Facts about Leonardo Spinazzola

Thu 18 November 2021 | 11:30

Currently kicking the ball for the Italian side, Roma, Leonardo Spinazzola is one of the bests of his generation. In this article today, we will take a look at the top facts about the 28-year-old star. Stay tuned.

The following article has portrayed a list of top facts about Leonardo Spinazzola, the Italian professional footballer. It includes a wide range of info from his childhood to his early career, from his family and origin to his achievement, and a complete overview of his personal life. Leonardo is a talented footballer who plays for Serie A club


as a left-sided midfielder or wing-back. He also is an efficient player for Italy national team.

Spinazzola joined the football world when Leonardo was a six-year-old child and began his youth career in 1999, which lasted for about 13 years. Since 2012, Spinazzola has played for nine clubs, which he appeared in six out of nine teams on loan.

However, it is not all info about his professional life. In the following, we have allocated a part to Spinazzola's life on the pitch, including many details regarding his career statistics, achievements, and performance in each team. 

On the other hand, Spinazzola grew up in a family whose parents were supportive, which affected his profession directly. Throughout the text, we have described his family and early life in detail which has depicted in which situation Spinazzola grew up. Do not miss any facts about Leonardo Spinazzola to the personal and professional life of the skillful Italian football player. 

Facts about Leonardo Spinazzola

Almost always, reading the biography of prominent players with rich career history has been attractive. If you are interested in reading one of them, stay with us through the presented 

facts about Leonardo Spinazzola

. Before reading details about his life on and off the pitch, give a glance at the shortlist. 

  • Full Name: Leonardo Spinazzola

  • Nickname: Leo

  • Nationality: Italian

  • Date of Birth: 25 March 1993

  • Place of Birth: Foligno, Italy

  • Horoscope: Aries

  • Position: Left-back

  • Team(s): Juventus, Empoli, Lanciano, Siena, Atalanta, Vicenza, Perugia, Roma

  • Number: 37

Though many football fans know about Spinazzola's world-class speed, excellent dribbling, and strength, few have heard about his biography. Now that you get enough info through the shortlist, it is time to go through the details and read more 

facts about Leonardo Spinazzola


Leonardo Spinazzola Early Life

Born on 25 March 1993, Spinazzola is the third and youngest child of his family. The talented footballer spent his childhood with his two sisters, who are older than him. 

Right from a very tender age, Leonardo found a great inclination and passion for football inside himself. For following his most cherished sport, no event made Leonardo give up any opportunities to advance in football. However, in addition to his adventure in sports, 

Leonardo Spinazzola early life

 was an intriguing era in his life. 

During Leonardo's childhood, his parents paid much attention to him, which never let him have a reason to become bored or wallow in loneliness. Indeed, his birth order came in handy, and like most last-born children, he was the center of everyone's attention.

As we mentioned earlier, Leonardo found football an attractive field to follow when he was so young. At the time, he used to go to the pitch to practice by himself alone. Leonardo's hometown, Foligno, is an ancient town in the province of Perugia, Italy.

Due to lack of facilities, knowledge, or other reasons, it had not trained any athlete before him. Growing up in this situation caused Leonardo to try twice as hard as an average footballer. Leonardo was born in a middle-class family, but his tireless effort has made him a super-rich man in sports.

However, his interest in football did not change the preference of education to sport. Like all parents, Leonardo's mother and father wanted him to do his education. Having a proper level of education was a significant feature, which his parents had focused on getting their son to do it well.

Indeed, they wanted to make another option for Leonardo to follow if he could not appear in the football world as excellent as they expected and football did not work for him.

In an interview, Leonardo has described his childhood and what he liked at the time and said, "I was just football, football, football- I'd be out by my house playing football from dawn until dusk. I live in Foligno, in a district where we had a skating rink, which kids used as our football pitch.

