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Best FIFA 21 fullbacks

Who are the best-rated full-backs in FIFA 21? Which of these fullbacks have the highest pace? Follow us below as we provide detailed information about the best FIFA 21 players who play as fullbacks on either side of the pitch.

Videogame publishers Electronic Arts have already announced a release date for FIFA 22 and we are about to get our hands on the new edition of the company’s football simulation game on the first day of October. But while all the hype is currently revolving around FIFA 22 and how there are some ridiculous ratings in the game, many are still enjoying the current version and most FIFA players are already familiar with the

best FIFA 21 players

who play as full-backs.

However, there is still a lot more to know about these footballers and it could also prove to be a nice change of pace for those who want to go through some basic details about these fullbacks so that they can compare their current stats with their new stats in FIFA 22. Being a fullback is heavily demanding and being a fullback in a videogame is no exception. Just like modern managers in real life European football, most of us FIFA players like to make good use of our fullbacks to bring the ball up the field and cross the ball inside for our strikers.

That is why pacey fullbacks with good stamina have become an essential part of our tactics. So if you too are eager to find out more about the best FIFA 21 fullbacks, then read on as we provide detailed information about these players and dive in to see how you can deploy and use these players and how they can thrive under your management.

Best FIFA 21 players - Fullbacks

From Kyle Walker and Trent Alexander-Arnold in the Premier League, to Dani Carvajal and Jordi Alba in La Liga and Alex Sandro in Serie A, there are many fine players on the list of

best FIFA 21 fullbacks

and we have listed them down below based on their overall ratings. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the best FIFA 21 fullbacks and their in-game stats.

Juan Bernat

  • Overall: 83

  • Position: LB

You want pace? He’s got it. You want dribbling? He’s got it. You want silky-smooth skill moves? He’s got it. Juan Bernat might not be considered to be the best left-back of all time, but he certainly is amongst the best of his generation and is without a doubt one of the

best FIFA 21 fullbacks


Thanks to his overall rating of 83, Juan Bernat is the optimal choice for anyone who wants his player to have all the qualities we mentioned earlier but also have an affordable price on the market. The 27-year-old might not be that great of a defender, but he more than makes up for his lack of defensive awareness by boasting an 85 agility and a considerable 81 pace.

The Spaniard has played for Valencia, Bayern Munich and

Paris Saint-Germain

throughout his career and is versatile enough to be deployed on a multitude of positions on the pitch. This immense versatility also gives you the option to deploy him anywhere you desire while expecting minimum to no negative effects on his performance.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

  • Overall: 83

  • Position: RB

While Juan Bernat was mostly effective for offensive tactics and did not have the necessary defensive skills to prove useful in defensive situations, Aaron Wan-Bissaka has the ability to both attack and defend while tirelessly running up and down the pitch. A great 86 pace and an acceptable defensive stats was enough to give Wan-Bissaka and overall rating of 83 and turn him into one of the

best FIFA 21 fullbacks

. The

Manchester United

right-back is certainly talented and is at the right age to discover and realize his true potential.

With a medium offensive work rate and a high defensive work rate, the 183cm tall right-back can prove to be quite effective in holding off the opposition just like what we witnessed from him in real life when the Red Devils player Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League. Wan-Bissaka’s phenomenal sliding tackle stats can also prove useful if you know how to tackle properly in FIFA 21.

Considering the fact that the Englishman’s previous overall rating was 79, it seems that the former

Crystal Palace

right-back is on the right path towards becoming one of the best fullbacks in the world. We will have to wait and see how far he can go in FIFA 22 and the future versions of the beloved videogame series.


  • Overall: 84

  • Position: LB

As one of the best FIFA 21 fullbacks, Grimaldo boasts an overall rating of 84 and has got a high-enough work rate to run up and down the pitch with ease. His massive 90-rated stamina also allows you to pick him for every match in career mode. Perhaps one of Grimaldo’s weak points is his subpar defensive stats, which could lead to some troubles if your opponent decides to attack from their right side of the pitch.

Alejandro Grimaldo rose up the ranks at Barcelona’s youth team but quickly joined


for €2 million in 2016 without even making a single appearance for Barcelona’s senior side. Perhaps it was for the best as he might not have become one of the best fullbacks if he had decided to stay at Barcelona and spend his days under the shadow of Jordi Alba. The 26-year-old is the ideal choice for anyone with a low budget in FIFA 21 as he can deliver a lot more than his market value might suggest in the game.

Jesus Navas

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: RB

It is quite surprising to see how many of the best FIFA 21 fullbacks play in La Liga. Jesus Navas is one of these fullbacks and he is the real deal when it comes to pace and dribbling. Unlike some of the previous fullbacks on this list, Navas is adept at both offense and defense as he is able to hold off the opposition while also getting back the ball and sprinting towards the opposition box in full speed. The Spaniard boast a massive 87 pace, which includes a 90 acceleration and an 84 sprint speed.

