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Facts about Unai Emery, the former Arsenal coach

Outstanding characters in the football world with rich career history have always been attractive for fans. Stay with us through the presented top facts about Unai Emerywe to know him very well.

Unai Emery, the former Spanish footballer, is the current head coach of the La Liga club, Villarreal. As a football player, he spent much of his career in Spain's Segunda Division and then transitioned into coaching.

Lorca Deportiva was the first club in which Emery appeared as a coach, and then he achieved promotion to the Segunda Division during his first season. Afterward, the talented coach could earn a promotion to his club, Almeria, and led them to La Liga, which was the first time for the club.

During his coaching period for Valencia, his team could end as the top-three finishes. Then he spent a short period of six months with Spartak Moscow, and in 2013, moved to Sevilla.

He left an unprecedented record from himself with the club and achieved Europa League for three consecutive seasons. In 2016, Emery joined Paris Saint-Germain and earned various achievements, including a Ligue 1 title, two Coupe de France titles, two Coupe de la Ligues, and two Trophee des Champions.

When his contract expired in 2018, he moved became the head coach of English club Arsenal. He also had a successful era with the team and could end Europa League runner-up in his first season. However, a series of poor results in November 2019 caused him to leave the club.

Since July 2020, Unai Emery has joined Villarreal, and within the first season, he gained the Europa League. As it is clear, Unai Emery has recorded many achievements in his career history and left a rich one from himself. Stay with us to know more about him. However, we have presented many other facts about Unai Emery, from his personal life to his profession. 

Facts about Unai Emery you may not know

As you read in the introduction, today's article has presented top 

facts about Unai Emery

. Before going through the details, we have prepared a shortlist, including general info about the Spanish athlete, which helps you get enough about him as fast as possible.

  • Full Name: Unai Emery Etxegoien

  • Nickname: Traffic Warden 

  • Age: 49

  • Date of Birth: 3 November 1971

  • Place of Birth: Hondarribia, Spain

  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

  • Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11in)

  • Current Team: Villarreal

In the following analysis, we have presented a list of top

facts about Unai Emery

, including his life story before his reputation to now. Though most football fans know about Emery's successful managerial era with Sevilla and PSG, only a hand few know about his attractive bio. 

Unai Emery Early Life 

Unai Emery was born in October 1992 to his father, Juan Emery, and Amelia Etxegoien, his mother. His family had a strong football background. His father and grandfather were goalkeepers, and his uncle, Roman, was a midfielder.

Growing up in a family with a great passion for football earned Unai the stimulating atmosphere for following football for his profession. Although he was so interested in playing football, his first preference was finishing high school.

Education was a meaningful goal in 

Unai Emery early life

, which though he had some opportunities for appearing in the football world, he did not accept it. Finally, he began his youth career in 1986, when he was 16 years old. In addition to owning a family with a football background, Unai Emery had a strong motivation for playing football.

However, following

Diego Maradona

, who could lead the Argentine national team single-handedly to reach the World Cup Victory, enhanced his motivation greatly. Emery had a notable rise through his determination during his early career, which led him to finish his youth career after four years. However, it is so difficult to do for many youths.

Finally, in 1990, his effort paid off, and Emery started his senior career by joining to

Real Sociedad B

team, the club in which he earned much rising above all footballing ranks.

After spending five years with them, Emery got a promotion to

Real Sociedad

. However, it did not take long which he decided to change the club due to feeling club sick. Having spent the rest of his career in three of Spain's second division clubs, Unai Emery faced a tragedy struck. When he was 32, he suffered a devasting knee injury, which caused him to end his glorious career abruptly.

The knee injury made Emery become retired as a footballer. Following his retirement, which was a painful event for Emery, who had a successful history as a player, he got an offer for appearing as a manager at Lorca Deportivo. His managerial abilities and potential have depicted a complete picture of Emery's character and life in the football world. 

Unai Emery Wife

To know about the love story of the Spanish star, we have allotted one section to his wife and described how they met each other for the first time. 

Unai Emery wife

 is Luisa Fernandez from Malaga.

