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As one of the top clubs in the English Premier League, Everon is house of many football stars, such as Howard Kendall, Kevin Sheedy, and Leighton Baines. In today's article, we will take a look at the top facts about Yerry Mina, Everton's center-back.

The Colombian star is a professional footballer whose excellent playing style has caught fans' attention. Mina is the current center-back for Premier League club Everton and also for the Colombia national team.

The following article tells you facts in detail from his early life to when he gained success in the football world, from lifestyle to net worth, and many others, which give you enough info regarding the Colombian footballer. 

Following his brilliant performance at the 2018 World Cup, in which he netted three times for his national team, Yerry earned much popularity and fame not only in his country but in the football world.

However, a few people know his life story and the difficulties he endured to reach this level of success in his profession. Our team in Sportmob has tried to prepare a comprehensive and updated piece, in which you can get many facts about Yerry Mina. Stay with us until the end of the article to know Yerry, nicknamed Maquina, well. 

Facts about Yerry Mina

Before going through the top 

facts about Yerry Mina

, we have made a list, including general info about the brilliant center-back. We suggest you read the list to get some data about him as fast as possible and then go to the following paragraph.

  • Full Name: Yerry Fernando Mina Gonzalez

  • Nickname: Maquina, The Gold Mine

  • Date of Birth: 23 September 1994

  • Place of Birth: Guachene, Colombia

  • Parents: Marianela Gonzalez (Mother) and Jose Eulises Mina (Father)

  • Wife: Geraldine Molina

  • Zodiac Sign: Libra

  • Position: Center-back

  • Number: 13

  • Team(s): Deportivo Pasto, Santa Fe, Palmeiras, Barcelona, Everton

Now, it is time to start reading about the biography of the Colombian football player. Without further ado, let's begin to read. 

Yerry Mina Early Life

Born to his parents in southwest Colombia on 23 September 1994, Yerry Mina is a 27-year-old successful footballer. At the time, Yerry's parents were so young and decided to choose a unique name for their son, who was their first child.

Although it seems weird, reportedly, his mother chose her son's name based on the character "Jerry" of the famous cartoon series "Tom and Jerry." Her intense interest in this character made her pick it for her child. Taking out 'J' from Jerry and replacing it with 'Y,' Marianela selected Yerry for her newborn baby.

However, Yerry is not the only child of his family, and he has one sibling, Juan Jose, who was born ten years after his birth of the union between his parents. Yerry and Jose have one half-brother too, Cristian Andres.

Spent his childhood alongside both of them, Yerry, the firstborn child of his family that has pursued football, has been such a role model for his younger brother. From his early life, Yerry has been famous as a humble boy, which his natural feature to respect others is a notable characteristic in his personality.


Yerry Mina early life

 was not in a prosperous financial situation, he never nagged and complained about what he needed, but his parents couldn't afford it. Most of the time, firstborn children shoulder the responsibility of being such a role model at home.


When he was a student at school, being out of money had caused him to hang out of the back of lorries to go to school. Those days, the young boy was selling fruit to make money, which earned him £1.50 a day. Although Yerry was too young to work, he learned a lot from those days. Hardworking and pursuing the goals to reach them were the most significant things that Yerry learned from his effort during his childhood.

When Yerry attended school, he paid his school fees by himself, through the money he was making by selling fruits. Love for pets was one of his interests, which Yerry pursued until his adulthood. Currently, Yerry has a dog, which its name is Madonna. 

Yerry Mina family 

Yerry's hometown, Guachene, is one of the small cities in Colombia, which has about 20,000 people. 99% of people in the small market town are Afro-descendants. His mother, Marianela Gonzalez, and father, Jose Eulises, were so young when he was born. Now that Yerry has a child, Marianela and Jose are young grandparents who are full of energy to take care and play with their grandchild. 

Yerry Mina comes from a Colombian family whose dominating passion has been their love for football, especially goalkeeping. It might be because his father was formerly a goalkeeper, which aspired his son to become an athlete like him.

