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Facts about Albert Sambi, the young Arsenal star

Almost always, discovering new football stars has been interesting for football fans, eager for the next generation of football stars. Today's article includes a list of top facts about Albert Sambi, which helps you know more about the young legend.

Albert-Mboyo Sambi Lokonga is the star, which in the following article, we have uncovered his personal and professional life. Our comprehensive overview includes his childhood life story, family, romantic relationship, and related items to his career history.

Although like every other young stars, Albert had his own favorite super stars, his father and brother were such role models. His dad's guidance and his brother's mistakes helped him make correct decisions and reach his current position in the football world.

Undoubtedly, Albert is a versatile player whose excellent technical abilities have attracted much attention. His outstanding playing style and intelligence have abled him to overcome most midfield problems. Despite his popularity and reputation, which have aroused many accolades, a few fans know regarding top facts about Albert Sambi. 

Facts about Albert Sambi you didn't know about

As we described in the introduction, here, we have focused on Arsenal's number 23. Explaining top

facts about Albert Sambi

, our team has listed a group of top info about the Belgian midfielder regarding his life on and off the pitch. At first, chance a glance at the general info about him in the following list.

  • Full Name: Albert-Mboyo Sambi Lokonga

  • Nickname: Mister cool

  • Nationality: Belgian

  • Date of Birth: 22 October 1999

  • Place of Birth: Brussels, Belgium

  • Position: Midfielder

  • Number: 23

  • Current Team: Arsenal

Now, without more ado, let's go through the details and know the Belgian footballer more. 

Albert Sambi Early Life

Born to his parents on 22 October 1999, Albert Sambi is a talented player who has a close and strong relationship with all his family members. When his mother, Josee Lokonga, gave birth to Albert, his parents had not married officially. 

Albert Sambi early life

 was an era, in which because of his fantastic character, no one got tired and dull of spending time with him. 

Albert grew up in Verviers, Liege, alongside his brothers and sisters, but among all of them, Albert has a closer relationship with one of them,

Paul-Jose M'Poku

. As a big football fan, you might have heard his name, who currently plays as a winger for


, a Turkish professional football club.

Twelve years ago, Paul-Jose began his senior profession and until now has played for nine clubs. Additionally, from 2007 to 2015, he appeared in international competitions with Belgium national team. Since then, he has participated with DR Congo national team. 

The joint interest and profession between brothers reveal why they are closer to each other than other siblings. However, family photos and published facts about Albert and his family show warm relationships between family members.

Paul-Jose is the oldest child of the family and always has played the role of a superhero for his younger brother, Albert. Paul-Jose's help never let Albert get stuck in a problem and decide wrongly in his profession.

Although making mistakes is normal and no one can avoid them, Paul-Jose M'Poku has tried to ensure his brother does not make any ones. Through taking responsibility for his errors, Paul-Jose helped Albert learn from his older brother's experiences rather than trying them by himself. Also, Albert used to spend his boyhood mostly with one of his other brothers, Fabrice. 

Albert Sambi Parents

Albert Sambi comes from a family whose parents have been hardworking and tried so much to meet their children's needs. Like all parents, Albert's father, Desire Lokonga, and his mother, Josee, have sacrificed a lot to raise their children. According to published facts about 

Albert Sambi parents

, his father is a versatile man who has experienced various jobs to support and feed his family. 

Desire Lokonga formerly worked in a bottled water company, and then he became an air traffic controller. Additionally, his father once was a football player who played in DR Congo. So, there is no wonder why all his three sons, Albert, Fabrice, and Paul, became interested in football and have followed in their father's footsteps.

Paul, born in 1992, is Albert's oldest brother, and Fabrice, born in 1995, is his immediate elder sibling. Since within a few years after the birth of both of them, Congo's civil war occurred, Desire and Josee Lokonga decided to migrate to Belgium like hundreds of households.

All of them were looking for a way to safeguard their family and children's future from the war. Albert, the youngest son of his family, was born after the Congo war, which earned him the nickname of Africa's First World War by his family. 