Reportedly, Emery met her in Madrid at a restaurant, in which Luisa worked at the time. The first meeting was when Unai and his friend had gathered each other at the restaurant for dinner.

Through his friends' help to connect with Lousia, who had aroused Emery's admiration from a distance, they introduced Emery to him. In this way, they started their love which has continued till now. The couple finally got married in 1998. 

Unai Emery Children

Five years after their marriage, on 29 March 2003, Luisa became pregnant. Now the couple has a son named Lander Emery Fernandez, who is currently about 18 years old. As it seems, 

Unai Emery children

 have become the fourth generation of footballing success in his family. 

Lander Emery Fernandez has inherited his passion for football from his father, grand, and great-grandfather. The young athlete has chosen to be a goalkeeper in the Valencia soccer team. 

Unai Emery Instagram

If you look at 

Unai Emery Instagram



, it seems that the 346 posted photos can be a complete summary that has depicted his career history well. Among the shared photos, you can rarely find the ones related to his personal life, and most of them are about his profession.

The pictures are about his achievements, memorable scenes in the football world, and the moments his team earned. 434k followers have followed the Spanish coach's Instagram. At the time of writing the article, Unai has followed 22 pages related to footballs. 

As it seems, the Spanish coach enjoys spending time on social media. Unai is the owner of an official website, which he is so active in updating the blog posts and uploading tactical notes.

One of his goals, which is so lovely for him, is to make his website interactive. Through sharing several blog posts, Unai asked his fans to guess about his starting XI and said that would give amazing prizes to the followers who guessed correctly.  

Unai Emery Net Worth

Being one of the Richest soccer players has caused fans to be curious about knowing 

Unai Emery net worth

. Several authentic sources, such as Forbes & Business Insider, have published, his net worth is approximately $12 million and his salary about $6 million per year. 

Unai Emery Career Statistics

After reading enough about the Spanish legend's life out of football, we have prepared a paragraph including his career statistics as a football player and a manager. As we pointed earlier, Unai began his senior career by joining Real Sociedad B in 1990.

He made 89 appearances with the club and scored eight goals. After playing five seasons for them, Unai got a promotion and moved to the main team but stayed there for only one season, 1995-96. During the season, he played in five competitions and netted one time.

In the following season, Unai joined Toledo, the Spanish football team, and within his four years of playing, he appeared in 126 competitions and scored two goals. Racing Ferrol and


were the following two teams that Unai played for them respectively two and one seasons.

Unai played in 61 matches for the former and scored seven goals, and he appeared in 28 games for the latter with only one scored goal. His last team was Lorca Deportiva, which during 30 matches that Unai played, he netted one time. Totally, after making 339 appearances and 18 goals, due to the abrupt injury to his knee, Unai Emery was forced to retire himself from the football world as a player. 

Following his retirement as a player, which coincided with his last team's offer to coach them, Unai accepted the position and appeared for the first time as the team's manager in the world of football with them. He spent two seasons with them, from December 2004 to June 2006.

Meanwhile, his team played 70 matches, which won 34 of them and lost 20 competitions. They also ended one game with a draw. In 2006, Unai became Almeria's coach and stayed there for two seasons.

As statistics show, his coach helped them end %46.4 of the competitions in victory. Afterward, Unai started the management of Valencia and did it till 14 May 2012. During the four years, his team played 220 games, which 107 of them ended in victory, 55 in losing, and 58 with a draw.

His management era with Spartak Moscow lasted only six months, and out of 26 competitions that his team played, they ended 12 of them in victory. In other words, they won about %46.2 of the matches. Unai stayed with


for three seasons in 205 games, which the rate of his team's winning was more than what his previous teams had earned, %51.7.

However, it was not his most successful era as a manager. During the two years that Unai Emery joined

Paris Saint-Germain

, his team ended 87 out of 114 matches in victory.

As his managerial statistics show, PSG won %76.3 of their competitions. Unai was Arsenal's manager from 2018 to 2019, and more than half of their matches ended in victory, about %55.1.