We'd start playing at 10 in the morning then start again after lunch, at around 4 pm, for the afternoon tournament. We'd have a break for dinner, but at 10 pm, I'd still be out playing football and then hide-and-seek at the end." Also, he added that he never has had any doubts and always has been passionate about football. 

Leonardo Spinazzola Family

Born to his parents in Foligno, Italy, Leonardo has two sisters, Elisabetta and Valentina, respectively 11 and 13 years older than the Italian footballer. However, it seems that Leonardo has had a closer relationship with Elisabetta and spent most days of his early life with her. 

Leonardo Spinazzola family

 was so supportive and not only did not stop him from pursuing football but encouraged him to try more to reach his goal. Eventually, his hardworking from those days made his aspirations about football true.

However, owning a caring family made the career journey a smooth one for Leonardo. Despite Leonardo's parents' prominent roles in his life, there is no more info regarding them, but they had kind personalities that had earned them much popularity across their neighborhood.

Though his birthplace had never had a track record in training players, whose names become one of the most top footballers in the football world, the Italian left-back has appeared brilliantly. It led Spinazzola to become the only native footballer of Foligno who could represent the Italian national team. 

Leonardo Spinazzola Wife

Living far from his family for a boy who had spent his life besides his parents and siblings, the Italian left-back knew he needed to make his love life and end living alone by himself. 

The prominent footballer began dating Mirian Sette, who later became his wife, and Leonardo has made his lovely relationship with her. 

Leonardo Spinazzola wife

 was born in San Severo, but after a short while, had left there.

During Miriam's early life, her family moved to Foligno, Leonardo's hometown, which led to their meeting. One of the couple's hobbies is playing soccer together when they are at home alone. The couple got married in Foligno on 24 December 2020 and held their ceremony in a very intimate style in the Town Hall of the Umbrian. 

Leonardo Spinazzola Children

It is about three years that Leonardo Spinazzola and his wife, Mirian Sette, have become parents of two children. During their relationship as a boyfriend and a girlfriend, in 2018, their first child was born, Mattia.

The second child of the newlywed couple is a girl named Sofia, who was born in 2021. As you saw, the related picture to this paragraph was about 

Leonardo Spinazzola children

. However, if you want to see more, you can visit his Instagram, @spina_leo, and follow the ones he has shared about his family. 

Leonardo Spinazzola Instagram

Maybe to measure how much an athlete is famous in the football world and how many fans follow him, checking their pages on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Leonardo Spinazzola Instagram


, shows, currently, 1.1m followers are following him. Like all other footballers, who share their best moments on Instagram, more than 50 percent of posted photos on his page are about the most memorable minutes of his professional life on the pitch.

However, if you have seen at a glance his posts, you know that football is not the only topic of his photos. The successful Italian left-back has shared many posts from his wife, son, and daughter. The pictures that Leonardo has shared from his life out of football show a warm atmosphere in his family.

Also, you can feel a lovely relationship between him and his wife. In addition to them, which describe his life on and off the pitch, you can see one picture of one sentence on the page, which its difference from others attracts your attention.

"Nothing can stop what we can do together" besides the Nike logo is the content of the photo. Leonardo has written one of the brand's slogans as a comment for it, "You Can't Stop Sport. Because You Can't Stop Us." These are all the reasons that have made Spinazola's page attractive to follow. 

Leonardo Spinazzola Net Worth

Now is the time to read about one of the hottest topics about the Italian left-back, Leonardo Spinazzola's salary, and market value. As authentic websites have published, 

Leonardo Spinazzola net worth

 is £14,560,000.

Crunching the numbers shows that his earning per week and year, respectively, are £98,000 and £5,096,000. His current contract with the Italian club will expire on 30 June 2024. By reviewing the table of his income during his career history, you can get his progress.

In 2014, when he played for Siena, Spinazzola's yearly salary was £104,000, which increased to £312,000 in the following year. In 2018, there was an enormous increase in his salary, £1,144,000.

Over the next two years, it became £2,496,000 and then £4.784,000. The increase in these amounts must have been in line with his progress on the pitch as a professional footballer with excellent playing style. 

