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Today, he is most famous for the great job he did as head coach of Sampdoria. In this article, we will take a look at Marco Giampaolo biography.

Marco Giampaolo, born 2 August 1967 in Bellinzona, is an Italian football coach of Swiss origin and a former footballer who played as a midfielder. He started his senior football career at Giulianova Calcio, making his debut in 1986.

Throughout the following years of his career, he featured for minor Italian clubs such as Gubbio, Licata, Siracusa, SS Fidelis Andria or Gualdo. He decided to retire from football in 1997.

Giampaolo embarked on his coaching career in 2000, accepting an assistant coaching position at Delfino Pescara. One year later he joined Giulianova Calcio as an assistant coach, where he previously started his football career. After one year, however, he switched clubs again, being appointed assistant coach of ACD Treviso.

Finally, in 2004, he began his career as a head coach, taking over as coach of the Ascoli Picchio team. Having worked quite successfully for two years, he was named coach of Cagliari Calcio. But his adventure there only lasted a year, as in 2007 he was fired from this position. He then took charge as coach of the Siena club in 2008.

However, his job again lasted only one year. Then in 2010, he joined as the coach of Calcio Catania. Following a year, he left this team and went on to take over the AC Cesena team. However, he was very quickly sacked from this club. For a short time in 2013, he coached the Brescia Calcio team. He then went on to become the coach of US Cremonese in 2014. He moved to Empoli FC after a rather successful season.

All You Need to Know About Marco Giampaolo Biography

While there, again after one season, he switched clubs by becoming the coach of UC Sampdoria. He successfully coached this club for three seasons. He stepped down from this position in June 2019 and was then appointed as the new coach of A.C. Milan.

His spell in Milan did not last for so long and he was sacked four months later. Later on, he had another unsuccessful coaching stint, this time in Torino, where he was fired just 5 months after he was appointed as coach of the team.

Marco Giampaolo Information

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Marco Giampaolo biography

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Marco Giampaolo Bio

  • Full Name: Marco Giampaolo

  • Nickname: N/A

  • Profession: Professional Football Coach

Marco Giampaolo Physical Stats

  • Weight: 74 Kg

  • Height: 1.80 m

  • Eye Color: Brown

  • Hair Color: Grey

Marco Giampaolo Football Information

  • Position: Midfielder

  • Jersey Number: 6

  • Professional Debut: 1986

Marco Giampaolo Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 2 August 1967

  • Birth Place: Bellinzona, Switzerland

  • Zodiac Sign: Leo

  • Nationality: Italian

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Marco Giampaolo biography

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Marco Giampaolo Early Life

Marco Giampaolo was born on 2 August 1967 in Bellinzona, Switzerland to Italian parents, before moving to


at an early age. He had his first spell as a footballer from 1986 with Giulianova Calcio, playing there for the next four years until 1990, making 109 league appearances for the club without scoring a goal during that time. At the time, Giulianova Calcio was playing in the Serie C2 consistently, finishing in mid-table in all four seasons that Marco Giampaolo was there.

AS Gubbio

Between 1990 and 1992 Giampaolo then played for AS Gubbio 1910, where in two years he made 43 league appearances, once again without scoring a goal. At the time, Gubbio was playing in the same division as Giulianova Calcio but was relegated to the fifth division following the end of the 1991/92 season and Marco Giampaolo, therefore, left the club.

Licata Calcio

He then spent a season with former second division side Licata Calcio from 1992 to 1993, where he played 34 league games and scored his first league goal. Now stay tuned to this section of Marco Giampaolo biography as we want to share some info about his career at Siracusa.

SC Siracusa

This was followed by two years of playing for SC Siracusa in Serie C1 from 1993 to 1995. Having narrowly avoided relegation to Serie C2 in their first season, the Sicilian team managed to qualify for the play-offs for promotion to Serie B in the 1994/95 season but failed to win against US Avellino. As a result, Marco Giampaolo left Syracuse again and went to Fidelis Andria, then playing in Serie B.

