Mauricio Pochettino Quotes, a complete collection

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A look at the greatest Mauricio Pochettino quotes including his comments on football and the biggest stars of the game.

Mauricio Pochettino is an Argentinian manager and former professional footballer. As a player, He was a world class defending midfield who played for some of the best European clubs including Paris Saint Germain and Espanyol. He was a key member of the PSG side which won the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2001. He also had a successful international career with Argentina and played in the 2002 World Cup.


has had a very successful managerial career as well. He was the manager of the Tottenham side which reached the final of the 2018-19 Champions League, although the eventually lost the title to Liverpool.

Pochettino has been working as the PSG manager since January 2021. He won the Coup de France and the Trophee des Champions, but lost the Ligue 1 title to Lille.  In the following article we present you with a complete collection of

Mauricio Pochettino quotes

Best Collection of Mauricio Pochettino quotes

We present football fans with the Best collection of

Mauricio Pochettino quotes

which includes his comments about his personality and career as well as his comments on other football stars.

Mauricio Pochettino quotes about his personal life

Mauricio Pochettino was born into a family of football fans from Rosario, Argentina. His parents were farmers and their financial situation was not good. He started playing football at his hometown club, Bayonne when he was 7 years old. He later moved to Nantes before starting his professional career with the club's senior team in 1985. He was also a volleyball and Judo fan and played the games during his childhood. 

Pochettino is a true family person and has a close relationship with his siblings and parents. He has been in a relationship with his current wife, Karina Grippaldi since 1989. The couple have two children together. It is certainly interesting to know more about Mauricio Pochettino quotes on his own childhood, personality and private life.

On His childhood and family

Sometimes, my kids say to me, 'Ah, you played with Maradona; you played with this, or you played with that.' And they are so proud.

The most important thing is how you are made to feel in your home.

I always remember being competitive. From the beginning, with my brothers, with my friends, playing at school, everything - in everything I was involved in.

After games, my wife gives me a lot of advice and criticism. Sometimes, I am upset. I say, 'Why do you advise me this?' But I like it, because to listen to a different point of view is always important. You can find a different position or point of view that can help you to be more creative.

For me, family and football are the most important things. They are in the same level.

I am an Argentine player and a Spanish coach. I have learned from all the cities and countries that I have lived in. My children are Catalans and Spanish.

On his hobbies and preferences

It motivates me, being a parakeet and living for so many years in Barcelona. Going back to the city is always something nice, and playing against Barca, too.

I am a very lucky person because I am not focused on social media and all that happens around.

My life is 24 hours talking about football. For me, it is every conversation, every action. It is my life, my passion.

I'm of the older generation. I accept the new technology, but I try to keep a bit of that away.

I don't have social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, nothing. I don't receive information. That's why my head, my face, looks younger than I really am.

On his personality, Beliefs and objectives:

I grew up in Newell's Old Boys and will never manage Rosario Central. That is my decision because I prefer to work on my farm in Argentina than in some places.

Obviously, if you win a trophy, like I won when I was a player, it's a moment to celebrate. For me - this is my mentality, and I don't want to say it's right or wrong - I love to celebrate in private and not make it public. I love to celebrate the things with your team-mates.

All negative things you can turn positive, and for me, that is key.

The best agent for me is myself.

It's important to have the opportunity to learn.

Always it is important to improve.

I am a person that likes to move on. I am the first to make mistakes in my life.

When you are young, you need to know the reality because when you are in your bubble, you believe that, always, all you do is right. And sometimes you need people who say, 'Hey, come on, what happened with you?'

You judge someone from the day you meet them.

You cannot guess what happens in the future.

I am not the victim, and I won't be the victim in football or life. I am a person who is always positive.

Rather than complain about a thing you cannot change, I try to find a solution to help the performance in the best way.

I don't want to lie. Always, I want to be honest and I say,I don't think about tomorrow. I don't think about next season.'

I love to work and feel part of the project: to share and create something special.

I live in the present; there is nothing more important than that.