Leonardo Spinazzola Tattoo

Nowadays, in addition to brilliant playing style on the pitch and creating unforgettable moments, players attract much attention via their hairstyle and tattoo. Through this section, we have presented some info about 

Leonardo Spinazzola tattoo

. If you have seen Roma's left-back, the inking on his right hand is the first thing that catches your eye, especially when he wears his short-sleeved jersey.

He has said, "I have the infinity symbol, which I had along with my wife. I also have a Maori tattoo on my right arm, which has various symbols. Within it represents family, love, strength, and fortune. Now, with my son having been born, I want to get one dedicated to him in some way on my other arm."

Short Facts about Leonardo Spinazzola

  • Those who trained Leonardo Spinazzola in his childhood had gotten that Leo had never been an ordinary child. Appearing and displaying a high level of dedication and courage, which had abled him to surpass his peers, was an item that was not usual for an average child. Before he became seven and joined Virtus Foligno, Leonardo used to play by himself. In the academy, he appeared in the attacking position because he always was interested in scoring goals. The level that the talented child played was excellent for his age. It had made his coach not find many technical points to teach him. 

  • Like all other footballers, Leonardo had some idols in his mind, which always wanted to follow and copy their playing style. His heroes were Ronaldo de Lima, Del Piero, and Rui Costa, which had grabbed the young boy's attention with their excellent performance. In an interview, Leonardo said, "I remember being at home and watching a VHS that my father bought me at the newsagents. I then went out and tried to copy the skills and goals I had just seen. I also watched Rui Costa and Gabriel Batistuta a lot." Also, he mentioned the former Giallorossi striker that he liked so much. Leonardo explained his feeling to him and said, "When I's celebrate with Virtus Foligno. I'd copy his machine-gun celebration. There are videotapes of me celebrating like that."

  • During his life, Spinazzola experienced some situations by which he thought he could not continue football professionally. One of them refers to the era in which he played for Siena. The 14-year-old child was far from his family and friends, which bothered him. He explained the time and said, "On top of that, I immediately injured my ankle, and among other things, I had to travel a long way on crutches to go to and from school." After a few weeks, he got back to play again, but he pulled a muscle. Following the event, he called his parents and said, "Come and get me. I am coming home. I can not do this." Having decisive parents who gave him several pieces of advice caused him not to give up and keep trying. 

  • As Leonardo has mentioned, he has three close friends, Marco, Luca, and Dino. Their friendship began many years ago, and over the years, they are still with each other. Spinazzola said, "They have come to visit me wherever I have played. Now I am here in Roma. I am closer to them. So I will see them more often."

  • The Italian footballer has a routine in his life. He wakes up early in the morning and takes out yoga, his Labrador. After his children's birth, Leonardo and his wife spend many hours of a day with them. One of his hobbies is going for a walk with his family and dog. When Leonardo was single, he used to Play the PlayStation in his free time. However, after marriage, he has changed his mind. Spinazzola thinks that it is not good to do when Leonardo lives with his wife. He prefers watching TV series and listening to music. 

  • "Before, I used to reason like a child, but I feel a new level of responsibility since Mattia was born. I have never been crazy off the pitch, but I am still calmer, and above all, happier." Leonardo said to describe how much fatherhood has changed him. 

  • The successful football player, who has a lot of followers, has a message for his current teams' fans. He has said, "We need to stick together. We have the same objective, which is the good of Roma. Our job is to play as best we can, to win every game. We may or may not achieve that, but the key is to aim for it." He added that "To do that, we need to train as hard as possible. What I can say to the fans is that I will be fully committed to those efforts."

  • The footballer father has a close relationship with his extended family, especially his uncle, Roberto, who is familiar with many things about football. Leonardo recalls his early life in which his uncle equipped him with the right pieces of advice. 

That was all on the top facts about Leonardo Spinazzola. Are there any other facts you know about? If there are, please let us know in the comment section about. 

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