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Best FIFA 22 fullbacks

Who is the highest-rated full-back in FIFA 22? Want to know more about the top 10 defenders who can unleash hell from the wings? Then follow us below as we take a look at some of the best FIFA 22 players who play as left-backs or right-backs.

We have finally gotten our hands on the long-awaited FIFA 22 and we now know what it feels like to play the much-hyped football simulation game after it had been on the headlines for several months. FIFA 22 release date was the very first day of October and we have since been able to what the game has to offer.

With so much anticipation for the game itself, there have been talks about the best players in FIFA 22 and everyone wants to know who to buy in career mode or who to keep in FUT. That is why we decided to take a look and see who the

best FIFA 22 fullbacks

are and what their overall rating actually is.

We will also dig a little deeper and take a more detailed look into each player’s stats and abilities. So if you too are eager to find out more about these talented defenders, then read on as we provide all the information you might need to know about the FIFA 22 player ratings.

Best FIFA 22 players – Fullbacks

From Aaron Wan-Bissaka to Kieran Trippier, Achraf Hakimi, Dani Carvajal and Trent Alexander-Arnold, Electronic Arts’ new football simulation game features some of the most talented full-backs in football history and we are quite lucky to be able to both watch them in real life and enjoy what they have to offer in our videogames. Here are some of the best full-backs that you can get your hands on to add to your roster in both the career mode and the FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

  • Overall: 83

  • Position: RB

It only took Aaron Wan-Bissaka a couple of seasons to become one of the top defenders of his generation and he has now become one of the

best FIFA 22 fullbacks

as well. While traditional defenders used to have slower pace and much higher defensive ratings in both the real world and in videogames, the

Manchester United

right-back is only one of the dozens of world-class full-backs who are more suited for offensive tactics than defensive ones.

Of course that is not to say that the Englishman is not a good defender as he is still more than capable of delivering a fine defensive performance. At the age of 23, Wan-Bissaka boasts an incredible 4-star skill moves set and enjoys an 85 pace and an 81 defensive stat. Even though the former

Crystal Palace

right-back is not a finisher in any way, perhaps he should work on his shooting a bit more as he has just received a shooting rating of 52, which is insultingly low for any footballer of such caliber.

These stats bring the Red Devil’s overall stats to a satisfactory overall rating of 83. If you want to get your hands on one of the best FIFA 22 fullbacks, then you might have to spend a little over 10,000 coins to add him to your roster in FUT. Of course he is well worth all that coin as his 88 sprint speed and 82 acceleration, combined with his 73 crossing can be more than adequate for sending in accurate crosses into the opposition’s box from the right wing.

Juan Cuadrado

  • Overall: 83

  • Position: RB

If you want an immensely versatile player on your roster and need a right-back who can also fill into the position of a midfielder or a winger, then Juan Cuadrado is your man. Cuadrado’s incredible career has taken him back and forth from Italy to England. Having started his started his career in at Independiente Medellin, the Colombia international gained prominence as a world-class winger at Juventus after he joined the Italian club from Chelsea back in 2015.

Cuadrado has since turned into one of the

best FIFA 22 fullbacks

and is still going strong at the age of 33. With a high attacking work rate and with 5-star skill moves, he is undoubtedly one of the most effective and lethal wingers in the game as he can both attack and defend with relative ease and thanks to his 78 stamina, it is unlikely that you’re going to need to substitute him during the game.

With a phenomenal pace of 90, Cuadrado is one of the fastest players in FIFA 22 and boasts an outstanding 91 acceleration and 89 sprint speed. These stats are also combined with an unbelievable 94 agility and 90 dribbling, which in turn make the Colombian right-back quite a scary winger who can cut through the opposition players and launch a fast-paced counterattack from the right. With a price 14,000-coin price tag, the


right-back is without a doubt one of the bargain players on Ultimate team and can prove useful in almost any situation.

Jesus Navas

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: RB

FIFA 22 player ratings

clearly show that Jesus Navas is one of the top right-backs in both La Liga and in the whole game. The Spaniard has been one of the best full-backs around for several years and does not seem to be stopping any time soon. The 35-year-old started his career at


and joined

Manchester City

for €20 million in 2013, after which he returned to his home club in 2017 and has since been a vital part of the Spanish club’s plans.

Navas enjoys an incredible 4-star-rated skill moves set and is able to put 110% in every game thanks to his high attacking work rate. With an amazing pace of 87 and a more-than-adequate dribbling stat, you can certainly make use of the Spain international in the frontlines as well as at the back. Contrary to some of the other modern full-backs who lack the proper defensive stats, Navas is more than capable of delivering a fine defensive performance thanks to his defensive awareness and tackling stats.

