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Best UFC Fights of All Time

While not any promotion has ever reached the level of MMA displayed in the UFC, it has showcased some of the most jaw-dropping fights that the world has ever observed. In case you were wondering, here are the 10 of the Best Fights in UFC History.

From the arrival of the UFC in 1993, it has been almost three decades that the promotion has put on hundreds of spectacular fights; among these, some of them were specifically stuck in the fans mind and therefore would stand above the rest.

But what are the elements that have turned the excitement the fans felt in the octagon into an indelible joy to be felt with their heartbeats?

Best UFC fights of all time have been often an illustration of high-level skills and technicality, intense rivalries and raw emotion, comebacks and shifting dynamics, along with the sheer aggressiveness so as to keep any spectators on the edge of their seats.

Likewise, the importance of the fight to the promotion, it's standing up to repeated viewings and the way the fighters achieve victory or lose a match, are among the other factors that make The Greatest MMA Fights of All Time.

In case you have watched the fights before, or even if you haven’t seen them, don't miss the opportunity of going through an engaging ride through the Best UFC fights of all time.

Everything about the best UFC fights of all time

In what follows are the 10 of the Best Fights in UFC History, keep scrolling to see what are these iconic fights.

Zhang Weilli vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk (UFC 248, 2020)

Owing to the late arrival of women fights in UFC, it was difficult to include one of the great women fights in the Best UFC fights of all time; but not until the last year that the encounter between Zhang Weilli and Joanna Jedrzejczyk took place.

As the Chinese champion smashed the former strawweight queen, their fight turned out to be kind of an insane slugfest that even many male fights can’t live up to.

Yet there is no denying the fact that there are also several other great fights in women competitions as you can find a lot more on

The Best Women's Fights in UFC History,

yet this fight had a special place at the heart of UFC history.

But what has made it to be so distinguished, is the high level of craftsmanship as well as the intimidating amount of toughness and courage displayed in the fight.

To be specific, notwithstanding the initial terrific technical striking of Jedrzejczyk, as soon as Weilli’s power started to stagger, she created a massive hematoma, saying massive in inverted commas, on Jedrzejczyk’s head that not only it left her quite swollen up and unrecognizable but also it left the fans utterly speechless as both of the warriors were still standing, let alone throwing even more strikes.

Finally, with Jedrzejczyk wearing the losing result on her face, she never became the same fighter again after this fight while Zhang went on to be the champion. Yet it is very likely to see them fighting against one another in a near future.

Cub Swanson vs. Doo Ho Choi (UFC 206, 2016)

The brutal fight between Cub Swanson and  Doo Ho Choi that occurred at UFC 206, not only left both fighters getting cracked with punches terribly but also made an indelible impression on the fans so as to remember it as one of

The Greatest MMA Fights of All Time


The fight owed its greatness to Swanson who appeared to be stronger and took the fight extremely serious as though he was fighting in the toughest fight of his career, to such an extent that he even threw a cartwheel kick at one point.

On the other side of the coin, Choi proved to be more meticulous, while an awful lot of impressive strikes were exchanged between them.

Yet Choi could not manage to employ a smooth boxing style to have been resulted in a perfect antithesis to Swanson’s insane creativity.

At the end of the day this creativity, led Swanson to gain triumph via decision, while both warriors were left with the scars of an epic battle, as they etched their name in Ranking The 10 Greatest UFC fights of all time.

Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva 1 (UFC Fight Night, 2013)

The first fight between Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva which occurred in 2013, is assumed to be one of the deadliest MMA battles the world has ever seen.

It was a kind of bout that only very lion hearted diehard MMA fans could stand to watch it out as the blood was spraying everywhere. Although there exist even more bloody fights in the UFC, not any fighters of this size have left everything in the Octagon.

Despite the fact that Silva managed to establish dominance in the first two rounds with his more precise punches and leg kicks, his bruised leg awakened Hunt and gave him a sense of urgency.

Then as soon as Hunt dropped Silva with a gigantic right, the fight went mad so as to earn a spot on the list of the

best UFC fights of all time.

They continued to throw their devastating striking in order to display a rarely-seen heavyweight battle that lasted for five rounds without any sense of exhaustion.

Yet at any moment of the fight, it seemed as though it could be over, as both fighters were on the verge of collapsing.

Therefore with participating in such a hard-fought battle, both warriors were granted Hall of Fame performance award while finally, a draw was the only right decision to be made.

Israel Adesanya vs. Kelvin Gastelum (UFC 236, 2019)

In the encounter between Israel Adesanya and Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 236, it was binding for Gastelum to shake his opponent as early as possible because Adesanya is assumed to be the most precise striker the UFC has ever observed since Anderson Silva.

So Gastelum successfully managed to do so as he punched his rival impressively in the first round leading the fight to be then included among the Best UFC fights of all time.

However, Adesanya returned the favour in the following rounds, yet the results remained even (2:2) in the first four.

But when they headed into the fifth and final round, he summoned all that was left in his gas tank so as to edge Gastelum out, showing the heart of a champion.

Kudos to Gastelum that still managed to remain conscience, while Adesanya came out on the top as he achieved the middleweight interim title at UFC 236 by beating Kelvin.

It is notable to suggest that Israel Adesanya has managed to be champion in 2021 as well, you can read more about him on

UFC Current Champions: Who is the most dominant belt holder?

to know how he has done this.

Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor 1 (UFC 196, 2016)

When for the first time Conor MacGregor coped with Nate Diaz, he had moved up to welterweight and his rival was the ever-defiant younger Diaz brother, thereby it is no wonder to see their battle among the

Best UFC fights of all time.

While McGregor was a favourite to dominate the first round with his explosive style, Diaz’s inability to be finished exhausted him while he never fought against a heavier warrior than Nate, therefore the younger Diaz brother could manage to pick the Irishman apart.