However, his father was not the only footballer around Yerry. Thanks to Yerry's father and uncle, Jair Mina, who was a professional goalkeeper, there is no wonder why Yerry found football as his profession from his early life. 

Although his father was a football player, his profession did not earn him much money, and yielding little money for his family had kept his family at a poor level.

Yerry Mina family

was big football fans, but his parents never agreed that Yaerry focused only on football.

They were worried if he would not appear successfully in football and would not have any education. Pursuing the urging of his parents, Yerry studied to secondary education level.

Owning intelligence and ambition during the days which he was a student at school, Yerry caused his parents to be proud of doing his best at both sports and school. After graduation, Yerry accepted

Deportivo Pasto

calling and joined the football world. 

Yerry Mina Wife

Now, it is time to know about 

Yerry Mina wife

, who has stayed with him through thick and thin. The couple is so compatible, and a deep romantic relationship is between them. Geraldine Molina, Yerry's wife, was born on 3 May 1995, that indeed, she is one year younger than her husband. Several blogs have published facts about Geraldine and her family and mentioned that they are from Guachene, Yerry's hometown. 

Their first meeting was in an era in which Yerry had not yet earned any stunning achievements in his profession. When Yerry was playing for Deportivo Pasto, he started dating Geraldine, and during all the years of his career, she has accompanied her partner and gone wherever Yerryhad to go.

Although Geraldine has an attractive shape and beautiful appearance, his kind personality and gold heart have caused her to look more attractive. The emotions between the Colombian couple are well known, and they have one of the most romantic relationships amongst Yerry's teammates in the Colombia team.

He has posted many photos with his wife, and one of them is on their 8th anniversary. He has commented that "It has been eight years since it is fun. It is beautiful and extraordinarily amorous.

Thanks to God for allowing you to be the lady of this virtuous woman. I love you." Yerry and Geraldine's first child was born in 2020, and no more information, even name, is available about Yerry's daughter. 

Yerry Mina Football Story

By the beginning of his youth career, Yerry's height became taller, and his size and appearance started to change from a teenage boy to an adult. At the time, Yerry wanted to be a goalkeeper, which his father and uncle had on the pitch during their playing time.

However, his father did not accept. Mina, once in an interview, expressed his father's saying and said, "My dad advised me to drop the goalkeeping thing. According to him, the goalkeeper position demands lots of sacrifices. My father and uncle were not ready to take that risk on me.

My dad said he does not want to see me suffer as he did." Since Yerry was a boy who always followed his parents' advice, he accepted his father's point. Yerry pursued his father's footsteps and began his profession as a defender. Joining Deportivo Pasto, Yerry was 18 years old and had not experienced an early career, an era in which many footballers take part between 5 to 10. 

At the time, he still was out of money and struggled financially to earn money for his transport to training. So, he again jumped onto the lorries, which had stopped at red lights to move him to the training center. After encountering a wide range of difficulties, Yerry appeared on his team full of confidence and showed himself an unrivaled football prowess.

His youth career only lasted for one season, 2012-13, and through the following season, Yerry made his senior debut in the match between his side and Depor in the year's Copa Colombia. Yerry's brilliant playing style made him a hit in the team that played an efficient role for his team to achieve two major cups. 

Yerry Mina Instagram

The Colombian star has shared a lot of posts from both his personal and professional life, which help us know him better. Currently, 3.3m followers have followed 

Yerry Mina Instagram



, in which Yerry has shared 846 posts.

Although all of them are attractive, some posts catch your eyes at first glance. In one of them, Yerry and his friends are visiting a little girl in a hospital. He has commented that "There's no bigger joy than see a kid smile. Thank GOD that let me have a wonderful time with these warriors." Many other photos regarding memorable moments in his career history have made the page attractive to visit.

Yerry Mina Net Worth

Almost always, the salary and net worth of football players have been a hot topic on the sports field, which many football fans pursue, especially for the heroes and prominent stars of the football world. 

