had with his team, Real Sociedad. Additionally, there are some photos of Mikel's childhood, his family, and his girlfriend, by which you can feel a strong relationship between them. 

Mikel Oyarzabal Net worth

One of the hottest topics about footballers is their income, which can uncover their lifestyle. We have allocated this section to 

Mikel Oyarzabal net worth

, Current player of Real Sociedad, whose excellent performance with the team has earned him many fans and admiration.

Salaries, bonuses, endorsements, and his contracts are the ways by which Mikel makes money. With a salary of £1.9 million, some sources have estimated his net worth in 2021 at €5 million. They have also predicted his market value, which might be more than €70 million. 

Mikel Oyarzabal Honors

In the following paragraph, we have prepared a list of 

Mikel Oyarzabal honors

. It can describe how much he has been successful during his career history. 

  • Real Sociedad

               Copa del Rey in 2019-20

  • Spain U21

               UEFA European Under-21 Championship in 2019, runner-up in 2017

  • Spain U23

               Summer Olympics silver medal in 2020

  • Spain

               UEFA Nations League runner-up in 2020-21

  • Individual

               La Liga Player of the Month in October 2020

Short Facts about Mikel Oyarzabal

Like many footballers, who have left some moments during their career history, by which they have earned much reputation, Mikel Oyarzabal experienced it. In 2017, while Mikel was playing for Spain U-21, through his help for his team, they reached the finals of the UEFA European Championship.

That is why all recall it as the breakout year of his career history. However, his team did not appear successfully in the tournament and lost to Germany, their opponent, which had some prominent stars, such as

Serge Gnabry


Thilo Kehrer


With the result, Mikel did not become disappointed, and two years later, he could play a brilliant role in his team's success in another UEFA European Under-21 Championship.

In the tournament in 2019, several stars, like Dani Olmo,

Pablo Fornals

, Dani Ceballos, Unai Simon, and Mikel Oyarzabal, represented the Spanish Under 21 team. They appeared against Germany, which beat them in 2017, but Spain's performance was completely different. By the end of the competition, Mikel got part of his wish and achieved his first international award. 

After making 200 appearances and scoring 60 goals for Real Sociedad, Mikel showed himself as legendary in the football world. Playing alongside several other stars, such as

Adnan Januzaj

, Mikel has tried to earn much more achievements.

Finally, in the 2019-20 Copa del Rey, Mikel's efforts paid off, and he could leave a memorable performance, by which his team reached the final, in which they had not appeared since 1988.

At the time, Alexander Isak and David Silva had joined, respectively, from 

Borussia Dortmund


Manchester City

 to Real Sociedad. By the arrival of the stars, Real Sociedad made itself stronger and deserved to reach the Copa del Rey finals.

By the only goal of the delayed 2020 Copa del Rey Final, which Mikel scored, Real Sociedad beat Athletico Bilbao. This excellent and brilliant performance has aroused many predictions for any possible transfer that will take Mikel in the future. 

Inking the body is one of the most popular topics which many footballers are interested in it. However, as the pictures show, Mikel Oyarzabal has not done any tattoos. 

In short, today's article uncovered notable 

facts about Mikel Oyarzabal

, the modern-day football winger. Owning excellent running, which has made him a unique footballer, has abled him to progress the ball beyond the opposing team's line.

Through performing well on the pitch, Mikel has made a successful professional life for himself. However, as you read, we talked about his life both on and off the pitch. The Spanish footballer spent his childhood in the warmth of his family, besides his parents and siblings.

Also, by reading top facts about Mikel Oyarzabal, you got that the intelligent boy has made a balance between sports and academics and has been able to appear in both of them successfully. At all, we thank you for staying with us until the end of the article about one of Spain's most hopeful young footballers.

Despite our effort in preparing an accurate piece regarding top facts about Mikel Oyarzabal, there might be some parts that we have missed mentioning. So, we welcome your points if you notice them in the comment section.

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