Greatest Women World Cup Moments

Tue 19 October 2021 | 20:29

Thanks to the wide range of unforgettable football events, football has always been one of the most popular sports around the world, earning many fans and followers. In this article, we have focused on one of these attractive events, taking a look at the greatest women's World Cup moments.

FIFA Women World Cup, the international association football tournament among senior women national teams of FIFA, is a competition that football fans have followed every four years. Based on the history of women's football, four national teams have won eight FIFA Women World Cup matches.

Having won the 2019 competition in France, the United States national team is the current champion of the tournament and has achieved four times. The three other teams are Germany, Japan, and Norway, which the first one has earned two titles, and each of two others has gained one.

Meanwhile, six nations have hosted the competitions, including China, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and Sweden, which each of the first two countries has hosted two times while the other ones have done it once. 

Six FIFA continental zones hold the qualifying competitions, including Africa, Asia, North and Central America-Caribbean, South American, Oceania, and Europe. The respective confederations, CAF, AFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, OFC, and UEFA, are responsible for organizing it. 

After deciding on the berth number for each continental zone, the World Cup hosts get an automatic one in the finals. FIFA Women's World Cup, which had included 16 finalists in 2015, now has 32 ones. In addition to the increase in the number of finalists, many other changes have happened to the competition since 1970. 

In the following parts of the article, we have gathered a list of the most notable and greatest women World Cup moments. Keep reading till the end to know more. 

Women World Cup Greatest Moments

After reading about the women's World Cup history, it is time to go through the most memorable seconds in it. So, without more ado, join us.

Sweden Stunning Comeback

  • Year: 1995

  • Location: Olympia Stadium in Helsingborg, Sweden

The story behind one of the greatest women World Cup moments returned to 1995 when the Sweden team came back stunningly. Though


rallied the second half with a 2-0 deficit result, they played in a way that finally shocked ultimate runner-up


There are many differences between football and other sports, and one of the most notable ones is that you can turn a complete deficit situation into a lead one by scoring a chain of goals for only some minutes. It was what brought Sweden to the group stage.

The trailing Germany 2-0 in the final 25 minutes of the match had caused most spectators to predict a loss for Sweden. Fans of the team still hoped to change the result of the competition in the final minutes, although it seemed unlikely.

Nothing had changed till the last 10 minutes, which the team unleashed an unexpected furious playing. Through performing an unbelievable playing, they earned two goals within the final moments of the match. They ended the contest in a prevailed 3-2 result which led them to advance to the knockout stage before leaving the tournament in the quarterfinals.  

Sissi Makes Golden Goal History

  • Year: 1999

  • Location: Jack Kent Cooke Stadium in Landover, Maryland, United States

One of the other items among the best women world cup moments is the Sissi's golden goal from Brazil. 

The women's football history recalls the moment the first stunning goal of women's professional soccer. Sissi left the controversial moment through his golden goal within a match against


in the quarterfinals during the 1999 Women's World Cup. Though they had overcome a 3-0 deficit to their rival, Brazil, knotting things up in the 85th minute led the match to continue in extra time. 

Watching a wide range of moments, including incredible events, had caused no spectators could predict the final result. Within the extra time, Sissi got the chance of shooting a free kick about 10 yards outside the box.

While Sissi was a left-footed player, all had predicted that her plan would be the far right post. However, what she did was a surprise because she did the opposite of what the keeper expected. Sissi went to the left, and her plan worked. It was the story behind the golden goal, as one of the greatest moments in the women World Cup.

Hope Solo Hissy Fit

  • Year: 2007

  • Host Country: Yellow Dragon Stadium in Hangzhou, China

The following paragraph is about a decision that a coach made, whether correct or no. Following the choice and what happened later, the second became one item on the list of memorable

women World Cup greatest moments

In 2007, Greg Ryan, the U.S. coach, benched the team's goalkeeper, Hope Solo, before a semifinal loss. Hope, who did not expect it, had become sad, and, by the idea of benching, the situation had led her to throw a temper tantrum. Hope had recorded three straight clean sheets heading into the U.S. against


in a semifinal in her career history. However, the coach's preference was choosing Briana Scurry, an expert keeper.  

