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Football Players With Biggest Market Value Increase In 2021

Usually, before a transfer window opens, the growth of players’ market value begins. During the season, injuries, performance, and transfer rumors can also increase their value. Read on to find out more about football players with biggest market value increase in 2021.

As Messi and Ronaldo get closer to the end of their playing careers, new stars appear in the world of football. Football is preparing to molt and 2021 could be the year zero.

Robert Lewandowski

, Karim Benzema, and

Mohamed Salah

have out-shined Ronaldo and Messi. Kylian Mbappé has been the most valuable footballer for a while, and he seems determined to join Real Madrid. Those are some signs of football evolving.

In 2021, unlike the past year, many players increased their value in the transfer market. The biggest growth is for the young talents who showed great effort for their teams. Once again, Bundesliga is on top of youth academies and producing promising talents. In 2020, the biggest market value increase was for Erling Haaland, who is still holding the title. Despite media and advertising playing a big role in the players' market, sport attributes and team success are still the main factors of changing values.

Let's find out more about football players with biggest market value increase in 2021:

Despite the pandemic and its effects on the market, some directors and managers proved that they have enough money to make their squad worth even more.

Nuno Mendes

The Portuguese left-back is the first one of the

increased football players' market value in 2021



currently plays for Ligue 1 club,

Paris Saint-Germain

, on loan from Sporting CP. The 19 year old was the last player who joined PSG in the late transfer window. However, the move was shadowed by previous ones.

Mendes came through the academy squad of Sporting to play in the

Primeira Liga

. He became a crucial player at the age of 18 and in 2020-21 made 35 total caps. Mendes was initially a left wing-back in a 3-4-3 formation at Sporting, but at PSG he was converted into a left-back. The market value of Mendes on January 1st was estimated at €12 million. A few days before the beginning of 2021, he renewed his contract with Sporting and his buyout clause increased from €40 million to €70 million.

Despite missing a few games in January and February due to Coronavirus and Injury, his value was rising. Sporting was crowned as the champion of Primeira Liga and Taça da Liga. Winning major trophies increased Mendes’ market value . In June, while Mendes won the Portuguese super cup, the market value reached €40 million. He has the chance to improve his career with a team full of superstars.

Youssef En-Nesyri


’s increase and value points are the same as Nuno Mendes. As one of the top increased footballers' market value in 2021, the Moroccan striker is 5 years older than Mendes. En-Nesyri came to Spain while he was still a youngster. He joined Malaga’s youth team in 2015. In 2017, he joined the main team of Malaga and from the beginning of 2018, he made it to the starting line-up. The club was relegated at the end of the 2017-18 season and Youssef went to Leganés for €6 million, the same as his transfer value at the time.

After a season at Leganés, his value was doubled to €12 million. En-Nesyri scored 9 goals in 31 La Liga matches that season. He moved to


in January 2020. It took one year for En-Nesyri to fully adapt to the team. In January 2021, he collected two hat-tricks. The first one was against mighty rival

Real Sociedad

and ended with a 3-2 victory. He scored all three goals in the game against Cadiz in less than two weeks.

As one of the

players' market value most growth in 2021

,The 24 year old scored three braces for Sevilla in the Champions League. Two of them were in the group stage games against Krasnodar and Stade Rennais and the last was in the knockout phase facing Dortmund. Followed by Youssef’s good performance, his value increased to €40 million, twice his transfer fee to join Sevilla.

Mason Mount

Mason Moun

t is no longer a promising talent because now he is a key player for both Chelsea and the national team. Mount joined Chelsea's academy in 2005 when he was a child. He made his debut for the senior team in 2019, but before that, he spent two loan seasons at Vitesse and Derby County. At Derby County, his manager was

Frank Lampard

, who brought him to Chelsea afterward. At the time, his market value was €12 million. Mount owned the fifth place as Chelsea’s top scorer and assist leader in his debut season.

Subsequently, his value rose to €33 million. In the middle of 2020-21, Mount lost his main supporter, Frank Lampard, but his successor,

Thomas Tuchel

, also trusted him. The German manager took Chelsea when it was in 9th place in the Premier League standings and not only qualified for the Champions League by finishing 4th, but also made them champions in the previous season.

As one of the

football players with biggest market value increase in 2021

, Mount scored two important goals in the knockout phase, facing Porto and Real Madrid. In the final match against Manchester City, he provided the title-winning goal to win his first major trophy. The 22 year old reached the final of Euro 2020 too, but it didn’t come home. Mount’s market value is currently €75 million, which is €30 million more than in January 2021.

