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Dirk Kuyt Biography

Dirk Kuyt is a former professional footballer with an interesting story. Sportmob brings you Dirk Kuyt biography in this article.

Dirk Kuyt nationality

 is Dutch. The former footballer is a product of Utrecht. He started his professional career there back in 1998. He quickly secured his place and made his way to the first team. Kuyt earned recognition not only for his form and style on the field but also for his ethics among the fans.

Bert van Marwijk the Dutch manager presided the former footballer in an interview and stated about him: “He is the example of a true and genuine team player. He’s so focused, he’s working so hard for the team and gives such a positive signal to the rest of the players. I’m so pleased with him.”

Details About Dirk Kuyt Biography You Probably Didn’t Know

The former footballer was recognized for his physic and strong form. In 2009, Rafael Benitez Liverpool manager compared him to a long-lasting battery due to the fact that he never got tired running on the pitch. They called him Mr. Duracell for the way he ran. Find out details about

Dirk Kuyt life story

in the following.

Dirk Kuyt Information

Before we get into the details of

Dirk Kuyt childhood

and early life we will fill you in with the details of his bio and other information. 

Dirk Kuyt Bio

  • Full name: Dirk Kuyt

  • Nickname: Mr. Duracell

Personal information

  • Dirk Kuyt date of birth: 22 July 1980 (age 41)

  • Zodiac sign: Cancer

  • Place of birth: Katwijk, Netherlands

  • Dirk Kuyt religion: Christian

  • Father’s name: Dirk Kuyt Sr.

  • Mother’s name: Joke Kuijt

  • Dirk Kuyt Nationality: Dutch

  • Marital status: married

  • Wife’s name: Gertrude Kuyt

  • Date of marriage: 2003-2020

  • Children: Noelle Kuyt, Aidan Benjamin Kuyt, Jorden Kuyt, Roan Dirk Kuyt

Body Measurements

  • Hair color: Blond

  • Eye color: blue

  • Height: 1.84 m

  • Weight: 77 kg

Football Information

Position: Striker, Winger

Debut in profession: Quick Boys (1997)                                                      

Clubs served: Utrecht, Feyenoord, Liverpool, Fenerbahce                                      

Current club: retired in 2016                                                                                 

Dirk Kuyt Early life

The footballer was born on July 22, 1980 in Katwijk, Netherlands. According to

Dirk Kuyt date of birth

his zodiac sign is Cancer. He was born to Dirk Kuyt Sr. and Joke Kuijt. The former footballer was the third of four children. His father was a fisherman. Dirk revealed in an interview that if he hadn’t picked football as a career he would have end up as a fisherman just like his father. He grew up in Katwijk along with his siblings which is a suitable place for fishing.

As a child he was very passionate about football and dreamed of one day becoming a professional footballer. Dirk started his career in football by joining the local amateur team Quick Boys while he was five years old. He made it through ranks and his efforts paid off as in March 1998 he was included in the first team. His family and friends encouraged him to go after what he loved and make a name for himself as a professional footballer. Dirk’s talent didn’t go unnoticed and drew attention from Eredivisie club Utrecht.

Dirk Kuyt Profile

Over the years Dirk came a long way and made a name for himself as a skilled footballer. Based on

Dirk Kuyt bio

he played as a striker and winger on his days on the field. We have gathered all the details about his career both in clubs and on the international level. Join us in this journey and find how the footballer set foot on the road to fame in the following.


At the age of 18, Dirk reached an agreement with Utrecht and quickly found his place in the team. The footballer still visits his childhood club Quick Boys on regular basis. At the time he moved to


the club benefited £300k from his move. At the club the footballer featured as a striker but he didn’t play as a winger. As Foeke Booy was appointed the new manager he used Dirk to play in the position of striker / attacking midfielder (behind the striker) for the whole season.

Dirk made a lot of wonders for the side and scored 20 league goals. Utrecht faced Feyenoord in the KNVB Cup final with little chance of winning. However, Utrecht proved everyone that they were wrong by winning the cup 4-1. Dirk made contributions for the side as he aimed the net for one goal. The footballer was awarded with a Man of the Match Award. The footballer caught the attention of Feyenoord club with his remarkable performances and moved to the side for €1 million. Find out more details about

Dirk Kuyt biography

in the following.


