N'Golo Kante Quotes, a complete collection

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A look at the greatest N'Golo Kante quotes including his comments on football and the biggest stars of the game.

N'Golo Kante

is a French professional footballer who playing as a midfield for


football club and France National team. Widely regarded as one of the best defensive midfielders of his generation, Kante had a very bizarre start to his career as he rose to the top of the football world just few years after playing in the fourth division.

Kante was a key player for Leicester City in their miraculous title winning campaign in the 2015-6 season. During his highly successful career so far, Kante has won almost every major trophy at the club and international level including 2 Premier League, 3 FA Cups and 1 Champions League titles. He was also a key member of the France team which won the 2018 World Cup.

Known for his remarkable stamina and work rate, Kante He has scored 22 goals in 383 matches during his club career. He has also scored 2 goals in 50 games so far into his international career with France. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of

N'Golo Kante quotes

Best Collection of N'Golo Kante quotes

We present football fans with the Best collection of N'Golo Kante quotes which includes his comments about his personality and career as well as his comments on other football stars.

N'Golo Kante quotes about his personal life

N'Golo Kante was born into a family of football fans from Paris, France. His parents were originally from Mali in Africa. They immigrated to France in the 80s. Kante had a rough childhood. His father died when he was only 11 years old. Kante has a sister, who is also a professional footballer.

Kante is a true family person and has a close relationship with his siblings and parents. He has been in a relationship with his current wife, Jude Litter. An interesting fact about Kante's wife is that he was married to Kante's compatriot, Djibril Cisse. It is certainly interesting to know more about N'Golo Kante quotes on his own childhood, personality and private life.

On His childhood and family

At first, I was playing in front of 10 people in a park, then 1,000, then 10,000, then 80,000 and you are on television. I have done it step by step, so it is not a problem. There is no lack of confidence to be on the field, in front of many, many people.

I grew up just as my friends did until 19 before leaving home, and it's because of that I am who I am now.

Growing up, coaches or team-mates might tell me that I resemble such-and-such a player. I was just someone who watched football. I would watch the games which interested me, without necessarily focusing on players in a similar position to me.

I wasn’t necessarily the best or the most talented player in the team, but I gave my best with the attributes I had. Growing up, I started watching videos of great footballers like [Diego] Maradona, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. My friends and I sometimes tried to imitate them, to score like they did. However, I haven't ended up playing like them or in the same position. I was also less gifted than them.

(From Kante's interview with Uefa.com)

I had a good number of trials growing up. I was turned down several times by academies. I didn’t see those as failures, personally, but as opportunities to see how I compared to the academy level.


Kante's interview with Uefa.com)

On his hobbies and preferences

I've never been someone who loves a car and when I was young I didn't have the ambition of a car or something like that.

I got my qualification in accountancy, but now I prefer to concentrate on football.

When you play cards and find yourself in a tricky situation, you'll use some little strategies - and that is what I have done from time to time. That is why my national teammates have called me a cheat. They are not completely right, as I am not the only person to have done it. But they are not wrong either.

I don't want people paying too much attention about what I am outside of football, what I'm doing, and asking: 'Who is N'Golo?'

I have always been discreet in my life.

My English is improving because I learnt it in one year at Leicester, before it was just in school and on holiday, but I have to learn more, I don't understand it all.

On his personality and objectives

I am not a superstar or an ego. I am just the same as I always was: Someone who plays football.

It is good to win awards but the most important is to win together.

I've seen new experiences and new challenges every year. I take them step by step.

Whatever you did in the past is quickly forgotten.

I am how I am. I cannot explain it well, but I don't feel the nicest person, on the football pitch or in life, I'm just myself.

It is true that I receive a lot of praise and that is flattering. But I try not to let it affect me.

I play football and I want to be considered as a footballer.

I try to speak with my team-mates a lot because I need them every day.

Although people view me as a star, I know what it is like to be on the other side. And to make people happy, that’s always good, I have always wanted to take pleasure in my life in football. Even if it is also a job, it is the thing that I do that I feel most comfortable doing. Putting myself out there in the media or the public, I can do it at certain points. But I don’t like to do it too often.

