Top Facts About Luca Toni, The Legendary Top Goal Scorer

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Luca Toni is an Italian former footballer with an interesting story. Sportmob brings you all the top facts about Luca Toni in this article.

The footballer was a talented striker back in his days on the field. He is praised for his remarkable goal-scoring abilities during the course of his career. Toni managed to score 300 goals and he is one of the top five highest goal-scoring Italians. We will walk you through the details of Luca Toni transfer market stats as well.

Luca Toni is a product of Serie B club Palermo and established himself as a professional player there. Aside from the professional details we will also tell you all about Luca Toni personal life. The former footballer is a married man. Marta Cecchetto gave birth to

Luca Toni children

. Find out all the details about Luca Toni wife in this article.

Top Facts About Luca Toni You Probably Didn’t Know 

The former footballer started his career from the bottom while playing for the lower divisions of Italian football. He worked hard on his performance and eventually flourished as a top goal scorer. With 322 career goals, he is currently the fourth-highest scoring Italian player of all time. Now without further adding let’s begin the story with Luca Toni childhood.

Luca Toni Childhood

Luca Toni was born on 26 May 1977 at Pavullo nel Frignano, Italy which is the place where 17th century condottiero Raimondo Montecuccoli was born. However, the town was mostly damaged in World War II. The former footballer was born to his father Gianfranco Delle Cave and his mother Valeria Delle Cave. Based on the facts about Luca Toni personal life, as a child, he was very passionate about football and he dreamed of one day becoming a professional footballer.

Luca Toni childhood

was filled with football and chasing the ball with his friends. Of course, this wasn’t just a passing fantasy. Luca Toni parents had high hopes for him and encouraged him to go after his dream. He fully dedicated himself to the process and set foot on the path to fame.

Luca Toni Early Career 

In 1994 while

Luca Toni age

was 17 he went on and joined Modena, starting his professional career. Later he spent a few seasons at Serie B then switching to Serie C serving in clubs like Empoli, Fiorenzuola, and Lodigiani. He also had a Serie B season with Treviso in 1999. Then he went on and joined Vicenza while playing in Serie A for the first time. Later he joined Brescia on a two season spell while playing under the supervision of Carlo Mazzone, alongside Roberto Baggio and Pep Guardiola. Stay tuned for more top facts about Luca Toni.

Luca Toni Showcasing His Goal Scoring Abilities at Palermo 

In 2003, the footballer reached an agreement with Serie B club


. Thanks to his remarkable goal scoring abilities Toni was the key role player who secured the club’s victory in the season and brought them to Serie A after 30 years. According to Luca Toni stats he managed to score 30 goals that season.

On 18 August 2004, he was called up to the Italian national team earning his first cap in a friendly game over Iceland at Reykjavík which was a 2-0 loss for the side and also marked Marcello Lippi's debut at the helm of the Azzurri. The next season the footballer showcased his amazing goal scoring ability by aiming the net for 20 goals in Palermo's first Serie A campaign. Thanks to him Palermo was qualified for the UEFA Cup.

Luca Toni parents

encouraged their son to go further.

The First Italian Footballer to Be Awarded with a European Golden Shoe

Based on Luca Toni transfer market stats for the 1997–98 season the footballer went on and signed a contract with


which led to controversy as Palermo fans called him a traitor for leaving the club. Just in his first season at his new club he managed to score 31 goals.

This made him one of the most prolific

Serie A

strikers of all-time and it was the first time in 50 years that a Serie A footballer managed to score 30 goals. Luca Toni was awarded a European Golden Shoe for his achievements. Learn more top facts about Luca Toni in the following.

Luca Toni Placed Fiorentina in Their Best Positon Since The 90s 

The footballer also brought success to Fiorentina and put the club in their best position since the1990s as they got qualified for the Champions League. However, they soon lost their position by being accused to do shady dealings and they started the 2006-07 season with a 19-point deduction.

 The top goal scorer declared many times that he wanted to leave the club however club President Andrea Della Valle urged him to stay and help the club regain its position. He remained at the club for another season however he sustained an injury and couldn’t perform well. Based on Luca Toni stats in his last season, he scored 16 goals for the side.

Luca Toni First Ever Bundesliga Hat-Trick

On 30 May 2007, the footballer went on and reached an agreement with the German top-flight Bayern Munich. He signed a four-year contract with the side for nearly €12 million.

