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Top Facts about Lys Mousset, the Talented Forward

Top Facts about Lys Mousset includes information about his personal and professional life in detail and mostly focuses on what the footballer is like in the real world and outside the field.

Lys Mousset's top facts covers details about his upbringing, formative years, family, parents, girlfriend/future wife, lifestyle, net worth, and personal affairs. We’ll be describing the life of a French professional soccer player named Lys Emilien Mousset.

We at Sportmob, with the help of different sources will follow his story from his early days in the EPL to his present condition. Mousset's remarkable strength is the most striking feature of his performance. The 25-year-old is comfortable playing with his back to goal, taking the ball, holding it up, and bringing others into play.

He's also a good runner, capable of tearing past defenders. When given the chance, he is a seasoned finisher. He hasn't had enough opportunities to show off his abilities, but he is still a striker with a lot of potential.

“He’s such a talented player,” Howe said of Mousset in March. “We really believe he has all the attributes he needs. He’s quick, strong, powerful, good technically, and knows where the goal is.”

Also, Bournemouth chief executive Neill Blake said when the transfer was confirmed: “Lys is another player with great potential whom we are delighted to bring to the football club, we’re always planning for the future and Lys is not only a young player with exciting potential, but someone who had a massive impact for their club last season.”

Top Facts about Lys Mousset You won’t Find Anywhere else

Before we get started on the Top Facts about Lys Mousset, we have prepared a general set of information for you to get to know him.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name:

     Lys Emilien Mousset

  • Nicknames:


  • Date of Birth:

     8 February 1996

  • Place of Birth:

     Le Havre, France

  • Age:


  • Nationality:


  • Height:

     1.84 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Weight:

     80 kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Girlfriend: 


  • Position:


  • Current Team:

     Sheffield United

  • Jersey Number:


Net Worth:


5 Million Euro or 4.3 Million Pound (According to WTfoot)

Lys Mousset Upbringing Years and Family Roots

To begin with, he goes by the nickname "Luffy."  He was born on February 8, 1996, to his parents in Le Havre, France, a large port city in the Normandy area of northern France.

Lys Mousset's ancestors came from the port city of Le Havre, which is only 150 kilometers from England's south coast.

Because of its Modern Art Museum and impressionist paintings, UNESCO designated the lovely place where Lys Mousset's family originated as a World Heritage Site in 2005.

Le Havre is a commune and city in the department of Seine-Maritime in the Normandy region of northwest France.

It's on the right side of the Seine's estuary in the Channel, southwest of the Pays de Caux, and quite close to the Prime Meridian.

Although the population of the larger Le Havre conurbation is smaller than that of Rouen, Le Havre is the most populous commune in Upper Normandy.

It is also France's second-largest subprefecture, behind Reims. The name Le Havre is French for "harbor" or "port." The people who live there are known as Havrais or Havraises.

Le Havre is 50 kilometers (31 miles) west of Rouen, on the English Channel's western bank and near the mouth of the Seine.

The A29 autoroute from Amiens and the A13 autoroute from Paris, which connect to the A131 autoroute, are the main access roads to Le Havre.

The urban area of Le Havre generally corresponds to the territory of the CODAH (Le Havre Agglomeration Community), which encompasses 17 communes and 250,000 people.

It is the largest city in the natural region of Pays de Caux, which it occupies on the southwestern tip.

Three professional sports teams dominate Le Havre: the first is the

Le Havre AC football team

, which last competed in Ligue 1 in 2008–2009 and is now in Ligue 2.

Vikash Dhorasoo, Julien Faubert, Jean-Alain Boumsong, Lassana Diarra, and Steve Mandanda are among the international French players who have trained at its training center.

Saint Thomas Basketball, the city's second-largest sports team, competes in the LNB Pro A division.

Third, the HAC women's squad, which competes in the first division and boasts a number of foreign players.

Despite the fact that we believe Lys Mousset is French, based on his appearance, you can easily determine that he has African ancestors.

So, your assumption was correct. The Frenchman's ancestors come from Senegal, a West African country.

The footballer's father is from Senegal, while his mother is from France, one of the Top Facts about Lys Mousset.

He comes from a middle-class household and grew up with parents who forbade him from playing football when he was young.

Unlike his father, who was less strict, Lys' mother insisted that her son study his books before playing football with his buddies.

Despite the pressures at home, Lys would sneak out and play football with his mates. In the end, football triumphed over academics, and Lys' parents, particularly his mother, eventually believed in his dreams after considerable persuasion, another one of the Top Facts about Lys Mousset.

