Raphael Varane Quotes, a complete collection

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A look at the greatest Raphael Varane quotes including his comments on football and the biggest stars of the game.

Raphael Varane is a Spanish professional footballer who playing as a defender for Manchester United and France National team. He most recently put an end to his 11-years-career with Real Madrid. Widely regarded as one of the best defenders of his generation, Varane started his career in 2010 at Lens before joining

Real Madrid

one year later.

During his highly successful career so far,


has won almost every major trophy at the club and international level including 3 La Liga, 1 Copa del Rey and 4 Champions League titles. He was also a key member of the France team which won the 2018 World Cup.

Varane has one of the best goal scoring records among defenders in recent years. He has scored 24 goals in 467 matches during his career. In the following article we present you with a complete collection of

Raphael Varane quotes

Best Collection of Raphael Varane quotes

We present football fans with the Best collection of Raphael Varane quotes which includes his comments about his personality and career as well as his comments on other football stars.

Raphael Varane quotes about his personal life

Raphael Varane was born into a family of football fans from Lille, France. He started playing football when he was 7 years old. Varane has a sister, Annabelle, who was Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2018 and competed in Miss France 2019 

Varane is a true family person and has a close relationship with his siblings and parents. He has been in a relationship with his current wife, Camille Tytgat. The couple have two children together, one son and one daughter. It is certainly interesting to know more about Raphael Varane quotes on his own childhood, personality and private life.

On His childhood and family

Since I was seven years old, they say 'he's nice, he's nice.' Yes, I'm nice, but that's not all I am.

I have memories of watching the Champions League as a kid in France. We all supported different teams and they were intense moments. Great memories.

Joining Manchester United is a new challenge for my family too and we were ready for this change. They are always with me and supporting me and this new adventure is for us together, it’s not me alone. For my balance my family are very important.

My Son loves sports, but he’s crazy for football with his magic left foot! He plays and enjoys football.

On his hobbies and preferences

I am thrilled to become part of the HyperX family and to join this amazing group of talented ambassadors.

On his personality and objectives:

I am a shy, quiet and cool guy in life. And I am no different on the pitch.

I'm quite shy and quite reserved. But when things start heating up, I don't hesitate to show my character, whether that's in good moments, like when we won the World Cup, or more difficult moments.

I love challenges.

People have wanted me to change and it annoys me. Do we ask Ramos to be someone else? We take him as he is; take me as I am.

Don't call me an intellectual. After all, there are a lot more people taking their A-levels each summer than signing for Real Madrid. I was just a good and serious student.

When there's a need for someone to speak, I'm there. When there's tough times, I'm there.

When you don't believe in me, I don't say anything but it titillates me.

At 20 years old I'm eager to play and to watch from the sidelines isn't easy.

When you're young you want to show what you can do, but sometimes you have to learn not to over-complicate things.

I'm obsessed with making progress.

I am not one to discuss my future publicly.

I hope to meet expectations. To achieve this, I need to keep working hard and hopefully things will go my way.

There are some things you gain with experience, but age isn't important to me.

It would be against my nature if I shouted or banged the walls.

I am super nice, I am great, even in the dressing room. I am also quite shy. But when there are difficult times or when you have to show your character, you can count on me. The players who have known me for a while know this.

Raphael Varane quotes about football and his playing style

Raphael Varane is known the most for his incredible technique, heading ability and eye for goal.  Varane has been also praised for his leadership, athleticism, technical prowess, and his ability to excel both offensively and defensively. He has been a key member of the France national team and Real Madrid in the past 10 years and has shown his strong personality in many key moments of his amazing career. The followings are the

top quotes by Raphael Varane

about football and his own playing style.

On football

Things come naturally in a career. From experience, I know that things progress season by season.

I see football as a team sport, I'm not looking for the spotlight.

You have to be humble and learn from the players around you.

Winning the Champions League is the dream.

During a career there are some steps we need to take growing up, that's natural.

Having the ball means creating chances and scoring goals.

You can be a huge player, if you play alone, the team loses.

Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game and you have to adapt, keep faith, trust and never give up.

Basically, I played football to share with others, to excel together, to achieve a goal. After, we all have our ego, our pride and our personality. But all alone, in football, it does not work.

We do a team sport. Individually, you're worthless!

All the teams that win a big trophy, it is thanks to the collective, when each one takes pleasure to share with the others. This is how it works.