His incredible pace is combined with an 83-rated dribbling and an acceptable defense rating. It is surprising to some respect how Navas is still one of the best right-backs in the world at the age of 34. Such a fantastic form is usually reserved for world-class superstars who play as wingers or strikers. But perhaps it all depends on the player’s work ethic.

Cesar Azpilicueta

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: RB

FIFA 21 player ratings clearly show that Cesar Azpilicueta is one of the best right-backs in the game and is one of the few traditional fullbacks left. While most modern full-backs have the tendency to run up the pitch and help with their team’s attack using their fast pace and fine dribbling abilities, Cesar Azpilicueta is simply a traditional defender who knows how to keep the ball away. Perhaps his pace might be too low and could possibly lead to some problems if you ever need to catch up to lightning-fast-paced wingers such as


or Leroy Sane.

Even his strength is not that good either. The only department Azpilicueta is good at is in defense. The Spaniard boast an 84 defense stats and can also be useful if you are using a long-ball tactic since he is able to send long balls deep into opposition territory with quite an impressive accuracy. You can even use the 32-year-old as a center-back instead of a right-back as he can thrive in both positions thanks to his traditional style of play.

Nicolas Tagliafico

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: LB


are usually quick in finding the best talents in the world as they are quite famous for their youth academy, which has given us so many world-class legends over the years. But perhaps they were a little too late in spotting Nicolas Tagliafico, who spent most of his time playing in the Argentinian top-flight instead of playing for the greatest clubs in Europe. Nevertheless, the Argentinian has still managed to earn himself a name in Europe and fill his trophy cabinet with shiny trophies and several honors.

Having played for Ajax since 2018, Tagliafico is has turned into one of the best FIFA 21 fullbacks and is slowly earning upgrades season after season. His overall rating in FIFA 20 was 82 and his rating in FIFA 19 was 79. He currently boasts an overall rating of 84, which clearly shows how far the left-back has come so far. With an acceptable pace and proper defensive and physical stats, the 29-year-old is the ideal choice if you are looking for a left-back/center-back hybrid. You can deploy him anywhere at the back and he will deliver.

Alex Telles

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: LB

There is a reason the Portuguese top-flight has managed to overtake Ligue 1 as the fifth best league in Europe and that reason is that so many talented players have crowded the Primeira Liga with their presence at teams such as


and Benfica. One of these talented stars is none other than Alex telles, who has earned himself a place amongst the top-10 best FIFA 21 fullbacks. Telles is an all-around balanced left-back who is incredibly effective at both offense and defense.

Thanks to his acceptable dribbling and impressive passing stats, which complement his fine pace, Telles can be quite effective if you want someone who sends in deadly crosses and is able to hold off the opposition wingers with ease. The Argentinian left-back has made over 140 appearances at Ajax in the real world and has managed to bag himself 13 goals and 19 assists in the process.

Lucas Digne

  • Overall: 84

  • Position: LB

Having one of the best FIFA 21 player ratings, Lucas Digne has managed to earn himself a place amongst top-10 best full-backs in the game as well. The Frenchman is one of the traditional defenders as well as he usually likes to drop back and defend instead of using raw pace to dribble through the opposition defense.

You can even deploy him as a center-back since he boasts enough physical and defensive stats to be a suitable candidate for such a role. The


left-back does not have much of a glamorous skill moves set or a strong weak foot, but he more than makes up for it with his high work rate. The 28-year-old has played for some of the best clubs in the world, including Paris Saint-Germain,

AS Roma

and Barcelona. But Everton is where he has managed to thrive since joining the Premier League club in 2018.

Alex Sandro

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: LB

Even though Alex Sandro has gotten a 1-point downgrade in FIFA 21 and is now an 85-rated left-back instead of an 86-rated player, the Brazilian is still one of the best fullbacks in the whole game and FIFA players clearly recognize his class.

Sandro might not be the paciest of the fullbacks or even the most skilled one out there. But his high work rate and balanced stats can help you provide a balanced support for both your strikers and your center-backs. The former Porto man currently plays for


“aka Piemonte Calcio” and is by far one of the finest left-backs in the game.

Ricardo Pereira

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: RB

The English top-flight is filled with incredible fullbacks and many of these players are also included on the list of best FIFA 21 fullbacks. One such example is Ricardo Pereira, who currently graces the pitch playing for Leicester City. With an overall rating of 85, Pereira is more than useful when used in the right situations.

The Portuguese right-back has a proper pace of 83 and is able to both defend with consistency and dribble through your opponents with relative ease thanks to his quite satisfactory dribbling stats. The 28-year-old also boasts a 4-star-rated weak foot ability, which helps him use both his feet to deliver passes and crosses from outside the box.

