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Best and worst kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

Which teams are donning the most beautiful kits of the new season and which teams have just received the worst designs of the campaign? Follow us below as we take a look at some of the best and worst new kits in European soccer.

The new season of football is well underway and title contenders have already introduced themselves in each of the top-5 leagues in Europe. Football fans are enjoying some great scenes already with Cristiano Ronaldo having become Manchester United’s savior and with Lionel Messi having scored his first goal for Paris Saint-Germain.

While the drama and intensity of football matches are increasing every week, there is still debate over the kits that each of the top teams are wearing. We have had some strange yet welcome designs this season as some designers and manufacturers nailed it with their creative freedom.

However, there were some overly creative designs that totally botched everything and lost the respect of the fans as a result. Surely you too have an opinion on these new kits and have your own list of

best and worst kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

. So without further ado, let us go through some of our choices for this exclusive list and review each of these kits separately as we talk about all the possible details.

Best and worst new kits in European soccer

Here is everything you need to know about the best and worst kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season.


From AC Milan and Barcelona’s horrific home kits to Juventus and Liverpool’s hilariously bizarre third kits, there have been some strange and confusing designs amongst the new football kits of the 2021/22 Season. So let’s take a look at five of the worst kits we have seen this summer.

AC Milan – Home

AC Milan

we so close to winning the Serie A title after so many years last season. But a couple of botched games cost them the lead and gave the Scudetto to their sister club


on a silver platter. Since then, a lot has changed at the Italian club as they have now received three new shirts to wear in the new campaign and hopefully push for the title once again. However, the new designs have not been convincing at all as they may have received one of the worst kits of the season.

Amongst the

best and worst kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

, Milan’s home kit is certainly one of the worse as the Italian side have received what might as well be an undershirt with confusing vertical stripes rather than an actual football kit. The Rossoneri’s new home shirt is amongst the worst new football kits of the 2021/22 Season simply because it has no details to talk about.

The base of the shirt is red and features no decorations. The only details added to the simple red shirt are the vertical stripes that are not even the same size and do not in any way, shape or form resemble AC Milan’s iconic red and black striped kits.

The club’s crest appears in its original form as the Puma badge and the sponsor’s logo appear in white, which highlights their present in the front of the shirt. The most baffling neglect from Puma is the fact that they haven’t even tried to add a little bit of detailing to the cuffs or the collar. 

Barcelona – Home


’s new season is going just as many expected and has even managed to get even worse than what many of us foresaw for the club who have recently lost their most precious gem. With Lionel Messi living the best of his life at

Paris Saint-Germain

, fate has not favored the Catalan side so far as they have struggled in every department. One particular department, however, has done even worse than what Ronald Koeman has managed to do this season and that department is none other than the kit manufacturing part.

Nike have seriously dropped the ball with this one as they have designed something so forgettable and tasteless for the iconic Blaugrana. The name of the club clearly suggests what the players wear on the pitch as their home colors, but Nike have decided to go with a rather peculiar tone of blue instead of the regular iconic one.

The base of the shirt includes the traditional vertical stripes just as always. But the detail that puts Barcelona’s home shirt on the “worsts” list of the

best and worst kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

is the confusing cross that they have added to the right side of the chest area. While it clearly represents Saint George’s cross, the red color of the iconic cross is swapped with a darker tone of red and the background is not white anymore. The background of this enormous cross includes smaller red and blue vertical stripes, which makes it even more bizarre.

Manchester City – Third

Oh boy! We have now reached one of the most infamous third kits of all time that has been copy-pasted for several of Europe’s top clubs this season by Puma. The sportswear giants made a real mess this season by introducing a new design that will probably be remembered by many as the worst-ever third kit in history for years to come. So you clearly know which category

Manchester City

’s third kit belongs to amongst the best and worst kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season.

Puma’s ridiculously tasteless new third-kit design for Man City only features one or two details which are not even that good to be honest. The base of the shirt comes in dark blue and features a pattern of the club’s badge, which is scattered all around the background in a rather transparent fashion. There club’s name is written on the chest area in sky blue color. Even the name doesn’t come in full form as it only says “Man City” and is covered inside two sky-blue stripes, which appear on top and at the bottom of the name itself.

The Puma logo also appears on top of the top stripe and is featured in the center of the chest area instead of the traditional right side. The sponsor logo appears right under the bottom blue stripe.