Luca Toni net worth

started to grow along with his career as well. He was handed the number 9 jersey upon his arrival. The footballer showcased his remarkable goal-scoring abilities and on 19 December he scored four goals during a 6-0 home victory over Aris of Greece to help Bayern win their UEFA Cup group. On 17 February 2008, while Luca Toni age was 33, he managed to score his first-ever Bundesliga hat-trick against Hannover 96.

This was the first time since 1989 that a

Bayern Munch

footballer scored a hat trick. Thanks to Toni’s efforts the side won 3-0. During the quarter final second leg game in the UEFA Cup, the top goal scorer scored two historical goals in a game which was an eventual 3-3 in favor of Bayern Munich and put the side ahead of


. During the 2007-08 UEFA Cup Luca Toni along with Pavel Pogrebnyak from Zenit were named the top goal scorers with 10 goals. Stay tuned for more top facts about Luca Toni.

Bayern Munich Top Goal Scorer

Luca Toni also scored during the German cup over Borussia Dortmund in a 2–1 victory. Later he aimed the net for his second one which was the winning goal in the extra time and secured Bayern’s cup victory. According to

Luca Toni stats

he finished as a top goal scorer in the 2007–08 Bundesliga season with 24 goals. He finished the season with 39 goals and 12 assists during 46 games. The footballer’s great goal-scoring abilities marked Toni as one of the key role players of Bayern Munich.

During the


matches he managed to score nine goals in 13 games. One of the important goals he scored was a late stoppage-time winner in a game over TSG Hoffenheim. During the 2008–09 UEFA Champions League he aimed the net for a goal in a 3-0 victory against Steaua București. Later he managed to grab a brace in a 5-0 away victory against Sporting CP in the round of 16.

Luca Toni Dispute with Bayern Munich Manager Louis Van Gaal

During the second half of the 2008-09 season Toni sustained a crucial injury but didn’t quite the battle and finished the season once again as the side top goal scorer with 14 goals in 25 Bundesliga games. On 7 November 2009, the Italian footballer was fined due to leaving the club after he was replaced in the second half of the game.

After his argue with the club’s manager Louis van Gaal, president, Uli Hoeneß declared that Luca Toni is free to leave on a free transfer. As a result, Toni left the club by mutual consent with Bayern and joined Roma on a loan. Stay tuned for more

top facts about Luca Toni


Luca Toni Joined Roma On a Loan

On 31 December 2009, Bayern Munich declared that the Italian footballer was transferring on a six-month loan to Roma. They offered Luca pre-tax basic salary of €3 million. He debuted for the side on 6 January 2010 during a game over Cagliari. On 17 January 2010 he grabbed a brace for the side during a game over Genoa. Overall the top goal scorer aimed the net for a goal five times including a winner goal over Internazionale to cut the Milanese club's lead in Serie A to a single point ahead of Roma. More

top facts about Luca Toni

are in the way.

Luca Toni 100th Goal in Serie A

On 16 June 2010, Luca Toni contract with Bayern Munich was officially terminated. Later there were rumors that the footballer reached an agreement with another club. The Italian footballer signed a two-year contract with Genoa in the same year, which was reportedly at a net salary of €4 million per season. Indeed, Luca Toni salary grew with his career. However, he didn’t stay at


for long and after one season he went on to join the Serie A club Juventus.

On 7 January 2011, Juventus declared that Luca Toni would be joining them on a free transfer until 30 June 2012. In his debut for the Italian club while Luca Toni age was 35 he managed to score his 100th goal in Serie A in a game against


. Luca Toni parents were proud of their son.  He also aimed the net for his first goal at the new Juventus Stadium over Notts County on 8 September 2011.

Luca Toni Brief Spells at Other Clubs

The Italian top goal scorer had brief spells at other clubs as well. On 30 January 2012, he reached an agreement with the Emirati club Al Nasr. He remained there for only one season. On 31 August 2012, he went back to Fiorentina and signed a contract with the side. There were also rumors that he was going to sign with Siena. On his debut he showcased his goal scoring abilities in the 64 minute in a 2-0 victory against Catania in the Stadio Artemio Franchi on 16 September 2012. Learn more top facts about Luca Toni in the following.