The most important thing is to explain day by day that life is very short, and we need to spend the day thinking and enjoying life. We can't been thinking too much and worrying about what is happening tomorrow.

I'm someone who likes new things, likes change. But I also like challenges. I was a little bit of a prisoner to my challenge each time.

The fact is I have an interpreter because he gives me the security that, when I have to answer complex questions, and with my complex answers, it's much better I have an interpreter to make sure nothing is misconstrued.

I believe in energia universal. It is connected. Nothing happens for causality. It is always a consequence of something else. Maybe, it is one of the reasons that Harry Kane always scores in derbies. I believe in that energy. For me, it exists.

Mauricio Pochettino quotes about football and his philosophy of the game

Mauricio Pochettino was one of the best defensive midfielders of his generation. He was mostly known for his incredible work rate, leadership ability, tactical awareness and interceptions. As a player, He was a key member of his teams. As a manager he has won shown his strong personality in many key moments of his career. The followings are the

top quotes by Mauricio Pochettino

about football, his own playing style and his philosophy of football as a manager.

On football

Being a captain means a lot - it's not just about wearing the armband.

If you are 25, 30, 35, you need to think you can learn every day. If not, you are going to go backwards, and of course you are going to fail, and you begin to see the end of your career.

I always said anything is possible in football if you have faith and quality.

When English football started to integrate more with European football, England started to share the Latin culture more.

I think people always expect that when you have a good season and expect the next season to be better, and the season after better and better.

We can't see every small detail in football.

It is difficult to give time to develop projects in football. You buy the club, and you want the title after three months.

You never know in football. A lot can happen in football.

The chairman is the man who manages everything and, in the end, takes all the decisions. Always, for the fans, it's important to hear him.

You have to realise that players change every year, just like we change because every year is different, as things happen in our lives.

Managers and players at different clubs, it's difficult to compare.

When you are better than your opposition for 45 minutes and create six chances, if you don't score, you are in danger in the Premier League. It's the best league in the world.

Every single club is special and is different.

If your own fans didn't want you, there is no point to carry on working because you are going to damage first of all your company, your club.

If you win, of course celebrate and show the fans you're happy - it's fantastic - but when you win a trophy, when you win something special.

I love it when the people celebrate when they beat you.

Sometimes it looks like the board and the chairman are the worst enemy of the manager and the coaching staff, the football versus the financial side.

We have short memories in football.

I work with young people, and I know that we must be careful. Newspaper headlines, sudden notoriety, and important comparisons can lead to confusion.

We have seen that many teams, both in La Liga and the Premier League, have the economic capacity to steal a star from an important team.

On his philosophy of football and his managerial style

Belief is the most important thing in football. Not quality, running, or being strong but belief, faith, and fight.

Nothing is impossible in football, and that is our idea, our philosophy.

For me, what it means to be competitive is to work hard but compete in this type of game when you need to play, you need to suffer, you need to fight.

That is the difference from being a manager and being a player: As a player, if you sign a contract for four years, if you want to be there for four years, you are. But as a manager, it always depends on the sack. You are always under pressure.

If we don't need the players who are available to sign, then why are we going to sign?

We need to be regular and have consistency during the whole season.

My only focus is to try to assess and to provide the players with better tools to perform.

When you concede in less than two minutes, it changes completely everything.

Sometimes when you have lost, you don't want to speak to anybody.

It is always in our dream to win, and you need to dream of bigger things.

All players need to feel confidence from the staff, the players, the supporters. All need to be consistent in training and games to give their best.

I am not a person who is going to convince players to stay or not stay.

To win games, we need to be focused for 95 minutes. If not, you always pay in football.

I take every season as it being different.

Always, you miss all the players when they are injured.

The platform that we have created here in Tottenham is the most important, the platform we created between all the coaching staff - in the academy and the first team. The platform we created is more important than one person.

When you build a team, and you have 24 or 25 players, all can be decisive; can be important.

It's difficult to innovate, but you must try to create a project under your ideas and philosophies to take you ahead of other clubs.