As one of the worst

new football kits of the 2021/22 Season

, Manchester City’s new third kit does not feature the club’s badge on its traditional place as the badge is featured all over the shirt instead. The design has made the club’s supporters seriously furious and the neutrals are only able to mock both the club and the manufacturer for unveiling such a mess of ideas to the world.

Liverpool – Third

Manchester City’s third kit made many fans angry and certainly belongs in the “Worsts” group of the

best and worst new kits in European soccer

. But it will never be able to be as hilarious and absurd as Liverpool’s third kit for the new season. At least the Cityzens can be happy that their new third kit does not resemble a McDonald’s uniform.

Looking like what Ronald McDonald himself might wear,


’s third kit has drawn so many criticisms over the last few weeks and has been the butt of thousands and thousands of McDonald’s-related jokes ever since it was unveiled. Nike might have gotten away with their terrible design for Barcelona’s home kit, but they will certainly never get away with what they have unveiled as Liverpool’s third kit. The new horrible design features an all-yellow base and THAT. IS. IT.

There is nothing else to look at, let alone enjoy, and if there is something to look at, you just simply don’t want to see.  The all-yellow base is complemented with bizarre-looking red chequered patterns on the collar and on the cuffs. The only nice little detail that can be found on this horrendous design is the name Nike that appears on top of the iconic Swoosh. The liverpool’s crest appears as it is in a rather minimal fashion and the sponsor’s logo also appears on the front in the same red color.

Juventus – Third

It seems that kit manufacturers have taken things too far with their creative freedom as most of those that appear in the “Worsts” section of the best and worst kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season are third kits. Juventus’ new third kit is no exception as another sportswear giant has also botched things up with their creative freedom. Adidas have successfully managed to create something that pretty much resembles a volleyball more than anything and has been mocked by many trolls on social media.

The base of the new shirt is yellow and features confusing details of blue and white all around the background. The chest area contains blue and white details that come in different shapes and sizes and don’t seem to have any sensible pattern at all. There is simply so much going on and none of the details seem to be coherent with the others. The cuffs and the shoulder stripes also come in blue, which matches them with the club’s blue badge on the chest area.


Now that we have gone through the “Worsts” amongst the best and worst kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, it is time we got to take look at some of the more classy kits that are more enjoyable to look at. From Leicester City’s camouflage-style home kit design to Liverpool’s truly elegant away kit and Ajax’s incredible third kit, we have had so many incredible designs this season as well. Here are five of the best designs for the 2021-22 season.

Leicester City – Home

Leicester City

rose to prominence after making history by somehow winning the Premier League against all odds. Since then, the Foxes have managed to become one of the powerhouses of English football while still keeping their underdog status in the league, which has earned them a lot of love and respect from their fans and even the neutrals. Leicester City are quite lucky to be on the good side of the best and worst kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season list as many unfortunate clubs did not make it to the good side.

Adidas really did a good job with English club’s home jersey as it was very well-received amongst the club’s supporters on social media. The base of the new shirt is all blue and features a camouflage pattern, which is made up of two different shades of blue that are almost equally scattered across the base. The V-style collar is featured in white but also includes a small, yet incredibly stylish gold line on top, which really livens things up.

The cuffs also feature the same detail as their white color complement the iconic shoulder stripes. The club’s badge appears in its original form as the Adidas badge and the sponsor logos appear in white as well. All in all, amongst all the ridiculously confusing styles and details that we have seen so far, Leicester City home kit’s simplicity and class is really a sight for sore eyes.

Liverpool – Away

Nike dropped the ball in designing Barcelona’s home kit so badly that few could have known they could design such a beautiful jersey this season. Liverpool unveiled their away kit for the 2021-22 campaign and it quickly took over the social media as fans showed their excitement over the new design. It is as elegant as it could get with its incredible details and mesmerizing colors. The base of the shirt is ecru – a shade of beige or white – and features several eye-catching colors here and there.

The cuffs and the collar feature a dark teal color, with the collar also including the colors white and red as well. Of course some might argue that the color red is actually a darker shade of orange instead as the color is seen in different tones in different lightings. Whatever the case, these little details have added so much depth to Liverpool’s away kit in terms of color and overall design.

