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Fastest players in FIFA 22

Who are the players with the highest pace in FIFA 22? Who can bring you sheer speed and cause headaches for your opponents? Follow us below as we go through the recently revealed fastest players list in the new edition of EA’s FIFA franchise.

Who can run the fastest? This is one of the questions that people have been asking for decades since modern football introduced lightning-fast players with laser-guided accuracy. While each year we are given a new answer as footballers push themselves to become the best version of themselves, videogame publisher Electronic Arts uses stats and record from each season to introduce us to the fastest players in their future games.

This year is no exception either as EA have revealed their ratings for most of the players in Europe and the US. FIFA 22 release date is the first day of October 2021 and we can’t wait to see how the game is going to turn out. People are already debating over the

fastest players in FIFA 22

as many believe that some of the ratings are quite unfair and EA’s rating system simply does not make any sense.

Of course we are not here to discuss the publisher’s rating system and are only going to introduce you to the players with the highest pace in FIFA 22. So without further ado, read on to find out more details about these lightning-fast footballers, who have amazed us with their utterly ridiculous speed, acceleration and pace.

FIFA 22 fastest players

Here is everything you need to know about these players’

FIFA 22 ratings

. Before moving on and taking a detailed look at each of these players, here are all the top-15 fastest players in FIFA 22 and their pace ratings:


Achraf Hakimi (95), Alphonso Davies (96)


Takeshi Kanamori (94), Rafa (94), Rhayner (94), Barkhuizen (94), Georges-Kevin Nkoudou (94), Linton Maina (94), Gerrit Holtmann (94), Daniel James (95)


Inaki Williams (94), Ismaila Sarr (94), Vinicius Junior (95), Adama Traore (96), Kylian Mbappe (97)

Now that we know who is on the fastest players list, let us delve deeper into their detailed stats and see what their overall ratings are.

Inaki Williams

  • Overall: 81

  • Pace: 94

27-year-old Inaki Williams is rightly amongst the fastest players in FIFA 22 thanks to his astonishing 94 pace. This striker can outrun almost anyone in La Liga and will certainly come in handy if you prefer to play long balls into the opposition half during counterattacks.

Williams’ raw pace can be quite lethal if you combine it with his incredible 4-star skill moves, which will allow you to perform some of the more complex dribbles and skill moves in the game. The Spaniard also boasts a high attacking work rate and is able withstand intense bits of sprinting thanks to his 83 stamina.

Not only is the

Athletic Bilbao

striker one of the

players with the highest pace in FIFA 22

, but he is also an adept header of the ball as his 88-rated jumping clearly suggests. Williams has been playing for Athletic Bilbao since 2015 and is versatile enough to be deployed as either a main striker or a winger. Of course if we didn’t know any better, we might have thought the Spaniard was mainly a winger than a striker solely because of his extraordinary pace.

Rafa Silva

  • Overall: 82

  • Pace: 94

Rafa Silva – shortly known as Rafa – is without a doubt one of the

fastest players in FIFA 22

as he boasts a remarkable 94 pace, which includes a 93 acceleration and a 94 sprint speed. The 28-year-old is one of the best players at Benfica not only because of his raw pace, but also since he is immensely versatile and has the ability to play almost anywhere on the pitch in the midfield and in the frontlines.

Rafa is also a 4-star skiller and can be a proper candidate in your earlier transfer windows. The Portuguese winger’s market value in the real world is estimated to be around €25 million, which shows how high-quality of a player Benfica have at their disposal. The Portugal international’s overall stats at


have been quite impressive as he has managed to score 50 goals and provide 33 assists in a total of 191 appearances so far.

Certainly he can be as effective in FIFA as well thanks to the incredibly high pace rating that he has in the new edition of the football simulation franchise.

Takeshi Kanamori

  • Overall: 64

  • Pace: 94

Perhaps few of us might have heard about Takeshi Kanamori until now, but the Japanese winger has definitely made his presence known by making it into the list of

FIFA 22 fastest players

. The 20-year-old is one of the brightest talents in Japan and has earned a 2-point upgrade to his overall stats and a 1-point upgrade to his pace in FIFA 22. Kanamori’s current overall rating is only a mere 64, which might not be one of the best out there and the 27-year-old might never have much of a historic career in Europe.

But he certainly is one of the most memorable players in J1 League thanks to his more-than-impressive pace. Kanamori has played his whole career in Japan and we have never gotten to see his raw pace on the field. But surely J1 League fans have been enjoying his speed and acceleration for years now and will be enjoying him gracing the pitch for years to come as well.

Tom Barkhuizen

  • Overall: 71

  • Pace: 94

Perhaps when you read the title saying “

fastest players in FIFA 22

”, you thought that the list was going to be jam-packed with world-class superstars whose names echo in the footballing halls of fame. But that is certainly not the case as several of the players in this article don’t even play in Europe’s top-5 leagues. One such example is Tom Barkhuizen, who plays for

Preston North End

and enjoys a phenomenal 94 pace.