Raphael Guerreiro

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: LB

As one of the

best FIFA 22 players

who play as a left-back, Raphael Guerreiro is certainly a bargain defender if you want someone who can both create an impenetrable wall at the back and take part in the counterattack. The 27-year-old is one of the surprisingly cheap left-backs in the game as you can get your hands on his game card for as low as 1,400 coins.

Thanks to his 4-star skill moves the Portuguese full-back is quite an avid dribbler of the ball, which combined with his 88 dribbling and 88 agility can enable you to wreak havoc on the sides. Perhaps the only limitation that you are going to face with Guerreiro is his disappointingly low physical stats, which includes an utterly ridiculous strength stat of 50. If it weren’t for the Borussia Dortmund defender’s low physical stats, he would have been one of the top-5 full-backs in FIFA 22 as he boasts amazing passing stats and shooting overall as well.

Lucas Digne

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: LB

If you are tired of all the fast-paced runners who know nothing other than speed and can’t even properly defend with their low physical stats, then you need to know a lot more about Lucas Digne, who is by far one of the best FIFA 22 fullbacks and can prove to be priceless in almost any defensive situation. The Frenchman currently plays for


and has earned himself an overall rating of 84 in EA’s recent football simulation game.

He enjoys quite an impressive defensive and physical overall ratings and is also an adept passer of the ball. Of course that is not to say that you won’t be using Digne in offense because thanks to his incredible ball control and adequate dribbling, you can certainly can deploy him in attack as well. Don’t expect him to pull off phenomenal skills though as he is only able to pull off 3-star skill moves.

Ricardo Pereira

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: RB

Just like Lucas Digne, Ricardo Pereira is an all-around balanced full-back and is able to deliver satisfactory performances in both offensive and defensive situations. The 28-year-old is one of the best FIFA 22 fullbacks thanks to his 84 overall rating and his FIFA card can be acquired on auction for less than 4,000 coins. The best point about Pereira is that he is incredibly hard-working thanks to his high work rates.

The Portugal international gained prominence at Porto back in 2015 and earned a move to

Leicester City

for €22 million in 2018. Since then, he has helped the Premier League club win both the FA Cup and the Community Shield and he can help you win games as well thanks to his balanced stats, which will not limit you to only certain types of gameplay.

Theo Hernandez

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: LB

Who would have thought that a

Real Madrid

flop would one day become one of the most vital players at

AC Milan

and get to be on the list of best FIFA 22 fullbacks? Well, Theo Hernandez is that former flop and couldn’t be happier with his overall rating of 84 in the new edition of FIFA. The Hernandez brothers took on the world by surprise as they rose to prominence with their impressive performances.

While Theo’s brother Lucas had a much higher overall rating in previous editions of FIFA, Theo has managed to take the lead and become a much more effective left-back in both the real world and in the game. If you want a strong full-back with lightning-fast pace and incredible physical stats, then the AC Milan man is the one you are looking for.

The 184cm (6’0”) tall defender is a long way away from realizing his full potential and is still one of the best in the business. With a massive 93 pace overall and an acceptable 84 crossing, you can certainly make use of Theo Hernandez on the wing while also creating a solid wall at the back with his physicality.

Marcos Acuna

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: LB

Few on the list of best FIFA 22 fullbacks are as balanced in all departments as Marcos Acuna. The Argentinian enjoys an all-around fine stats in every aspect and boasts an incredible 87 dribbling stat as well.

Sevilla are quite lucky to have Acuna on the opposite side of Jesus Navas as the two can send in deadly crosses inside the opposition’s box. Acuna can also prove useful if you want to showboat your way through the opposition defense as his 4-star skill moves can certainly help you achieve that sweet feeling of dribbling your opponents with wacky moves.

Daniel Carvajal

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: RB

Imagine being so good at playing in a certain role that even constant injuries don’t stop you from being the main choice for that position. That is how good Dani Carvajal is as he is not only one of the best FIFA 22 fullbacks, but also the main right-back at one of the greatest clubs in the world.

With an overall rating of 85, the Spain international enjoys incredible stats in almost all departments. Even though he definitely isn’t the paciest defender in the game, his overall pace rating is more than enough for the Spaniard to catch on to most attackers.

Of course some claim that his pace stat in FIFA 22 is not attributed fairly as he deserves a much higher rating than what he currently boasts. With a high offensive work rate and a 3-star skill moves set, Carvajal is surely a bargain right-back with such an incredibly low price of 3,600 coins, which is far less than what you might get to pay other counterparts of his.

Kyle Walker

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: RB

Imagine being the club who let go of one of the best full-backs in the world just because you thought that the footballer is too old to deliver impressive performances.


