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Joshua Kimmich is surely one of the best midfielders in the world today and is also a key player in Bayern Munich. in this article, we are going over Joshua Kimmich quotes on playing football, players and coaches, his time before joining the Bavarians and on FC Bayern and Mannschaft. Stay tuned.

Joshua Kimmich

is a versatile footballer who can play as a midfielder and a right-back. He is so active on the pitch that participates when the team defends and also when they attack. This barilliant footballer has been playing for

FC Bayern

since 2015 and has had a big influence on their achievements in recent years.

Kimmich started to play football as his career at VfB Bösingen and after a year, he moved to

VfB Stuttgart

. After 6 seasons, this German midfielder joined

RB Leipzig

and played there for 2 seasons. On 2 January 2015, Kimmich left Leipzig to Join the Bavarians.

Joshua has achieved 6 Bundesliga titles, 3 DFB Pokal, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 Champions League, 1 FIFA Club World Cup and 5 German Super Cup titles since he joined FC Bayern.

Horst Hrubesch, the current

Hamburger SV

development director, has praised Kimmich for his versatility. He said: “Joshua has an enormous quality and is versatile in both attacking and defensive roles.” He also described Joshua as “an intelligent player with good technical skills and agility”.

Joshua Kimmich top quotes

In this article, we are going to have a look at the

best Joshua Kimmich quotes


On Playing Football

We are going to start the article with the

Joshua Kimmich quotes on football

. Here he talks about his style and his way of thinking about football.

I just started playing football because it’s fun for me, it’s the best thing for me.

I always try to find the solution before I receive the ball. Afterward, I have to control it and pass it. But when you knew before where you wanted to play, then all the things would go faster.

The following quotes of the Joshua Kimmich quotes show the importance of a good coach on promoting in football.

As a young player, the most important thing besides having a very good coach is to play a lot because you improve that way.

It’s really important for a young guy to have a coach who wants to improve you and believes in you.

Let’s keep on reading the rest of the Joshua Kimmich quotes on football.

I know my weaknesses and work on them - especially when I'm not playing, I try to do more.

It’s not that it doesn’t matter to me where I play, but it’s secondary.

The only important thing is your performance. If you perform well, then you get the respect of your teammates.

For me, it’s all the time a big challenge to play against the best player of the opponent. I think only with this I can develop and grow for myself.

In the next

Joshua Kimmich top quotes

, he compares playing in an empty stadium with playing in a stadium with fans.

 Normally you have more adrenaline and more tension inside your body when you walk in and see the 80000 fans screaming.

It’s really different without the fans because there is less atmosphere, no screaming after every corner or chance. But the positive is you can communicate with each other. You can speak with each other. You can hear what the coach is screaming on the touchline. 

Normally you have more adrenaline and tension when you see 80000 fans, screaming after every corner or chance. You have to push yourself and your teammates. Normally when there are fans, you are focused just because of that. You feel mistakes more. Also, you feel more if you score a goal.

Normally when there are fans you are focused just because of that, because you know when you’re going to make a mistake, everybody is like, 'Whoa', you feel this mistake more. Also, you feel more if you score a goal. It’s more emotional when there are fans.

I just know that it is strange if you win a game at the Allianz Arena and cannot celebrate with your fans.

It's more emotional when there are fans.

Now it’s time to read the Joshua Kimmich quotes on his position.

My favorite position is in the midfield. I think I can play to my strengths there. I can communicate with every player. I’m more in the game because as a right-back you have to stay on one side and you’re not always in the game for 90 minutes. So I prefer the center midfield position.

Every position is a bit different, but for a young player, it’s important to be able to play different positions, to see the game from a different view, to learn of every position. Because you need different skills, and it’s perfect for a young player to develop.

I’m happy to play in any position. I would not, however, be the perfect striker.

Let’s go on with the other

Joshua Kimmich quotes

which are about his profession.

We as footballers, like with Sancho, have a lot of power to reach other people, to be role models and to say something. What we say to people outside gives us a big chance to make a statement.

As footballers, we have a certain responsibility. We have the responsibility to talk about things.

I’m not scared of any other player, but I normally know the quality of the others and try to be ready before the game. But I don’t forget my own style to play soccer.

If I had a choice between playing and watching, then I would always decide to play every time.

When you’re fit but you can’t play, it’s very hard, especially for the head, especially for a young player. But all you can do is train hard and give your best. Afterward, it’s the decision of the coach. 

In football, it is normal that coaches and players change. There is always a new environment and you have to prove yourself again and again.

You can always learn lessons.

I want to create chances and also maybe score.

Praise is great, but it’s also an incentive.

In every game, I want to perform well, not for me, for the team.

You have to go to the limit every day as a player, or others will take over.

On Players and Coaches

In this part of the

Joshua Kimmich quotes

, we are going to have a look at his sayings about footballers and coaches.