It's not a fault in football to be ambitious, far from it.

First, you arrive at training, prepare for the session, I get treatment from the physios and go straight to the gym to activate the body.

On his playing style

You will rarely see a defender in front of the opponent's goal.

What's for sure is that the profile of the central defender is evolving. At one time it was all about the stopper and the libero. Today, central defenders have to be more complete.

I try to give the squad my peace of mind, my experience of big competitions and to be myself.

What is important is to communicate a lot. That's how we manage to create a good understanding. I know the players with whom I play well.

I just play to my strengths and my ability.

I feel more comfortable with fast players because I try to control the depth. For my qualities, it's what I prefer.

You have to play differently. I try to be more complete to annoy any striker. When they are stronger I try to pass in front, that I cannot play.

I try to improve and learn, that is good for my career.

The most important thing to me is time spent on the pitch.

I trust my team-mates.

If I know where I want to play before I receive the ball, it's easier. It's more fluid.

I try to transmit calmness and motivation to my team-mates.

I have my style of play and people can criticise me for that which is not a problem.

Every season is a challenge and now I am a more complete player. I have learned at the highest level.

In my position you talk about a mature player being around 28 and it is normal that you improve.

In every training session, I learn.

Being able to get some games under my belt and feeling the confidence of the gaffer is something very important to me. That way I feel good on the pitch.

Raphael Varane quotes on Messi and Ronaldo

In every generation, young football fans argue endlessly about who is the best player of the history of football. In our generation the debate is between Lionel Messi and

Cristiano Ronaldo

fans. Varane played alongside Ronaldo and against


many times during his career at Real Madrid. And now he is teammates again with the Portuguese super star at Manchester United. He has praised both of them in his interviews. However, He believes Ronaldo is an-together better player than Messi. Here are

Raphael Varane quotes on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo


I was inspired by players like Pepe or Sergio Ramos because they are defenders and by someone like Cristiano Ronaldo, who is an example for any footballer.

It's hard to criticise Ronaldo. When we come back from an away game at 4 A.M., he is one of the players that goes straight to the training complex to jump in cold water to accelerate the speed of his recovery. He is an example to follow.

Ronaldo is a bon vivant, he is friendly, he always has something to help you progress. He wants to be the best around. It infuriates him when he loses, he cannot stand it. It's true that sometimes, in the dressing room, it's fun to lose just to make him mad!

Lionel is a special player, you cannot defend against him as you do with others. It requires a lot of attention, you have to defend as a team. You cannot afford to leave spaces.

Top quotes by Raphael Varane about famous football figures

In this part of the article we present you with the top quotes by Raphael Varane about other football great stars and teams, including his comments on

Sergio Ramos


Jose Mourinho

and Pogba.

On Jose Mourinho

Mourinho kept his word. In the two years I played for him he always kept his word, and he also knew when to throw me in at the right time.

The thing with Mourinho is he asks you to do what you are good at, but not to over-do it.

Mourinho doesn't need to give long speeches. He's direct and to the point.

During my second year at Madrid, Jose Mourinho gave me a kick up the backside. I wasn't doing well, I wasn't managing to do what he wanted me to out on the pitch. So he chided me, saying: 'Why don't you run in training?' My first reaction was to mutter, 'Oh come on... ' But I knew he was right, I had more to give.

I had a special relationship with Mourinho.

On Zinedine Zidane


has tried to get me to improve. Anticipating, reading the play, putting myself in the defensive balance, I know how to do all this. So he expects the same finesse in an attacking sense.

Zidane's success comes from transmitting calm and never changing that no matter what is happening. That serenity and tranquility conveys confidence and security. He talks little but when he does, it matters.

Is a great example for me due to his serenity, his always positive being.

On Paul Pogba


is a good player, I know him very well. For any team he would be fantastic.

Paul is very positive and he has a very good energy; he motivates players in the dressing room and on the pitch with his energy.

On Eliaquim Mangala

I have known Eliaquim Mangala for quite some time and we understand each other well.

On Kylian Mbappe


keeps learning and going forward, which he does very quickly. It's good that he is ambitious. He is self-confident, it's good. He always wants more.

Kylian is very important for France. We count on him very much.

On Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos has a winning mentality and has great experience.

On Pepe

One player who gives me a lot of advice at Real is Pepe. He's taught me never to give up. He always gives 100 per cent on the pitch and he tries to instil that winning mentality in me.