It is always in my nature to work like you are going to be at the club forever, for your life.

I think all the players need coaching; if you do not push the player, they are going to be too comfortable. Always, you need to push.

To show respect for the opponent is to go and kill with every single action. That is the way you show it. You need to be aggressive. That is how I understand football.

It's difficult to compete if you are not consistent.

Where did I get the idea we had to (press)? It's about your personality, who you are. You show on the pitch who you are. If you are brave in your life, you cannot behave in a different way on the pitch. I don't understand how to play in a different way. Always, be brave. I like to be brave

Mauricio Pochettino quotes on Messi and Ronaldo

In every generation, young football fans argue endlessly about who is the best player of the history of football. In our generation the debate is between Lionel Messi and

Cristiano Ronaldo

fans. Pochettino never played alongside or against Ronaldo and Messi as he retired from football a few years before their emergence. He has faced them many times as a manager and is now coaching Lionel Messi at PSG. He has praised both Messi and Ronaldo in his interviews. Here are

Mauricio Pochettino quotes on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo


We have to make choices, within the matchday squad and then during the game, keeping in mind what's best for the team and every player. Sometimes the decisions are positive, or not, but that's what managers are there to do on the sidelines, to make decisions. It can please people or not. I asked him how he was and he said he was fine, no issues.

(On his controversial decision to substitute Messi in

the game against Lyon)

I may not be the most appropriate person to describe him. There are many more people who have a wider vocabulary to describe him closer to the reality Leo deserves. He will always be considered among the best in the world. Since he arrived, he has really adapted very quickly and he's been training very well, trying to achieve his highest level as soon as possible to compete at his best.

However, there's that connection: we both are Argentinian, we both support Newell's [Old Boys], we both come from Rosario. I have also admired him for a long time when facing him as an opponent, so having him now training with us is really nice. We hope that, together, we will be able to achieve what the club desires.

Ronaldo is a phenomenon, He has been awarded ‘The Best’ and the truth is that he deserves it. In addition to his qualities as a professional, he is an example. He never tires of repeating that the secret is to work hard, to strive, to take care of himself. Every player should apply it.

Top quotes by Mauricio Pochettino about famous football players and teams

In this part of the article we present you with the top quotes by Mauricio Pochettino about other football great stars and teams, including his comments on Harry Kane, Pep Guardiola and David Beckham.

On Harry Kane

When you are next to

Harry Kane

, achieving all he is and scoring so many goals, it's normal that the focus is on Harry Kane.

He is a killer, Harry Kane.

Comparing Harry Kane to Batistuta

I would put Harry Kane in with Batistuta. All that is happening to him, he deserves. He is the protagonist of his life, and he deserves all the prize.

On David Beckham

When you talk about Beckham, he's a massive world icon.

On his successor at Tottenham, Jose Mourinho

For me, Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world. I don't think he needs to show anyone that he is one of the best.

On Kylian Mbappe

He is a great professional, a great player and a good boy, he has a lot of love for this club. He has shown it since he got here. He is focused on improving every day, helping the team and fulfilling the club's goals. He shows great respect every day for this club, you have to salute him.

Of course I want him to stay. We like to play with the strongest. We didn't discover Kylian today. He has been scoring a lot of goals for a few years. He is a phenomenon, we are very happy with him.

Kylian loves football, he loves to talk about football, He asks about England – how is the game, the mentality and the culture there? – and also Spain and Argentina. He will watch, every day, games from England, France, Italy, Germany.

He's only 22 but very mature, confident in his talent and open. He can speak French, of course, but also perfect English and Spanish. I speak in English and Spanish with him – more English than Spanish.

I said to him the other day: 'I need to practise my French with you, to improve', and he said: 'Sure, but it's better for me to talk in English'. He loves to practise different languages.

Comparing Haaland and Mbappe to Messi and Ronaldo

It's unbelievable the player that we have living because we have amazing players that are younger and they're fighting to be close or to be the same level as Cristiano or Messi, What they are doing is massive, it's amazing. They're so young that they need to show their quality and be consistent. It's not just about one night or one season, it's about season by season showing that they are the best.