Dusan Vlahovic

The Serbian striker is Serie A’s only representative of the increased football players' market value in 2021.

Dusan Vlahovic

is the Serie A top scorer in 2021.


signed him in 2018 for €1.95 million, twice his market value at the time. He became the first born-in-2000 player, who played as a starter in Serie A for Fiorentina. Vlahovic scored a brace in the third match he started in Serie A.

2020 started well for the Serbian striker, but his form declined towards the end of the year. The market value of Vlahovic at the end of 2020 was €16 million.

Cesare Prandelli

had a good influence on Vlahovic. He scored in the last 3 Serie A matches of 2020. In 2020-21, he scored 21 goals and only four of them were not in 2021. His brilliant performances resulted in an increase in the market value of up to €50 million.

In the current season of Serie A, he has good form too, and scored 8 goals, and delivered an assist in the first 11 matches. The more goals the young striker scores, the harder it gets for Fiorentina to keep him from going to a bigger club. If Vlahovic does the same at a bigger club, his value will go even further.

Marcos Llorente 

Marcos Llorente

was originally a Madridista, but his turn at Atleti led him to the players' market value most growth in 2021. The Spanish midfielder is currently at the peak of his career. Under the Atlético manager,

Diego Simeone

, he has become an all-in-one midfielder and a reliable player for both Atlético and Spain's national team. He was never trusted at Real and his most notable season was 2017-18, when they won the Champions League.

His versatile attributes allow him to play as a central midfielder as well as an attacking midfielder and even a winger. Besides his positioning, visionary passing, and game reading ability, Llorente is one of the fastest players in La Liga. At the beginning of 2021, Llorente's market value was €45 million. He scored his first La Liga goal for

Atlético Madrid

in 2021. As one of the football players with biggest market value increase in 2021, the 26 year old kept his great form in January and February and was a key element of the team.

Llorente scored three goals and delivered five assists in the first two months of the year. After winning the league's title, he was called up for Euro 2020 competition.

Dani Carvajal

was unavailable due to an injury, and surprisingly, Llorente filled the vacancy at right back. The market value of this talented player has increased by €35 and reached €80 million.

Jamal Musiala 

Jamal Musiala

moved from Chelsea's academy to


's when he was 16 years old. He is now one of football players with biggest market value increase in 2021. Musiala made his Bundesliga debut for Bayern against Freiburg. By the debut match, he became Bayern's youngest player to play in Bundesliga, aged 17 years. A few months later Musiala scored his first Bundesliga goal for Bayern and became the club's youngest goal scorer.

Before the beginning of 2021, he made his debut in the Champions League too, and even started the match against Atlético Madrid. In February 2021, Musiala scored a goal in a match facing


in the Champions League's round of 16. The goal made him the competition's youngest German goalscorer. The market value of Musiala on January 1st was €10 million. Before scoring the record breaking goal against Lazio, his market value had reached €24 million.

The 18 years old was called up for the German national team in March. He signed his first professional contract with Bayern in the same month. Musiala scored his first brace in a 2-3 victory over


. At the end of the 2020-21 season, he is worth €38 million on the transfer market. In the current season of Bundesliga Musiala is on good form scoring 2 goals and delivering 3 assists. His market value is €50 million today.

Florian Wirtz

Florian Wirtz

is one of the most exciting Bundesliga talents. The Bayer Leverkusen’s player has overtaken Kai Havertz as Leverkusen's youngest player in Bundesliga, followed by his debut against Werder Bremen. Wirtz was Bundesliga's youngest goalscorer at the age of 17 until the 16 years old Youssoufa Moukoko broke his record. He scored his first Bundesliga goal against Bayern Munich by curling the ball toward Neuer's goal.

Just like Musiala, he signed a contract with Bayer Leverkusen in December 2020. In January 2021, Wirtz's market value was €24 million. During the 2020-21 season, Wirtz became a full time player for Bayer. He scored the winning goal in a 2-1 victory over Dortmund in the late minutes. Wirtz is storming the current season of Bundesliga. He delivered an assist in the 87' match against

Borussia Monchengladbach

after only three minutes had passed since he was sent in.

