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The most popular video game characters

We all played video games once or twice in our childhood, or even we are playing them now as a way of escaping reality. Who was your favorite video game character? Let us tell you about the most popular video game characters and maybe then you will remember your favorite one.

The world has been gifted with a vast collection of outstanding characters in the decades since the birth of video games. There are certain characters who we dislike. There are certain characters who we adore. Those who instill dread in our hearts.

In terms of dialogue, characterization, and narrative, the quality of game writing has vastly increased. Writers have begun to shift away from two-dimensional action heroes, bumbling sidekicks, and insulting caricatures in order to create compelling characters who elicit empathy.

Whether it's a fierce plumber, a battle-hardened soldier, or a cutesy farm animal, video game characters have become icons of their respective periods. Mario, Sonic, and his ilk are the De Niros and Bogarts of the gaming industry, eclipsing any Hollywood figure in the minds of die-hard console fanatics.

With this in mind, we've meticulously compiled our list of the most popular gaming characters ever conceived after much soul-searching, debating, and calm reflection. The majority will be old friends, while some will be new acquaintances, but each one will stand out - whether as a cultural icon, an innovator, or a master of character design.

An article about the most popular video game characters with details

Which characters left the strongest impressions on you? Would these fictitious characters be more recognizable to millennials than some of the world's most influential leaders, professional athletes, or musicians?

The simple answer is yes — with a few exceptions, we know our video game characters better than we know our real-life politicians and pop culture celebrities.

Without any further introduction let us get to the list and explore this amazing and well-organized list of the

15 most influential video game characters of all time


Duke Nukem

Duke is most possibly loved by many and unknown for many other as the game series which was named after this character had its own kind of genre which was unique at that time. We will talk about Duke himself but first, let us talk about the game which would simplify things for you to understand upcoming information about its protagonist.

The franchise was made of 4 main games. The main series' first two games were 2D platformers, whereas the subsequent titles were a combination of first-person and third-person shooters.

Duke Nukem 3D, like most other FPS games of the time, has three-dimensional settings with two-dimensional sprites representing guns, opponents, and breakable background items.

Now back to one of the most popular gaming characters, Duke Nukem. In most of his missions, he is tasked with assassinating aliens who have infiltrated Earth. He appears to be sexually proficient and seductive to ladies, and he is frequently accompanied by a large number of attractive women.

Duke is most recognized for his signature jet pack, his golden IMI Desert Eagle pistol or golden Colt M1911, and his Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, which totally obscure his vision and which he has worn even at night since Duke Nukem 3D.

Nobody is more enamored with himself than Duke Nukem! Fans adore him as well.

Solid Snake

When you hear of Hideo Kojima, what’s the first game you can think of? Death stranding or Metal Gear? Well, we are going to talk about Solid Snake in this part of the most popular gaming characters article.

Solid Snake's aesthetic appearances in the early games were based on well-known actors. In Metal Gear Solid, he was given his own distinct design.

With his buddy Otacon, he also founds Philanthropy, an anti-Metal Gear group with the slogan "To let the world be." He has access to several disguises in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, allowing him to impersonate other characters as well as his younger self.

Along with these characteristics, he has a more human side, being flirty, self-sacrificing, and possessing a strong belief that friendship and love may thrive even on a battlefield, and that bloodshed is not magnificent.

These are the characteristics that make him loveable, and very enjoyable to play as and put him on our list of the 15 most influential video game characters of All Time.


Hanzo Hasashi, also known as the scorpion is one of the most memorable characters from the mortal kombat series. There is not enough time and space to talk about the game series and the story of the franchise.

There are cartoons and films which bring forth the stunning story of the grand tournament and the war between realms, but we will talk about the main subject which is the scorpion.

Along with Sub-Zero and Reptile, Scorpion was one of three palette-swapped ninja characters in the initial Mortal Kombat. The creators chose a yellow palette for Scorpion because it represented fire in contrast to Sub Zero's blue.

Contrary to popular belief the main enemy of Scorpion is not sub-zero but Quan Chi, the sorcerer who brought Scorpion back from the dead to take advantage of him for his plans. When Scorpion strikes his opponents with his spear, he screams one of two taunts: "Get over here!" or "Come here!"

These two taunts are his most famous words by which he is known.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Who is the most famous assassin in the assassin’s creed franchise? If you answered Ezio then you are most definitely correct. Ezio is not only the most famous assassin from the franchise but also is among the 15 most influential video game characters of All Time.