On Neymar

"He's an emotional player, he likes to play, he likes to fight, he's a competitive player.


is at the level of Cristiano or Messi, of course, Reminds me a little bit like Maradona or Ronaldinho that he wants to play, he wants to play, like a child, always wants the ball and needs to feel the ball at his feet and create. He's an amazing talent.

On Pep Guardiola

For me, he is the best, I admire him and think he is doing a fantastic job. He is an amazing coach, always thinking of different strategies and game-plans. I love to challenge him and the teams he prepared.

On Juventus

Juventus are specialists because they have the habit to win and the habit to put pressure on the referee. It's a club with a culture to try to do everything to help the team.

Best Mauricio Pochettino quotes about his managerial career

We wrap up our article on Mauricio Pochettino quotes with a collection of his sayings about his managerial career at Tottenham and Paris Saint Germain.

With Tottenham

I feel when I arrived in Spain and now in England in which way can we say 'thank you' to the country that opened the door when I didn't speak English. And how people treated me and my family and my staff which was really well. It's a way to say thank you to the Premier League and the people who trust in you.

My ambition is to win the Champions League one day with Tottenham, or the Premier League.

I am never going to be manager of Barcelona or Arsenal because I am so identified with Tottenham and Espanyol.

I feel very important at Tottenham, very comfortable, and I enjoy the journey a lot.

I am so proud to be a manager in England.

We are always trying to improve our squad because football is dynamic.

I enjoy my time in Tottenham a lot.

If we want to fight at the end of the season for big things and to lift trophies, you need to keep that intensity always.

The most important club in the world is Tottenham. And it is the best club in the world. I need to feel like this, and that emotion is real because I cannot be fake. It's too difficult to create the trust if you don't really believe, and it's not real, that emotion.

I feel happy here in Tottenham because I feel the recognition for our job. Tottenham has given me value.

I think the most important thing is to keep going and fighting to be in a good position. Like many clubs say, to be in the top four is a massive success.

Rumours are rumours and always happen, not only at Tottenham but every team.

What puts you in a different level is if you win the Premier League, and you're capable of challenging every season for the Premier League, and if you play Champions League, and you really believe, and you're a real contender one day to win the Champions League. That's my objective in Tottenham.

When you play for Barcelona, there is always pressure to win - you play for something special. It's the same when you player for Tottenham; the names are not important.

When the club offers you the job, they say what the club expects from you. If the club says to you, 'I want you to win the Champions League, the Premier League, the Carabao Cup,' you say, 'OK, you want to win this and this and this? Can you give me this and this and this?'

If my ambition in Tottenham is only to win the Carabao Cup or FA Cup, with all the respect for that, I think my ambition does not match the ambition of a club like Tottenham.

To win the Champions League in this circumstance, in this season – maybe I need to think a little bit to do something different in the future. Because to repeat this miracle, you know … But for sure, I go home. Whatever happens tomorrow, I go home.

I think it was very difficult to accept the way the game went, I was so disappointed afterwards. It was difficult to stop crying, to stop feeling bad. I think we were convinced and I was convinced that the final was going to go our way. That was completely in our minds. But no one is prepared after 30 seconds of the Champions League final to concede like that.

With Paris Saint Germain

We would be worthy champions, as would any other team that might win it. Whoever wins it will be worthy champions.

At a club like PSG, not winning any of those competitions is always a big disappointment. It would be disappointing not to win the league, but we are thinking positively and that it may be possible.

We had a good campaign in the Champions League, reaching the semi-finals, but we were disappointed not to reach the final. I think the squad and players have put in a huge effort to compete in the best way.

Our attack is magic, but he does not make us forget the others. It is important to have an efficient team. The season is long.

We have a lot of names of players that shine, but we have to build a team, that's the challenge. It won't be easy, we have to find a balance between the talents that we have. It will take time.

The team is not yet complete, we still have links to create. There are new players, we have to adapt.

So here was our article on the

Mauricio Pochettino quotes

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