Top Facts About Darwin Nunez, Future Star Spotlight

Sun 31 October 2021 | 14:30

Darwin Gabriel Nez Ribeiro (born 24 June 1999) is an Uruguayan striker who now plays for Benfica in Portugal and for the Uruguay national team. In this article, we take a look at top facts about Darwin Nunez.

Darwin's most important facts that we are going to discuss are his childhood, early life, parents, family, future wife/girlfriend, lifestyle, personal life, and net worth. In a nutshell, we depict the life of a footballer who, due to his family situation, went to bed several times without eating.

We're not here to debate Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Rather, it's the story of Nunez, the Uruguayan soccer player, from his childhood to his rise to prominence in the beautiful game.

Darwin Nunez has been a standout performer for his club this season, on both the local and European platforms. Nunez's retro approach to the number 9 position has piqued the interest of big European clubs. Let’s take a look at top facts about Darwin Nunez.

Top Facts About Darwin Nunez You Might Want to Know

Darwin Nunez was born under the astrological sign of Cancer, which is an intriguing detail about Gabriel Nez Ribeiro. That means that even the stars can work in Darwin Nez's favor on occasion. He enjoys his work and continues to give it everything he has. That is why most people recognize Darwin Nez as a well-known soccer player with a large fan base.

Their encouragement aided him in achieving some of his long-term career objectives. Nunez put up an outstanding bid for the son of the year when he said an emotional goodbye to the fans of Penarol - "the club of my life" - at Carrasco Airport. Nunez claimed after securing a £6.3 million move to


: "I will be able to purchase my parents home in Artigas as a result of this move.

My parents gave up everything for me; my mother collected bottles on the street and my father toiled in construction all day." What the parents can expect after his summer transfer to


, or the rumored nine-figure transfer, remains to be seen.

Darwin Nunez Early Life

To begin with, the Striker's full name is Darwin Gabriel Nez Ribeiro. His mother, Silvia Ribeiro, and father, Bibiano Nez, welcomed him into the world on June 24, 1999, in Artigas, Uruguay.

Darwin Nunez was born into a family of two children (himself and an older brother) as a result of his parent's marriage. Darwin began his life as a bashful young boy with a strong desire to excel.

To be honest, Nez's shyness and silence compensated for his strong desire to lift his family out of poverty. The footballer grew up in Artigas, a city in northern Uruguay, in a slum neighborhood. Darwin grew up with his one and only brother, Junior Nunez, who he considers to be his hero. Let's continue to read the

Top Facts about Darwin Nunez


Darwin Nunez Family Background

The story of the forward is one of the rags to riches, similar to that of many of the footballers we've profiled, such as

Angel Di Maria

, Romelu Lukaku, and Jamie Vardy. These soccer stars went from obscurity to fame. Simply put, Darwin Nunez comes from a poor family and comes from a disadvantaged neighborhood. His mother collected bottles and sold them.

Silvia Ribeiro did this to ensure her family's survival in the early 2000s. Darwin Nunez's father (Bibiano Nez), on the other hand, is a construction worker who makes very little money.

In reality, there was never any promise that money from his job would provide for his family (both nuclear and extended). When Bibiano Nez didn't have any money, everyone relied on Darwin Nunez's mother (Silvia Ribeiro) to feed the family.

This is when she would go out into Artiga's streets to collect bottles. Darwin and his brother, Junior, would eat if they sold them. Darwin's most painful childhood memory was going to bed hungry on multiple occasions.

Darwin Nunez Family Origin

The footballer's first and principal nationality is Uruguay, while his ancestors are of Spanish descent. We're talking about his maternal and paternal grandparents, who immigrated to Uruguay from Spain.

The Darwin Nunez family is from Artiga's lowest barrio. Their house is located near the Cuareim River in a floodplain. Darwin Nunez's parents could afford to live in this disadvantaged neighborhood because it was the cheapest.

Every day, people in this section of Uruguay strive to carry bread to their homes. Even worse, when nature rages and the Cuareim River rises, many families, including the footballers, are flooded and lose their homes. Stay tuned to read

Top Facts about Darwin Nunez


Darwin Nunez Information

Now that we know him much better, it is time for us to share some general information about him in this section of top facts about Darwin Nunez such as

Darwin Nunez Date of Birth.

