Best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

Wed 20 October 2021 | 20:29

Who’s got the best third kits this year? Which of the top teams in Europe have received the ugliest designs of the new season? Follow us below as we take a look at the best and worst new third-kits of the 2021/22 season.

The new season of football is well underway and teams are gradually shaping up as they battle it out for a better spot in their respective leagues. With the intensity of the matches growing every week, we get to take closer looks at what each of the top teams are wearing in every competition and get to decide which kits are better than the other.

We have already analyzed the home and away kits and now is the time to go through the

best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

. If you too are eager to find out more about each of these designs, then read on as we provide detailed information about all the new third-kits of the 2021/22 season that have made the list so far.

Best and worst new kits in European soccer

From Manchester City and Liverpool’s horrendous third kits to Ajax and Bayern Munich’s brilliant designs, we have had some memorable jerseys unveiled this season. So let us delve deeper into each of these third-kits and take a closer look at the details that their manufacturers have used.

The worst

Most of the times when we use the word “worst” in such articles, we mean that something is the worst in its respective season. But this kit manufacturers really managed to come up with designs that can easily find their spot amongst the worst football kits in history. From

AC Milan

’s terrible third kit to Liverpool’s hilarious jersey, there is are a lot of painful details that we have to go through before reaching the good stuff.

Amongst the

best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

are some designs that will certainly etch their horrible image on your mind. This list could be all about Puma’s third-kit designs.

But for the sake of having a fair review and including other ridiculous jerseys on the list as well, we decided not to mention all the kits made by the sportswear giants as you can get the gist of how they have designed and copy-pasted everything for each of the clubs they represent. So without further ado, here are five of the worst designs that teams will be wearing this campaign.

Manchester City

Surely you have heard at least something about how badly Puma have dropped the ball with their recent third-kit design for some of Europe’s top clubs.

Manchester City

are only one of Puma’s high-profile clients, who have taken quite a big hit from the sportswear giant’s bad design choices.

Amongst the best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, Manchester City’s new shirt is certainly a memorable one as fans and neutrals will remember it for how simple yet confusing it is. Pep Guardiola’s side won the Premier League title last season and managed to finish above the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United. But it seems that being the champions of England is not enough to guarantee a nice set of football kits as the Cityzens have by far one of the worst kits of the season.

Perhaps having too much creative freedom is as paralyzing as having too little freedom as it enables the designers to blend raw ideas and experiment with whatever they desire. The base of the new third-kit is dark blue and features only a handful of uninteresting details. The Puma logo appears at the very top on the front of the shirt, which is followed by the club’s abbreviated name “Man City”, which is encased in two sky-blue stripes.

It is subsequently followed by the club’s sponsor’s logo, which appears in white just like the Puma logo. Aside from these uninspired details that are not even featured in eye-catching colors, there are dozens of transparent Manchester City badges that appear as a pattern on the shirt and make it three times more ridiculous. It is simply one of the worst

new third-kits of the 2021/22 season

and there is no denying that it will take City fans a couple of seasons to recover from this incredibly confusing design.


While half of the designs on the list of

best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

managed to make football fans furious, only one or two designs managed to be the joke that they were over the past few weeks. One such example is


’s utterly absurd third kit, which managed to become the butt of oh so many McDonald’s jokes ever since it was unveiled by the club.

As the new jersey was unveiled, the social media blew up and everyone burst into laughter and started to make fun of the horrible third-kit that Nike had designed for one of the top clubs in the Premier League. Don’t get us wrong, Liverpool’s away kit is an absolute classic as it shows both sophistication and beauty in all departments. But it seems as if Nike’s main designer decided to design the away kit themselves and give the responsibility of designing the third kit to their obviously not-so-talented cousin.

The base of the new shirt is all yellow and features only one or two details aside from the barren desert of the base. Everything is yellow and red as there are red chequered patterns on the cuffs and on the collar. The club’s iconic bird is featured in a minimalistic fashion as the sponsor logos appear in red as well. The only interesting detail about the new kit is that the Swoosh includes the name “NIKE” on its top.

Thousands of Liverpool fans and hundreds of sports outlets have compared the club’s third kit to something Ronald McDonald himself might wear. It also resembles all the table cloths and literally everything else at McDonald’s, including the uniforms. So we all know which section it belongs to on the list of best and worst new kits in European soccer.