In the next match, Wirtz was sent in earlier on 65' and he scored a goal and delivered an assist. He started the next two matches and once again he scored a goal and made an assist in both matches. In his first 7 appearances in the 2021-22 Bundesliga, Wirtz scored 4 goals and registered 6 assists. His market value is currently at €65 million. 

Jude Bellingham

The English central midfielder has shown himself worthy in Bundesliga in 2021.

Jude Bellingham

joined Dortmund in July 2020 from championship side Birmingham City for a fee of €22 million, while his market value was about €10.5 million. He was already breaking records in Birmingham. Currently priced at €67 million, he seems to have a promising career ahead of him. He missed the first two matches of 2021 due to a foot injury. Because of good performances, Bellingham was named the top newcomer for the 2020-21 Bundesliga season.

In 2020, when

Trent Alexander Arnold

and James Ward-Prowse were injured, he was called up for the England senior team for the first time. He was the third youngest player on England's national team after

Wayne Rooney

and Theo Walcott. He is already getting a lot of interest from several major clubs in the Premier League, like Liverpool and Chelsea. This has sent Dortmund's directors to make changes to Bellingham's contract.

According to Bild in Germany, any club wishing to purchase Bellingham would have to pay no less than €100 million. In recent weeks, Liverpool has been heavily linked with the midfielder. After the departure of Georginio Wijnaldum and Liverpool midfielders back to back injuries in the current season, Jude Bellingham could be a big help for

Jurgen Klopp



The eighteen year old central midfielder who sometimes plays as a left winger or attacking midfielder, has become


’s wonderkid. After his triumph in

Las Palmas

and becoming their youngest goalscorer, Barca decided to move back to its young star and made the transfer in July 2020. In the previous season, the youngster played 52 games with Barcelona’s first squad, having four goals and six assists in all competitions.

When Barcelona picked him up, he was only worth €7.2 million, and now he is one of the most expensive young players in the world with a market value of €76 million. His passing abilities and quick feet earned him this position at Barcelona. After Euro 2020, his market value jumped by over €10 million. He was voted as the best young player, playing in

Luis Enrique

’s squad.

As one of football players with biggest market value increase in 2021, he became the youngest footballer ever to represent Spain at European Competitions. He played almost every minute in Spain’s six games and completed 65 out of 66 passes until they were defeated in penalties, in a match against Euro Champions in the semifinal. In the current season, he has had a muscle injury and missed 9 games in La Liga. Considering Barcelona’s situation in the domestic games, fans wish he would come back soon. 

Jack Grealish

There have been so many questions about the 26 year old left winger's latest transfer and if it was really worth it.

Jack Grealish

is fourth in transfer market value with €95 million after

Harry Kane

. After his move to Manchester City, he became the most expensive English player ever. In the past season, he lost 12 Premier League games due to a shinbone injury and had 27 appearances in all competitions for Aston Villa, scoring seven goals.

But there was a reason that

Pep Guardiola

, and Manchester City's directors, agreed to pay such value for the player. As one of the most valuable players in 2021, his dribbling skills would scare any defense line in Europe. Interestingly, at the time of the transfer to Man City, his transfer market value was €62 million in August 2021. This huge rise since then is a shock considering his performance at his new club.

In the current season, Grealish has played in 15 games in all the competitions so far and scored two goals, one in the Premier League and one in the Champions League, and he also had 3 assists. Of course, it is a bit early to decide if he will become another flop on Guardiola’s bench, but many think that he is now one of the biggest overpriced players.

Erling Haaland

From January 1, 2021,


’s market value has increased by about 50%, which is €47.5 million. The 21 year old center forward has a market value of €143 million, which is the second highest value after

Kylian Mbappé

with €152.5 million. He is one of the most talented and brightest footballers in Europe and already has a lot of individual awards.

He was Bundesliga player of the 2020-21 season and was in the Champions League squad of the season as well as forward of the season and top scorer. He is the first player who has scored six goals in his first three games in the Champions League. From January 2021 till now, he has scored 37 goals in 36 games in all competitions. He got his first title with Dortmund by winning 4-1 against Leipzig, in which he scored a brace.

As one of the

most valuable players in 2021

, he lost nine matches in 2021 due to injuries. He has already scored 13 goals and had four assists in 10 appearances this season. Haaland started the season with a hat trick in the first round of the DFB Pokal against Wehen Wiesbaden. He truly is one of the greatest players in modern football, who could become a star like Messi and Ronaldo in the near future. 




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