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Best UFC Records of All Time

As the UFC has proved to be arguably the most popular MMA promotion in the world, almost every great MMA fighter has fought under its banner, so it is no wonder to see a raft of great feats being accomplished in the promotion. In case you've become curious, here is the Best UFC records of all time.

Although the UFC has not been around for a long time, it has quickly succeeded to be the leader in mixed martial arts as it is more popular than any other organization in the sport.

Take almost all the greatest MMA fighters as the likes of Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Amanda Nunes, and Anderson Silva, just to name the few, then you would find out they all have competed for UFC; if you have any doubt, you can check out Sportsmob's list of The

Greatest MMA Fighters of All Time

to make sure about their UFC career.

It is undeniable that all of these MMA giants who have stepped inside the famed Octagon have managed to put forth some of the most impressive performances the world has ever observed.

From fascinating knockouts and astonishing submissions to wonderful back-and-forth wars as well as impressive most successive wins. They are all included on the comprehensive

list of UFC records


However, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there are also many outstanding feats outside of the UFC, but in the face of the general lack of quality recordkeeping and statistics, we prefer to concentrate on the elite, so as to avoid facing difficulties in verifying potential records through impartial parties.

The Best UFC Records of All Time

Here you would go through 19 of The Best Records in UFC History.

Anderson Silva

Being widely known as The Spider, he is considered to be one of the greatest Middleweights ever to step into the Octagon that managed to anchor one of the best UFC records of all time to his name.

Longest win streak: 16

While he holds the record for the longest title reign in UFC history at 2,457 days, from his UFC debut in 2006 against Chris Leben, until his first UFC defeat to Chris Weidman in 2013, he set the record of the most consecutive victories at 16 in 7 years.

This means that, during his streak, he won all his bouts in the promotion against the giants like Rich Franklin (twice), Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin, Vitor Belfort, and Demian Maia. This shows that how he was unstoppable during his heydays as no one seemed able to conceivably stop him.

In spite of the fact that he is currently retired, his record of 16 win streaks is undoubtedly one of the hardest records to be smashed any day soon as it is fairly deserved to be included on the list of UFC records.

Jon Jones

As one of the most dominating UFC champions ever who earned a spot in our list of the

Best MMA fighters in each weight class ever

, he is widely revered as the king of the UFC Light Heavyweight division.

While he currently competes in the aforementioned division, he was a  two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion as well.

Aside from becoming the youngest UFC champion at the age of 23, as well as holding many UFC records in the light heavyweight division, he also succeeded in generally set one of the best UFC records of all time, while he is still active and can keep extending his record.

Most title fight wins: 14

With a stellar record career of 26 wins, 1 loss and 1 NC, he has one of the most decorated UFC title fight streaks (14).

To be specific, after he won his first title back in 2011, he went on to defend the title 8 times until he was stripped of the belt due to a hit and run case.

So his tally was then 9 UFC title wins. Afterwards, he recaptured the interim belt in 2016 preceding his suspension on grounds of a positive test.

Then he came back and captured the belt in 2017 but was suspended again as his win was turned into no contest. Moreover, he eventually proceeded to recapture the belt in 2018 and since then has had three title defences.

In essence, with his interim reign, first reign, and second reign, he has a total of 14 UFC title fight wins, being included on the list of UFC records.

Frankie Edgar

While Frankie Edgar is a former UFC Lightweight Champion who defended his title several times, he is currently competing in the featherweight division as he was challenged for the UFC Featherweight Championship on three occasions.

In his illustrious UFC career, apart from many other honours, he also succeeded to set one of The Best Records in UFC History.

Most total fight time: 7h: 41m: 19s

While he has tied for the most Fight of the Night bonuses in UFC history (8) with Nate Diaz, he amazingly has the record for the most total time-fighting at 7 hours, 41 minutes, and 19 seconds, as he is still competing in the promotion.

This is while an overwhelming majority of  UFC fighters commonly has not managed to rack up many fights throughout their whole careers.

Drew Mcfedries

As an American MMA fighter, he formerly fought for the promotions like UFC, Titan FC and Shooto in the divisions of Middleweight and Light Heavyweight.

In spite of the fact that he has become retired since 2015 and has not been active in UFC for more than 6 years, his name is enlisted on the top of the two records in the UFC Record Book.

