Best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

Sun 17 October 2021 | 17:30

Who’s ready to take a look at the best and worst new kits in European soccer? Follow us below as we list some of the poorly-performed and surprisingly well-performed new football kits for 2021/22 season

The new season of football has already gone underway and some big transfers have been completed over the summer. We are all eagerly awaiting for the international break to be over so that we can finally raise up the competitive heat. Sure, many only care about the game of football itself and don’t pay much attention to what the players are wearing on the pitch. Many others, however, always love to get their hands on the new jerseys every season and are always eager to see what their favorite teams are going to wear year-in year-out.

While there are still a couple of third kits left to be unveiled in the coming weeks, all the big clubs have already unveiled their away kits for the new season and we have been going through all of them in detail to sort out which ones deserve an applause and which ones deserve to be shunned into the depths of the attic, where they are doomed to stay at, collecting dust forever.

Surely many of you are eager to find out about the

best and worst third kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

, so without further ado, read on as we provide everything you need to know about the lucky winners and the sore losers of this “kits beauty pageant.”

Best and worst new football kits for 2021/22 season

Some manufacturers have decided to go simplistic and at times even minimalistic this season, while others have opted to used futuristic, shapeless, avant-garde and daring designs. You’ll be the judge who gives the final verdict on these products, but we have categorized these ten away kits based on social media reviews and what the majority of the fans think.


Many of the kits that are labeled “the worst” amongst the

best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

might not be the most horrible design of the century per se. They simply have not been able to live up to the expectations of the supporters, which is why they are included on this list. All of these kits have their unique and quite beautiful details, but it seems that these details were not enough for them to become this season’s sensation.


What could possibly be more intimidating and scary than a snake? Of course we are exaggerating for the sake of this post, but a snake is honestly a scary creature to see on a football jersey. That is exactly why


have opted to wear quite a bizarre-looking away kit for the 2021-22 season.

Nike have designed an away kit for the reigning Serie A champions so that they can intimate their rivals even further. The front of the shirt features an enormous snake that seems to be slithering towards the sleeves and the back of the shirt. While the snake features the club’s traditional colors and somehow resembles a giant dragon with no head to be found, the whole design seems a bit odd for many. Why is this kit on the list of

best and worst new kits in European soccer

? You ask.

Well, the base of the shirt is all white and no unique details could be found on the back of the shirt. Even the bottom-half of the front side seems like a barren desert with some parts of a snake being visible. All major details are cramped into the chest area, where the sponsor logo, the Nike Swoosh and Inter’s badge can be seen.

This heavily compact design has not been able to deliver the “deadly” blow Nike might have hoped for. Of course the design has its own fans out there as they believe the colors look good enough for a decent away kit.

Atletico Madrid

The very main objective of any football kit is to be distinctive enough from what the opposition players are wearing, so that there would be no confusion in finding teammates on the pitch. Another goal of football kits is inspiring both the team members and the fans towards winning the game and even the tournament along the way. However, amongst the best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, perhaps

Atletico Madrid

’s new away kit is one of the most underwhelming and uninspiring designs out there.

The color choices barely go hand in hand and the whole design structure is just empty with no unique additions and details. Atletico Madrid managed to win La Liga last season as Barcelona and Real Madrid fell deeper into trouble. But when it comes to football kits department, Nike have not been able to deliver an acceptable performance in creating a unique and inspiring design for Atletico.

The base of the new shirt feature a tone of navy blue, which almost feels more like purple than blue at first sight. There is a paintbrush style detail on the bottom left side of the shirt, which features a sort of pinkish red or “laser crimson” as some experts call it. Both the Nike Swoosh and the club’s crest are embossed onto the chest area in the same red color, while the sponsors’ logos appear in white.

There is not much else to tell about the new away kit, which is why not many have been eager to buy one of these compared to the other

new football kits for the 2021/22 season



Once again, another example has been listed amongst the

best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season

simply because it has not managed to live up to the billing. While many expected to see


unveil a new away kit that could be as modern and daring as their home kit, it was just not meant to be. The Premier League side have received a rather empty kit design from Nike, which uses a certain tone of yellow as its base, while adding a couple of details in black.