The winger is given an RM role in FIFA 22 and has quite a satisfactory overall rating of 71. His Silver card in the new game boast an incredible pace and a fine dribbling stats as well. The 28-year-old Englishman has been playing for Preston since 2017 when he signed for the club as a free agent. Since then, the immensely versatile forward has made over 195 appearances, scoring 38 goals and providing 20 assists in the process.


  • Overall: 69

  • Pace: 94

Rhayner might not be one of the greatest wingers of all time and clearly is not amongst the best FIFA 22 ratings, but his phenomenal pace certainly makes him one of the fastest players in both FIFA and in real life. The Brazilian’s overall rating is only 69, but his massive 94 pace aptly puts him on the list of fastest players in FIFA 22.

Rhayner’s CV is mind-blowingly long as he has played for God knows how many clubs since 2009. Of course he has spent almost all of his time playing on loan at different clubs rather than playing for Tombense, who signed the Brazilian from Braueri for an undisclosed fee. The 31-year-old is currently on loan at Sanfrecce Hiroshima and has attracted a lot of attention in Japan for his incredible pace.

Linton Maina

  • Overall: 70

  • Pace: 94

If you are a

Hannover 96

supporter, we understand why you might be eager to get your hands on the new edition EA’s football simulation game as Linton Maina’s godly pace will certainly give you a good time in FIFA 22. The German winger boasts a massive 94 pace and also enjoys a 73 overall dribbling stats. These two can certainly prove useful if you want to start a career mode with a relatively weaker side in any league and need a fast-paced winger to provide excellent crosses inside the box.

Georges-Kevin Nkoudou

  • Overall: 75

  • Pace: 94


fastest players list

includes 26-year-old Georges-Kevin Nkoudou, who currently plays for


and provides exemplary support with his impressive 94 pace. With a high attacking work rate, the Frenhcman can prove useful in a whole array of situations. He can dribble through his opponents with his nimble footwork and use his agility to take the ball deeper into the enemy territory.

Nkoudou is immensely versatile and you can deploy him almost anywhere on the pitch. He can certainly deliver fine performances in either of the wings thanks to his incredible pace. As one of the fastest players in FIFA 22, Nkoudou also enjoys using his 4-star-rated weak foot whenever the chance arises.

Ismaila Sarr

  • Overall: 78

  • Pace: 94

It seems that the FIFA 22 ratings have not been so kind on Ismaila Sarr and in fact EA have continued to give the Senegalese winger an overall rating of 78 for three years. Even though he might not have gotten an upgrade to his overall rating, Sarr is still one of the fastest players in FIFA 22 thanks to his impressive 94 pace.

The 23-year-old winger joined

Stade Rennais



for €17 million in 2017, before opting to move to Watford two years later for €30 million. Sarr is clearly one of the fastest players in the Premier League and is quite adept at dribbling past his opponents. You can certainly use the 4-star skiller to showboat online as you can acquire his services for cheap when you start playing FIFA 22.

Gerrit Holtmann

  • Overall: 72

  • Pace: 94

Even though Gerrit Hotlmann had gotten a severe downgrade in FIFA 21 compared to his FIFA 20 overall rating, the German winger has managed to turn the tides in his favor and earn back his lost points. Not only has he earned the two points that were taken from his overall rating, he has also managed to get an upgrade and take hi overall rating to 72 in the new game.

He has also managed to earn a massive 5-point upgrade to his pace stats, which aptly makes him one of the fastest players in FIFA 22. The 26-year-old winger joined VfL Bochum as a free agent in the 2020 summer transfer window and has since managed to get back to his prime form as one of the most versatile players in the league.

Vinicius Jr.

  • Overall: 80

  • Pace: 95

Ever since

Real Madrid

changed their transfer policy, they have started to sign promising youngsters and exciting prospects to nurture them into becoming a unified squad with loads of chemistry instead of bringing in world-class individual superstars who might never get to build up a strong bond with their teammates or their surrounding environment.

Thanks to this new policy, Los Blancos have signed numerous Brazilians with raw talent and one of those Brazilians is none other than Vinicius Jr. Seeing the 21-year-old amongst the FIFA 22 fastest players is no surprise to anyone as we have all seen how fast the boy can run. Vinicius arrived at Madrid with a lot of promise and even though he did not get to perform at his best under Zinedine Zidane, it seems that he is at his very best under Ancelotti.

However, EA always consider a player’s performance in their previous season, which is why the Brazilian winger’s overall rating is a mere 80. Of course his overall rating is way overshadowed by his brilliant 95 pace. If you can properly combine this pace with his massive dribbling stats and his 5-star skills, you will certainly have a lethal and lightning-fast winger on your hands in FIFA 22.