As Dirk joined the club, he became very popular among the fans with his extraordinary goal-scoring abilities. He managed to score 20 league goals just in his first season at the club. During the first game of the 2004-05 season, the footballer scored the first hat trick of his career over De Graafschap. Later in a 6-3 thrashing of

ADO Den Haag

once again he aimed the net for three goals. At the end of the season, Dirk was named Eredivisie's top scorer with 29 goals, a career high.

In 2005 the top goal scorer was assigned to captain the team. His third season with the club was very successful while scoring 25 goals in all competitions. The footballer managed to form a good friendship with

Salomon Kalou

and together they made wonders on the pitch. They were called “K2”. In the summer of 2006 there were speculations that the footballer was planning on leaving the club. Dirk stated in an interview: “I am happy at Feyenoord but I would like to play in the Premier League.” stay tuned for more details about Dirk Kuyt biography.


While joining the Reds, Dirk stated: “I only wanted to leave


for a really big club, and that is what Liverpool are. They are a fantastic big club and it will be a real pleasure to play here.” The footballer debuted for the side on 26 August 2006, in a game over West Ham United. On 20 January 2007, in a game over Chelsea just 4 minutes after the referee blew his whistle, Dirk aimed the net for the opening goal.

The game was a 2-0 win and it was the first time Rafael Benítez defeated Jose Mourinho along with his squad in the Premier League. It was also the first time Liverpool scored over a top four club in the league in the 2006–07 season. Dirk continued with his great performance and on 30 January 2007, he scored the opening goal of a 2-1 away victory against West Ham. The footballer was an important player during a penalty shoot-out victory against Chelsea in the semi-finals of the 2006–07 Champions League. Find out more details about

Dirk Kuyt biography

in the following.

Kuyt Showcasing His Goal Scoring Abilities at Liverpool

The footballer scored his first goal of the 2007-08 season during Liverpool’s 4-0 win in the Champions League against Toulouse as they got qualified for the next round. He also was a good penalty taker as he scored two penalties of the Reds in a 2-1 victory against


during the Merseyside derby. He went on and made numerous wonders for the club. He scored the third and final league goal of the season in a 3-0 away victory against Newcastle in November 2007.

On 19 February 2008, he aimed the net for the opening goal in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League over favorites Internazionale in a 2–0 victory. At the beginning of 2008, the footballer featured as a right-winger on the pitch. He provided assists for both of Fernando Torres' goals over West Ham.

Dirk found his place in his new position and played an important role on the pitch. On 2 April 2008, he aimed the net for the equalizing goal over


. On 22 April 2008, Dirk once again showcased his goal scoring abilities while scoring the opening goal in the first leg of the Champions League all-English semi-final over Chelsea

Liverpool Big Game Player


In the 2008-09 Champions League the footballer aimed the net for a late goal over Standard Liege. Thanks to Dirk's goal, Liverpool got qualified for the group stages of the competition. Later in a 2-1 victory in the Premier League over Man Utd, he provided an assist for Ryan Babel’s winning goal. Dirk scored many goals for the club and played as Liverpool's key role player. On October 5, 2008 he scored a vital goal over Man City and on 18 October 2008 he grabbed a brace in a 3-2 victory against Wigan Athletic. His great goal scoring abilities earned him the name for “the Big Game Player”.

Dirk Kuyt First Premier League Hat-Trick


On 6 March Dirk managed to score his first Premier League hat-trick for the Reds during a 3-1 victory against Man Utd. Back in 2010, football manager

Rafael Benitez

described him: “I can think of far more vaunted wide-men, and yet he was the sixth top scorer in the entire

Premier League

last season, and the league’s sixth top assist-maker, with not one single winger ahead of him. Given that he doesn’t take the corners and free-kicks that help players rack up assists, that’s a great contribution, even before considering his work rate and general team ethic. He’s not flash, but he delivers.”