When designing Ezio, the creators wanted to keep the character's aesthetic and overall look comparable to that of the series' previous protagonist Altar Ibn-La'Ahad while still distinguishing him from him in terms of personality. His name, which means "eagle," was selected to honor Altar, whose name meant "flying one."

Assassins’ creed 2 was the most successful game of the franchise. The game's main character, who appears in the game as a descendent of Desmond Miles, was a significant component of its popularity. Desmond is forced to return to his ancestor's memories in order for a secret organization to discover the truth about the past.

Ezio is still the most famous assassin among the characters of the game.

Sam Fisher

Many do not know his name but recognize him by his iconic night vision goggles. Sam Fisher is the protagonist of the Splinter Cell series and is largely known for his flawless stealth skills.

Fisher pursues his goal objectives in a gruff, no-nonsense style as a clandestine operative whose existence is fully denied by the US government, but maintains a playful relationship with his coworkers and even his temporary hostages. The careless and/or premeditated death of innocent people or unarmed military personnel by his enemy enrages him rapidly.

Fisher also mentions in the novels that he can fall asleep on command, unlike other people who can only sleep when they are fatigued. This, he claims, is a benefit in his line of work, which frequently necessitates him to sleep in the most inconvenient of locations.

Sam Fisher is undoubtedly among the most popular gaming characters.

Jill Valentine

Which resident evil game is your favorite? which character do you love the most? if you are a new-age gamer you will probably say Chris Redfield or Ethan winters but if you have played the early games of this series, the ones which got remastered lately, you would be in love with Jill Valentine or Leon S Kennedy.

In this part of the most popular gaming characters, we will talk about Jill valentine, the protagonist of resident evil 3. In Capcom's 1996 survival horror video game Resident Evil, Jill Valentine made her debut as one of two playable protagonists alongside her accomplice Chris Redfield.

Director Shinji Mikami and designer Isao Ohishi collaborated to create her. Mikami refused to eroticize or show women as submissive in Resident Evil in order to avoid the sexualization of women in video games; instead, Valentine was portrayed as an independent.

Sienna Guillory, an English actress, played the character in three installments of the original Resident Evil film series. Hannah John-Kamen has been cast in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, which will be released soon.

Joel Miller

Some characters are famous for their death and Joel is one of them, sadly. The death of this character was heartbreaking but was the crucial part of the story for the second Last of Us. The story of Joel is also heartbreaking but is the factor that makes his personality.

Joel, as a single dad, is empathetic and emotionally connected with his daughter. After her death and the subsequent 20 years, during which Joel saw more horrible occurrences, he has changed dramatically, resorting to violence to solve problems and expressing hesitation when asked to accompany Ellie.

He is a seasoned survivor whose passion for surviving is fuelled by his desensitization following the death of his daughter. Joel has grown resourceful, practical, and emotionally impermeable as a result of his years of survival, yet he is nonetheless scarred and vulnerable.

Joel is a nice character in the game if a little complicated at points. And it's his bravery and friendliness that have gained him so many admirers. With HBO announcing the series based on this video game, many more people will become acquainted with this character, and he will most likely rise in our

15 greatest video game characters ranked


Geralt of Rivia

The Witcher, a series of six fantasy books and fifteen short tales, and of course the video game was a massive success as people loved the story. They also were in love with the main protagonist who is Geralt of Rivia.

Geralt is said to represent the ethos of "neoliberal anti-politics" in Polish popular culture in the 1990s. He is a professional who goes about his business without becoming embroiled in the "petty quarrels" of modern politics.

After the release of the series, Geralt of Rivia has become a household name, even among non-gamers. That’s why he is now on our

most popular gaming characters


Agent 47

Agent 47 is one of the most famous video game chart characters in history. He is not only known among gamers but also among movie lovers.

47 is a clone and a hired assassin. He was the 47th clone developed from the DNA of five separate men, intended to be ideal assassins capable of maintaining peak physique and intelligence for long periods of time while being easily controlled by whoever they were committed to, typically a handler.

Like 47, the player traverses the globe, executing strikes on targets while attempting to remain as undetectable as possible through various ways. Using disguises, aliases, and a range of both muted and noisy armament are among them.

Agent 47 has been well-received by fans and reviewers alike and has therefore become a well-known figure in gaming and popular culture.


The mighty god of war, Kratos. Kratos embarks on a series of excursions in an effort to prevent calamity or modify his fate, but his main goal is to exact vengeance on the Greek Gods, whom he despises owing to their part in his misery. He is generally shown as indifferent to everything else, stoic, bloodthirsty, and haughty.

