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Top facts about Thilo Kehrer, The Germany International

Sportmob invites you to look at the list of top facts about Thilo Kehrer.

Thilo Kehrer is a professional footballer from Germany who now plays as a defender for the

Paris Saint-German

club. He was born in Tubingen, Germany, on September 21, 1996. He is a 25-year-old man.

He began his childhood career playing for the TSG Tubingen club in his hometown of Tubingen. He is one of Germany's fastest players and has captained the youth team for the Under 21 Germany team.

Today we want to talk about the top facts about Thilo Kehrer and tell you some special facts about this star.

Top Facts about Thilo Kehrer you need to know

Thilo Kehrer began his career as a member of the Stuttgart U-17 team. In 2012, he joined


and quickly rose through the ranks of the Schalke U-19 team. In 2014/15, he led them to the Under-19 Bundesliga title. Starting as the team's captain in the finals versus


, Kehrer contributed an assist to the team's following 3-1 win. Leroy Sane, one of the team's more well-known members, started the game on the bench.

Thilo Kehrer was promoted to the first team after a good 2014/15 season. Despite not getting a lot of playing time in his debut season, the young defender learned a lot from veterans like Benedikt Höwedes and Naldo. In the absence of the tandem, though, Kehrer would seize the opportunity to wow fans and critics all around the world. He quickly established himself as a regular starter, scoring his first goal for Schalke in a 1-1 draw with arch-rivals Borussia Dortmund.

The 25-year-old German made 27 top-flight starts under Domenico Tedesco. The 2017/18 season was Kehrer's breakout season, as he led the squad to a second-place finish. He contributed offensively and defensively with four goals and four assists.

Eric Abidal

, for example, praised him for his composed and steady performances throughout the season.

Kehrer was selected for the national Under 21 team. In 2017, he was a member of the Under-21 team that won the U-21 Euros. He's now established himself as a regular starter. When he was 21-year-old, has worn the armband against


, Azerbaijan, and Israel in Jonathon Tah's absence.

Some quick top facts about Thilo Kehrer

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Thilo Kehrer bio

  • Full Name:

    Jan Thilo Kehrer

  • Nickname:


  • Date of Birth:

    21 September 1996

  • Birth Place:

    Tübingen, Germany

  • Marital Status:


  • Age:

    25 years old

  • Profession:


  • Nationality:


  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Height:

    1.86 m

  • Weight:

    76 Kg

  • Position:


  • Clubs:

    Schalke 04 II, Schalke 04, Paris Saint-Germain

With all of the background details in hand, we'll look at Thilo Kehrer's childhood as well as his family and career in the next segment of interesting and top facts about Thilo Kehrer.

Thilo Kehrer early life

Thilo Kehrer's career was only getting started. His enthusiasm for soccer led him to join the TSG Tübingen youth team, where he received the greatest possible training for his new career. Kehrer was noticed to be naturally two-footed from the start. He has a left and a right foot that was both extremely flexible. Despite Kehrer's strong start with the club was cut short by an issue that alarmed the club's management.

They grumbled at the time that he seemed and behaved too casually in comparison to the rest of his teammates. Thilo Kehrer transferred to

SSV Reutlingen

, another football academy, in ten ages in 2006, with the help of a local coach, Albert Röcker.

After his family moved to the neighborhood, he made this move. Kehrer quickly progressed through the club's levels. His proudest achievement was leading his young club to win in a talent competition.

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Thilo Kehrer career

The first team he played in was Schalke 04 II and now we want to know about it.


Kehrer is a Schalke 04 youth product. In a 3–0 home win over VfL Wolfsburg on February 6, 2016, he made his Bundesliga debut. On 1 April 2017, he scored his first goal for the club in the Revierderby against

Borussia Dortmund

at home, equalizing in a 1–1 draw.

He scored twice on May 5, 2018, as Schalke finished second in the Bundesliga for the 2017–18 season and qualified for the UEFA Champions League for the 2018–19 season.

Paris Saint-Germain

The sale of Kehrer to Paris Saint-Germain for 37 million euros was announced on August 16, 2018.