Unfortunately, Ryan's choice did not work as he expected and had moved backfired. Scurry gave up four goals which led to his team's first loss since 2004. The result aroused Solo's criticism regarding the coach's decision and said, "There is no doubt in my mind I would have made those saves."

She also added that trusting and living by big names is not a good idea, and instead, we have to live in the present. Solo thought that though a player had an excellent performance several years ago, it might not be the same nowadays. 

Japan Triumphs After Heartbreak

  • Year: 2011

  • Location: Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt, Germany

One of the 

best moments in the women World Cup

 refers to 2011, which happened a few months after the third deadliest earthquake in history. In March 2011, the earthquake and the tsunami, which occurred following the earthquake, caused more than 20000 deaths in Jpan.

Only three months had passed the terrible disaster that


qualified for the tournament and achieved its first World Cup, while they participated with heavy hearts. Japan's performance within the former three years had caused others not to expect much from them.

They had failed to promote appearing in the group stage in the three previous tournaments and ended in third place in regional qualifying. Unlike the whole expectations, Japan advanced to the final and ended the competition against the U.S. in 2-2 after playing 120 minutes.

The result of a draw between the two teams led to a shootout. Following doing them, Japan could win the match in a 3-1 ending and made itself the first and also only Asian nation which had achieved a Men's or Women's World Cup. The stunning result caused the seconds to become an unforgettable one and added it to the list of memorable moments in the women's World Cup.

Abby Wambach Saves Her Best for Last

  • Year: 2011

  • Location: Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion in Dresden, Germany

Abby Wambach, the forward player of the United States national team, is the footballer whose performance against Brazil added one item to the greatest women World Cup moments. In the quarterfinals in 2011, Abby scored one goal and led the competition to a shootout, which finally ended in her team's victory. 

Though her team had jumped out ahead within the first moments, there were still two hours left in the match. Nothing could help the U.S. except a miracle to change and make up the 2-1 defeat at that moment. 

By the efforts of Megan Rapione and Wambach, the lucky team could get one and changed the result. All of the events happened within the last two minutes of the game, which caused it to go to a penalty shootout.

Wambach again scored a goal, and unlike the previous one, which had done with her head, she did it with her foot. Through her netting, she not only earned a victory, 5-3, for her team but recorded the moment as a notable and memorable one in women's World Cup history. 

The Unstoppable Force Meets the Immovable Object

  • Year: 2007

  • Location: Hongkou Stadium in Shanghai, China

The competition between the undefeated Brazil, which had scored 17 goals, and undefeated Germany left one of the other 

greatest women World Cup moments

 in history. Meeting two clear-cut best teams in the final was full of excitement, which had aroused many predictions regarding the ending.

Germany as a better defensive team and Brazil as a better offensive one had made their fans foresight different results for the competition. Based on the history of the teams, Germany had not conceded even one goal during the tournament, and Brazil was the team in which Marta, the Golden Shoe winner, was playing.

Unlike those who thought Brazil would win the match, the defensive one won the championship and defeated Brazi in a 2-0 result. Without letting their rival, Brazil, score goals, Germany set a new record as the fewest conceded goals in the Women's World Cup.

Based on the explained story and the mentioned details regarding both teams, do you agree with listing the event amongst the 

greatest moments in the women World Cup


A Golden Goal Ends It All

  • Year: 2003

  • Host Country: Home Depot Center in Carson, California, United States

The match between Germany and Sweden in 2003 includes one other case among the 

best women World Cup moments

. Germany women's soccer team always praises their only golden goal in World Cup history against Sweden, that thanks to it, they determined the final winner.

As this goal was the determiner of the final result, the moment had reached the excitement to its maximum. While the fans of both teams were holding their breath, the side, which could score first in extra time, would become the winner. To describe the moment, we can only say it was such a sudden death. 