Both his mother and father were supportive, encouraging their son to put in the effort necessary to achieve his goal of being a professional.

Lys, like every other football-obsessed child, had a BIG DREAM to play for Le Havre, his city's major professional sports team and one of France's oldest football clubs.

However, he was well aware that joining a competitive club with academy stars like

Paul Pogba

, Dimitri Payer, Riyad Mahrez, Benjamin Mendy, and others in their roaster would be difficult.

Because entering Le Havre was challenging at first, the Frenchman sought alternative possibilities.

Lys began attending Soquence Graville, a soccer school in his area when he was seven years old.

As the passionate footballer progressed, he transferred to Havre Caucriauville, a slightly larger academy.

He developed into a unique talent over the course of two years at the academy, and he felt prepared to take on a trial challenge with Le Havre.

Lys Mousset Career Buildout

The excitement of Lys Mousset's parents and family members knew no bounds when he passed his trials and joined the prestigious Le Havre, one of the Top Facts about Lys Mousset.

Lys began his training at the Le Havre academy in 2006 when he was ten years old.

In 1872, a group of British residents founded Le Havre Athletique, a hybrid football team that played a mix of rugby and association football known as "combination."

Standard Athletic Club, formed by the British in Paris, is the oldest French football club.

In 1894, association football was first played in Le Havre.

The club is well-known for its noteworthy youth investment program, which develops and nurtures young talent with the goal of promoting them to the first squad if they demonstrate enough promise.

Lys worked his way up through the Le Havre youth system for nine years. He was promoted to Le Havre II (the club's reserve squad) in 2012, marking the start of a new chapter in his life.

After a brief delay, Mousset began to make an impression in Le Havre II, scoring 14 goals before making his first-team debut.

Lys Mousset Path to Prominence

Lys Mousset became restless for popularity as he approached the age of 20.

Despite the fact that his future looked bright at Le Havre, the French footballer was keen to leave his homeland and play in another country, one of the

Top Facts about Lys Mousset.

The French forward followed in the footsteps of

Anthony Martial

in abandoning his career in France for the 2016–2017 season.

After arriving in England, he joined AFC Bournemouth, who were in their second season in the Premier League.

AFC Bournemouth is a professional football club situated in Kings Park, Boscombe, a suburb of Bournemouth in the English county of Dorset.

The team competes in the Championship, the English football league's second division.

The club was founded in 1899 as Boscombe and changed its name to its current name in 1971.

Bournemouth, also known as "The Cherries," has played their home games at Dean Court since 1910.

Their home colors are red and black striped shirts with black shorts and stockings, which are inspired by the Italian club A.C. Milan.

The Frenchman's trip to the south coast of England did not go as planned.

Lys Mousset was a poor performer due to a lack of playing time, scoring just five goals in all competitions throughout his three years at


, another one of the Top Facts about Lys Mousset.

In an interview with the French newspaper Paris-Normandie, he expressed his disappointment. He said:





Lys Mousset Ascend to Prominence

Back home, it was difficult for the Mousset family, particularly his parents, to cope with seeing one of their own tumble down the Bournemouth pecking order.

Lys Mousset began his journey through the different ladders of English football in search of a chance to play first-team striker.

The forward joined the newly-promoted Premier League team

Sheffield United

on July 21st, 2019. Thankfully, Mousset has become a more regular first-choice striker for Sheffield United.

Mousset signed a three-year contract with the Blades after signing a club-record fee of over £10 million. In a 2-0 away win over Everton on September 21, 2019, he scored his first goal for Sheffield United.

His toe injury could have kept him out for at least two months, according to Wilder, who confirmed it on September 30th.

The footballer nonetheless concluded the 2019/20 season as Sheffield United's joint top scorer with Oli McBurnie (6 goals) and joint top assist provider with

Enda Stevens

(4 assists).

The most apparent quality of Mousset's game at the time of writing is his outstanding strength.

When given the chance, he is a powerful runner and an adept finisher capable of storming past defenders.

Stay tuned to read more Top Facts about Lys Mousset.

Lys Mousset Personal & Love Life

With his rise to stardom with Sheffield United, most fans must have wondered if Lys Mousset has a girlfriend or a wife.

Yes, there is no doubt that he is attractive. His baby-faced charm puts him at the top of every lady's watchlist.