The new design features horizontal lines on the front, which go all the way onto the sleeves. However, this new pattern has not been able to gain any love from the fans as it has proven insufficient for a club of Chelsea’s magnitude. All the details, including the cuffs and two-thirds of the collar are featured in black, just like the Nike Swoosh, the sponsors’ logos and the club’s own crest.

However, instead of the traditional white background, the club’s badge also features a yellow background that goes with the shirt’s base color. Thomas Tuchel and his men managed to win the Champions League last season against all odds. Perhaps even though the new design for the away kit is not what fans might have hoped for, it could prove lucky for the Blues in the new season. At least it has gained more publicity by being on the list of best and worst new kits in European soccer.



supporters are now quite thankful to have what they have received from the club as the new away kit, because Adidas have seemingly dropped the [volley] ball so bad with Juventus’ hideous third kit. Of course that does not necessarily mean that the sportswear giants are off the hook for their rather low-performing design for the away kit.

The base of the shirt is all black and features rainbow colors all over thanks to the rainfall effect that Adidas have used. There are numerous vertical lines that come in all shapes colors, which has created a rather confusing effect on the base of the shirt. The iconic Adidas shoulder stripes seem to be the source of these so-called “droplets” as many of the lines follow the same color palette that the stripes are using.

The shoulder stripes come in three colors, with all three following the same pattern. Both sides start with a sort of cream color and suddenly change tone into light-pink before finally getting all-pink in the end. While neither of these details are particularly bad per se, their combination together does not seem right at all. Perhaps any of these details could have created something spectacular if used in the right way.

But the shoulder stripes are simply too much for the new away kit as they hog all the attention away from both the vertical lines and the subtle pattern that is embossed onto the base of the shirt. Amongst the best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, Juventus’ away kit might be one of the few that has wrongly used individually right ideas together.


Nike have taken the simple route for Barcelona’s away kit and thank God they decided to do so.


’s horrific first kit saw many angry fans speaking their mind on social media and criticizing their club’s new home kit. While Barcelona’s away kit is far better than their home kit this season, there is just not much to tell about the whole design. Sure, the colors are beautiful in their own, but there has to be a unique detail about any football kit to show the club’s iconic status.

The new away kit has brilliantly used eye-catching iridescent colors overall. These colors are combined with the phrases “tots units fem forca” and “totes unides fem forca”, which translate to “together stronger” in both female and male verbal forms. Nike’s new design has been inspired by women’s empowerment, which is a fine and noble source of inspiration.

But the whole design is simply not enough for a club such as Barcelona. The base of the shirt is light purple and the sponsor’s logo is blue. The Nike logo and the club’s badge, however, feature iridescent colors such as gold, navy and red, which might be a subtle reference to the rainbow flag.

Perhaps the only particular detail about Barcelona’s new away kit, that might catch the eye in the end as there is not much else to look at, is that the side stripes are not the same color as they each feature one of the club’s main colors. While the stripe on the left is red or garnet, the one of the right is blue, with the combination of the two being a clear nod to Barcelona’s nickname “Blaugrana”.


We are through the first part of the best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season and have finally reached the part where it gets more exciting thanks to the brilliant designs that have found their way into this list. Clubs such as Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Real Madrid have all received some classy outfits this season and their away kits are no exception either. So without further ado, here are the best away kits unveiled for the new campaign.

Bayern Munich

We can say with absolute certainty that few kits could show the level of sophistication that

Bayern Munich

’s new away kit has. From the simple yet modern design, to the magnificent combination of gold and black all over the shirt, the Bavarians have received one of the best designs produced by Adidas so far. The base of the shirt is pitch-black and such a mesmerizing color can never go out of fashion.

The black base of the shirt features details all in gold, with the combination creating one of the dreamiest and classiest of designs amongst the best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season. The particular dotted pattern has divided the shirt into four uneven sides, with the vertical dotted patterns encompassing the top-right and bottom-left sides. Of Course Adidas could have gone with even better patterns for the front of the shirt, but there is no harm in trying new things that suit everything just right.