On April 7, 2019, Kehrer scored his first goal for Paris Saint-Germain in a 2–2 draw with Strasbourg in a league match. On February 4, 2020, he scored his second goal for the club in a 2–1 league win over


. Kehrer was injured in the Coupe de France Final on July 24, 2020, and was replaced by Colin Dagba. PSG went on to win the game by a score of 1–0.

Kehrer was hurt in a match against Rennes on November 7, 2020. Due to an adductor injury, he was expected to miss three to four months of play. His recuperation was quicker than expected, and on December 2, he returned as a substitute in a 3–1 triumph over

Manchester United

in the UEFA Champions League group stage.


Kehrer is a German youth international. Kehrer has captained the German U-21s against Kosovo, Azerbaijan, and Israel since winning the U-21 Euros in 2017.

On August 29, 2018, Kehrer was called up to the complete Germany squad for the first time, for Germany's UEFA Nations League opener against France and a friendly against



Thilo Kehrer family and relationship

Thilo Kehrer was born in Germany to a German father and a Burundian mother, both of whom spent much of their life in Africa.

Thilo Kehrer grew up in Africa, first in Burundi and subsequently Rwanda, with his charming sister Sarah (ex-girlfriend of Serge Gnabry). His mother is from Burundi, and she and her husband both worked in the nation for a long time before meeting and marrying. Growing up in these francophone countries equipped their children with the ability to communicate in French.

Thilo, a native of Tübingen, has a unique German surname, "Kehrer," which is normally given to those who live in the hilly areas of Switzerland, Bavaria, and Saxony. Thilo Kehrer's parents chose to raise their children in East Africa so that they may learn about their maternal ancestors. Their visit was short-lived since the family returned to Tübingen, Germany before the new millennium began (The year 2000).

Thilo Kehrer's family settled in Pfäffingen, a district of Ammerbuch municipality west of Tübingen, after their return. Thilo attended the town's elementary school while residing there, where he participated in competitive sports and achieved his first sporting win.

“During his elementary school years, Thilo was known for being the fastest in sports events. He was the only kid in the class who could jump the highest and run the fastest.”Armin Göhring, whose son attended the same school as Thilo and resided roughly 300 meters from his childhood home in Pfäffingen, supplied this information.

Armin happened to be a Football Department Leader in Thilo's area, which was fortunate. He did more than show his admiration for the young man. He instructed Thilo to concentrate completely on the soccer opportunities that his school provided.

Soon after, football became a regular pleasure for him, and his desire to become a professional football player drove him to join a local team. There is a glamorous WAG behind every successful footballer. Thilo Kehrer's possible clandestine romances, on the other hand, escape public scrutiny because his love life is private and probably drama-free.

Kehrer strives to keep his personal life out of the public eye at the time of writing. He could be in a relationship that he chooses to keep private for the time being. He is a person who is aware of his origins. He also ensures that nothing is left to chance with his meticulous attitude to life.

Kehrer's family, particularly his parents, are currently keeping their life private, with no traces of their images on the internet. This is not the case for Kehrer's lovely sister Sarah. Sarah Kehrer is a German model and influencer who has a large following on Instagram because of her extensive collection of beautiful bikinis. As previously reported, Sarah Kehrer had a connection with

Serge Gnabry

, a German footballer and friend of her brother's, who is of German and Cote d'Ivoire descent.

Sarah broke her relationship with Gnabry in 2018 and announced their breakup in the public, saying, "We recognized that there was not enough connection between us." She immediately deleted all of his images from her Instagram account.

Thilo Kehrer style of play

Thilo Kehrer has played in the Bundesliga in eight different positions. On the ball, he is assured and capable of playing with both feet. This enables him to move the ball forward and play in more forward positions. The youthful center-back, who has four assists, can play in any position in the backline and can even play as a defensive midfielder.

Many large defenders have a bad habit of clumsy ball tackles and turning off during crucial moments. Thilo Kehrer, on the other hand, has no such flaws, averaging 3 tackles and 2 interceptions a game. At all times, the defender is alert and composed. He knows how to time his tackles and almost always wins the ball when he goes to the ground. He also takes advantage of his enormous stature by pushing opponents off the ball. His ability to maintain his composure and tackle will be crucial to his success in France.