Lys Mousset's ability to keep his personal life private has astounded fans. Lys Mousset's girlfriend has agreed with her man to stay out of the spotlight, from secret trips to avoiding Instagram.

The great forward is well-known in English football, but he is even more so to his daughter.

Despite his hectic sports schedule, Lys manages to make and spend meaningful time with his daughter, one of the

Top Facts about Lys Mousset.

His young kid, without a doubt, brings out the softies in him, a trait that has made him one of the most devoted football fathers.

Now onto his personality, learning about Lys Mousset's life outside of football can help you obtain a full image of him.

To begin with, he radiates a calm, collected manner. Lys enjoys spending time in his lovely Balcony, which has an amazing view of the South Yorkshire city center when he is not playing football.

He also thinks of himself as a clean, level-headed guy with good looks.

Lys Mousset Networth & LifeStyle

The striker signed a contract with Sheffield United in July 2016 that pays him a staggering 1.2 million Euro (1.0 million Pound) each year.

According to calculations, he earns €3,279 (£2,834) each day and €137 (£118) per hour! This indicates that the average man would have to work for at least three years to earn the same amount of money as MousMous does in just one month, one of the Top Facts about Lys Mousset.

This young striker has a lot of potential. He has a long career ahead of him at the top level of football, and we are confident that he has a bright future ahead of him.

In the summer of 2016, Bournemouth paid 7.3 million euros for him, and his market value has stayed unchanged: his current market value is 7.5 million euros (6.5 Million Pound).

With a yearly salary of 1.2 million Euros (1.0 million Pounds), he has a net worth of 5 million Euros (4.3 Million Pound).

Lys Mousset is undoubtedly blessed with the means to live lavishly, implying an adventurous lifestyle, thanks to a super yearly income.

The 25 year old, as seen in the picture above, buys luxury clothing, watches, and shoes, and most importantly, he has his high-end automobile.

Lys Mousset Family

What is the closest thing Lys Mousset has to a family while working on his career? His Senegalese roots is the answer.

Lys is proud of his Senegalese ancestors, and he has a means of uniting with his Senegalese brothers and displaying his history through the use of a colorful hand band.

Despite the constant presence of photographers and the countless ways to engage with social media, Lys and his family currently live a private and low-key life.

One thing is certain, though. His mother, father, brother(s), sister(s), and the entire family are now experiencing the rewards of having one of their own in English football.

Lys Mousset Less-Known Details

A few facts that are mostly unknown about him to wrap this writing up.

Lys Mousset Religion

Le Havre, the city where he comes from, is divided into eight parishes and contains a total of 24 places of worship (churches and chapels).

However, the lack of photographic evidence of Mousset's religious practice leads us to believe he is nonreligious, one of the

Top Facts about Lys Mousset.

Lys Mousset Tattoos

Tattoo culture is well-known in today's football world, as it is frequently utilized to depict one's religion or loved ones.

Lys Mousset is tattoo-free at the time of writing. There are no tattoos on his upper or lower body.


Onto his Zodiac sign, he was born in 1996 which is the year of Rat. 2032, 2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, and 1936 are recent Rat years in the Chinese zodiac.

In the Chinese zodiac cycle, the Rat is the first sign. Every 12 years, there is a Rat year.

According to the Chinese zodiac fable, the quick-witted rat begged the hardworking ox to take him on a ride across the river in the Jade Emperor's race to choose the zodiac animals and leaped down before the ox crossed the finish line.

The rat was the first of the zodiac animals to win the race, followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

Rats are cunning, resourceful, and intelligent, yet they lack courage. They can effectively take advantage of many chances thanks to their vivid imaginations and keen perceptions.

Rats are supposed to signify hard labor and thriftiness in Chinese culture, therefore those born in a Rat year are thought to be affluent and prosperous.

Men born in the year of the Rat are naturally curious, therefore they will try their hand at anything and are capable of handling a variety of duties.

They are incapable of being leaders due to a lack of courage and good command skills.

Male Rats, as opportunistic and picky as they are, do not have broad minds and have a restricted perspective on things.

Rats have good discretion in what they do because they have good insight and a sharp perspective, which allows them to avoid unnecessary issues.

Rats are careful and meticulous, therefore they approach their work with a serious demeanor.

Rats, in general, are healthy. They are energetic and active, which helps them maintain their health and avoid illness.

Rats have a diverse social circle due to their active nature. They are interested in attending a variety of social gatherings.

They enjoy making new friends, but they rarely maintain those friendships. Rats have a pleasant appearance that can draw in more companions.

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