The 27-year-old Colombian footballer's earning is £7,020,000 per year and £135,000 per week in 2021. With an estimated salary of £6.3 million, including sponsorship deals, 

Yerry Mina net worth

 is about £28,187,640. 

Short Facts about Yerry Mina

  • One of the most notable moments in Yerry Mina's career history occurred during the 2018 World Cup. Yerry's outstanding performance and techniques earned him the chance to appear as a key member of his national team. In May 2018, the news of getting names among the Colombia U-23 team to participate in the Russia 2018 World Cup made Yerry and his family so excited and happy. Appearing in the global campaign, Yerry played very well and recorded unforgettable moments in that memorable tournament. Yerry scored three goals and earned the record of netting three times in a single World Cup that a defender had done. Yerry's eye for scoring goals and outstanding defensive skills had abled him to perform professionally and aroused much admiration from many fans, who had accompanied the world's biggest stage. 

Clashing between Lionel Messi, Argentina captain, and Yerry Mina, Colombia's center-back, during the semi-final penalty shootout was one of the most enduring moments of 2021 summer'S Copa America. Although both of them competed fiercely during the 90 minutes, in the decisive spot-kick, the conflict between them intensified and became more personal. Mina's goal celebration seemed disrespectful to many spectators and aroused many controversies. Following the riots, Yerry Mina said, "I met him (

Lionel Messi

). I think him for the support that he gave me. I will always respect him." He also added, "I admire Messi for what he is. At that time, we were both defending our National Team."

  • Richarlison de Andrade, Everton's forward, has described his current teammate, Yerry Mina, and said, "Yerry Mina is a great guy. He is also a great dancer. When he played for Palmeira, he always celebrated with a dance. We became friends, and I Speak to him regularly."

  • The tall footballer, 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in), has a workout routine. Based on the plan, Yerry exercises every day of the week, even when he has no training. If you have visited his page on Instagram, you must have seen a lot of videos that he has shared from his workout. 

  • Yerry grew up in a family with traditional beliefs and now has become a man who adheres to the customs and ideas he has learned during his life. When he joined Barcelona, he was the first football player from Colombia who had earned the opportunity of being hired by the club, which is a great honor for Yerry.

  • According to his beliefs, to explore good luck in Europe, he had to enter the Camp Nou turf without his socks and boots, which Yerry did. However, he is not the only footballer who follows the aged-long tradition. Several other players, such as Alfredo Morelos and Duvan Zapata, have the same beliefs. 

  • As the last word of the article, we have presented a list of honors and achievements that Yerry has earned during his senior career, which have promoted his level to a prominent professional one.

  • While he played for Santa Fe, he gained Copa Sudamericana and Superliga Colombiana in 2015. The following year, Yerry achieved Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A with Palmiers. La Liga and Copa del Rey in 2017-18 are two other honors, which refer to the era he played for Barcelona.

  • Additionally, Yerry has recorded several Individual awards that we have listed below.

In short, Yerry Mina has a humble character in his personal life and profession. Not only his personality but also his excellent performance has aroused much admiration of fans. From his early life, Yerry Mina has been hardworking and tried a lot in all fields of his life, from education to career. Thanks to his parents, which taught Yerry moral values, he has a great character now. 

In addition to his family that always supported him, his uncle played an efficient role in his success. Indeed, he was the man who helped him to join the football world and made his footballing foundation.

As we read in the article, Yerry Mina grew up in a family, which was not in good economic conditions. However, his current success and position in the football world show that lack of enough money and facilities could not make him give up football and try to reach his goal. 

Although we read the

facts about Yerry Mina

like a story, it was a biography full of cases that can be so informative for whoever is in similar situations. Throughout the presented facts about Yerry Mina, we uncovered many things related to his personal and professional life.

Since it is difficult to gather all data about an excellent footballer in one article, we focused on the most notable 

facts about Yerry Mina

. However, if you think we have missed any significant info, place your points in the comment section. 

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