Greatest Francesco Totti quotes, a complete collection

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In the following article, we will review a complete collection of the greatest Francesco Totti quotes, including his comments on life and football.

Francesco Totti

, widely known as the Golden Boy, is one of the finest footballers in


's history. The Italian legend is one of the few footballers who have played for one club throughout their professional careers. From his childhood, Totti was a keen follower of football and at the age of 13, he joined the youth ranks of



The Roma's legend is regarded as one of the club's most iconic players for more than two decades, winning a Serie A title, Coppa Italia title on two occasions, and two Supercoppa Italiana titles. With 250 goals, he is the second-highest scorer of all time in Italian league history. The youngest club captain in the history of Serie A, Totti holds the record for the most goals scored in Serie A.

As a member of Italy's national team, he represented his country at Euro 2000, 2002 World Cup, Euro 2004, and 2006 World Cup, winning the 2006 World Cup. Due to his physical problems, the legend announced his international retirement in 2007. Francesco Totti won the European Golden Shoe in 2007 and the Golden Foot in 2010. Undoubtedly such a great player is a role model for youngsters around the world, and his behavior and words have a great impact on them. In the following article, we will review the

greatest Francesco Totti quotes


A complete collection of Francesco Totti greatest quotes

Time to take a look at the complete collection of Francesco Totti quotes, including his most famous Inspirational quotes.

Francesco Totti famous quotes on his personal life

The Golden Boy was born on 27 September 1976 in Rome, Italy. Fiorella Totti, his mother, was a housekeeper, and Lorenzo Totti, his father, was a bank clerk. Francesco and his elder brother were raised in the Porta Metronia neighborhood of Rome. When he was a little boy, his grandfather died, so he did not get to know him. But he left Francesco a Massive Roma Fan gift. During his childhood, Roma matches were not shown, so Totti could not see his favorite team matches on TV. In his bedroom wall, he had posters of Roma's former captain, Gianni.

When he was a child, he played football in the street, and due to his talent, Totti's parents enrolled him in Fortitudo, the local youth club. After a year, his parents decided to transfer their son to SMIT Trastevere, where he played for two seasons. Due to keeping his son in the town, his mother, Fiorella Totti, refused a lucrative offer from Milan. In 1989, his parents let him move to the Roma youth squad. So it is interesting to review

Francesco Totti famous quotes


On his childhood idol

"To be like Peppe Giannini, the captain of the Roma of my youth. I identified him as the prince of Rome, the number 10 par excellence. When they called me to the first team I asked if it was possible to share a room with Peppe. They granted it to me. It was a daydream. There, in the bed next to mine slept the person whose poster I had in my room. It made an impression on me."

On his life after retirement

"Everything – my life, my mind, my body… I was used to the same routine for such a long time, waking up early, having breakfast and then going to training. Now I have to plan my days. The impact has not been easy. I asked the club for some time off to recharge my batteries. I wanted a break to clear my head and enjoy spending time with my kids. They agreed and I thank them for that; now I’m able to start this new journey on the right foot. I have stayed in football, which is my life. It’s everything to me."

On his mother decision

"When I was 13, there was a knock at our door. The men from AC Milan were asking me to join their football club. An opportunity to make it with a big Italian club. What would I choose? Well, it was not my decision, of course. My mamma was the boss. She still is the boss. And she was rather attached to her boys, let's say. She did not want me to leave home for fear that something might happen. No, no, she told the directors. That's all she had to say. It was hard saying no to AC Milan. It would have meant a lot of money for our family. But my mother taught me a lesson that day: your home is the most important thing in life. But just a few weeks later, after being scouted at one of my youth matches, Roma made me an offer. I was going to wear the yellow and red."

On his first part of his life

"The first part of my life, as a player, has ended but now I'm heading into an equally important part as a manager, hoping to do as well as I did on the field."

Francesco Totti Motivational Quotes

On 28 March 1993, when Totti was 16, he made his senior debut for Roma in Serie A under Vujadin Boskov against Brescia. The legend made 785 appearances for the Italian club, scoring 307 times and providing 186 assists for his teammates. The Golden Boy won two Serie A Footballer of the Year awards, five Serie A Italian Footballer of the Year awards, two Serie A Goal of the Year awards, one Serie A Young Footballer of the Year award, and one Serie A Goalscorer of the Year award.

In 2011, IFFHS named Totti the most popular footballer in Europe. In 2007, Francesco Totti achieved the European Golden Shoe and in 2010 the Golden Foot. Ready to review some of

Francesco Totti motivational quotes

? Let's check them out.

"I didn’t expect it to be like that, it went beyond football. It was so emotional because of my love for them and their love for me. I wasn’t Totti or the Roma captain at that moment; I was everyone’s brother. The people’s faces full of love were for me. This might sound bad, because Roma are above everybody and I’ve always put the club before myself, but just then I understood the result of that game didn’t really matter to the people."

"During a game, it comes down to your mind - the pressure. There are loads of other aspects, too. Many people say taking penalties is easy, but when you're stood over one, that's not the case. It's in no way easy. The goal really does become a lot smaller."

"I am fortunate to have only worn one shirt in my career. It is something that is fundamental to me. It is something I have always wanted: to be one of these few who wear only one shirt - a fan and a player of the same team."

"Football, to me, is a passion, more than a game. It is everything. But more than anything, it is love for Roma. I have always been Roma. There has never been anything else."