(From Kante's interview with L'Equipe)

N'Golo Kante quotes about football and his playing style

N'Golo Kante is known the most for his incredible relentless energy and excellent ball-winning abilities. Kante has been also praised for his tactical awareness, intelligence, anticipation, and the defensive aspect of his game. He has been a key member of the France national team and Chelsea in recent years and has shown his strong personality in many key moments of his amazing career. The followings are the

top quotes by N'Golo Kante

about football and his own playing style.

On football

My favorite thing is when we lift a trophy. Afterward, we can have a picture of us lifting a trophy. And that picture shows a lot of work, a lot of difficulty and a lot of sacrifice together.

We are lucky to be playing football for a living. For me, this is what I have always wanted to do.

It's always special to come to a new club.

We have to work together for the good of the team, for trying to win games. That is what we train to do.

There are millions of ­people out there, who every day want to get the opportunity to do the work we are doing and it's a short career. That is why I give it my all at every given opportunity.

The professional world makes a lot of young amateurs dream, and to go from one to the other can inspire others, like me, when I heard stories of Didier Drogba and Adil Rami, who went from being amateurs to becoming pros.

The main thing is how we play and how we work in training.

Playing in the Champions League is a big dream of mine. When you are a player and have a chance to play in it, it's a good thing.

I have worked with different managers in the past and different systems.

The Premier League is a competition that suits me, which is perhaps more praise to myself. It's more direct, more rhythmic than Ligue 1.

I play with team-mates and when the team is good you have a good result.

Football is like this: after every game you have to do better in the next and the season is the same.

On his playing style

Like everyone I am sometimes tired, but if I need to run I will try to run.

Ask me about my football, and not too much else. I just want to be a player among the players.

I can always improve. Maybe score more goals and more assists, always help the team the best I can.

I am not one of the best midfielders in the world or something like that.

I can talk with my team-mates, understand them and it's better for understanding the coaching staff and the game itself. If someone's making a run and they shout for the ball, I know now.

I know how it feels to handle the pressure and keep working for the win.

Sometimes I can help the team to score, to make the last pass or to get more chances and try to score. Maybe I can do this more often.

When I first went into the senior game I was more of an attaching player to begin with.

For two or three years I played on the wing, when I went to Boulogne in 2011, I started playing in the middle as a central midfielder.

To be honest, it was only when I was first in the French Ligue 1 that my manager and other people started to say, 'Okay, N'Golo recovers a lot of balls.' Before that, I didn't consider it to be my job in the team.

When we have to defend, I just try to recover the ball for the team because it's important, but I always try to go forward when we have the ball.

I try not to get carried away and to only focus on the team goals to keep winning, to keep performing to the best I can.

I think I can improve in my attacking role, I can do more.

No, I don't think I'm especially one of the best players in the league.

I sometimes should be more decisive.

I need to keep improving tactically, defensively and offensively for the last pass, the last shot.

I think what is important to fight for winning the ball it is the spirit. I have had that since I started playing football, so it is the spirit but I need to be fit for doing it.

I'm happy to help the team win.

During a match, there are periods of time when you’re strong and periods of time when you’re weaker. During the weaker moments, you have to try and recover. Sometimes, you don’t recover, but it’s about game management.

Even if you’re tired, sometimes, you just have to go for it and make a difference going forward. In particular, sometimes, to keep the score as it is. So, sometimes you’re tired, but it’s all about mentality.

Top quotes by N'Golo Kante about famous football players and teams

In this part of the article we present you with the top quotes by N'Golo Kante about other football great stars and teams, including his comments on Eden Hazard, Mesut Ozil and Antonio Konte.

On Jose Mourinho

It was amazing to have Mourinho call me, even though I'd been warned before how he would appeal to me. I listened to his arguments about why I should move to United. But at that time I was hesitant between staying at Leicester or leaving for Chelsea.

On Eden Hazard

I think


did an amazing job, had an amazing time with Chelsea.

On Cesc Fabregas, Nemanja Matic and Nathaniel Chalobah

I play with some talented players like Cesc Fabregas, Nemanja Matic and Nathaniel Chalobah. They have different styles and I can learn from everyone.

On Antonio Conte

The opportunity to work with

Antonio Conte

, a brilliant coach, and some of the best players in the world was too good to turn down.

On Claude Makelele

I saw Claude Makelele play in the French national team but before when he played at a club I didn't watch him a lot.

