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PUBG Tips and Tricks for Professionals

PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks for advanced players who have been caught up in the game for quite some time now and are looking for details to help them get the infamous chicken dinner in the top leagues.

The notion of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is simple: drop, acquire weapons, get kills and remain alive.

That isn't to say that some PUBG tips won't help, particularly when everyone else is trying to do the same thing.

While obtaining kills is satisfying, a large part of the game's challenge is increasing your survivability, whether through cautious mobility, picking your fights, or fleeing with your tail between your legs.

We've got some PUBG recommendations below to help you shooting, looting, and eating a chicken dinner in the advanced leagues when playing against all the good and best players.

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PUBG Tips and Tricks for Professionals to Help You Improve

Here are some PUBG tips and tricks for Professionals.

No Need to Worry about Blue Zone Early on

Taking damage to stay alive may not seem like the ideal strategy, but it might be worthwhile in the early game.

You will receive some damage if you hide on the edge of the blue circle, but no one will anticipate you to be there.

You can stay there for a long period and avoid fights totally if you have some good healing options.

You might even be able to score a few kills on unwary opponents, one of the PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks.

However, you keep a close check on your health and the following circle.

When you approach the late game, you'll need to employ a variety of methods.

Another useful tip is that playing on the edge of the circle and running in with it is the one that should keep you alive.

When you stay on the edge, the area you need to be aware of shrinks dramatically.

You're aware that a large portion of what's behind you is completely secure, so all you have to worry about is what's in front of you.

When you're in the midst, you have to keep your eyes on everything and everywhere, which isn't easy.

Use Terrains as Cover

Buildings are normally quite useful for survival, especially if you can cover the only entrance, but they come with a lot of dangers.

A well-placed grenade will put a stop to your run in an instant, and anyone who knows you're in there may just wait at the exit.

If you want to maintain your ground for a while, search for a ridge, dip, or hill where your opponents won't be able to hit you.

This will give strong cover with better visibility than a building and, more importantly, a greater number of escape possibilities, one of PUBG Mobile tips and tricks 2021.

Take the Helmet but Leave the Vest

If you want to win, you'll need a good helmet and vest, therefore always seek the highest level available when looting untouched gear.

It can be difficult to know what to pick up and what to leave if you locate a damaged level three on the person you took down after combat.

The overall rule is actually quite straightforward. Even if it's on the verge of being destroyed, always wear a level three helmet.

A level three will always and only save you from a headshot with the M24, one of the PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks. As a result, it is almost always useful.

In terms of utility, vests differ from helmets, however, a level three that has not been damaged is always preferable to a level two.

If you expect to take a lot of fights in the late game, then durability is more crucial than level.

As a result, a complete health level two is preferable to a quarter health level three because it lasts longer, another one of

PUBG tips and tricks for Professionals.

However, if it's down to the final few players, the damaged level three should be the superior choice, as blocking more damage from a single shot could mean the difference between a win and a defeat.

Boost up Before Heavy Combat

Even if you are in perfect health, it is a good idea to start popping those energy drinks and painkillers once it gets down to the last 15 or so people to get you pumped up and regenerating health.

There are several reasons for this, including the fact that you won't have to worry about it after a late-game fight, and the possibility that a single second of health recovery could win you a close battle, one of the PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks.

In any case, if you have them, you should use them as soon as possible because there's no point in saving them. With a chicken dinner, who wants painkillers?

Another reason for this is that you run faster when your energy bar reaches a particular point and speed in close fights can be an absolute game-changer, one of PUBG Mobile tips and tricks 2021.

Bush & Grass

This may sound absurd, but bushes are an excellent stealth choice. If you sit in a bush, there's a good possibility someone will stroll right past you and wonder how they were shot.

Bushes don't provide much in the way of cover, but if no one sees you, no one will shoot you, and you won't die.

If you're going to try it, take off any brightly colored clothing you're wearing first, one of the

PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks.

In PUBG, you can see for hundreds of meters with the correct scopes and sightlines, but grass stops being visible at roughly 200 meters.

This means that if someone chose to lay down, they may believe they are well hidden, but everyone within 200 meters of them may clearly see them, another one of those less-known PUBG tips and tricks for Professionals.

It's usually best to seek out hardcover, such as a tree or a wall (or even a bush), rather than trying to lay down on the grass until it's too late.

This also means that in a field, hitting the deck when shots come in is a bad idea. Just dash to the nearest cover.

Pick your Fights

Everyone wishes to be the person who gets 20 kills and eventually wins, but the chances of it happening are minimal (Unless you're Shroud or Dr. Disrespect, two of the most popular PUBG streamers who manage to kill more people in a single round than most people do in an entire evening.)

So, in order to stay alive, you must choose your battles carefully.

That isn't to suggest you shouldn't fight, but you should only engage in fights you know you can win, one of the

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks 2021.

If you see someone with an AWM and full level three armor, don't engage them in open combat.

However, if you see someone with a shotgun and you have a 4x AR, you should definitely take them out.

Take a second to analyze each combat situation, and if it appears to be difficult, retreat.

Choose your Clothing Carefully

This isn't a fashion show; it's a battle royale, so plan ahead. You gain a tactical edge by using muted colors and, of course, camouflage, one of the PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks.

You'll want lighter colors for the snowy Vikendi map, so that white blouse will come in handy.

Strip in the assembly area if you don't have any decent clothes. This is a strange one, but you have a minute or so at the assembling area when you start a game.

You can leave your clothes on the ground and others may come over to swap. After that, you can swipe for a better outfit.

