Top facts about Adebayo Akinfenwa, The Beast

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Saheed Adebayo Akinfenwa (born 10 May 1982) is an English striker who currently plays for Wycombe Wanderers in League One. In this article, we take a look at top facts about Adebayo Akinfenwa.

After spending time in the English lower leagues, as well as spells in Lithuania and Wales, Akinfenwa made his professional debut with Doncaster Rovers. Akinfenwa moved to Torquay United after a brief but successful spell at Doncaster Rovers.

He was a dangerous goal-scorer against the failing team, but he left the club to join


City. He joined League One side Millwall after two seasons with the Welsh club and eventually went to Northampton Town.

Akinfenwa moved from Northampton to Gillingham for six years, where his goal-scoring skill was still evident. He joined League Two side AFC Wimbledon in June 2014, then Wycombe Wanderers two years later. And now it's time to learn more

Top facts about Adebayo Akinfenwa.

Top Facts About Adebayo Akinfenwa You Might Want to Know

Because of his massive physique and immense physical strength, he was dubbed "The Beast." He started his junior career with the ‘


Football Club,' and then moved on to the ‘FK Atlantas,' where he finished his senior career.

After that, he played for a number of different football clubs before making his professional debut with Doncaster Rovers. He was only with them for a short time, but it was fruitful. After that, he played for 'Torquay United,' 'Swansea City,' and 'Millwall,' before joining 'Northampton Town.'

For the past six years, he has alternated between ‘Northampton Town' and ‘Gillingham'. After that, he joined ‘AFC Wimbledon.' He joined the 

Wycombe Wanderers

 a few years later. The powerful footballer, who weighs roughly 16 stone (102 kg), has appeared in several versions of the ‘FIFA' videogame franchise.

He has been dubbed the world's strongest footballer. Akinfenwa also runs a clothing business named ‘Beast Mode On.’ And at the end, we will learn about

Adebayo Akinfenwa’s childhood

, family life, personal life, net worth, and salary.

Adebayo Akinfenwa Early Life

Saheed Adebayo Akinfenwa was born in Islington, London, on the 10th of May 1982. He was born to a Christian mother and a Muslim father. Even as a toddler, Akinfenwa's hulking size gave him the moniker "The Beast."

He was a huge Liverpool fan when he was a kid. John Barnes was his favorite player. “Back then, I always coveted Steven Gerrard's shirt,” he once said. We're going to have a problem if someone gets his shirt before me,” I once warned a friend. He, predictably, received the shirt.

However, Adebayo Akinfenwa's massive body was not always a blessing, and it was often a problem during his childhood. Akinfenwa struggled to convince people to get past his girth from an early age, owing to his Nigerian Yoruba ancestry and a childhood spent eating a lot of starchy foods.

On the recommendation of his agent, whose Lithuanian wife's brother knew a member of the coaching staff of FK Atlanta, he joined the Lithuanian club FK Atlanta as a youngster. Fans hurled racial epithets at him.

Akin dele was forced to return to the United Kingdom in early 2003 due to racial abuse. After then, the 'Beast' became a journeyman. During his time at Jenner Park, he joined Welsh

Premier League

champions Barry Town and helped them win the Welsh Cup and Welsh Premier League.

However, only a few games into his tenure, the club was forced to release its professional players due to financial difficulties. He spent eight years at ten clubs, including four in one year. A journeyman is a person who works as a freelancer.

Adebayo Akinfenwa has since played for 13 different clubs, scoring 228 goals in 763 games. As they say, the rest is history. Let's continue to read the Top Facts about Adebayo Akinfenwa.

Adebayo Akinfenwa Information

Now that we know him much better, it is time for us to share some general information about him in this section of

top facts about Adebayo Akinfenwa

such as Adebayo Akinfenwa Religion. 