During the first half, Germany was one point behind Sweden, their strong rival. However, the situation did not last for all moments of the match things became up in the second half. In the second half, they scored one goal and changed the result to a 1-1 draw before ending.

However, it was not the whole story. In the 88th minute, Nia Kunzer joined the match as a sub. In the remaining two minutes of the game, in the 98th minute, she scored off a free kick and earned the first Women's World Cup title for her national team. Women's World Cup final match has never experienced similar golden goal again after the date. 

The Most Famous Sports Bra in the World

  • Year: 1999

  • Location: Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, United States

One of the other 

greatest women World Cup moments

 is the scenes that sports photographers recorded in 1999 after the U.S. winning goal in the World Cup competition.  

After scoring the penalty kick, which became the game-winning goal and led to the U.S. World Cup-winning, the players started to celebrate the fullness of the exciting minute.

Having shot the penalty, Brandi Chastain, the retired defender, midfielder, and forward player of the U.S. national team, took off her jersey to show how happy she was. In the football world, not only stunning goals but several goal celebrations have been, which have earned much reputation as much as the goals.

Some of the most unforgettable happiness in football history are Tiger Woods fist pump, the Michael Jordan gooseneck, and Brandi Chastain ripping off her jersey. The latter is the case that has changed the minutes from a normal one to one of the greatest women World Cup moments.

Photographers took pictures from her while she was kneeling with her jersey in her hand, and she was clenching it. As one of the most reputed sports photos, Sports Illustrated published it o its cover and made it an immortalized one.

Later Chastain described her feeling at the moment and said, "Momentary insanity, nothing more, nothing less, I was not thinking about anything. I thought, 'My God, this is the greatest moment of my life on the socred field.'"

A Hat Trick for the Ages

  • Year: 2015

  • Location: BC Place in Vancouver, Canada

The list of the 

greatest women World Cup moments

 includes an event in 2015.

Carli Lloyd

's hat trick made her the first women footballer who could do it in a World Cup final. The outstanding performance took Lloyd, the midfielder/ forward player of the U.S. national team, only 16 minutes to fulfill the feat.

Lloyd, who had recorded gold medal-winning goals from two Olympics in her career history, multiplied her legend when she did her hat trick as the fastest one in World Cup history. 

The football world remembers her third goal as the best soccer one ever seen. Lloyd led the Japanese goalkeeper to come off her line and then hit the ball from near midfield. While all spectators and players of both teams had stared at the ball, it sailed over the goalkeeper's head and entered the goal and earned a sweet and unforgettable victory for them. 

'Rock Stars' for the Win

  • Year: 1999

  • Location: Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, United States

By going to a penalty shootout in the World Cup final, Brandi Chastain did her fifth try and earned the U.S. women's national team a victory in the World Cup while they played in front of their excited home fans. 



and U.S. teams appeared for 37 matches against each other and played in 10 competitions in the World Cup. However, their playing in 1999 did not include any scored goals during the 120 minutes of the match in the final.

The result led the game to a shootout, and China could score four of five opportunities they had. By converting the first four shots, the U.S. also earned a similar result as China. It meant that the final shot would be the determiner, which teams would be the winner, and it was Brandi Chastain's fifth attempt.

Chastain shot opposite the direction that the Chinese keeper had guessed about Chastain's shot. The keeper misdiagnosis caused the ball to move faster than the Japanese goalkeeper and placed it into the back corner of the net.

The U.S. national team won the competition while 90,000 home fans were watching them. This high number of spectators made this match the event with the most fans. Following the excellent winning, the team celebrated like rock stars and became the most reputed women's team during American sports history. 

Every 90 moments of every competition contains the things which might change them to a stunning challenge between the rivals and make a memorable one from it. Throughout the article, we tried to cover a list of the ten greatest women World Cup moments.

However, World Cup history has passed many other similar stories, and here we only collected a list of best moments in the women World Cup. At all, we welcome the viewpoints of our followers. So, be in contact with us via the comment section.




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