His mother, Josee, is a working woman who has always worked alongside her husband and played a role in providing better conditions for her children. Now, both Desire and Josee are so proud of their son, who has earned much success in his career. 

Based on what authentic sources have presented about Albert Sambi's origin and as his appearance show, Albert has African root. Desire and Josee, Albert's parents, are also alike and have Afro-Belgian ethnicity. 

Albert Sambi Football Story

When Albert turned ten, his early life's aspiration moved to the next level. The youngster, who had played many football games on streets, passed a trial successfully and in 2010 joined Anderlecht youth academy.

At the time, Albert was eligible for enrolling at Standard Liege, which had trained some stars such as Axel Witsel and his brother. However, by refusing the chance to join the academy, his parents surprised all.

In an interview, Albert explained the reason behind his parents' decision and said, "My dad decided not to put us in the same club to avoid unnecessary comparisons. Again, imagine that my brother has problems with standard Liege's management. It means I may suffer the consequence."


Leander Dendoncker

, who enhanced his level through the Anderlecht ranks, Albert worked his way up, which his commitment and hardworking led him to emerge as a prominent young footballer.

Amongst all children in the academy, Albert only matched up with

Jeremy Doku

, who later became a star in the football world. Currently, Duko plays for


as a winger, and his excellent speed dribbling has earned him much reputation.  

Amongst the children who played as a midfielder, Albert was the best advanced one in the academy. Finally, in 2017, owning the outstanding ability of playmaking led Albert to succeed in academy graduation.

Having graduated from the academy, Albert Sambi joined the


first team and immediately appeared as one of the significant and prominent players of the club. It was the era in which Albert Sambi witnessed his progress as a player, who turned from an advanced level to a deep-lying and playmaking leader. 

One of the prominent people that left a great impression on Albert's professional life is

Vincent Kompany

. His retirement from

Man City

and joining Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht as a player coach coincided with Albert's playing in the team.

When Kompany started his managerial job, he played a vital role in Belgium's winger professional life. At the time, Hendrik Van Crombrugge, the team's captain, got injured, which barred him from participating in the competition for a long time.

The situation led Kompany to choose Albert to take the responsibility of leading the Belgian club. In Albert's first appearance on the pitch as a captain for the club, a noisy quarrel occurred between him, Lukas Nmecha, and Michel Vlapp, his teammates.

Although the captain's armband usually adds more respect and security for the player, the team's fans blamed Albert for disrespecting the league-issued rainbow armband. As you read, several items affected

Albert Sambi football story

to form it in the best way.

Albert Sambi Girl Friend

One of the hottest and most searched topics about Albert Sambi is to get if he is dating any girl or not. No authentic websites have published any photos or info about 

Albert Sambi girlfriend


Being in a romantic relationship is the best feeling that each person can experience. So, the Belgian footballer may be looking for a partner at the time of writing the article. It might also have another reason, which due to focusing on his profession, he has preferred to postpone it to a later time. 

Albert Sambi Instagram

The young Belgian star, whose new contract with


seems to be a notable change and progress in his professional life, has shared 62 posts on his page, 


. 186k football fans are following 

Albert Sambi Instagram

 at the moment of writing the article.

He has posted a wide range of photos from both his life on and off the pitch. According to them, you can review some of the most memorable moments in his profession and get a bit about his family and lifestyle. One of them, which catches your eye at first glance, is a beautiful hotel in which he is lying under the sun.

He has commented that "There is a time for everything, a time to work, a time to rest, a time to sleep, a time to harvest, a time to eat, a time to talk." There is also a video in which Albert Sambi and a few of his teammates are on a farm. In the clip, they are feeding some animals and having fun with them.

As Albert has commented, "Thank you to @sb_belhasa for having us on your amazing farm" Saif Ahmad Belhasa had invited them there. He is Chairman of Belhesa International, Chairman, and Founder of the UAE Contractors Association, Emeritus economic advisor to Belgium Ministry of Foreign affairs, and commercial advisor to Kazakhstan.