In fact, McGregor made a terrific mistake of trying to take Diaz down to the ground without considering the fact that he was a BJJ expert.

As a result much to the consternation of the fans, Diaz promptly took Conor’s back and finished him with an impressive rear-naked choke.

Even though the second fight between Diaz and McGregor turned out to be a bit better, the dramatic ending of this first fight made it be among those jaw-dropping battles that you should never miss watching them.

Robert Whittaker vs. Yoel Romero 2 (UFC 225, 2018)

Although Yoel Romero missed weight in his rematch against the middleweight champion Robert Whittaker, the bout still went on, but without being considered a championship contest.

Yet, this was not a good reason for them to not summon up their utmost efforts in the fight making it an epic five rounds which were even tighter than their first match to such an extent that it is regarded to be among

10 of the Best Fights in UFC History.

Although Whittaker managed to establish dominance in the first two rounds with his strategic striking, Romero went on to make him astonished later in the fourth round.

That is to say, with a right eye that was swelling up to explode, Romero rocked Whittaker with a big left and then a right while less than two minutes were left in the fourth round.

Afterwards, the fifth round was more of a battle of survival for Whittaker, as he was taken another huge left by Romero and as a result with a broken hand that made him being barely able to hang on, he eventually endured to survive and earned a tight decision, grabbing triumph in a historic performance.

Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar (UFC - TUF 1 Finale, 2005)

As long as the

Best UFC fights of all time

are concerned, notwithstanding differences in opinions, the encounter between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar is always enlisted to be among at least the top five.

It was a true marvel to watch being considered as one of the most exciting matchups in the sport’s history that never fails to amaze MMA fans across the world.

It was a three-round masterpiece to determine which of them would get a six-figure contract with the promotion. So as they were fighting for their future, they left everything they could in the Octagon so as to make the fight in every way imaginable.

They went on bashing each other endlessly, and neither of them showed any sign of being surrendered, notwithstanding an awful lot of devastating hits they ate.

As there was virtually not a single moment in the bout that they were not going for it, the match appeared to be so much impressive that meant everything for the UFC, since it took the promotion to new, worldwide, mainstream heights.

Although at the end of the day, Griffin was announced the winner, both of the warriors succeeded to rightfully receive a six-figure UFC contract.

Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson 1 (UFC 165, 2013)

The first encounter between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson was a very close and back-and-forth battle in which Jones gained the palm with a clear decision.

But as Jones has cemented his place in Ranking

The 10 Greatest UFC fighters of all time

, there weren’t many fighters that even had come close to finish him. You can find more about him on the Sportmob's list of

The Greatest MMA Fighters of All Time


Therefore in this fight, he coped with the biggest challenge of his entire career, as he could not easily get a takedown or do much of anything with his punches and that is what has made the main event at UFC 165 so fascinating.

Although Jones was a nine-to-one favourite as he was going into the bout, early in the first round, Alexander Gustafsson managed to cut Jones with a right hand and took him down, as Jones’ previous UFC rivals had failed to do so in 16 efforts.

However, Jones was able to pick up his pace in the second round, but Gustafsson never conceded Jones’ striking attacks. While Jones’ face was a bloody, swollen up, puffy mess, he aggressively managed to take the charge of the bout so as to gain the unanimous decision win.

Although Gustafsson and many MMA fans have not contended about the decision as they deemed it to be a draw, Jones arguably deserved the victory.

Dan Henderson vs. Shogun Rua 1 (UFC 139, 2011)

In the first fight between Dan Henderson and Shogun Rua at UFC 139, both fighters were in desperate need of a victory so as to cement their already illustrious pedigrees.

That is to say before this fight Henderson had beaten Fedor Emelianenko, whereas Shogun was heading into the fight to compensate for his previous defeat against Forrest Griffin.

When it comes to the fights that have resulted in a draw, it is always conceivable to give one side even the slightest edge to determine the winner. But if there was ever a virtual draw, then it was undoubtedly this jaw-dropping bout.

Henderson who has earned a spot in Ranking The 10 Greatest UFC fighters of all time, and thereupon is included in our list of the

Best MMA fighters in each weight class ever,

managed to establish dominance in the first round, as he unleashed a chunk of punches which bore a lot of resemblance to how Chuck Liddell dethroned Tito Ortiz.

It is quite unfathomable how Rua turned the paper to gain dominance later in the fight, taking his performance in the first two rounds into consideration.

As they bitted each other terribly, none of them got knocked out eventually as it might be the only fight in history that ended in a draw where both warriors had a 10-8 round to their name.

Had it was a championship encounter, it would be certainly included among the greatest MMA Fights of All Time. Yet it is already included in the list.

Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald 2 (UFC 189, 2015)

Although in the first fight between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald, Lawler succeeded to gain mastery, the second bout at UFC 189 was more of a draw as MacDonald tried his utmost to compensate for his previous defeat with an eye-watering volume of exchanges.

Yet Robbie had done a good deal with his significant blows during all the insane five rounds so as to edge out MacDonald one more time with a hard-grind decision.

To be specific, in the second round of this epic fight, Lawler fairly punished MacDonald with his powerful straight left.

But it did not go on as easy as it seems, since, in the final moments of the third round, MacDonald managed to catch Lawler with a right kick to the head as he underwent a barrage of punches, elbows, knees and more kicks. Afterwards, the fourth round was bloody when MacDonald’s nose was shattered and Lawler’s lip was split in half.

As a result, when Lawler noticed that he was about to lose his title, he came out on fire in the final round while on the other side of the coin, after MacDonald collapsed following another left to the nose, he found himself past normal limits of humane endurance and conceded the game.


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