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Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare, the Loner

Personal data and top facts about Boubakary Soumare that we are worth knowing about and general information about his football career from his early childhood days to the present.

Boubakary Soumare drew the attention of scouts from all over Europe at the end of the 2018-19 season. The youngster enjoys moving the ball around fast and effectively.He doesn't have to make major passes in his role; instead, he restores the ball and passes it to a free teammate with pinpoint precision.

This is true even during severe transitional times, with his pass completion rate in Ligue 1 dropping only marginally, from 90% to 88 percent. Those transitional moments, especially if Soumare wins the ball in the middle third, frequently display his most distinguishing trait: dribbling and ball carrying.

The young Frenchman shuffles the ball from one foot to the other with elegance and evades opponents.His tall, wide-hipped physique aids in ball protection, and while he lacks exceptional acceleration, he can reach a high top speed while jogging.

Even when dribbling, Soumare's talent for superb passing is retained, and these bursts of ball-carrying usually result in a well-timed pass to a teammate in the front side of the field.

Giving you the Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare

Before all the details, you can start to know him a little by taking a look at these short information.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Boubakary Soumare

  • Nicknames:


  • Date of Birth:

     27 February 1999

  • Place of Birth:

     Noisy-le-Sec, France

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)

  • Weight:

     82 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Girlfriend: 


  • Market Value:


  • Position:


  • Current Team:

     Leicester City

  • Jersey Number:


Boubakary Soumare Upbringing Years and Family Roots

Boubakary Soumare was born on February 7, 1999, in Noisy-le-Sec, France, to his parents.

This is the commune where Boubakary Soumare's family lived before and after his birth (Noisy-le-Sec).

Boubakary Soumare's parents do not appear to be true French natives, based on his appearance.

The truth is that they have Senegalese ancestors and are most likely migrants who left their motherland to seek better prospects for their family members in France.

The kid's parents, like other migrants, came from a middle-class household.

To make a living, people would often drive 8.6 kilometers to Paris city center, where the best blue and white-collar employment possibilities are located.

One of the very interesting

Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare

is that the kid grew up as a "Sulkier,"(Someone who has the habit of not being cheerful) according to FranceFootball.

He was the really cute kid who NEVER CRIED and could always be found in his own little corner (a pure characteristic of his childhood early life trait).

Boubakary, among other things, preferred sporting moments, that is moments when he was playing football.

When he was not playing football, the youngster could be spotted enjoying one of his favorite treats, the Meat Pie.

Boubakary Soumare's parents chose to let their son follow his destiny (becoming a soccer player) after realizing he wasn't a social kid and that the only thing that kept him going was football.

The effect of his loneliness compensated for his efforts to push himself to perform unexpected things with the ball.

The young footballer's wild mentality was developed by his complete education in the game, which enabled him to achieve everything he set his mind to with the soccer ball.

He was a step ahead of his peers on the local football fields in his area when he was a kid.

Following France's 2006 World Cup victory, Boubakary Soumare's football-inspired parents decided it was time to make a serious effort concerning their son’s passion.

They decided to look for a local club where tiny Bouba may participate in trials.

Soumare, 7 years old back then, walked 23 kilometers with his parents from his Noisy-le-Sec neighborhood to Voie des Saules, where he had trials with

Paris FC

, one of the Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare.

Boubakary Soumare Career Buildout

The delight of Boubakary Soumare's family members knew no boundaries when it was reported that he had secured a successful trial with the club.

Little Bougba (his childhood nickname) was enrolled in the academy of Paris FC (NOT


) during the 2006 World Cup year, laying a better basis for his young career.

He quickly adjusted to life at the Paris FC academy. While playing in the Dejerine stadium for the side, he was still able to achieve everything, always one step ahead of the competition.

Boubakary Soumare's U12 and U13 coach at Paris FC, Marc Moesta, previously testified that at his age, Boubakary Soumare was capable of doing incredible things.

Despite this, he maintained his guarded demeanor and was always found in his corner, one of the Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare.

In fact, Bougba was the type of young footballer who preferred to play football alone, which is a clear symptom of a loner.

Boubakary Soumare Path to Prominence

News of the young star's abilities and potential had already begun to travel across France while he was still in U13 level.