Fidelis Andria

He played a total of 36 league games in Serie B for Andria, in which he scored one goal. In 1995/96, Giampaolo finished seventeenth in Serie B, just one point behind


Calcio, and was relegated to the third division after Fidelis Andria had spent four years in Serie B.

AS Gualdo

Following this, Marco Giampaolo switched clubs again and played one more year of football for AS Gualdo before retiring from the game in 1997 at the age of just thirty, due to a serious injury.

Marco Giampaolo Profile

Following his retirement from playing, he first started out as a scout for


and then became an assistant coach. He held similar positions at Giulianova and Treviso.


He worked as assistant coach Massimo Silva at


in 2004, although he actually acted as head coach even though he did not have a certificate of the first category; because of this he was summoned to the Disciplinary Commission and disqualified for two months until 15 May 2006. He saved the team from relegation in the season.


During the 2006-2007 season, he was in charge of


, and was fired on 17 December 2006, but returned to the Sardinian bench on 26 February 2007 (after the sacking of Franco Colomba), and was able to achieve salvation with a day in advance.

On July 5, 2007, he successfully passed the federal master for coaches of Coverciano, thereby getting the license of the first category. During the following season, he was confirmed on the Cagliari bench, and after a very promising start regarding the play and results of the team (2-0 victory in Naples at the debut and 1-0 at home against Siena), Cagliari went into crisis.

He was once again sacked by president Cellino on 13 November 2007 following a series of disappointing results with only 9 points in eleven games and finishing second to last. He was replaced by Nedo Sonetti, who on December 19, 2007, stepped down as coach of Cagliari (with the team last in the standings).

The coach, who was still under contract, was summoned by Cellino, but the latter, in a press release sent by a trusted lawyer, declared: "Although I am well aware of the financial damage it will cause, I refuse to return to Cagliari. Pride and dignity have no price".

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Marco Giampaolo biography

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He coached Siena in the 2008-09 season, guiding them to salvation and also repeating Mario Beretta's record 44 points from the previous season. He also won a record 12 league victories. In the next season, on 29 October 2009, Giampaolo was dismissed due to the poor results of the team Siena, where they scored 5 points in 10 matches.


He was appointed coach of


on 30 May 2010[10] for the 2010-2011 season. At the beginning of the season, the expectations were high but after getting only 22 points in 20 games, and following a series of 3 games in which Catania earned only one point, he was fired on 18 January 2011.


On 4th June 2011, he was signed by president Igor Campedelli's club, taking the place of Massimo Ficcadenti and thus becoming the new coach of


for the 2011-2012 season. During his adventure in Romagna he made changes to his staff.

Leonardo Colucci, who had already worked for Giampaolo at Cagliari as a player, became his new assistant. Colucci replaced Fabio Micarelli, Giampaolo's long-time assistant, who continued to be part of the staff as a technical collaborator.

In spite of a surprising transfer campaign, he had a very bad start to his journey in Romagna, which was the worst start of his career.

Having played nine matches, he was last in the standings with only 3 points, and following a few days of protests, he was fired on 30 October after the 2-0 defeat against Parma: he left the team in the last place with only three goals scored, and was replaced by Daniele Arrigoni.


During the 2013-2014 season, he dropped down to Serie B, joining Brescia on 2 July 2013. However, on 23 September 2013, in the immediate aftermath of the home defeat against Crotone where the fans praised his predecessor Alessandro Calori, he was absent from their morning training and handed in his resignation as coach of Brescia, which was accepted officially on 25 September. He declined a request to return to the bench of the Brescia on 4 March 2014.


He was named the new coach of


in the Italian Serie C on 17 November 2014, to replace the dismissed Mario Montorfano. He finished 8th in the championship at the end of the season and cancelled his contract with the club.


He was appointed the new coach of


on 15 June 2015, which played in the 2015-2016 Serie A. He made his debut in Serie A on the Tuscan bench on 23 August 2015, with a 3-1 defeat at home against Chievo.