His 4-star weak foot rating and his high attacking work rate can also cause headaches for your opponents as you can control Vinicius up and down the pitch with ease and can use both of his feet to send the ball inside the box or even shoot directly towards the goal.

Achraf Hakimi

  • Overall: 85

  • Pace: 95

If a world-class club such as

Paris Saint-Germain

pay tens of millions of Euros to sign you from another world-class club such as Inter, then you must certainly have something special to offer. One of Achraf Hakimi’s many qualities is his phenomenal 95 pace, which makes him one of the fastest full-backs and the fastest right-back in FIFA 22. At the young age of 22, the Moroccan right-back has already got Real Madrid,


and PSG on his CV and is currently one of the fastest players in FIFA 22.

Aside from his incredible pace, Hakimi also enjoys an 83 dribbling overall and a 4-star weak foot. Of course just like most of the modern full-backs who join the attack nowadays, Hakimi lacks the required defensive abilities that some of us might need in our squads. Other than that, if you need a right-back with enough pace and skill to reach your opponent’s half in a matter of seconds, then Achraf Hakimi is the man for you.

Daniel James

  • Overall: 77

  • Pace: 95

While Paris Saint-Germain made the headlines for their historic transfer window, in which they signed Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos and many other world-class superstars, they have not been the only winners in this season’s summer transfer window. That is because there many other clubs who have managed to sign brilliant talents over the summer. One such club is Leeds United who signed Daniel James from

Manchester United

for €29 million.

The FIFA 22 release date is 1 October 2021 and Leeds United fans are certainly eager to get their hands on the new edition as they can finally get to play with their favorite team and control Daniel James’ incredibl 95 pace. This utterly amazing pace has not helped much with the Welshman’s overall rating, which is currently 77. However, considering the fact that he has managed to take his overall rating from 69 to 75 in two years is still amazing.

Alphonso Davies

  • Overall: 82

  • Pace: 96

There is a reason people and the media have nicknamed Alphonso Davies the “Roadrunner” and that reason is that the Canadian boasts an unbelievable 96 pace in FIFA 22. Even though many fans have raised concerns over Davies’ relatively low overall rating in FIFA 22, they are quite content with his pace as there is only one player with a slightly higher pace rating in the whole game.

Davies played a vital role in

Bayern Munich

’s historic sextuple-winning season and since then has turned himself into one of the best left-backs in the world. The 20-year-old is also one of the highest-rated U21 and FIFA players can certainly enjoy his 4-star-rated skill moves to cut through opposition defense with silky-smooth dribbles.

Adama Traore

  • Overall: 78

  • Pace: 96

Having left


as a total flop, Adama Traore has come a long way from his disappointing past and has managed to shock everyone with his huge and quite defined muscles. These muscle are not just for show as they have turned Traore into a winger with one of the highest pace ratings in the whole world.

The sheer speed of the Spaniard leaves everyone in awe of his extraordinary top speed of 23.48mph, which is roughly 37.7kph. The winger is also a 4-star skiller and can dribble past the opposition with ease thanks to his massive 92 dribbling and 85 agility. Traore has completely overturned his career since joining

Wolverhampton Wanderers

from Middlesbrough for €20 million.

The incredibly versatile winger has made over 135 appearances for Wolverhampton and has managed to score 10 goals and provide 18 assists in the process. These stats have earned him a massive 13-point upgrade since his humble beginnings as a Barcelona academy outcast who only had a mere 65 overall rating. Perhaps the only flaw in this machine is his lack of proper stamina, which will lead to him being overtired quite too soon because of his impressive pace. So you might want to take that into account before starting his jet engines in FIFA 22.

Kylian Mbappe

  • Overall: 91

  • Pace: 97

As the main cover star for FIFA 22, EA saw it fit to give Kylian Mbappe an amazing overall rating of 91, which is on par with Cristiano Ronaldo’s overall rating. So the publishers quite clearly thought that the Frenchman is on the same level as the Portuguese legend. Not only is Mbappe one of the highest-rated players in FIFA and is only behind Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski, he is also the fastest player in the whole game thanks to his unbelievable 97 pace.

While some believe that Alphonso Davies should replace Mbappe as the fastest player on FIFA 22, the 22-year-old is not going to let anyone take his place as the highest-paced player in the world. Kylian Mbappe is quite the danger-man thanks to his ridiculously high stats. The France international boasts a massive 5-star skill moves set and can dribble past almost anyone with his incredible 92 dribbling overall. 

If you manage to get your hands on an Mbappe card early on in FIFA 22, then you are certainly one of the luckiest players in the whole game. The 2018 World Cup winner is an absolute beast of a player and has already managed to bag himself a total of 166 goals and 83 assists in 241 appearances throughout his career that spans across six years. He is currently the most valuable footballer in the world with his market value estimated to be around an eye-watering €160 million.




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