One of his recent posts is several photos in which he is meeting some of his friends from Anderlecht. Albert has commented, "No words needed. The best club in Belgium by far.

Happy to be back home." We can't cover the content of his posts here. So, if you are interested in knowing more about his personal and professional life, check his page on Instagram or follow it to accompany his new posts.

Albert Sambi Net worth

Through passing time, the amount of 

Albert Sambi net worth

 has been rising during the years. His excellent playing style and outstanding performance have aroused a lot of curiosity for his fans.

As he has explained in interviews and many websites have published about his life, the only income source of Albert is from being a football player. The estimated amount for his net worth in 2021 is between $1 million to $5 million. 

Albert Sambi Career History

By reviewing the career statistics of footballers, we can get how much they have been efficient in their profession. In this paragraph, we have presented a summary of Albert Sambi career history. It will give you much info about his playing from 2017 until now. 

As you read earlier, Albert started his youth career in the youth academy of Anderlecht in 2010, when he was an 11-year-old boy. It took seven years that Albert finished it, and in 2017, he signed his first professional contract with Anderlecht.

On 22 December 2017, the competition between his team and Eupen was his first senior appearance, which ended in a 1-0 Belgian First Division A victory of Anderlecht. Two years later, by signing a new contract, he extended it to 2023.

From the 2017-18 season to 2020-21, Albert made 78 appearances. During the seasons, Albert scored three goals in the 2020-21 season. One of them was in September 2020 that Albert scored the equalizer and his team drew 1-1 with



On 19 July 2021, Arsenal confirmed joining Albert Sambi's to the club through an announcement. Since then, he has made seven appearances but has not scored any goals yet.

Following his transfer to Arsenal, he described his feeling and said, "I am so happy because it was very long. So yeah, I am happy to be close to the end." He also mentioned that joining the team has been a big move and said, "I have been playing for Anderlecht for ten years. So, it is going to be my first big move to another country." 

In 2016, Albert joined

Belgium U17

, and when he became 19, he played for Belgium U19. Albert has made nine appearances at the international level and scored two goals with Belgium U21. 

Short Facts about Albert Sambi

  • In an interview with Sven Claes, the Belgian freelance journalist, he described Albert Sambi's playing style and said, "Sambi Lokonga is a central-defensive midfielder. He is a player with excellent style, who you want to see shining in a game. It all seems so easy if you see him play. He still looks a bit fragile, but he will become stronger and wider in a better league. Of course, he still has a lot to learn, but his defensive skills were already too good for Belgium. He is ready for that next big challenge."

When Albert started his football education in Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht, Paul-Jose, his oldest brother, had obtained the admission of joining

Tottenham Hotspur

academy. For Paul, who was a 16-year-old boy at the time, it was like a dream which had come true. However, playing with the academy became a disaster. So, his parents decided for their young son to leave Belgium for England and later found it an incorrect decision which they promised not to repeat for their next son. Paul-Jose's mistakes taught Albert many things, and his parents said, "Moving to England remained a target, but it would never come too early."

  • He also added some words about his strengths and weaknesses and said, "His statistics are not great at the moment, only three goals and seven assists in 78 professional games for Anderlecht. But you can expect more? His first focus is still the defensive part. He has to stop goals. His strongest point is his natural playing style." 

  • After joining Arsenal, Albert has expressed the experience of playing in the Premier League and called it a big step, which has earned him much confidence. 

To summarize what we presented via the list of top

facts about Albert Sambi

, we can say that the young Belgian footballer comes from a family with a football background. As the child of a former footballer, who had begun his career before the First Congo War, Albert found football an attractive field to follow from his early life.

Since Albert was born to his parents while they had a comfortable life in Belgium, dealing with retirement was difficult for his father because he wanted to ensure that his sons lived the family dreams. Sambi is now glad about choosing football as his profession and knows it as the result of all members of his family's support. 

Our team thanks you that stayed with us until the end of the article and followed the presented 

facts about Albert Sambi

. Despite our effort in making an accurate piece that includes the most updated info, there might have been some details that we have missed to mention. So, we welcome your points which place in the comment section.




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