Shortest avg. fight time: 2:20

While UFC bouts might last either 3 (non-championship fight) or 5 (championship and main event fight) rounds, with each round taking long for 5 minutes with a 1-minute rest in between rounds, a whole 5-round fights last for 29 minutes, and a 3-round fight lasts for 17 minutes.

On that note, it is quite amazing that Drew Mcfedries's shortest avg. fight time is 2 minutes and 20 seconds as it would commonly happen unless having the fights being paused earlier through knockouts or submissions.

Most Knockdown avg. per 15 min: 4.27

So far you might get the hint why Mcfedries has set the record of the shortest avg. fight time, that is simply because in his record career of 19 wins and 9 losses; 12 number of his victories were via knockouts.

Thereby this has seen him be the holder of another record which is the most Knockdown average per 15 min with 4.27.

Charles Oliveira

Being also included in our list of

UFC Current Champions: Who is the most dominant belt holder?

, the Brazilian fighter is the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion.

In his glorious career, aside from a chunk of incredible achievements as the likes of grabbing 11 Performance of the Night awards and winning the second most Post Fight bonuses in UFC history (17) behind just Donald Cerrone, he is the holder of the best UFC records of all time.

Most finishes: 17

When a warrior achieves mastery in a match before the expiration of the fight time, it is to be said that the fight was finished. This might happen in case there were submissions or strikes, mostly knockouts.

Charles Oliveira successfully has managed to have the most finishes in UFC history with 17 while he set the record when he toppled Michael Chandler so as to earn his Lightweight belt. Likewise, he has the highest finishes-per-win percentage in UFC history (93.75%).

Most submission wins: 14

In as much as usually finishes occur by submissions, it is no wonder to see Oliveira, hold the record for the most submission wins at 14 as well.

Precisely as saying, with a career record of 31 wins and 8 losses, 19 number of his triumphs were by submission, 9 by knockout and the remaining 3 by decision.

Max Holloway

The American MMA fighter, currently fights in the featherweight division of UFC, while he became the UFC Featherweight Champion as he beat José Aldo on June 3, 2017, and then defended his title three times.

In his illustrious career, apart from many achievements, he is also honoured to anchor several

best UFC records of all time

to his name.

Significant strikes landed: 2618

When a strike is launched firmly in the clinch and on the ground or when it is landed from a distance, then it is called a significant strike.

That is to say, all short strikes are not categorized among significant strikes, since those are just total strikes. Max Holloway has the most ever significant strikes in UFC history as he has succeeded to land 2618 significant strikes in his career.

This is while he is still an active fighter who is shattering his own record to make it even better while nobody on the earth seems to come even close to him any day soon.

Total strikes landed: 2805

The previous record would inevitably land him top places in many other records that are correlated to strikes. Basically, since he is an impeccable striker, he established the record of the total strikes landed at 2805 as well.

Not to mention that he is impressively the record holder of the most significant strikes in a title bout as well as the most significant strikes landed in a single bout with 445 which signifies how competent he is in his profession.

Jim Miller

As an American MMA fighter, he currently fights in the UFC lightweight division. In his MMA career, he established many records like the record of the most wins in the UFC lightweight division (19), most bouts in UFC Lightweight division history (33) and third-most wins in UFC history (21), just to name a few. But he succeeded to set the

best UFC records of all time

as well.

Most total fights: 37

Conventionally, UFC events, often would not permit their warriors to have big streaks like MMA in general. With this note in mind, you might have understood how terrific of an achievement it is for Miller to have tied for most bouts in UFC history (37) with Donald Cerrone. Yet he grabbed the first spot on the UFC record book surely for sound reasons.

Submission attempts: 45

When a fighter yields to his rivals, which may lead the fight to be stopped with an immediate defeat, a submission will occur.

It is often used interchangeably with "tap out" or "tapping out" which is performed when a fighter taps the floor with his hand or feet or even by saying the word 'tap' so as to notify people of the submission.

But not all submission attempts may result in having the fight finished as they might just threaten the rivals. There are terribly vicious techniques to make opponents submitted like Armbar, Triangle Choke, Rear Naked Choke, Twist Lock and many more others.

Now you might by far better fathom out what Jim Miller's record of 45 submission attempts would mean in UFC history while there is a stark difference with his records and the second most record following him, which is set by Charles Oliveira at 35.