Boubakary's parents opted at the moment to support their son's decision to leave Paris FC for PSG, where he had a successful trial.

Bougba continued to improve with PSG, joining the likes of

Matteo Guendouzi

, who was at the time one of the club's greatest young players.

The young midfielder began his youth career with PSG, where he was coached by Sebastien Thierry, who saw him as a fierce competitor on the pitch.

Despite being commended, the youngster was always concerned after graduating from the academy.

Playing for Paris Saint-Germain B put him in the shadows of the PSG senior team, which seemed like a fantasy at the time.

Unfortunately, he was still in the shadows of PSG's great midfielders, one of the Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare.

To make the PSG senior team, you had to beat out players like

Julian Draxler

, Javier Pastore, Marco Verratti, and Adrien Rabiot, who were all at the peak of their careers.

The footballer, who had become increasingly frustrated and had run out of options, unexpectedly declined PSG's offer to sign a professional contract.

This allowed a slew of junior clubs to prey on him and beg for his signing.

Boubakary Soumare Ascend to Prominence

Lille OSC

, among all clubs, took advantage of the opportunity, due to the club's sports adviser Luis Campo.

In the summer of 2017, Campo was able to secure the highly wanted talent.

At first, things didn't go as planned for Boubakary Soumare, who was upset to see coach Christophe Galtier implement a 4-2-3-1 style that only left two midfield positions open.

With only two midfield places available, there was a lot of competitiveness among midfielders. Bougba was more than capable.

While the shortage of midfielders persisted, Boubakary Soumare's family told him to be patient with the situation and never to miss out on opportunities.

Bougba, as expected, did not disappoint when the moment arose.

He had a greater influence on the pitch than his fellow countryman

Thiago Maia

, who had been ahead of him in the midfield replacements hierarchy.

Instead of failing, the midfielder grew stronger, attaining a dramatic rise in his tough midfield personality, one of the Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare. 

His incredible passing range has been one of his most valuable assets to date, allowing him to control the tempo of the game, keep things moving in the midfield, and switch the play to build up opportunities. Boubakary Soumare's playstyle is reminiscent of Paul Pogba's.

The french midfielder is at ease with the ball in his grasp, and his deceptively quick and nimble body allows him to pick a pass or dribble ahead, making it difficult for his opponents to take the ball.

Even if they succeed, they will be unable to stop him.

Bougba's resemblance to French footballer

Paul Pogba

, who helped his country win the 2018 FIFA World Cup, earned him the nickname "The New Pogba" or simply "Bougba".

Without a doubt, football fans are about to witness an even greater version of Paul Pogba growing into a world-class talent right before their eyes.

He is unquestionably one of the best midfielders of his generation, despite the seemingly infinite supply of midfielders in France.

Soumare signed a five-year contract with Premier League team Leicester City on July 2, 2021, for an unknown amount.

On 7 August 2021, he made his first appearance for the club, coming on as a substitute in Leicester's 1–0 win over reigning Premier League champions Manchester City in the FA Community Shield.

Boubakary Soumare Personal & Love Life

With his early success and appearances in the media, such as those reported by European Football Transfer Rumours (at the time of writing), it's understandable that fans have begun to wonder, "Who is Boubakary Soumare?" Do you know if he has a girlfriend?

There's no disputing that his adorable baby-faced looks, combined with his rapid rise, make him an A-lister when it comes to possible girlfriends and even wife material.

After searching the internet for hints, we've come to the conclusion that Boubakary has made a purposeful effort not to reveal who his girlfriend or wife is at the time of writing, one of the

Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare.

On the other side, it's possible that Bougba is single (at the time of writing), implying that he doesn't have a WAG.

However, you are aware of how football can be unforgivable when it comes to relationship issues. This could explain why, at the time of writing, the footballer does not have a girlfriend or wife.

Onto his personality, getting to know Boubakary Soumare's personal life outside of the field would certainly help you have a better understanding of his character.

To begin, the 22 year old says very little, so you'll have to tickle him OR do something very amusing to make him smile. 

He is also fearless and has understood what he wants since he was a child. When speaking with Bougba, you must be direct and to the point. He is a driven individual who aspires to achieve great heights.

Another aspect of Boubakary Soumare's personal life is his tendency of turning down all interview requests (according to La Voix du Nord).