On Xavi Hernandez

Xavi was a big idol in my youth because he was smart in his head. He was not the biggest player because of his body length, but he was one of the greatest players because he was always smart in his mind. He had really good technique.

My role model was always Xavi Hernandez from Barcelona.

These are two of the best Joshua Kimmich quotes that show his respect to Xavi and indicates that this Spanish former footballer was his inspiration.

On Philip Lahm 

Many critics have compared the playing style of Kimmich to the former Bayern captain. Here we will see the Joshua Kimmich quotes which are about Philip Lahm.

Philipp is an absolute legend.

Philipp is one of the best outside backs in the world and has proved this over many years - how well he can perform on the right side.

I always wanted to be me and not a Lahm clone or Lahm the second.

On Bastian Schweinsteiger

Kimmich has also praised the former midfield of FC Bayern and the German National team. Here is one of the Joshua Kimmich quotes which is about Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Obviously, Schweinsteiger is a great role model for me.

On Thomas Müller

I only know Bayern with Thomas Muller. Without him, the club would not be where it is now. It’s the case that when he comes on he always plays well.

On Guardiola

Mr. Guardiola has already told me what he likes about me.

I played many positions under Guardiola. That helps to see the game from a different perspective, you learn more.

For me as a young player, it’s great to have had a coach like Pep Guardiola and have coaches like Carlo Ancelotti and Jogi Low, because you get different impressions.

Before joining Bayern Munich

In this part of the article on

Joshua Kimmich quotes

, we are going over his words at the time before joining FC Bayern.

I grew up in the small German village of Bösingen, which is located between Black Forest and the state capital of Stuttgart. And when I say small, I mean small. In our village, there were no more than 1700 people. And we all loved football, but there weren’t a lot of places for us boys around town to play in.

My parents’ garden is where I learned to play - and love - football. When I was little, only 4 or 5, I’d be out there with my dad, who taught me how to pass and shoot, first with my left foot and then with my right.

Here is one of the Joshua Kimmich quotes on Stuttgart, where he moved to after leaving Bösingen.

At 14 I went to Stuttgart academy and it was a big dream. But I felt lonely. It also got hard later. At 18 I hoped to play in the second team but the club said I was not strong enough.

Now it’s time to have a look at Joshua Kimmich quotes on RB Leipzig.

I played at RB Leipzig from 2013 to 2015, and my coach was Alexander Zorniger. He was a coach who was very focused on the details. He did a lot of analytics and we were focused at Leipzig on the play against the ball.

At RB Leipzig at first, I was 18 years old. I was the youngest player in the squad and so at first, it wasn’t easy because I came there with an injury.

On FC Bayern & Mannschaft

In this part, we are going to have a look at the

Joshua Kimmich best quotes

on the Reds of Munich and the German national team.

On FC Bayern 

As a young boy, I had gone to a Bayern match with my father. I had never seen such a big stadium before, and it was overwhelming. Everything was so big, so loud.

It’s my goal to establish myself at Bayern Munich.

There are seriously talented players who have been around for a long time, both in the national team and with Bayern, so there’s always a danger of not playing so often.

I knew when I came here it wouldn’t all be easy, that I wouldn’t play every game. But my goal was to be a part of Bayern, to be a starter. I want to achieve things here.

The following quotes are two of the Joshua Kimmich best quotes that show his passion for staying at Bayern Munich.

It’s a fact I don’t want to leave Bayern Munich.

It’s not only conceivable, but it’s my goal to stay at Bayern for a long time - under the assumption that I play.

Let’s go on with the other Joshua Kimmich quotes on FC Bayern.

When I came to Bayern, I was a second-division player. For me, it was a new world.

At FC Bayern, you know that every year, you have to compete for titles - but, on the other hand, there is a possibility of stagnating at Bayern if you do not get the chances to play.

You’ve got to have self-confidence that you’re going to make it at Bayern and I have that self-confidence.

This is the most special thing at Bayern Munich. They won everything, but the players still want to win more.

Here is what Joshua Kimmich said about their extraordinary win over Barcelona.

It’s hard to comprehend beating Barcelona 8-2.

On Mannschaft

Now it’s time to have a look at the Joshua Kimmich quotes which are about the German national team.

I am a national player myself and I know how special it is to play for Germany.

I’m obviously aware that Germany’s head-to-head record with Italy is not particularly positive. I myself have memories from a few previous encounters. I was 11 years old for the 2006 disappointment and the 2012 match is obviously much fresher in my memory.

Both with Bayern and with the national team, I have a lot of teammates who have achieved a lot more than me - most of them are world champions, European champions or Champions League winners.

This was our article on Joshua Kimmich quotes. Thanks for reading. Do YOU want to add any quotes? Share with us in the comments section. 

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