On Lillian Thuram

I watch a lot of players in my position, but if I had to name a role model, I'd say Lillian Thuram because of the way he carried himself on the pitch and everything he did in his career.

On Romelu Lukaku


is the strongest forward in the world. He is pure power.

ON Carlo Ancelotti

With Ancelotti I played less, but he did extraordinary things at Real and this is what counts.

On being compared to Fernando Hiero

It's impressive to be compared with Hierro.

Best Raphael Varane quotes about his club and international career 

We wrap up our article on

Raphael Varane quotes

with a collection of his sayings about his club and international career. Varane played most of his club career so far at Real Madrid, Before joining Manchester United in the summer of 2021. On the International level, His biggest achievement was winning the 2018 World Cup with France.

On his international career with France

To experience a Euros in France is hugely motivating.

A good run is always good. It helps us to wear the colours of the France team.

Having played an international competition is definitely a plus.

I'm proud to represent my country.

Playing with France is the challenge of playing with one of the national teams with the greatest football histories.

After winning the World Cup you have a moment to think ‘wow’! And after that, then you think what the next step is.

On his life-long affection for Real Madrid and his career at the club

Just imagine, I was doing exams and signing autographs for other students. It was surreal. I'm really proud that I passed.

It was the craziest period of my life: I was getting ready for the baccalaureate, the phone was ringing off the hook, I visited the Real facilities, I met Alex Ferguson.

Being a defender of Real Madrid means being able to make very few mistakes.

Depending on the day's training intensity, we stretch, work on mobility, everything to prepare myself well. Later, we train, and depending on the day we do more physical work, more technical or more tactical. The duration also varies between 45 minutes and an hour and a half.

Everybody knows that there are quality players at centre back for Madrid and for me that's the day-to-day challenge. That's why it's important to be ready to take advantage of every chance that comes up.

I think I felt ready and I really wanted to go to Real Madrid. Some are ready and others aren't. I thought about it carefully and I made the right decision.

You cannot have the career I'm having, staying at Real Madrid for seven years, without character.

In Madrid there is a lot of competition.

I want to continue to be a first-team regular here at Madrid. That is my long-term goal.

To play for Madrid for 10 years and also being the number nine you have to be very good and have a huge mental strength.

It's the desire to keep winning. Each season the counters are reset to zero. You've either got a title to defend or one to go and win. We want to keep making our honours list longer.

It takes a great strength of character to arrive at Real at eighteen years and make a journey like I have so far.

I am very happy at Real Madrid.

We're not going to win 5-0 every game.

I remember that in 2017, when we won everything, we started the pre-season badly, with defeats.

Our objective is to win - always to win.

In terms of pressure, El Clasico is unique, but also a match against PSG is a stimulating and exciting clash.

PSG were interested in signing me, but we never entered negotiations.

I consider myself to be from Madrid because I arrived very young, but I do not forget my years in Lens - of which I am also proud.

It takes a great strength of character to arrive at Real at 18 years and make a journey like I have so far.

It would be wonderful to spend my whole career at Madrid. But my early days taught me to enjoy every moment because everything can change very quickly - I saw that with Euro 2016.

I have had the honour of sharing a dressing room with the best players in the world. Countless victories that I will never forget, especially “La Décima”. I realise that it has been a great privilege to have been able to experience such special moments.

After 10 incredible and wonderful years at Real Madrid, a club that I will always carry in my heart, the day has come to say goodbye. Many thanks also to all the Madridistas who always gave me a lot of affection and with their great demand they pushed me to give my best and fight for every success.

On his transfer to Manchester United

Interest from Bayern or Man Utd? It is greatly flattering to hear those names, and I even ask myself if that is really about me.

Yes, I do like the Premier League.

I’m very happy and very excited to start this new journey for me. It was a very good adventure with my old club, but now it’s a new start for me and I’m very happy to be here.

There had been a lot of rumours and a lot of people speaking about me and Manchester United since 2011, when Sir Alex Ferguson came to my mother’s house. When it was real, that was when I spoke with my club, and I felt it was a real opportunity to play in the Premier League for Manchester United.

I came here because I wanted new emotions and it was exactly what I expected and bigger.

The decision to move was real when I spoke with my former club. I had a real opportunity to play in the Premier League and for Manchester United.

I want to say to the fans thank you, and I will do my best to leave everything on the pitch.

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