  • Full Name:

    Darwin Gabriel Núñez

  • Birth Date:

    24 June 1999

  • Age

    : 22 Years Old

  • Birth Place:

    Artigas, Uruguay

  • Nick Name:


  • Religion

    : Christianity

  • Darwin Nunez Nationality:


  • Ethnicity

    : Uruguayan

  • Education

    : Not Available

  • Darwin Nunez Horoscope:


  • Father’s Name:

    Bibiano Núñez

  • Mother’s Name:

    Silvia Ribeiro

  • Siblings

    : Junior Nunez

  • Height

    : 1.87 meters

  • Weight

    : 81 kg

  • Hair Color:

    Dark Black

  • Eye Color:


  • Build

    : Athletic

  • Marital status:


  • Wife

    : no

  • Profession:

    Professional Footballer

  • Net worth:

    $3 Million

  • Salary

    : US$4.5 million plus $1.5 million in variables

  • Affiliations

    : Benfica

  • Active Since:


Darwin Nunez Education

The youngster did attend school (from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.), but he did so without meals most of the time. Nunez's father and mother, like many other parents who could afford to purchase their children’s snacks, could not afford to feed him a light supper. Darwin was able to survive because of the foods that his classmates shared with him. When he got out of school, he would immediately go to football practice.

Darwin Nunez Family life

If a group of individuals stood by your side when you were or had nothing, they have earned the right to be with you during your moment of prosperity. We'll go over more details regarding Darwin Nunez's parents and siblings in this part. We'll start with his grandfather.

Bibiano Nez abandoned the low-paying construction job in Artigas, Uruguay, as soon as he realized football was the route for his family. His son's development has been aided by his development as a fantastic mentor. Darwin's career is now managed by Bibiano. Silvia Ribeiro will be remembered for her efforts to ensure that her family endures adversity, even at the expense of her own health.

Apart from going to bed multiple times without food, Darwin Nunez's mother was also the family's last recourse. Those days of collecting bottles and selling them to support Bibiano's meager wage are long gone. Junior is well-liked by his family and the rest of the world.

He is simply known as Darwin's big brother who prepared the road for him. Junior did it despite the fact that it meant putting an end to his own football dreams. He exemplifies the meaning of brotherly love.

Junior Nunez is heavily involved in football matters, particularly those relating to


's national team support. In his hometown of Artigas, Darwin Nunez's brother receives honor/recognition from Uruguayan football followers (Celeste del Alma). Let's continue to read the Top Facts about Darwin Nunez.

Darwin Nunez Lifestyle

Spending money on vacations, as many footballers, is a guaranteed bet. Simply, Darwin enjoys going to the beach. A beautiful vacation would be incomplete without a ride on a jet ski or a flyboarding.

Darwin would prefer to live in arid settings if he wasn't performing a water show. Rather than displaying a fleet of luxury cars and large mansions (houses) in public, the Forward would rather simply expose aspects of his vacation life.

Darwin Nunez Personal Life

He is well-known throughout Uruguay, Spain, and Portugal as a man with good mobility, power, and mindset. Many people may wonder, "Who is Darwin Nunez?" especially his out-of-the-field demeanor.

First and foremost, he is a great family man in the making, someone who values a balanced home and workout culture. Second, he is someone who is quite particular about his hairstyles. It's no surprise that Darwin is constantly in good shape. Fans admire him for his attractiveness, good hairstyle, and ability to play good football. Stay tuned to read

Top Facts about Darwin Nunez.

Who is Darwin Nunez Dating?

Success in Europe is a tremendous task for any South American footballer. More importantly, every successful striker has a WAG. At this point, we must wonder, "Who is Darwin Nunez's Girlfriend?"

Is he married or has a baby? First and foremost, Darwin Nunez's attractiveness would not have begun to attract ladies who would label themselves as girlfriend or wife material if he didn't have it.

Darwin Nunez's family, at the very least, must have counseled him not to make his relationship public for the time being. According to his mother (Silvia Ribeiro), the Uruguayan goal machine has only one female lover. This will most likely be the case until she gives him permission to look for a wife.