Luca Toni Joined the Serie A Club Verona 

According to

Luca Toni transfer market stats

on 5 July 2013, he went on and joined the Serie A club Verona, while signing a one-year contract. On 17 August, he aimed the net for his first goal in a 1-0 win against Palermo his former club. Later he grabbed a brace in a 2-1 home victory against Milan. The top goal scorer showed great talent and discipline on the pitch and there were calls for him to make appearances for the national team.

He stated: “I am thinking about doing well. Then it is for Cesare Prandelli to decide. For me, it would be a pleasure and an honor to go to the World Cup, but whatever happens there would be no issue.” The footballer managed to grab a brace against


and Jacopo Sala the footballer’s Verona teammate praised his form and stated: “Luca is a champion and a leader for this team. He is also a great role model for the younger players in the side.”

He further added: “He is so fit that he can continue playing next season but that is a decision for him and his family. This victory was about the team, we were brilliant. It was a very important result as it has allowed us to climb up the Serie A standings. We knew we were going to play against a great side, so we put in a lot of effort and showed a lot of courage. We played so well from the beginning of the match and fully deserved to claim the three points.” Stay tuned for further

top facts about Luca Toni


Luca Toni Style of Play 

A strong and powerful striker with excellent acrobatic movements. Originally he was right-footed, but also an accurate finisher with both feet, and an excellent penalty taker. In his later career, Luca Toni mostly operated on the penalty area due to the fact that he lost pace and his work rate decreased. Aside from all praise he earned due to his goal-scoring abilities and great form he was also criticized for the lack of notable technical skills and unusual style of on the pitch. Overall he was praised for his strong personality and leadership and set up a great example to all generations.

Tom Mason wrote about the legendary football in Guardian: “His retirement marks the end of not only a remarkable career, but of a whole breed of striker...he seems to be a relic of an outdated and discredited ideology. In a world where forwards are the first line of defense, where high-intensity pressing and sharp bursts of energy are a prerequisite for strikers, there seems to be little room for players in the mold of Luca Toni. Ill-equipped for a fast-paced counter-attack, unlikely to trouble defenders in behind, his domain is the 18-yard box and little outside it.” Find out facts about

Luca Toni personal life

in the following.

Luca Toni Wife and Kids

They say behind every successful man there is a woman. The same goes for the legendary footballer as well. He is married to the stunning Italian model Marta Cecchetto. On 1 June 2012,

Luca Toni wife

had a miscarriage. The former footballer stated in an interview: “What should have been the most beautiful day of our lives has become the worst. A statement from the player read. Our baby has left us without seeing the light. We ask everyone for understanding and silence during this great pain, which should only be mine and Marta's.”

As for other Luca Toni children, in June 2013, their daughter Bianca was born and on 30 July 2014 their second son Leonardo, was born in Florence. The couple are very supportive of each other and together with their kids they have a great life. Toni wrote via a post on Instagram during Christmas: “Merry Christmas…especially to the people who unfortunately aren’t as lucky as me who can spend this wonderful day with their love ones.” Find out facts about Luca Toni salary and income in the following

Luca Toni Net Worth and Income 

Over the years the footballer came a long way and managed to make a great reputation for himself in the football world. Toni stated in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport: “Running after a football, scoring goals, celebrating and suffering in a stadium has been my whole life. As long as I am enjoying myself I will continue to do it … I know that there are certain sensations that only football can give you, so I will think very seriously before I walk away.”

Luca Toni salary

is estimated to be€400k.

Further in his interview with Gazzetta dello Sport he stated: “I do have one objective left that I want to achieve. I am on 271 goals [in my career so far]; I would like to reach 300.” The footballer indeed reached his goal and overall scored 306 goals during the course of his career. Luca Toni net worth is estimated to be nearly €1.5 million.

Luca Toni Social Media Accounts 

As for

Luca Toni social media accounts

, the footballer is widely followed on Instagram. Nearly 500k people follow the footballer on his Instagram account and keep up with his posts. Recently he posted a photo of himself along with the famous TikToker Khaby while both of them doing the other one’s famous move. Toni is signed up by the username of


on Instagram and so far he has posted 174 times.

As for other Luca Toni social media accounts, there is an account on Twitter that is signed up by the username of


however, there is no sign of the blue checkmark so we cannot say for sure that it belongs to the former footballer. Apparently, the football legend doesn’t own an account on Facebook.

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