Fastest players in FIFA 21

Sat 20 November 2021 | 20:29

Who are on the FIFA 21 fastest players list? Who can outrun their opponents with lightning-fast pace? Follow us below as we take a look at some of the fastest players in FIFA 21 and their overall stats in the game.

FIFA 22 might be the talk of the town as of now, but many are still yet to purchase a copy of Electronic Arts’ new football simulation game. Many are still playing FIFA 21 as they await to see how and if the new edition delivers on its promises. That is why people are still debating over the overall ratings in the game and can talk hours about who should have the highest pace rating in the game.

From Adama Traore and Kylian Mbappe, to Vinicius Junior and Leon Bailey, there are some special talents with some explosive pace ratings who can take the ball from your half to the opposition’s box and leave your opponents in need of a taxi just like what Gareth Bale did to Marc Bartra by sprinting past the Barcelona defender from outside the pitch to score the winner against Real Madrid’s archrivals in the Copa del Rey final.

Of course those days are long over as we have now got new talents with incredible pace. If you too are eager to know more about the

fastest players in FIFA 21

, then read on as we provide all the details you might need on these explosive footballers.

FIFA 21 fastest players list

Let us see who can run the fastest in the current version of EA’s football simulation game.


Aurelio Buta (94), Anibal Chala (95), Alphonso Davies (96)


Tom Barkhuizen (94), Gelson Martins (94), Kim In Seong (94), Leon Bailey (94), Achraf Hakimi (94), Ismaila Sarr (94), Daniel James (95)


Sadio Mane (94), Kensuke Nagai (95), Vinicius Junior (95), Adama Traore (79), Kylian Mbappe (96)

Now that we’ve had an overview of the

fastest players in FIFA 21

, let’s dive in and delve deeper into each player’s detailed in-game stats.

Sadio Mane

  • Overall: 90

  • Pace: 94


are quite lucky to have two of the best wingers in the world at their disposal, with one covering the left-wing while the other covers the right wing. While Mohamed Salah is the go-to guy when Jurgen Klopp needs a proper world-class right-winger, Sadio Mane is his weapon of choice on the left side of the field. Understandably, Mane is one of the

fastest players in FIFA 21

thanks to his incredible 94 pace. Not only can Mane run very fast, he can also be quite lethal in front of goal both in the game and in the real world.

He actually holds the record for the fastest hat-trick in Premier League history as he scored three goals in 2 minutes and 56 seconds in Southampton’s 6-1 win over Aston Villa back in the 2014-15 season. Having one of the highest FIFA 21 ratings, the Senegalese winger is quite an adept shooter of the ball and is able to dribble through the opposition defense with ease thanks to his amazing dribbling stats and ball control.

Mane is also quite good in the air as he boasts an 84 heading accuracy stat and you can certainly make good use of his 4-star weak foot and skill moves in the game. With an exceptionally high attacking work rate, the Liverpool winger can come in handy in any attacking scenario.

Tom Barkhuizen

  • Overall: 72

  • Pace: 94

Perhaps you might have expected to only see world-class players from world-class clubs in Europe’s top-flights on the

FIFA 21 fastest players list

, but the truth is that many of those on this list don’t even play in the top-five leagues. Of course this fact is considered a good news as you can sign these players early on in your career in FUT or in career mode if you have opted to play as an underdog in an unknown league.

Surely many FIFA players already know about Tom Barkhuizen and his impressive pace since he has been one of the fastest players in recent years. Barkhuizen enjoys an incredible 94 pace, which makes him on par with Sadio Mane, one of the best wingers in the world. The

Preston North End

winger also has an overall rating of 72, which is quite impressive for the Englishman as he is considered to be a proper winger for starters. You can get Barkhuizen for as low as 350 coins and enjoy his massive 94-rated acceleration and sprint speed.

Aurelio Buta

  • Overall: 76

  • Pace: 94

Having a proper full-back is always important in modern football as they play one of the most crucial roles in today’s game. Full-backs have transitioned from complete defenders into wingers who track back and defend against the opposition with their immense pace and stamina. That is why many of the fastest players in FIFA 21 are actually full-backs rather than strikers or forwards.

One such talented full-back who plays on the right wing is Aurelio Buta, who currently plays for Royal Antwerp after he joined the Belgian club from Benfica’s reserves side. Buta enjoys an impressive pace of 94 and can prove to be an effective part of your squad with his amazing 4-star-rated skill moves and weak foot. The Portuguese star also boasts an incredibly 86 agility, which allows him to be quick on his feet and use his nimble footwork to get through the opposition with ease.

Gelson Martins

  • Overall: 80

  • Pace: 94


have one of the fastest players in FIFA 21 in their midst and are quite content with having him on their side. This particular player is none other than Gelson Martins, who boasts an overall rating of 80 and enjoys a phenomenal pace of 94. The Portuguese winger is only 25 years old and is on his way towards becoming one of the fastest players in the world who is also able to put his dribbling abilities to good use. Aside from having a 94-rated pace, Martins also enjoys a remarkable dribbling overall.