"To the children of yesterday, who have grown up and become parents, and to the children of today, who perhaps shout 'Tottigol,' I'd like to think that, for you, my career has become a fairytale for you to pass on."

"When I do retire, I will miss the trips with the team, the jokes with my teammates, the habits: having breakfast with them, playing with them, all the little things."

"The end of my playing career was May 28, 2017. That, for me, was an historic day. I'll carry it with me forever. It will be hard to explain to people the feelings and emotions I felt that day."

"Sometimes, I still watch the images of my retirement. I always tell myself to switch channel before I read the letter, but I never do it. It’s stronger than me and I get emotional every time I see those images."

"Roma was almost like my first home, I grewp up there an I will die there. It was impossible for leave Trigoria, but I had to take that decision."

"I am sorry not to be at Roma right now, but I’ve taken a new path and I don’t want to leave the group of people I am working with."

Francesco Totti Inspirational Quotes

On 10 October 1998, the Golden Boy made his senior debut for Italy against Switzerland at the Euro 2000 qualifying. The legend scored his first goal for his country against Portugal in Reggio Calabria on 26 April 2000. He played for Italy at Euro 2000 and 2004 as well as the 2002 and 2006 World Cup.

From 1998 to 2006, he made 58 appearances, scoring nine goals and providing 24 assists for his teammates. He helped Italy win the 2006 World Cup. This collection of

Francesco Totti inspirational quotes

will help you to learn from his path to greatness.

"I could have gone to Real Madrid once, as I would never have played for another club in Italy. When I made the decision, it came from my heart and my mind and I’ve never had any regrets."

"Because I grew up playing for Roma and I want to die playing for Roma, because I have always been a Roma’s fan”.

"My ankles are swollen because I get too many kicks from rival defenders. I can hardly play every weekend. I hope the World Cup is not at risk for me."

"Some feared the reaction of the coach, who might say: ‘You stay with him’. Is sad? It’s ugly? Unfortunately he is human and fraternal relations in football are very few. That last year, however, was a nightmare. In those days I began to rethink how he behaved in the beginning, when I was the captain, the symbol, the undisputed player. And to understand that they were saying to me: “You are forty, step aside, don’t break my balls”, it hurt me."

"Beyond the children, the family, the things that really matters. The given word. You don’t need signatures, contracts or lawyers. Just a handshake."

"Just look into each other’s eyes. Some things I have been taught ever since I was a child and still believe in."

“I like to joke, be ironic and play down, but behind a joke there’s often the truth. Sometimes it was better not to express the truth."

"I knew, or thought, it would create problems. I would only do harm, to myself and the club. I preferred to avoid it."

"Hearing so many false rumors about me over the years, it made me suffer. There were times when I went to war, to disprove the lies they told in the newspapers, on the radio or on TV."

"It’s nonsense, There’s not a single teammate or coach among the many I have met, who can tell me to my face: ‘You have decided, you have asked, you have demanded."

"I will always hold my head high because I trained and I never said, ‘do this or do that’. I never asked for anything, apart from being able to win."

"I wanted to. I wanted strong players like [Gianluigi] Buffon, [Lillian] Thuram and [Fabio] Cannavaro, because I had no desire to be in the background when the others celebrated."

Best Francesco Totti Quotes

From his first goal to his regrets, here are some of

best Francesco Totti quotes


On his first Roma goal

"I felt like the children they give to the electric track of the cars. I had prepared an exultation under the south where I had been so many times to cheer, but I scored under the north and forgot it. It was a moment of happy madness. I was going left and right, I wanted wings at that moment."

On his first paycheck

"Especially when you are young, money totally changes your life. You start thinking big and finding a fit is complex. The first large check I received on a Friday: too late to be able to change it at the bank. We hatched it in the family, like an egg, until Monday morning."

On his offers during his career

"I had offers to go to the Emirates or the United States. I would have made lots of money, but I would have ruined 25 years of love as well. It could have been a good experience, seeing as I was out of favour with the coach at that time, but I chose Roma on this occasion as well."

On Spalletti

"I want to make a premise: the coach chooses who to field in absolute autonomy. He is rightly in control of decisions and I have never allowed myself to question them or contest them. Then there is a discourse of humanity and there things change. The more I tried, the more he sought the break, the provocation, the quarrel or the pretext. I quickly realized that in those conditions it would be impossible to continue."

"So, for the first time in 25 years of Rome, between January and February, I gave up. After having risked a physical confrontation in Bergamo, to date on the possibility of shaking his hand, he replies: «In football you are wrong, we are all wrong. Let’s say I should understand what moon I’m on that day, how I wake up, if I’m in a good mood."

On his playing career

"I knew that sooner or later that moment would come, but I only started considering the hypothesis in the last year. In the previous season I understood that they would not want to renew my contract: however, then, every time I took over, I changed games and scored goals. After the game against Torino, when I entered four minutes before the end, they renewed my deal by popular acclaim. I should have retired on that perfect evening, after the apotheosis, as Ilary suggested and I also thought about it. Then, after a sleepless night, I decided to continue. Unfortunately, the relationship with him was already compromised."

On his regrets

"Not having played with Ronaldo, during that period when he was on fire at Inter. It was my dream and his as well. He scored loads of goals, but he would have scored more with me."

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