One of the key points about the Portugal international is that he has an insanely high work rate both in offense and defense, which makes him the optimal choice for anyone who prefers their players to put in 110% every time. Pereira joined

Leicester City

from Porto for €22 million back in 2018, when his FIFA rating was 80 at best. Since then, the right-back has managed to earn his place amongst the fullbacks with the highest FIFA 21 player ratings.

Kyle Walker

  • Overall: 85

  • Position: RB

We simply couldn’t make a list about the top fullbacks in FIFA or in real life and not mention Kyle Walker. The Englishman has been superb for Manchester City and Pep Guardiola over the years. His magnificent pace has allowed him and his team to quickly take the ball up the pitch by getting past several of the opposition players with ease.

Walker’s phenomenal pace is not only one of the highest amongst fullbacks, it is also one of the highest amongst all FIFA players. With an incredible pace of 92, you can easily run up the pitch before your opponents can even take control of the right defender to block your way.

At the age of 31, the Englishman is also a physical beast if you compare him to the other full-backs on this list. With high offensive and defensive work rates, Kyle Walker is the man for you if you want to get the job done. Of course perhaps sheer pace might not be enough for FIFA players to get by in FIFA.

Walker’s low dribbling and passing stats might cause some issues in the long run as one simply can’t only run up and down the pitch and expect different results every time. In any case, the former


right-back is and has been one of the best in both the real world and in FIFA since joining Manchester City for a whopping €52 million in 2017.

Jordi Alba

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: LB

Where would Barcelona be without Jordi Alba? Perhaps this question is too rhetorical as Barcelona might have gotten as far as they have come with or without Jordi Alba. But the Spaniard has certainly made an impact at the La Liga side ever since joining their ranks from


for €14 million in 2012. Alba is without a doubt one of the greatest left-backs in Barcelona history, which is exactly why EA have decided to give him an overall rating of 86 in FIFA 21.

His raw pace almost reaches as high as Kyle Walker’s and his agility is second to none amongst his peers. With a high offensive work rate and a medium defensive work rate, you can put Alba and his massive stamina to good use if you ever need a proper left-back. The former Valencia fullback is not only a fine dribble, but also a fine passer and is able to send in accurate crosses from the left-hand side of the pitch.

Daniel Carvajal

  • Overall: 86

  • Position: RB

Daniel “Dani” Carvajal used to be such an underrated and underappreciated right back at

Real Madrid

as many pundits used to overlook his phenomenal performances and the impact he had at the club. Thankfully, though, Darvajal has managed to earn the respect and appreciation he truly deserves as one of the best right-backs in the world. Having helped Los Blancos win the Champions League on four different occasions, the Spaniard is without a doubt an optimal choice for anyone who wants a fine crosser and a brilliant defender.

Some might argue that Dani Carvajal deserves a much better pace stats as he is always running across the length of the pitch with his lightning-fast pace. However, we are not here to criticize or comment on EA’s rating routine. The Spain international boasts impressive stats in the four main departments of dribbling, defense, physical and pace.

These remarkable stats, compared with his phenomenal high work rates, can prove useful in almost any situation. Perhaps it would be a waste if you don’t deploy Carvajal in an offensive stance as he can provide unimaginable support from the right for any of your strikers.

Andrew Robertson

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: LB

The 2019-20 season was the season for Premier League fullbacks as they managed to thrive and become some of the best full-backs in the world. That is why Andrew Robertson earned a massive upgrade in FIFA 21 and became the co-best full-back in the game alongside Trent Alexander-Arnold. With both playing for Liverpool, it is quite easy to imagine how Jurgen Klopp feels to have two of the current best fullbacks at his disposal.

The Scotland international jumped a massive four points from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20 and earned yet another incredible upgrade and switched from being an 85-rated left-back in FIFA 20 to being an 87-rated left-back in FIFA 21. We are yet to see his stats and overall rating in FIFA 22, but perhaps he might have to wait a little longer to get his next upgrade. The


man enjoys incredible stats in the current edition of FIFA and thanks to his 90-rated crossing ability, players can easily find their strikers down inside the opposition box.  

Trent Alexander-Arnold

  • Overall: 87

  • Position: RB

“Corner taken quickly, Origiiiii…” We would never have gotten such an iconic and memorable commentary if it weren’t for Trent Alexander-Arnold’s quick-thinking and exemplary crossing ability. A long time has passed since those days and the Englishman has only gotten better and better. Arnold is currently the co-best fullback alongside his Liverpool teammate Andy Robertson. His incredible passing stats are enough to put him amongst the best crosses in the game. What make the 22-year-old even more special is the fact that his high work rate, combined with his impressive stamina, can help any FIFA player simply outrun and overwork the opposition defenders with ease.




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