His 94-rated agility and 92-rated balance can cause your opponents heavy headaches as the Portugal international is able to keep the ball at his feet while dribbling his way towards the goal. The Monaco winger also boasts an incredible 5-star skill moves set, which will definitely allow you to showboat your way through the opposition defense. Thanks to his high offensive and defensive work rates, Martins is able to run across the length of the pitch without suffering the consequences of becoming overtired.

Kim In-Seong

  • Overall: 71

  • Pace: 94

Even though Kim In-Seong does not have one of the highest

FIFA 21 ratings

, he is still one of the fastest players in the whole game. Perhaps it might surprising to see that a player from South Korea’s second-tier is on this list, but it wouldn’t so surprising if you got to see how fast this 32-year-old South Korean actually runs.

Kim In-Seong is by far one of the fastest players in FIFA 21 thanks to his wonderful pace. The left-winger boasts a pace of 94 and an overall rating of 71. As a 3-star skiller, you might not be able to dribble your way into your opponent’s box. But for a cheap price of 800 coins, the hardworking skipper will certainly be a fine addition to your new squad.

Leon Bailey

  • Overall: 80

  • Pace: 94

Aston Villa

made one of the wisest moves in the 2021 summer transfer window when they opted to sign Leon Bailey from

Bayer Leverkusen

for a reported fee of €32 million. The 24-year-old is without a doubt one of the most talented prospects of his generation and is also listed as one of the fastest players in FIFA 21.

The Jamaica international is able to put his lightning-fast 94-rated pace into good use and will prove to be an effective dribbler thanks to his agility and overall dribbling. Bailey is versatile enough to be deployed on a multitude of positions on either wings. He is also an adept shooter of the ball and boasts a satisfactory 74 finishing stat. With an overall potential of 85, the Jamaican can definitely be a great investment on your part as he can improve to boast one of the higher FIFA 21 ratings.

Achraf Hakimi

  • Overall: 83

  • Pace: 94

Achraf Hakimi is without a doubt one of the most promising full-backs in the world and is also one of the hottest players in the transfer market thanks to his €60 million move to Paris Saint-Germain. The Moroccan has already had the pleasure of playing for world-class clubs such as

Real Madrid



and now PSG and is on his way towards becoming one of the best right-backs in the world. Hakimi is considered to be more of a right-midfielder and winger in FIFA 21 due to his immense versatility and roles at Inter.

The 22-year-old is one of the fastest players in FIFA 21 and enjoys a massive pace of 94. With an overall rating of 83 and a high attacking work rate, the former Inter full-back can and will be a great addition to your squad both in FUT and in career mode. You can certainly make use of his dribbling and crossing ability to send in long, short, and early crosses from the right wing and accurately find your strikers inside the box. His overall rating of 85 in FIFA 22 shows that the youngster is indeed on the right path to becoming one of the best in the business.

Ismaila Sarr

  • Overall: 78

  • Pace: 94

If you have access to as few as 700 coins in FIFA 21, then we suggest you invest in the 78-rated Ismaila Sarr, who is by far one of the fastest wingers in the entire game. The 6’1” (185cm) tall winger has an incredible pace of 94 and can use his 4-star skill moves to showboat his way through the opposition defense with ease. Of course you might encounter some difficulty while trying to dribble past your opponents as he is yet to become an avid dribbler of the ball.

Of course that does not mean that Sarr is a bad dribbler as he enjoys a fine dribbling stat. The Senegalese youngster also possesses the ability to shoot the ball with incredible power and can become a lethal long-shot taker if you give him enough time and attention to improve his stats in career mode. With an overall potential of 86, Sarr can become one of your best players in no time and help you greatly with his raw pace and speed.

Anibal Chala

  • Overall: 69

  • Pace: 95

Anibal Chala is certainly not one of the highest-rated players in FIFA 21 or any other edition of the football simulation game. But his sheer and utterly ridiculous pace has introduced him into the list of fastest footballers in FIFA 21. The 25-year-old Ecuador international has spent most of his time out on loan at different clubs such as LDU Quito and Dijon. He currently plays for Mexican side Atlas Guadalajara and is one of the club’s newest arrivals.

Even though you might not be able to use him as a lethal winger or an effective crosser of the ball, Chala can at least prove useful if you want to simply take the ball into the opposition’s box and get past your markers with sheer speed thanks to the Ecuadorean’s lightning-fast 95 pace.

Perhaps the only positive points in Chala’s FIFA 21 card are his raw pace and his high work rate in attack. For some reason, however, the 69-rated left-back is valued at a massive 1,500 coins, which is quite a steep price to pay for only pace and nothing else.

Kensuke Nagai

  • Overall: 70

  • Pace: 95

Don’t be fooled by Kensuke Nagai’s 70 overall rating as he hides in his FIFA card one of the best pace ratings in the entire game. The 32-year-old is ridiculously fast in the game thanks to his phenomenal 95-rated pace. His sheer pace and incredible stamina at such an age can prove to be effective against the relatively slower defenders who play in the Japanese top-tier. Nagai currently plays for FC Tokyo and is valued at around €1 million in the real-world transfer market.