Kamaru Usman

Currently competing in the UFC welterweight category, he is the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion. While he is honoured to be ranked the #1 fighter in the UFC men's pound-for-pound rankings as of September 27, 2021, it is of little surprise to see him establish some of

The Best Records in UFC History


Highest takedown defence: 100%

When it comes to takedown defence, a fighter could throw his knee so as to stop his opponent from taking him down. That is to say in order to not permit his opponent to get him on his back, it is necessary for him to be a skilled grappler.

Otherwise, he would not avoid being brought to the ground during a fight. In this case, Usman is an excellent grappler who has the highest takedown defence in UFC history.

Least bottom position time and percentage: 0:00, 0.0%

When neither of the fighters is in a more favourable position, it is to be said that they are in a neutral position. In case one of them has a clear advantage such as in the mount, he would be in a dominant position.

In the contrast, the one who is in the inferior position is dubbed to be "on the bottom" or under-mount. Having this in mind, Usman is the record holder for the least amount of time spent in the bottom position. He has been there for 0 seconds across his entire UFC career tieing with Ciryl Gane and Tyson Nam.

Donald Cerrone

Being widely recognised with the nickname of Cowboy, he is an American MMA fighter who currently competes in the UFC welterweight category. Being one of the most thrilling mixed martial artists to watch, the fans can't get enough of his spectacular fights.

While there are no statistics for measuring how exciting a fighter is, his establishing several best UFC records speaks volumes about his glorious career.

Most wins: 23

With an aggressive fighting style, he has managed to set the record for most wins in UFC history with 23 victories. Yet this record is not assumed to be that much safe in as much as Demian Maia has only one win less than him and is still active.

But he is still ahead of the giants like Jim Miller, Michael Bisping, Jones and St-Pierre, who are all tied on 20 UFC wins.

Most total fight night bonuses: 18

The UFC promotion tends to grant post-fight bonus awards to its fighter as a source of motivation to illustrate amusing performances.

With these awards, fighters are encouraged to take a spectacular fighting style instead of a conservative style which is both an easier and safer path to triumph. In a span of 10 years, Cowboy is honoured to be the record holder for grabbing the most UFC post-fight bonus awards.

To be specific, he had earned 18 awards, including six Fight of the Night, seven Performance of the Night, three Knockout of the Night and two Submission of the Night awards.

Most knockdowns landed: 20

A knockdown happens when a warrior touches the floor with any part of their body except for his feet as a result of a hit that is intended to bring him to the floor in pursuit of a grapple that may lead into submission.

That said, Cerrone succeeded to hold the record for most knockdowns with 20 to make his records tally as illustrious as possible.

Georges St-Pierre

Being widely revered as one of the greatest fighters in MMA history, he is a former two-division champion in the  (UFC), as he won titles in the categories of welterweight and middleweight.

While he is listed as the top MMA welterweight of all time and most accomplished warrior in MMA history by Fight Matrix, it is no wonder to see his name beside some of the

best UFC records of all time


Moreover, his being retired as the reigning Welterweight Champion, landed him a spot in Sportsmob's list of

UFC fighters who retired as champions

as well.

He was honoured to anchor his name to a raft of feats in the list of UFC records in such a way that despite being retired for several years, they are not been smamsed yet.

Highest control time: 2:42:04

When it comes to the Cage, Ring or Octagon Control, taking the centre of the cage and dictating the pace, place and position of the fight, is concerned.

MMA techniques are evaluated by effective striking, effective grappling, effective aggressiveness and ring control.

That is to say when effective striking and effective grappling is even, ring control would be a criterion to judge fighters. Having this in mind, St-Pierre is the record holder for the highest time spent in controlling the cage with 2:42:04.

Highest top position time: 2:22:05

As it was mentioned earlier, as part of the grappling position, the top or dominant position is when a fighter has a clear advantage over the other such as in the mount.

While it is not unrelated to his previous record, St-Pierre spent the highest amount of time in the top position statutes at 2:22:05.

Most takedowns landed: 90

In takedown, a fighter off-balances his opponent and brings him to the ground, so as to be landed on the top. St-Pierre also succeeded to rack up the most takedowns in UFC history with landing 90 of them. 


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