Darwin Nunez Net Worth & Salary

Darwin Nunez is an Uruguayan association football player who is one of the wealthiest in the country. He lives in a country with a total population of 3.449 million people and an average GDP of $59.6 billion dollars. Darwin Nunez has a market value of 20 million pounds, according to various web publications.

Darwin Nunez is regularly ranked among Uruguay's wealthiest Association Football Players, with an estimated market value of 20 million pounds. Over the years, he has steadily increased his riches.

Darwin Nunez Football Story

Junior, the ambitious football star's older brother, also taught him the game. The ambitious Lad got up twice whenever he failed in his studies. He considered retiring from football. But he made the decision to fight.

Junior had to give up football owing to an unspecified family issue. Darwin Nunez promised himself early on that if he made it in football, he would raise his family's standard of living.

The young man felt ready to try out at a football academy after improving his talents with street football. Darwin Nunez joined his local club La Luz after a good trial. The youngster is shown here without his jersey, as he has only recently joined the team.

Darwin credits his first football coach (the man seen above) with teaching him how to play the game and assisting him in caring for his family during times of need. He eventually lost him to the chilly clutches of death.

That didn't stop Darwin Nunez from congratulating him every time he scored a goal. Darwin rose to the top of the academy in a short period of time. Darwin Nunez was compelled to try out a more competitive institution after being miles away in terms of skill sets from his peers. He also developed his charming smile throughout this time.

Darwin's own football academy was regarded to be the most competitive and the best option. Not only that, but the San Miguel de Artigas academy had a technique of promoting talented players to bigger clubs in Uruguay's capital, Montevideo.

Darwin Nunez's destiny was changed on a fortunate day in 2013 when Uruguayan football icon and scout José Perdomo paid a visit to his academy playground. From the side of the pitch, he watched all of the kids play.

A slender booty drew his attention during the game between San Miguel de Artigas and Bella Unión. Suddenly, he became obsessed with Darwin's movements and how he annihilated his opponents.

José Perdomo did not hesitate after the game was over. He rushed straight to Darwin Nunez's parent's house, requesting permission to take their son to Montevideo, Uruguay's capital. Let's continue to read the Top Facts about Darwin Nunez.

Darwin Nunez, The Road to Fame Story

At the age of 14, the young star said his final goodbyes to his loved ones as he prepared to embark on the most important journey of his life. At the Artigas bus terminal, where he boarded a bus bound for Montevideo, his mother and he shed tears of delight.

Darwin had a logical fear of Uruguay's capital as someone who grew up in a village. For the first time, a reasonable panic gripped his heart as he approached Montevideo at night. Darwin Nunez has never seen so many city lights in his life.

 What if I told you... Darwin Nunez became homesick shortly after arriving in the city. Despite the fact that his new club (Penarol) made him feel at ease, he couldn't be himself. Darwin began to feel compelled to return to Artigas – to his family – as the days passed.

Following an assessment of the circumstances, Club Atlético Penarol agreed to let the underprivileged youngster see his home, on the condition that he returns a year later. Darwin was reunited with his old team (San Miguel de Artigas) and his family as a result of this.

While he was there, he began to prepare himself mentally for a positive return to the Penarol, a club that had been patiently waiting for their most expensive young potential. After his parent's assent, Darwin went to Montevideo at the age of 15 — this time looking much better.

José Perdomo took the boy to Penarol for trials, a club that regarded him as a legend. Darwin Nunez's family was overjoyed when their son passed with flying colors and was accepted into the prestigious academy.

Darwin Nunez stayed with the club's academy, where he was coached by Juan Ahuntchan. In less than two years (age 16). The humble, hardworking goal machine was deemed mature and capable of signing a professional deal.

Nez had to go through one of the most trying times in his life before taking the big professional jump. He was scoring a lot of goals when he suffered a devastating injury that put everything in jeopardy.

Darwin Nunez's cruciate ligaments were ruptured. Darwin was so shaken by the emotional trauma that he considered retiring from football. After undergoing surgery, he made the decision to retire.

Darwin, however, went a year and a half without playing football. At the hospital, there's a young guy like this. Darwin Nunez's family, particularly his nephew, stuck with him throughout the ordeal, providing him with strength.

Darwin Nunez's brother, Junior, had joined Penarol at the time of his accident, which is worth noting. However, due to family issues, he had to give up his job. He made this decision so that his younger brother (Darwin) could continue the struggle he had started.