I mainly get the instructions from my manager, to organise the team, to give our very best for the team, but it’s true that I have had some chats with Claude since I came to Chelsea.

Being able to talk with him about that is beneficial for me because he knows the position, he knows the club, so his advice was always useful to me.

On Mesut Ozil

The way we stop Mesut Ozil is as a team. He's a good player but only as a team can we stop him.

On Lassana Diarra

I met Lassana Diarra the first time I got called up to the French national team. I was lucky enough to play with him and see what a great player he was.

Best N'Golo Kante quotes about his club and international career 

We wrap up our article on

N'Golo Kante quotes

with a collection of his sayings about his club and international career. Kante's biggest breakthough was winning the Premier League title with Leicester City. He has played the last five years of his club career so far at Chelsea. On the International level, His biggest achievement has been winning the 2018 World Cup with France.

On the start of his journey as a footballer

I came from amateur football.

My failures were something for me - my first contact with professional football. Though it didn't go all that well, it's not a regret, it's just like that. But looking back, those failures helped me consider football differently, consider the professional game differently.

I was at Boulogne, in the second team - the sixth, then the fifth division. I wasn't professional, so I kept studying because I wasn't sure if I would be able to make a living as a footballer.

On his international career with France

I am lucky to get the ­opportunity to play for France and that alone is a huge motivation for me, whenever I go on the pitch.

To win the World Cup in our colours was beyond my dreams and something I will never, ever forget.

To represent one's own country is one of the biggest achievements a footballer can get.

On his time with Leicester City

Among the clubs that most wanted to recruit me were Marseille and



People can think what they want. Having heard what the manager Claudio Ranieri had to say, I felt as if there was something that I could do there. I visited the facilities, I saw that it was of the highest level. Today everything is going very well. I am happy. Last summer, I was in contact with Marseille. I spoke to the representatives. Today I tell myself that I made the right decision.

I give my best for my team-mates. At Leicester it was like that and everyone was focused for the title and we did it.

My first season in English football was very special. I hope to go on to achieve even more as a Chelsea player.

It's a huge honour to be named player of the year... and I want to thank everyone who voted for me.

On his time at Chelsea

With Arsenal there was an interest but not a big as other clubs. That is why I didn't go to Arsenal and went to Chelsea.

When I arrived at Chelsea, I was at Leicester and I had just won my first title with a club.

I am happy to make my debut in the Champions League.

We seem to have some quite good 'FIFA 17' players at Chelsea.

My team-mates at Chelsea have told me about the 'Kante-facts.' It is just a bit of fun. I obviously do not cover 30 per cent of the surface of the earth.

There have been beautiful achievements of winning titles with my team-mates.

It is my club, I am a Chelsea player.

I made the right choice to come to Chelsea.

I am at Chelsea and I still have aims here, what is said elsewhere is not important.

Win, win, win. We will fight for everything. We will fight against good teams.

It's good for me to stay at Chelsea.

I chose Chelsea because I spoke with the manager here and when I did that, I felt the capacity of the manager and that is why I made my decision. And of course I like Premier League football and that is why I decided to stay in the Premier League.

I came to Chelsea to work, to keep learning and to keep improving.

We have some great players at Chelsea and the most important is the goal to win.

It is always special to play against my old team.

There have been a lot of French midfielders at Chelsea, but they did it their way and I do it my way and I hope I can do good things at Chelsea.

I can't be the same as another player. I am just my way and I will try to improve on that at Chelsea.

I didn’t know how far I could go, I just wanted to turn pro and do my best, To have got where I am today with Chelsea and to be lucky enough to play in a Champions League final, bearing in mind everything that’s happened in the meantime, is amazing.

(From Kante's interview with Chelseafc.com)

We are very happy, very proud, It’s the result of a lot of effort together. Some good results, some bad, but we stayed together. We played very well in the second part of the season and we enjoy this title all together. (On winning the 20-21 Champions League)

It's a bit early to talk about it now. We are in the middle of the year, there are six months left, and lots of matches and competitions to play. It’s not necessary to say today that I deserve it, A few years ago I was in the top 10. It was the first time and it was nice. But winning it is another story. (On the possibility of winning the 2021 Ballon d'Or)

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