If there is one thing that might be slightly funnier than Liverpool’s third kit, it is Juventus’ recently unveiled third kit as it resembles a simple volleyball. You might think that Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from


might have brought enough misery for the Serie A side’s supporters, but wait until you take a closer look at their third kit, which was designed by none other than Adidas.


best and worst new kits in European soccer

once again prove that too much creative freedom and experimentation could have dire consequences and Juventus’ third kit is a clear example of that. The base of the shirt is bright yellow and it comes with different details and features that simply don’t go with each other. It certainly looks like a volleyball and there have been numerous memes mocking the design on social media. There uninspired and confusing stripes and shapes on the front of the shirt that are featured in blue and white.

There is also a particular design choice that stands out from the crowd of ridiculous ideas that are smashed into a single piece of clothing and that is Adidas’ new style of logo, which features the name “adidas” under the iconic three stripes in a color that is different from that of the stripes themselves.

That is why the stripes are featured in white while “adidas” comes in yellow. The shoulder stripes, on the other hand, follow the third color of the shirt and are featured in blue instead of white or yellow. Seeing how unbelievably absurd the new design is, many have even joked that Cristiano Ronaldo left the Italian club specifically because of the new third-kit.

AC Milan

Milan were just another victim of Puma’s criminal design as they too received a copy-pasted third-kit that resembles a pack of cigarettes more than anything else. The respective fans of the Italian side were absolutely fuming over the fact that they had just seen their beloved team don one of the worst kits of not just this season, but the whole history of football.

We surely know where on the list of best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season this new shirt belongs, but let’s dive a little deeper and talk about each of the horrendous details one by one.

The base of the shirt is pitch-black, which is perhaps the only thing it has got going for it as the color palette is not bad at all. The problem simply lies in the execution of these ideas. Just like Manchester City’s third kit, AC Milan’s third kit includes the club’s name on the front of the shirt, which is featured in red and is encased between two red stripes. Above the top stripe is the Puma logo and below the bottom stripe lies the sponsor’s logo.

There are also two additional Puma logos on the sleeves which are also featured in red. As if having these details was not horrible enough, Puma have also printed a pattern of the club’s badge onto the background in a transparent fashion. With the club’s badge present literally all over the shirt, the designers have opted not to print another traditional badge on the left side of the chest, which is actually a relief considering how worse it could have gotten.


With everything we have seen so far,


’s third kit is certainly not the worst design of them all and some might actually enjoy wearing this jersey. However, considering the backlash that the London-based club got for unveiling this confusing design, we just had to include it on our list of worst third kits of 2021. The whole shirt is just one confusing blob imageries and bizarre color palettes that have been smooshed together.

The base of the shirt features two main colors of gray and purple and includes dozens of details here and there. The collar and the cuffs come in black as they create a frame for all the imageries that have been printed onto the shirt itself. Nike have decided to put the Tottenham district itself as their main source of inspiration for creating this puzzling piece, which is why they have used several imageries from the district itself and have even added Tottenham’s “N17” postcode on the inside of the collar.

With everything being featured in gray, purple or black so far, Nike have opted to use the color white to print the logos and the club’s badge, which distinguishes them from every other detail on the shirt and adds extra confusion to the viewer’s eyes.

The best

Thankfully we are past the dark side of the best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season list and can now focus our attention on the much better side of the list. From Bayern Munich’s stylish and inspirational kit to Ajax’s brilliant and elegant third kit, we have had some amazing designs in the new campaign as well. Here are five of the most exciting third-kits that were unveiled over the summer.

Bayern Munich

Amongst the best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season,

Bayern Munich

’s jersey stands out from the crowd solely because it was inspired by the mountainous regions of the club’s origin. The Bavarians are actually quite lucky as all four of their kits – including the one that was specially designed for Oktoberfest – have been masterpieces without any doubt. Their third-kit is no exception as Adidas have delivered on their promises with a beautiful and eye-soothing design.

From the color palette to the details on the shirt, almost everything fits the bigger picture and the idea that the manufacturers had has turned out almost perfect. The base of the shirt is white and there are gray and red details everywhere. The gray details on the background represent the Alps while the color red is used for logos and stripes.

The collar and the cuffs are featured in dark blue and come in a rather interesting shape, which might in fact be the only problem with the whole design. The shoulder stripes, the sponsor’s logo and the club’s badge all appear in red, which highlights their presence on the front of the shirt.