Hotspur are exactly that club since they sold Kyle Walker to Manchester City for €52 million in 2017 and have always regretted this decision. Pep Guardiola has at his disposal some of the best full-backs in the world and Kyle Walker is certainly one of them.

The 31-year-old boasts an overall rating of 85 and is by far one of the fastest players in FIFA 22. His spectacular 92 pace is more than enough to leave behind almost any defender as is the case in the real world. The Englishman also enjoys an incredible physical stat and an adequate defensive overall. These stats combined with his impressively high work rates allow him to be deployed on a multitude of positions as he can deliver great performances both up and down the pitch.

Achraf Hakimi

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: RB

Many PSG supporters were eager to know about Achraf Hakimi’s overall stats even before the day FIFA 22 release date was announced by EA. Hakimi is one of the lucky few as he has already had the pleasure of playing for world-class giants such as Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Inter before finally joining

Paris Saint-Germain

for a whopping €60 million in the summer of 2021. The Morocco international enjoys an overall rating of 85 and is definitely one of the fastest players in the entire game.

Hakimi’s magnificent 95 pace is the reason he boasts quite a hefty price tag. He is currently worth around 180,000 coins in the game, which is more than justified thanks to his impressive 83 dribbling overall and balanced stats in other skills as well. The former Real Madrid right-back is currently PSG’s main hero as he has scored 3 goals and has provided 2 assists in 9 appearances in Ligue 1.

Joao Cancelo

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: RB

It is quite incredible to see what squad depth Pep Guardiola has at Manchester City as the Spaniard has at his disposal not one but two of the best right-backs in the world. The massively talented Portugal international Joao Cancelo boasts an amazing overall rating of 86 and enjoys a more than acceptable pace as a defender, which allows him to run up and down the pitch with ease.

This sheer pace is combined with an 84 dribbling overall and a massive 90 stamina, which will certainly enable you to deploy Cancelo as your running machine across the length of the field. The Portuguese right-back earned the title of the most expensive right-back in the world after his €65 million move from Juventus to Manchester City and is now by far one of the best full-backs in both the real world and FIFA 22.

Jordi Alba

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: LB

While most of the full-backs on this list are newcomers who are only just starting to gain recognition for their hard work, Jordi Alba has been at the pinnacle of world football as one of the best left-backs in football history and is still going strong at the age of 31.

With Lionel Messi’s sad departure from


in the summer, Alba is one of the few loyal players left at the Catalan club as the rest are either new signings or young players who have earned themselves a place in the senior squad after graduating from the club’s youth sides.

Even though the Spain international’s pace does not come close to that of Kyle Walker’s or Achraf Hakimi’s, an 86 pace is well worth the 7,600 coins price tag that Alba has in the game. Considering how much most of the younger full-backs cost in FIFA 22, perhaps going for Jordi Alba would be one of the better options as he is more than capable of both defending and attacking with effective strategies. The Barcelona man also boasts an incredible 90 agility, which will allow you to use his nimble movement to go through the opposition defense with ease.

Andrew Robertson

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: LB


might not have become Premier League champions if it weren’t for the sheer brilliance of their defenders and especially Virgil van Dijk and Andy Robertson. While the Dutchman held the backline from collapsing with his incredible strength, the Scotsman helped his team in both departments as he ran up and down the pitch and followed the ball on the left side of the field.

Since joining Liverpool from Hulll City for €9 million in 2017, Robertson has turned into one of the best full-backs in the world and has now earned himself a place at the top as the best left-back in FIFA 22. With an overall rating of 87, Robertson is adept in all aspects as he can both defend and attack with effective movement.

He boasts an acceptable 84 pace and also enjoys impressive passing and defensive stats. He also has one of the highest stamina ratings in the whole game as he boasts a phenomenal 95 stamina, with which the Liverpool man will never let you down as you can pick him on the starting lineup week-in week-out.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: RB

Just like the world-class full-back duos that clubs such as Sevilla and Manchester City have, Liverpool also enjoy having two of the very best full-backs in the world as Andy Robertson takes care of the left wing while Trent Alexander-Arnold focuses on the right wing. The Englishman has managed to impress the entire world with his incredible performances throughout the years and has already made himself a name by providing the most crucial assist for Divock Origi in one of the most intense Champions League matches of all time.

Arnold boasts spectacular stats in almost all departments, especially in the passing department. Perhaps the only flaw in the Liverpool defender’s FIFA 22 car is his less-than-adequate pace rating, which currently stands at 79 as many believe that EA have made a massive mistake by underrating this gem of a defender. This matter has been an issue amongst the player’s and the club’s supporters even before the FIFA 22 release date since the rating were unveiled before the game was actually released.




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