Since 23 July 2020, Unai has moved to


and appeared in 67 games, that 32 of them have been winning results. From the day he appeared as a manager until now, Unai has coached his teams in 460 competitions.

The successful coach could end more than half of the games in victories, about %53.2. It was a brief overview of Unai Emery's performance as a coach for the eight teams he has managed until now, which we prepared based on his managerial statistics. 

Unai Emery Achievements

Unai Emery, the head coach of Villarreal, has made a rich career history for himself as a manager, which through this section, we have listed and grouped them based on his teams.


  • UEFA Europa League in 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16

Paris Saint-Germain

  •   Ligue 1 in 2017-18

  •   Coupe de France in 2016-17, 2017-18

  •   Coupe de la Ligue in 2016-17, 2017-18

  •   Trophee des Champions in 2016 and 2017


  •   UEFA Europa League runner-up in 2018-19


  • UEFA Europa League in 2020-21

  • UEFA Super Cup: runner-up in 2021


  •  Miguel Munoz Trophy (Segunda Division) in 2005-06, 2006-07

  •  La Liga Manager of the Month on March 2014, January 2015

  •  European Coach of the Season in 2013-14

  •  UNFP Manager of the Year in 2017-18

Short Facts about Unai Emery

  • During the era he has been in Spain, Unai has gotten used to making constant gesturing while he was on the sidelines. The gestures finally earned him the nickname "Guardia Urbano," which means Traffic Warden in English. 

  • One notable fact about Unai Emery is the fashionable way he dresses. Appearing stylish on the pitch as a coach, Unai Emery usually wears suit jackets decorated with bright-red elbow patches. However, usually, he used to wear them during the days he was Sevilla's coach. Nowadays, it seems that Unai has ditched the cloth because of much media attention on it. 

  • Like most prominent and successful coaches, Emery is a workaholic coach who analyzes videos of opponents carefully before his team goes into the pitch against them. His accuracy and perseverance in his profession have aroused much admiration. One of them is from Joaquin Rodriguez, the Spain winger, that said, "Unai is so obsessed with football. Practically, it is an illness. He is one of the best managers I have had. I worked with him for three years. Emery once put so many videos I ran out of popcorn when I came visiting." Unai explained that "For every game, I might spend 12 hours just on opponent's videos." However, he knows watching the opponents' videos is vital for his players. His instance of doing it was such that he suspected one of his players did not follow all details of the videos and gave him an empty flash drive to transfer all the videos to it and follow all details. 

  • Mostly, football fans are interested in knowing what their heroes do in their free time. About Unai Emery, we can say that playing squash and tennis are the fields which have filled his spare time. When he was coaching Sevilla, he used to take his players for playing one or two sets to help them relax within football breaks. 

  • Following coaching Sevilla to earn back-to-back UEFAA Europa League titles in 2014 and 2015, West Ham and Napoli offered managerial positions to Unai Emery. However, the opportunities that Unai had predicted for his team to win led him to turn both down. 

  • One of the other honors, which Unai Emery has recorded in his managerial history, is winning the Miguel Munez trophy. From 2005 to 2007, he won it twice. It is an award which a manager is scored out of three for each competition, for his performance's team.

  • Finally, through comparing managers at the end of the season, the one who has earned the highest points total in La Liga and Segunda division will be the winner. The Spanish legend achieved the trophy in the second division of the Spanish league with Lorca Deportivo CF and then with AD Almeria. 

  • Based on the teams Unai has managed, it seems that he is moving around Europe because he has experienced management of teams in Spain, Russia, France, and England. 

Taking a look at Arsenal's history will reveal that the club has had only two non-British managers. The first one was 

Arsene Wenger

, and the other one was Unai Emery.

As you now know, today we covered the top 

facts about Unai Emery

, who spent his career as a player and now is a coach. Since he left a rich career history as a footballer and currently works as a successful coach with a wide range of honors, talking about him might need more than one article.

Despite our effort in gathering the most notable info about him, we might have missed some parts. We welcome your points regarding the topic, which you share via the comment section.

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