Okay, it doesn't always happen, but every now and then you'll get a fantastic set of threads!

While you wait for the game to begin, you have about a minute to waste, and there are occasionally clothes to be found in the assembly area.

Squad Play

When you parachute onto the island, open the map and press to drop a marker to coordinate your landing zone. Try to get everyone in the same spot.

An update added a "follow" feature, which solves the problem described above by allowing a squad member to act as a jump leader and lead the rest of the team down.

This makes it simple to get everyone into the same Area. If the person you're following doesn't know what they're doing, you can "unfollow" and choose your own landing location once you've dropped.

If you're not together, your squad's locations will be marked on the map and in your UI, making it simple to locate them.

Spreading out requires any enemy to make a decision, whereas bunching up makes you easy to kill, one of the

PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks.

It also implies you can engage any enemy by using interlocking fields of fire.

If you crowd around a downed box, for example, you'll be taken out by a machine gun burst. The best approach to win is to fight as a team. 

your teammates when they're hurt - it's one of the most important aspects of being a squad - but don't hurry over as soon as they fall because you'll almost certainly be shot.

While you eliminate the threat, keep an eye on your partner's health bar in the top left corner.

If you die while attempting to revive your squad, you will all lose. Crawl and take cover if you've been shot so your teammate isn't exposed.

Your teammates can see you, but the enemy may not be able to. When you're shot and instantly crawl to them to be revived, the opponent will know where your allies are.

It's safer to take shelter and let your teammates revive you if it's safe, another one of the PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks.

Using voice chat is essential when playing with a squad in top leagues.

A single sniper can only fire in one direction, thus team talk is a fantastic approach to figure out how to work together.

Send a runner out to draw fire while the rest of the team watches, and you'll most likely see the muzzle flash and be able to take down that sniper.

Flare guns and Airdrops

Regular airdrops with a red smoke indicate a box containing great weapons and gear usually sniper rifles.

Keep an eye on it since it contains equipment that will assist you in winning - or provide you with an opportunity to snipe those that come to collect from it. It's entirely up to you.

Flare gun was a new feature in version 8, allowing you to fire a flare to call a personal airdrop.

That's excellent since the supplies will come to you, but your opponent will notice the signal as well, so expect to be attacked as soon as you approach the crate.

You acquire firearms if you're inside the play zone, and an armored car if you're outside the play zone.

The armored car can take a lot of fire, but it can still be destroyed.

You can't get to your crate if it lands on a roof, so be careful where you shoot that flare, one of the PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks.

Quick Tips

Here we give you some quick recommendations to get better at the game.

TPP is Better

You can use the third person to gain a view of the surroundings without revealing yourself. You can utilize the third-person camera to peek over slopes and hills without being seen by players on the opposite side.

Another excellent example of how to use the third-person camera to your advantage is to look over walls or around trees while staying undercover.

Bandages instead of Medkits

Excess bandages should be used instead of medkits or first aid kits if you're not in a fight.

Bandages take longer to heal and you must use numerous bandages, but by utilizing them when you're not in a fight, you're ensuring that your most useful meds are available when you need them the most.

Careful with Stairs

If you're attacking opponents hiding in a building, be especially cautious if they're at the top of a flight of stairs.

When another player is sitting at the top of the stairs, it can be exceedingly tough to overcome them.

In the vast majority of circumstances, it is preferable to avoid a situation like this entirely.

If you can get into an empty building with a flight of stairs, on the other hand, you can use it as a terrific camping location.

The stairs are always a highly dangerous place for people emptying out a building. 

campers will be invisible to those on the steps, but those at the top of the stairs will have a clear line of sight on the enemy.

Don’t Rush to Kill the Downed Ones

When you knock a player down, it's tempting to kill them right away. To begin with, it's actually worthwhile to wait. You can gather some useful information from a downed player if you wait for them to start crawling away.

Downed players usually panic and begin crawling to their nearest teammate. You can discover out where a player's allies are hiding by looking at their crawling direction, one of the

PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks

. If the player tries to crawl under cover, make sure to kill him.

Use the Right Weapons

The weapon you use should be appropriate for the situation. Consider employing an SMG or a shotgun if you're inside a building, for example. If you're out in the open, make sure you have an assault rifle with you or a sniper.

Unlike the PC version, you'll usually find it easier to choose weapons that are as forgiving as possible if you miss shots. As a result, unless you're in a really close quarters position, we recommend always using an assault rifle.

Relax and Kill’em from Far

Pacing your shots will pay off if you're trying to take down an opponent from a long distance.

Change your fire rate to semi or single and fire slower shots; they'll be much easier to hit, and knocking down a player will only need 3-4 body shots or 1 to 3 headshots, one of PUBG Pro Tips & Tricks.

When Driving Vehicles

If you are shot at while driving and decide to exit your vehicle, try to get to a different cover as soon as possible.

You put yourself in danger if you use your car as a cover. Other players can shoot at your car, which will explode if they cause enough damage. If the vehicle explodes while you're standing near it, your character is likely to be killed by the blast.

In PUBG, vehicles can be a deadly trap. If another player hears you, they'll either try to shoot your vehicle or follow you and wait for you to get out.

Using a car will reveal your whereabouts to everyone, therefore try to avoid it as much as possible.

In fact, we'd go so far as to argue that you should only drive cars if you have no other option and are in a hurry to go to the next zone.

Shoot at the wheels if a player is driving past or if a group of players has just exited a vehicle. Shooting out two tires causes the car to slow down, making it easier to shoot at players who try to escape.

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