Perhaps if most of the designs that we have seen for the third-kits weren’t such disasters, we might not have included Inter’s third-kit on this list. But since almost all the other designs are such monstrosities and we simply can’t bother to look at them for long enough,


’s new shirt certainly is a sight for sore eyes with its colorful design.

The reigning Serie A champions managed to bounce back from their poor run of form and once again get back to the top of Italian football by ending Juventus’ reign over the league last season. Since then, they have received three new kits from Nike and the third-kit is perhaps the best out of all three. In an attempt to promote friendship and brotherhood across the globe, Inter launched the third kit and unveiled it on their social media accounts with the caption saying:

“We are often distant – by culture, by generation or simply because we are divided by borders. But there is no distance we Nerazzurri cannot close, because we are Brothers and Sisters of the World. We’re proud to present out third kit for the 2021-22 season.”

With an all-black base, the designers have had enough creative space to put in their bright ideas using several bright colors. The base of the shirt has enabled designers to use mesmerizing accent colors such as green, orange, blue and yellow, all of which also act as the background for the sponsor’s logo. The logo actually appears in black as well. However, the Nike Swoosh and the club’s badge do not follow the same trend as they appear in different colors, with the Swoosh being featured in orange and the club’s badge appearing in blue, green and yellow.

Real Madrid

Adidas have almost always kept it simple and classy for

Real Madrid

, which is exactly the reason behind their success in designing brilliant kits for the Spanish giants for more than two decades. Amongst the best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, Real Madrid’s third kit delivers what fans expect of the club.

While most of the designers have overused their creative freedom to create weird and confusing kits for some of the top clubs in Europe, Adidas have opted not to follow this bizarre trend while designing Real Madrid’s third-kit and instead create something simple and at the same time beautiful. We already know that the 13-time Champions League winners wear all-white kits as their main color since even their nickname “Los Blancos” suggests so.

Adidas have since decided to use a single color as the base of the shirt and add classy details here and there to show the kit’s level of sophistication. The base of the shirt is turquoise and features several details in black and white.

While most of the designs we have seen so far match the collar and the cuffs in almost every aspect, Real Madrid’s third-kit only uses the color black on the collar while using no particular details on the cuffs. The shoulder stripes, the club’s badge and the sponsor logo all appear in white as the iconic Adidas stripes appear in black in contrast to the sportswear giant’s name that appears right below the stripes.

Paris Saint-Germain

It seems that Nike may have had the same ideas as Puma when designing

Paris Saint-Germain

’s third-kit this season. But perhaps the only difference is that Nike actually managed to execute those ideas in a rather better way in most aspects. While PSG’s third-kit is definitely not the best kit of all time, it is still much better than all those horrendous designs that we mentioned earlier. It is at least good enough to avoid the dark side of the best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season list.

The base of this particular shirt is all-black and includes gray and electric red accent colors. There is a gray area right in the center of the shirt, which has encased the sponsor logo, which in turn appears in white. There is a swoosh on each of the sleeves instead of there being a single swoosh on the right side of the chest area.

With more space available on the chest area thanks to the new detailing format, Nike have decided to move the club’s badge right to the middle, where it appears in electric red and gives the black background quite a mesmerizing look. There is also a subtle circular pattern of gray and black colors on the base of the shirt, which add a little more depth to the details on the surface.


One of the most exciting designs of the new season and perhaps the new decade is without a doubt


’s third kit as it has brought in a lot of fresh and beautiful ideas to the table. It certainly is our personal favorite as there is literally nothing wrong with this particular design. From the idea and the source of inspiration itself, to the execution of those ideas and the implementation of such a color palette, everything is on a chef’s kiss level. That is why when Ajax first unveiled this masterpiece, the internet blew up as everyone wanted to get their hands on a set of these jerseys.

With a beautiful pitch-black base, Adidas have drawn inspiration from Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” song to create this beauty. There are three stripes on each shoulder as tradition requires and there are also additional stripes on the cuffs as well. These two sets of stripes come in three colors of green, yellow and red. Adidas have also used the color electric red to print the club’s badge, the sponsor logo and its own logo on the front of the shirt.

There are also three birds present right below the back of the collar, which also appear in red, yellow and green and are obviously a nod to the same song. Ajax fans actually adopted this particular piece of music several years ago and it has since been a part of the club’s history.




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