The Japanese striker might not have much to offer when it comes to dribbling or showboating using his skill moves, but he does boast a 4-star-rated weak foot and can easily tire out the entire opposition team with his high attacking work rate and his phenomenal 94 stamina. It is perhaps surprising to see that a player with such an immense pace does not possess much versatility as he can only deliver when deployed as a center-forward.

Vinicius Jr.

  • Overall: 80

  • Pace: 95

If it weren’t for the likes of Adama Traore and Kylian Mbappe, Vinicius Junior would be the highest-rated fastest player in FIFA 21. The Brazilian youngster joined Real Madrid in 2018 with a lot of promise. He quickly turned into a vital part of the club’s plans, but was cast aside when Zinedine Zidane took the helm at Madrid for a second time. However, Vinicius has finally turned into the player Los Blancos had envisioned him to be and has helped the Spanish giants claim top-spot in La Liga so far.

While there is still a long way to go for the former Flamengo winger, no one can deny the Vinicius Junior can run fast as heck. The 21-year-old boasts an incredible 95 pace and can combine his raw speed with his remarkable dribbling ability to produce jaw-dropping moments in any and every game. You can certainly make good use of his 94 agility and 88 dribbling and combine them with his 5-star skill moves to find your way through the opposition with ease.

Thanks to his high attacking work rate and his 4-star weak foot, the Brazil international can be a lethal goal scorer as well as a fine passer of the ball. Of course there is still a long way to go for Vinicius as his finishing stats are even less than subpar for such a highly talented winger.

Daniel James

  • Overall: 77

  • Pace: 95

Leeds United

certainly made a wise move by opting to sign Daniel James from

Manchester United

for a reported fee of €30 million in the 2021 summer transfer window. James had initially arrived at United from Swansea for €18 million and he has come a long way since his first days as a Red Devil. Now that James is one of the Peacocks, he is by far the fastest player in the team as he is, after all, one of the fastest players in the world.

With a massive 95 pace and an exciting overall of 77, the Welshman can and will become one of the best wingers in football if he keeps performing well in games. But how does the 22-year-old perform in a game of FIFA?

Well, the former Manchester United man has not only great pace, but also incredible agility and stamina, which allow him to run up and down the pitch without any issues. His high work rates also suggest that you can count on him to deliver in every game as he likes to be one of the key parts of your squad.

Alphonso Davies

  • Overall: 81

  • Pace: 96

Bayern Munich

truly introduced Alphonso Davies to the world with a bang in their historic sextuple-winning season, during which the Canadian youngster proved himself to be one of the fastest players in the world with his astonishing pace. Since then, Davies has become an integral part of Bayern and is on his way towards becoming one of the greatest left-backs in the world. Not only is Davies one of the quickest and fastest players in FIFA 21, but he is also on the lists of fastest players and highest-rated U-21 players in FIFA 22.

With an overall rating of 81, the 20-year-old left-back enjoys a massive 96 pace and is versatile enough to showcase his incredible speed as both a full-back and a winger. He joined the Bundesliga side from Vancouver Whitecaps for €10 million in 2019 and has since filled his trophy cabinet with numerous titles and honors.

You should probably deploy Davies on the left side of the pitch where he thrives. He can certainly make an impact with his 4-star skill moves and weak foot, while also giving the opposition a major headache with his incredible work rate in attack and his dribbling overall.

Adama Traore

  • Overall: 79

  • Pace: 96

Who would have thought that a player, who was once shunned by


’s reserves side, would one day go on to become one of the fastest footballers in the world? Adama Traore received much-deserved attention when he showcased his unbelievable and inhumane pace at

Worlverhampton Wanderers

. The Spaniard joined the Premier League side for €20 million in 2018 and has since become one of the players to regularly appear on news headlines for his impressive performances and his phenomenal speed.

Traore’s 96 pace and 86 dribbling overall in FIFA 21 are more than enough to cause trouble in the opposition half. And if you go on and throw in his 4-star skill moves and his high offensive work rate, then you will get yourself an absolute beast of a winger on the right. The Spain international also boasts a remarkable 86-rated strength, which is only a glimpse of his true physical strength in real life. Have you even seen the winger’s calves and muscle definition? 

Kylian Mbappe

  • Overall: 90

  • Pace: 96

Kylian Mbappe is on par with Adama Traore and Alphonso Davies when it comes to raw pace stats in FIFA 21. But he has apparently managed to take a step forward and earn an upgrade in FIFA 22 to become the fastest player in the world in EA’s eyes. Mbappe is a true beast of a player in both the real world and in the FIFA series. After all, he is the cover star of FIFA 22 and boasts an overall rating of 91.

The striker’s godly 96 pace is combined with his unbelievable 5-star skill moves and his 4-star weak foot. The only department where Mabppe lacks fine stats is the defense overall. Other stats, on the other hand, clearly show what an amazing talent the Frenchman actually is. With a massive 91 dribbling and a remarkable 91 finishing, Mbappe is obviously the man you are going to need if you ever lack a proper world-class goal scorer in front of the goal.




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