Both the Nike Swoosh and the club’s crest appear in the same bright red color as the sponsors’ logos appear in black, which further highlights their presence on the front of the shirt and on the sleeve. There is also a very subtle circular pattern that is embossed onto the base of the shirt, which covers the whole base front and back. Amongst the best and worst kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, few have managed to be as refined and sophisticated as Liverpool’s away kit.

Bayern Munich – Away

We talked about how classy Liverpool’s away kit is, but oh boy what an incredible design this

Bayern Munich

jersey has! In a surprising turn of events, it seems that manufacturers have decided to go with elegant designs for some clubs and utterly ridiculous designs for others. Of course it is clear that Nike spent all their creative brilliance on Liverpool’s away kit and had nothing else to offer for the club’s third kit, which is why we received that horrific shirt a few weeks ago.

However, Bayern Munich’s story is completely different as the Bavarians have received three phenomenal designs this season. The German side’s away kit, especially, is a true masterpiece thanks to its elegant color palette and sophisticated design. You thought Liverpool’s jersey was sophisticated? Well wait until you take a closer look at Bayern Munich’s away kit as they have taken everything to a whole new level.

The 2020 Sextuple winners have received a pitch-black shirt, which features several incredible gold details. While the base of the shirt is all black, there are several eye-catching details that all come in gold and complement the sophisticated black. These details include the shoulder stripes, all the sponsor logos, the Adidas logo and even the club’s badge, which is usually printed in its original style rather than in such a gold color.

Aside from all these details, there is also a dotted pattern on the background of the shirt which also comes in gold. This pattern is divided into two parts, which appear on the top right and bottom left parts of the shirt. These dotted lines also create a sort of a windowed shape on the front of the shirt and bring a whole new sense of class and maturity to the whole mix.

Ajax – Third

Thanks to the creative freedom that designers get to have in creating unique third kits for football clubs, we can get our hands on brilliant designs such as Ajax’s third kit. While one might believe that having such a creative freedom could result in getting phenomenal jerseys, many of the manufacturers have failed to deliver on their promises. Thankfully,


have received one of the best kits of the season solely because Adidas had the freedom to implement their fine ideas.

Most third kits are inspired by something related to the club’s tradition or geography of the country’s culture and Adidas have decided to use Bob Marley as their source of inspiration for this magnificent beauty. The base of the new jersey is all black and features several colorful details that truly make it a work of brilliance. The designers have sued the colors red, yellow and green to create this stylish shirt that is heavily inspired by Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” song, which was adopted by the club’s fan-base several years ago.

While the collar comes in black, the shoulder stripes come in red, yellow and green. The cuffs also features the same stripes and create a colorful frame for the red Ajax badge and Adidas logo that are complemented with the red sponsor logo. The sleeve sponsor logo comes in yellow instead of following the main sponsor logo’s color.

There is also a beautiful nod to Bob Marley’s song on the back of the shirt as it features three colorful little birds right under the collar. The pitch-black base of the shirt also gives way to the yellow details on the back, which are obviously the name and the number parts. Of course while these details come in yellow, they also feature subtle lines of green and red on the outside.

Real Madrid – Home

Real Madrid

came in second behind

Atletico Madrid

last season in La Liga as they lost the chance of winning another league title by only two points. Since then, a lot has changed at the Spanish capital and there have been a lot of departures and a lot of arrivals over the summer. With club legends such as Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane leaving Madrid to join Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United respectively and with the likes of David Alaba and Eduardo Camavinga joining the Galacticos, Real Madrid fans have had to adapt to numerous changes so far.

Perhaps one of the more welcome changes of the summer was the unveiling of the club’s home kit, which features vibrant and bright colors that really blow life into the whole jersey. We already know what color Los Blancos will be wear every season as the name itself literally stands for “The Whites.”

The Spanish giants have received a beautiful home kit designed by Adidas for the 2021-22 season and even though it might not be the classiest or the most unique design out there, it simply does what it is created to do and does its job quite well indeed.

The white base of the shirt is complemented with exciting colors of orange and blue, which are used to highlight the logos and the stripes. The shoulder stripes come in blue just like the sponsor logo on the front of the shirt. But the Adidas stripes on the chest area come in orange in a surprising turn of events. Both the cuffs and the collar feature both blue and orange colors, with orange coming first and blue following on top. The club’s badge comes in its original style and no minimalistic tweaks have been made to the crest.




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