He dislikes seeing the media surrounding him at the time of writing. Bougba, according to FranceFootball, does not believe that he needs his own social media network.'

The Frenchman's family, close friends, and club all understand his wish for privacy on social media.

Nicolas Pepe

, a former clubmate, was one of his closest pals. Both are like brothers and are treated as such.

Finally, as you may have noticed, Boubakary Soumare's entire personality can be summed up in three words: (family, friends, and football). He doesn’t really care about being social right now.

When anything does not please him, it irritates him too much, and he has no qualms about expressing his rage in the field.

It's easy to see if he's upset over something, another one of the Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare.

He once sulked when he was forced to play as a central defense at PSG, according to FranceFootball.

Boubakary Soumare Networth & LifeStyle

A collection of exotic automobiles, large houses (mansions), and expensive clothing are all features of the modern-day footballer's lifestyle.

This is not the case with Bouba, who is known as an antidote to an unusual lifestyle by many of his acquaintances.

The footballer lives a well-organized life free of impulsive expenditure, which means he focuses on basic necessities that are inexpensive.

There is no such thing as him driving expensive automobiles or flaunting his wealth in a mansion.

Despite having enough money to buy a car, he prefers to ride public transportation, one of the Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare. He has only ever been spotted riding a bicycle.

Boubakary Soumare Family

Beginning with his parents, we present additional information about the Boubakary Soumare family in this part.

To begin, our very own Bouba comes from a family that values respect and, more importantly, avoids being recognized.

His parents gave him the necessary education, which has influenced his success mindset, one of the Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare.

They've instilled in him a strong attachment to his childhood town. Both his mother and father have taken conscious attempts to avoid the media at this time.

The French has also prevented his brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunt from using him to get exposure in the French and English media at the time of writing.

All of the family members most likely enjoy a pretty good life in France and would be willing to give a proper interview to the French or British media at some point.

Everyone is now focused on ensuring that Bouba continues to progress in football.

Boubakary Soumare Less-Known Details

Finishing our

Top Facts about Boubakary Soumare

with information mostly unknown to the public.

His Religion

Senegal's most popular religion is Islam, which is practiced by 92 percent of the population. This is a reference to Boubakary Soumare's family's faith, which is Islam.


In today's sporting world, tattoo culture is quite popular. Footballers frequently use it to depict their religion or the people they care about. Bouba is tattoo-free at the time of writing, with no ink on his upper or lower body.


Bouba was born in the year of Rabbit. 2023, 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939, 1927 are some of the Rabbit's recent years.  Every 12 years, a Rabbit year occurs.

In the Chinese zodiac, the Rabbit is the fourth animal sign. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig are the twelve zodiac animals, in order.

The rabbit's symbolic cultural meanings include alertness, quick wit, cautiousness, deftness, self-protection, and the moon, all of which are intimately tied to its living behaviors.

Rabbits are gentle, calm, graceful, and vigilant, as well as swift, skilled, kind, patient, and loyal.

They may, however, be shallow, inflexible, gloomy, and extremely introverted. Pretty weird how much this one is actually true right?

Males born under the Rabbit zodiac sign always treat others with respect and a gentle smile that gives the impression that they are trustworthy and truthful.

They are never frustrated when confronted with challenging problems; instead, they persist in their efforts to discover solutions.

This indicates that they will reach remarkable success in the future. Rabbits are loyal to people around them, yet they are hesitant to share their thoughts with others and have a tendency to escape reality.

They are overly cautious and conservative, and as a result, they miss out on great possibilities.

In 2021, those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit will enjoy an overall stable year.

The Rabbit is a sign of the zodiac that is naturally more meticulous than other signs. In comparison to 2021, the Rabbit will have a better year in 2022 (the Tiger's year)

. The Rabbit will still face some difficulties, but they will be minor and will be overcome shortly. The majority of the time, a pleasant life is predicted.

2022 is an excellent year for Rabbits to marry, buy a home, or have a child.

Making some lifestyle modifications will bring good fortune to the family and business. Male Rabbits will benefit from the assistance of others.

Rabbits can have a successful job as well as wealth if they are intellectual, academic, and educated.

Rabbits have a talent for calligraphy and art, as well as tailoring and cookery, thanks to their delicate hands.

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