His first win came on 19 September 2015 against Udinese, with a 1-2 result. After bringing the team to tenth place in the table and playing a good game, on 14 May 2016 he informed the club that he will no longer lead the team the following year.


He was officially presented as the new coach of


on 4 July 2016. He led the Sampdoria team to tenth place in the first season, winning twice in the derbies: since 1959-60 both derby matches were won by Sampdoria. They were eliminated in the Round of 16 in the Coppa Italia by



During the 2017-18 season, the team consistently won in their first 6 outings at home and achieved another win against Genoa. This made the coach the only one, alongside Novellino, who has been able to win three times in a row in the derby.

The team confirmed its tenth place as the year before but added 6 points (54), while in the

Coppa Italia

they were knocked out by Fiorentina again in the round of 16 (3-2).

The year after it was

AC Milan

who knocked out the team, again in the round of 16 (2-0 in extra time). In the league, the Giampaolo-led Sampdoria side came ninth with 53 points. The mutual termination of his contract with the club was announced on 15 June 2019.


He was officially named as AC Milan's manager on 19 June 2019. His Serie A debut on the Rossoneri's bench was on 25 August, in the 0-1 defeat against Udinese. Having suffered three more defeats in the next five matches, he became the second coach to lose four of his first six games in charge of Milan, after Italo Galbiati in 1982, and the first coach to lose four of his first six in the league in 81 years.

Despite a 2-1 win over Genoa on 8 October, as a result of a poor start to the season in terms of play and results, he was sacked.


On 7 August 2020, he was introduced as the new coach of


. His debut on the Granata bench came on 19 September 2020, in the Serie A match lost 0-1 away against Fiorentina. Following the 0-0 home draw against Spezia and with the team in third-last place in the table, he was dismissed on 18 January 2021.

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Style of Play

Marco Giampaolo loves studying and above all geometry! He always tries to find it on the pitch. Triangles are his favourite combinations and it is from these that his team takes shape. These are the considerations that have to be taken into account if one wants to guess which formation Giampaolo will propose to his teams. According to Giampaolo himself, "there is no best system. It is the quality of the players that are the best thing."

He works hard with the defenders, asking them to take responsibility in the build-up phase and to have the character to deal with one-on-one situations: he is responsible for the growth of some of the most interesting centre-backs in

Serie A

in recent years, such as Skriniar and Andersen.


While in his playing days, Giampaolo was not able to earn a good reputation for himself, but after starting his coaching career, he managed to establish himself among the talented new generation of Italian football coaches.

Marco Giampaolo outside Football

As a very dedicated football manager, Marco Giampaolo has all his attention focused on his football career, and according to his wife, even when he is at home he draws patterns and forms using cutlery and glasses when he is at the table and when he is not at home, he writes on paper napkins. On the other hand, during the times that he is unemployed, he tries to spend almost all of his time with the family.

Marco Giampaolo Personal Life

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Marco Giampaolo religion

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Family, Children and Relationships

Giampaolo is a very reserved person and most of all, not a social media lover. He has been married to Louisiana for several years and the couple have a daughter named Greta. Both of them follow the adventures of the man of the house very closely, although they would rather watch the game at home and not at the stadium.

He has a younger brother, named Federico, who followed in his footsteps as a football player and even played in Serie A. He started his coaching career in 2010.


At the time of writing this article, there are no reports of any charitable activities to his name, either on the English or Italian media.

Legal Issues

There aren’t any reports of legal issues or disputes regarding the former AC Milan coach Marco Giampaolo in the media.

Marco Giampaolo Career Statistics

In this section of Marco Giampaolo biography, we will take a look at his career stats on the international and club level.


Between 1986 and 1997, he played a total of 290 league matches in the lower tiers of the Italian football system, scoring 4 goals.


Giampaolo has a win ratio of 32.91 percent with 131 wins, 104 draws and 163 defeats in a total of 398 matches that he has managed his teams as of 16 January 2021.

Marco Giampaolo Honors

Either as a player or as a football coach, Marco Giampaolo has never won any awards or trophies during his football career.

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