Junior gave up his career because he needed to find a job that would allow him to feed his family. His family was completely reliant on his father's meager earnings at the time. There was also the necessity to look after relatives, according to the study.

As a result, if Darwin's brother had continued to play football, his entire family would have suffered. The desired alternative was to work in Uruguay's capital city in order to bring money home. Darwin was devastated by Junior's decision. Darwin, on the other hand, had the opportunity to play football while his brother looked after his family. The Striker will never forget this sacrifice.

Darwin Nunez, The Rise to Fame Success Story

Following a complete recovery from his cruciate ligament injury, the Forward was called to train with the first team – on September 10th, 2015. Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way Darwin had intended.

He returned to the first squad under interim coach Fernando Curutchet shortly after his recovery. They spoke at one time, and the coach informed him that he intended to give him his whole debut.

The soreness in Darwin Nunez's knee resurfaced after his debut against Uruguay's Club Atlético

River Plate

. It became so serious that he was compelled to leave the field, which he did with tears streaming down his face.

Darwin Nunez began to believe that he would not make it far in football at this point. Some teammates and the coaching staff shared these sentiments. Following the accident, the boy had to undergo yet another surgery, this time on his kneecap.

Following his second operation and rehabilitation, the young star returned to doing what he does best: football. Nothing could stand in the way of his radiance and consistency at the moment. The young forward became certain quickly that he would make it big in his career. Darwin began scoring big goals for Penarol, much to his family's delight.

The Uruguayan forward's goal-scoring skills helped his Carboneros team win big in his first season as a senior player. Darwin Nunez was instrumental in his Penarol team winning these trophies. Nez was selected for Uruguay's under-20 team for the South American Championship as a result of his club achievements.

He contributed to his team's third-place result. Darwin was also a member of the fourth-placed Pan American Games team in 2019. Following his rise at the club and national levels, European scouts from Spain were already on his trail.

Nez's admirers prompted a purchase when he scored a hat-trick in a 4–0 thrashing of

Boston River

(Penarol's opponents). On Augst 29, 2019, Darwin Nez signed a five-year contract with UD Almera in Spain's Segunda División. The striker was quickly favored on the Old Continent, as he proceeded to score for both national teams. At this stage, keep an eye on some of Darwin's objectives.

After starting to make money playing football, Darwin had no choice but to keep his commitment to his parents. His father and mother were overjoyed when their beloved son bought them a home in Artigas.

Darwin was on the wish list of some of Europe's best teams when COVID-19 struck. Benfica eventually prevailed over all other suitors in the fight for his signing. On the 4th of September 2020, the club purchased him for a club-record cost of €24 million. 

Darwin transformed himself into one of the Eagle's most valuable assets in less than a year. The greatest of Europe's top clubs swarmed around him like sharks once he became a serial goal scorer and assist maker. This video demonstrates why he has such high demand.

Without a doubt, another

Edinson Cavani

is on the way to the football world. Darwin Nunez is a complete forward with the potential to be the best in the world in his position. Let's continue to read the Top Facts about Darwin Nunez.

Darwin Nunez injury

Nunez's career has only just begun at the age of 21. But it was only a matter of time before he made his professional debut. Nunez had cruciate ligament surgery at the age of 17 in February 2017, delaying his top-flight debut until November of that year.

Nunez, on the other hand, would have to wait more than six months for his next team appearance after undergoing surgery on the same knee's kneecap. Nunez told the Uruguayan newspaper Football in July 2019: "At times, I wanted to stop playing, but my family and teammates were always there for me, and they encouraged me to go forward to continue."

That is something I suggested to myself, and today I am stronger than ever." Nunez has only missed a handful of games with minor bruises since joining Almeria in the summer of 2019, but having a cruciate ligament injury at such a young age may cause future club’s concern. Stay tuned to read Top Facts about Darwin Nunez.

Darwin Nunez Achievements

Darwin Nunez has never won an award, either at the club or national level, and he has never received any honors, even individually, which is unusual for a player at this level of club and national games.

 And now all we have to do is wait and watch what happens. Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this article with us. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and will return to read more in the future. You can also read more stories by clicking on the links below.

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