He frequently participates in ethically dubious activities and commits heinous acts of violence. He was formerly a revered Spartan warrior who became the "Ghost of Sparta" after Ares' deceit caused him to inadvertently kill his family.

Kratos is one of the most popular characters in the God of War franchise, which is a flagship title for the PlayStation brand.

Critics have praised the character, and he has since become a video game icon, despite being a relative newbie amid more known franchise characters like Mario, Link, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Master Chief. Outside of the God of War series, the figure is now linked with other brands and has appeared in a number of PlayStation games.

Let’s get to the top 5 of the 15 greatest video game characters ranked article.

Lara Croft

Lara croft was the first love of many teens and kids who played Tomb Rider games. With numerous films featuring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft, she rocketed to the top of our list. It's easy to understand why she's so popular among video game players.

She is portrayed as a brilliant and athletic English archaeologist who travels the world exploring ancient tombs and dangerous ruins. She was among the first female characters in video game history.

And her persona has changed over time, moving away from the apparent sex appeal of the character and focusing on the other qualities that make Lara Croft a fan favorite.

Lara Croft's debut in 1996 is generally credited with paving the way for more female protagonists in video games. She has been cited as a benchmark against which following female video game heroines have been measured by several publications.

With these being said it was obvious that Lara would be among the 15 greatest video game characters ranked list.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Everyone knows Sonic and his friends. The blue hedgehog with super speed power, that could roll and collect rings. Well, that was sonic in the prime years of creation. Sonic games usually revolve around Sonic's efforts to stop Eggman from obtaining the Chaos Emeralds, which are seven emeralds with mystical abilities.

The Emeralds have the ability to transform ideas into power, manipulate time and space via a process known as Chaos Control, provide energy to living things, and be utilized to build nuclear or laser-based weapons. In most stories, they serve as MacGuffins.

In 2013, Sony Pictures Entertainment purchased the Sonic film rights, and in June 2014, it launched a collaborative venture with Sega's Marza Animation Planet to develop a Sonic film. Sonic has never been more popular than now, thanks to the release of the film.

We have reached the top 3 of the

most popular gaming characters

list. Let’s meet the top contenders.

Master Chief

Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, or simply "Master Chief" has been the most famous character from the Halo franchise. The Master Chief is a colossal supersoldier known as a "Spartan," who has been bred and trained for battle since infancy.

He has an almost faceless appearance and is seldom seen without his green armor and helmet. He is more well known by his naval rank than by his given name. The character's visual design was revamped or updated with each new appearance.

In terms of character and determination, he's often likened to Superman and Spiderman.

The Master Chief is Halo's and the Xbox brand's mascot. Maybe that is why he is so famous and everyone has seen him once or twice on billboards or Xbox-related advertisements. And that is the reason for him being on our most popular gaming characters list.

While some reviewers have regarded the Chief's quiet and faceless demeanor as a character flaw, other media have claimed that these characteristics help players better embody the character.

Due to backlash over the Master Chief's diminished position in Halo 5, the creators have decided to emphasize him in the next video game Halo Infinite.


Maybe the first character that you remember the super old video games with, Pac man is a popular figure among the gamers and why is that?

Pac-Man is widely regarded as one of the most important video games of all time; it pioneered the maze pursuit game genre, was the first video game to feature power-ups, and has deterministic artificial intelligence (AI) that reacts to human actions.

Pac-Man is regarded as one of the earliest video games to illustrate the possibilities of characters in video games; its title character was the first unique gaming mascot, it enhanced video game appeal among female audiences, and it was gaming's first global licensing success.

Because of being first in many factors, Pac man is remembered as a yellow creature that brought joy and entertainment for many.


The top character of the most popular gaming characters list. Are your surprised or you guessed it right?

Mario is one of the most well-known video game characters and a well-known pop-culture figure. Mario's image has appeared on a range of products, including apparel and collectibles, and individuals and locations have been given nicknames after him.

He has also sparked a significant amount of unauthorized media coverage. The Mario franchise is the most successful video game franchise of all time, having sold over 600 million units worldwide.

Mario isn't your average video game protagonist. He doesn't have a sword or beautiful clothing on him. He's merely a plumber who dresses up for the occasion. That's probably why we adore him so much. This simplicity put him high up on our list because he certainly managed to win the hearts of many games and of course non-gamers.

Thank you for reading our

most popular gaming characters

. We will also appreciate it if you share this article with your friends or family members so they will be reminded of their sweet childhood memories.

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