As he parted way with the Reds Aaron Cutler wrote for This Is Anfield: “That flag, in that instant, captured the fans sheer adoration for a man they nicknamed the Duracell Bunny. A cult figure, finally with a medal to show for his exemplary service. What he lacked in technique he more than made up for with his incredible work-rate.” Stay tuned for further details about Dirk Kuyt biography.

Dirk Kuyt 250th goal at Fenerbahce


On 3 June 2012, Dirk reached an agreement with the Turkish club Fenerbahce and signed a three-year contract worth €1 million. Upon joining the club, he stated: “After six years I am ready for a new challenge. The club and supporters I will always carry in my heart.”  He scored his first goal for the club in a Champions League qualifier over Vaslui which was an eventual 4-1 victory. The top goal scorer aimed the net for this 250th goal of his career in a game over Gaziantepspor.

Return to Feyenoord

In April 2015, Dirk went back to his old club Feyenoord for the 2015-16 season. During the 2016-17 season thanks to the legendary top goal scorer Feyenoord won its first Eredivisie title. He also managed to score a hat trick for the club. following the fifth lost match in a row on 31 January 2016, Kuyt stated in an interview: “I can hardly describe how I feel now. It was just not good enough. Of course it's not good for the confidence when you lose five times in a row. I am busy day and night to change everything and do everything that's possible to turn the tide.”

He further added: “This is the saddest day of my life, in the field of football. It's difficult to say what the problem exactly is. Of course it's easy to blame someone, but I only want to look at myself. I know it's not enough, but I will continue to give everything for Feyenoord.” On 17 May Dirk hanged his boots and announced his retirement. The football legend stated: “Throughout my career I have always followed my heart when taking decisions and that goes for this one too. To me this feels like the right time to retire.”

On 27 May 2018, he officially retired in a testimonial game held and organized in his honor. The revenue from the game was donated to three charities: The Dirk Kuyt Foundation, the Feyenoord Foundation, and Support Casper. In 2015 Kenneth Perez described him: “Through his work ethic he inspires players, and he is so incredibly important for Feyenoord. I really would not question him. Kuyt is really a great addition.”

International Career 

Dirk Kuyt was handed his international debut in September 2004 for

Netherlands national team

under the supervision of Van Basten in a game against Liechtenstein. He also featured in the Netherlands' 12 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification games. Overall his great form and goal scoring abilities earned him a lot of international calls. Robin van Persie stated about him: “We have given Dirk a very nice gift for his 100th international game.”

 He further added: “I had a little speech for him. I told him I am so proud of him and that he is an example for young and old,”

Van Persie

said. “There are only seven players who have reached this number of internationals in Oranje. He stayed a long time stabbing away on 98. It is fantastic, if anyone deserves this, it’s him.’’ Stay tuned for more details about Dirk Kuyt biography.

Style of Play 

Dirk Kuyt was an agile player with great energy. The former footballer was a versatile player and capable of playing both as a Striker and Winger. But mostly he played at the right-wingback. His great form enabled him to easily win the ball and make his way to the net. Simon Gleave stated about the player: “The other thing with Dirk Kuyt is that he is NEVER injured. Since his career began in 1998, he has missed 42 league matches in total.”

His interpretation of the game and vision for details was one of a kind. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the team. Many football pundits praised him for his strong form and described him to have lungs of steel. Dirk Kuyt contributed numerous goals while he was at Liverpool, which made him a real hero among the clubs’ supports. Stay tuned for more details about

Dirk Kuyt biography



Dirk Kuyt was praised for his performance on many occasions. Upon his arrival at Liverpool the footballer was admired as Daily Mirror wrote about him: “The Dutch striker has the look of a cult hero in the making” The people also remarked: “propelling himself towards iconic status.” As we mentioned before the footballer was likened to Mr. Duracell as he was tireless on the pitch and running after the ball until the very end.