Despite having a significant physical edge over his opponents and frequently exploiting it, Thilo tends to get more physical than is necessary. He might get a little too combative and concede unneeded free-kicks in addition to winning the ball. Because the majority of these free kicks are taken from just outside the box, the opponents may be able to take advantage and score.

Thilo possesses outstanding dribbling and ball-handling skills. He, on the other hand, lacks the skill to make the last pass. He can't switch play from one side to the other or make crucial passes. With a pass completion rate of nearly 80%, the German is prone to losing the ball unnecessarily due to a misplaced pass or cross. In a league with fast-paced players like

Memphis Depay

and Florin Thuavin, this can be quite costly.

Thilo Kehrer, as previously indicated, has played in a variety of positions and formations. This would benefit Thomas Tuchel since he could utilize him to fix any position on the pitch or deploy him wherever on the pitch. The young German, on the other hand, believes he is most suited to the position of center-back.

Physicality, composure, and alertness are all characteristics of a modern center-back. He's more of a sweeper center-back because he's not scared to attack. Thilo Kehrer can easily establish himself as one of the league's best center-backs in the next years, scoring a few goals along the way.

Thilo Kehrer honors

Thilo Kehrer, as a Defender with 6 goals scored in various clubs and the Germany team, has an interesting statistics, especially in the two teams of Schalke 04 II, and Paris Saint-Germain. However, in the national competitions in the German team, Thilo Kehrer won UEFA European Under-21 Championship 2017.

Paris Saint-Germain

  • Ligue 1:

    2018–19, 2019–20

  • Coupe de France:

    2019–20, 2020–21; runner-up: 2018–19

  • Coupe de la Ligue:


  • Trophée des Champions:


  • UEFA Champions League runner-up:


Germany U21

  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship:


Thilo Kehrer issues

While some footballers at various levels have certainly had legal problems, Thilo Kehrer has never had a legal dispute in his lifetime.

Thilo Kehrer Net Worth

Thilo Kehrer is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million to $10 million. He has acquired a sizable wealth through his major career as a soccer player. Thilo Kehrer isn't the type of footballer who flaunts a plethora of flashy cars, a fancy home, liquor, and attractive women.

With a current market value of 25 million euros and a lucrative weekly pay at PSG, he can afford practically anything. His ability to deal with fame, on the other hand, is exactly proportional to his skill to handle the ball. Kehrer doesn't have time for long, expensive vacations. He leads a very modest existence, which is mirrored in his leisure activities.

Thilo Kehrer has attention to his mother’s country

Thilo Kehrer is one of the few African-European footballers who contributes to their own country.

In Burundi, where he supports the peace and development group "Kickoff to Hope," the German football star is dedicated to a good cause.

Kehrer's support brings hope to all socially disadvantaged individuals in his mother's hometown through financial and material assistance.

Some Short Top Facts about Thilo Kehrer

  • Thilo Kehrer began playing professional football at the club level at a young age.

  • When he was in elementary school, Thilo Kehrer was one of the fastest and most athletic students.

  • While playing his game, he can use both his right and left legs.

  • He scored a brace for Schalke to help them finish second in the league ranking and qualify for the Champions League in the 2017/2018 season.

  • In 2018, he moved from Schalke to PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) for a fee of 35 million euros.

  • His net worth is estimated to be in the range of 91 million dollars.

  • Sarah Kehrer, his sister, was once linked to Serge Gnabry, another well-known German footballer.

  • Thilo Kehrer has no known relatives, although he does have a daughter named Nala, who was born during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

  • Thilo Kehrer was the captain of the German squad that won the U-21 Euros in 2017.

  • The name is supposed to mean "someone who lives near a road bend." The name Kehrer means "cleaner" in modern German.

  • Thilo Kehrer is a sensitive soul with a strong sense of humanity.

  • Thilo Kehrer enjoyed every second of his upbringing in Pfäffingen, Germany, despite having spent his early years in Burundi and Rwanda.

  • He is a supporter of the Anstoß Zur Hoffnung e.V., a peace and development organization (English: Kickoff to hope). Socially disadvantaged individuals in his mother's homeland find hope and assistance thanks to his support.

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