All details, including the cuffs, the shoulder stripes, the Adidas logo, the club’s crest and the sponsor logos are all featured in gold, which gives the new design both simplicity in color and class overall. Considering Bayern Munich’s rivalry with Borussia Dortmund both on and off the pitch, many would agree that the Bavarians have won the race in the kits department by being on the right side of the best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season list.

Real Madrid

Amongst the best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season,

Real Madrid

’s away kit might not be as classy as Bayern Munich’s new outfit, but the Spanish giants have certainly received a special one from Adidas. The whole design and the color palette seems well-refined. The base of the shirt is victory blue, a rather fancy phrase for a fancy shade of blue.

Even the base itself, which usually acts as a clean slate or a canvas of sorts for other details, is one of the best features of the new outfit as it stands out with its sophisticated tone. However, the beauty is not solely in the base itself, but in the added details. Adidas have been heavily inspired by the whole Spanish culture, adding a bit of the “Madrid” taste to the shirt itself.

The new away kit features a rather peculiar design that covers the whole base area in a transparent fashion. This design is inspired by the art, music and people of Madrid and the Malasana district. The traditional Adidas shoulder stripes come in a bright orange color that definitely highlights their position on top.

Of course perhaps Adidas could have used another color for these stripes, but the current color is quite fine as well. The designers have also decided to go with a rather minimalistic style for the club’s badge as they have embossed an all-white crest on the chest area instead of the original design. Both the Adidas and the sponsor logos come in white as well.




’s third kit being mocked by almost everyone for looking like something that Ronald McDonald would wear, it is perhaps soothing for many Liverpool fans to see that at least their away kit is featured on the good side of the best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season list.

Nike have kept it clean and simple this time, adding quite chic details here and there to create something that many would want to wear outside of a football stadium. With many of the new designs opting to use irregular shapes and colors, it is perhaps a nice change of pace to see how Nike have handled Liverpool’s away kit for the new season.

The base of the shirt is ecru and includes several details with refined and stylish colors such as atomic teal and red. Also, the shirt features a cuffed collar, contrary to the collar styles that we get to see everywhere else. Both the collar and the sleeve cuffs feature the color atomic teal, but the collar also includes white and red, which add a little bit of more detail and refinement to the whole deal.

The Nike Swoosh and the club’s crest appear in the same red color, but the sponsor logos are featured in black, which further highlights their presence in the middle of the shirt and on the left sleeve. There is also a subtle circular pattern embossed onto the base of the shirt, which certainly gives the whole package a rather sophisticated look and keeps the design from being too simplistic.

Manchester City


Manchester City

have one of the simplest outfits amongst the best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, the color palette itself is enough to earn it a place amongst the best kits of the new campaign. Puma dropped the ball with their horrendous copy-pasted design for many of the third kits that they designed this season. But the away kit that they have provided for Manchester City truly deserves the chef’s kiss.

The base of the shirt is white with a very slight hue of sky-blue, which turns it from an old boring white shirt into a modern-looking and inspiring outfit. Puma have gone with a combination of several colors for all logos and badges on the front of the shirt. The combination almost makes the colors seem iridescent at times. There are very simple and minimalistic details added onto the shoulders and the cuffs, with both details being featured in a rather refined light-blue color.

The Cityzens won the Premier League last season under Pep Guardiola. Surely their new away kit can inspire the team to play even better so that we can witness even more beautiful and mesmerizing football this time around.


Amongst the best and worst away kits unveiled for the 2021-22 season, none has managed to be as controversial as


's away kit. It has divided everyone into two clearly distinct groups, with one group believing that the new design is absolutely god-tier and deserves all the love it is getting in the summer, and the other group believing that it is simply one of the worst ideas to put such confusing details on the front of the shirt.

Whatever the case, we felt that the pro-group had more members that the other side, which is why Tottenham’s new away kit is now considered a fan-favorite alongside the rest of the outfits on this list. The new shirt features several colors and a completely peculiar design on the front. One can spot colors such as turquois, dark blue, black, orange, green and even yellow and cream. The front of the shirt is packed with all sorts of colors and shapes, with the whole design resembling the sea surface or a mysterious galaxy.

Either way, at least the logos on the front are clearly visible and not confusing at all. Of course this avant-garde approach to kit design has certainly paid off with all the love that the new away kit is getting.




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