Liverpool Manager Rafael Benitez commented in an interview with Daily Telegraph: “You could call him Mr Duracell, because of the way he plays, always running and always on the go. But we knew when we signed him that he was that sort of player, because he has been doing it for years. He's done really well this year, creating things and scoring goals, but maybe that is because the team is doing better.”

He further added: “You can use him in so many different ways so you can pretty much guarantee he will be in the starting line-up.” In addition to his remarkable goal scoring abilities, Dirk put ethics above all. He gained respect and affection among the fans at Liverpool as he walked toward every corner at the end of every game while applauding the Liverpool supporters.

Goal Celebration

The legendary goal scorer used to celebrate his goals while diving into the grass while holding a fist in the air as a sign of victory.

Dirk Kuyt Outside Football

Dirk Kuyt is a family man and off the pitch he is mostly focused on his four children. Overall he doesn’t share much of his personal life with the media. Although he is widely followed on Instagram unlike other footballers he is not so active on the page as his last post belonged to 2015. Find out more details about

Dirk Kuyt life story

in the following.

Dirk Kuyt Personal Life

The former footballer got married to his girlfriend Gertrude back in 2003 after a few years of dating. Gertrude works as a nurse and just like her husband she is down to earth which made her adored by the fans. The couple is blessed with four children Noelle, Aidan Benjamin, Jorden and Roan.

Family Children and Relationships

After 17 years of marriage the couple decided to go separate ways. Dirk stated in an interview: “It is a sad situation that the family and I are in. Both Gertrude and I have to work it apart and I have to ensure that it also gets a good place for the children.” Dirk prefers to keep it private and he didn’t share further information upon the subject. Stay tuned for more details about Dirk Kuyt biography in the following.


Dirk Kuyt religion

is Christian. Prior to Dirk and his ex-wife, Gertrude's separation they started a fundraise and participated in charity works extensively. The couple set up the Dirk Kuyt foundation in order to provide assistance for the disadvantaged children in the footballer’s homeland and also in the developing world. Mostly the foundation raises money by selling the legendary footballer’s clothes.

Legal Issues

In 2008, the midfielder was sued for refusing to pay more than £50k to contractors who made constructional operations on his house.

Dirk Kuyt Statistics

Over the years the footballer came a long way in establishing himself as a dedicated midfielder. We have gathered information about the number of appearances and goals he scored for different clubs. Find out all the details in the following.


In 1997, the footballer started his professional career by joining Quick Boys. He made 6 appearances while scoring 3 goals. For the 1998-99 season he reached an agreement with Utrecht. He remained at the club for five seasons while making 184 appearances and scoring 66 goals for the club. Then he switched to Feyenoord and signed a contract with the club for the 2003-04 season. He stayed at the club for 3 seasons and featured in 122 games while scoring 83 goals for the side. In 2006 Dirk’s dream of playing in the premier league came true as he signed a contract with Liverpool.

He stayed at the club for six years and made a name for himself as a Liverpool legend. Overall he made 286 appearances while aiming the net for 71 goals. In 2012 he reached an agreement with the Turkish club


and remained there for three seasons. He appeared in 130 games while scoring 37 goals. For the 2015-16 season he went back to Feyenoord to feature in 77 games and score 38 goals. In 2017 he made only 3 appearances for Quick Boys and didn’t score any goals.


On international level the footballer made 104 appearances while scoring 24 goals.

Dirk Kuyt Honors

Over the years Dirk proved himself as a key role player and earned a great reputation for himself as a top goals scorer. We have gathered information about the titles and awards he won. Find out the details in the following.



KNVB Cup: 2002–03


  • League Cup: 2011–12

  • UEFA Champions League runner-up: 2006–07


  • Super Lig: 2013–14

  • Turkish Cup: 2012–13

  • Turkish Super Cup: 2014


  • Eredivisie: 2016–17

  • KNVB Cup: 2015–16

  • Netherlands

  • FIFA World Cup runner-up: 2010; third place: 2014


  • Dutch Golden Shoe: 2003, 2006

  • Eredivisie Top Scorer: 2005

  • Dutch Footballer of the Year: 2006

  • FIFA World Cup top assist provider: 2010

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