  • Full Name:

    Saheed Adebayo Akinfenwa

  • Birth Date:

    May 10, 1982

  • Age

    : 39 Years Old

  • Birth Place:

    Islington, London, United Kingdom

  • Nick Name:

    The Beast

  • Religion

    : Christianity

  • Adebayo Akinfenwa Nationality:

    English/ British

  • Ethnicity

    : Nigerian

  • Education

    : Not Available

  • Adebayo Akinfenwa Horoscope:


  • Father’s Name:

    Not Available (Muslim)

  • Mother’s Name:

    Not Available (Christian)

  • Siblings

    : Brother, Daley Akinfenwa (Twin)

  • Height

    : 1.85 meters

  • Weight

    : 102 kg

  • Hair Color:

    Bald usually (hair color not revealed)

  • Eye Color:


  • Build

    : Athletic

  • Married

    : Unmarried

  • Girlfriend

    : No Girlfriend currently (Single)

  • Profession

    : Professional Footballer

  • Net Worth

    : $10 million approximately

  • Salary

    : £130,000 yearly salary

  • Affiliations

    : Wycombe Wanderers FC

  • Active Since:


  • Merch

    : The Beast: The Story

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Adebayo Akinfenwa Family Life

Adebayo Akinfenwa is a Nigerian player who was born in Islington, North London. While he observed Ramadan as a youngster, his father is a Muslim and his mother is a Christian, and he is now a Christian.

Clarke Carlisle, Akinfenwa's former colleague at Northampton Town, considers him a close friend. He was a


fan as a kid, and John Barnes was his favorite player. In several versions of the FIFA video game series, he has been recognized as the most powerful footballer on the planet.

In September 2014, he was invited to attend the FIFA 15 launch party among several celebrities and Premier League players, including

Rio Ferdinand

, George Groves, and Lethal Bizzle.

Akinfenwa is said to weigh roughly 100 kilograms and can bench press 200 kilos, practically doubling his physical weight. He owns the Beast Mode On clothing line, which capitalizes on his great man fame. The Beast: Headline Publishing is his autobiography. Let's continue to read the Top Facts about Adebayo Akinfenwa.

Adebayo Akinfenwa Love Life

It can be difficult to keep your life out of the public view, especially with paparazzi on the prowl and so many opportunities to connect with social media. Adebayo Akinfenwa refuses to allow his wife to accompany him to social events or attend high-end parties.

On the internet, there are no records of previous relationships (girlfriend and wife). Regardless, Adebayo Akinfenwa uses his children to show the world that he is a fantastic father. He demonstrated this by posting a photo of himself dressed as Father Christmas for his girls.

Adebayo Akinfenwa is also recognized for being a father who devotes a significant amount of time to shaping his son in his own image and likeness. His son, who is noted for lifting small weights, has earned the nickname "mini beast" from his father's supporters. Stay tuned to read

Top Facts about Adebayo Akinfenwa


Adebayo Akinfenwa Racism

when Adebayo was 17 or 18, He'd just gotten out of Watford, and his assistant was married to a Lithuanian woman at the time. The head of a Lithuanian team, FK Atlantas, came to see one of his matches at Watford. After he got freed, he proposed Adebayo’s agent. According to Adebayo, he has already been sold to the Lithuanian national squad. But he'd never heard of the country before, which made him think twice.

Later, he learned that the country had a lot of talented people. Furthermore, he stated that when a person is young, they are courageous, and they just do not refer, despite the fact that they do not speak the language, dislike the food, or the skin color. He also stated that all he wanted to do was play soccer.

 The first match he played was a pre-season game, and like other pre-season games, he was pitted against the home club, so he didn't play in an arena; instead, he worked on a strike with all of the fans in close proximity. 

Similarly, he hit off, and he went out to the flats so that we could play askew. Adebayo snatched the ball from beneath his breast, ran down the lane, and immediately heard monkey hymns. He was convinced that it couldn't be. Then there were monkey hymns when I got the ball back. He knew it was lemur hymns the second time he heard them.

Adebayo Akinfenwa Criticisms

It ‌seems impossible for him to play football because he's too huge. The idea that the tongue rarely acts before the brain persists, although not in a convincing fashion. After advising that the image he propelled - he has gained the nickname "Beast" – was only a persona, a ruse, one member of the media tasted the sharp side of Adebayo's tongue.

Adebayo claims that he has been given numerous opportunities to be himself and that accusing him of simulation would require a bold decision. He stated that his self-assurance isn't a result of anything and that he didn't set out to be this way.

Adebayo has always been caught between multiple judgments and has sought to persuade many by claiming that he is just himself. It makes no difference how large or powerful he is. It truly depends on his ability to do and analyze tasks.

He also claims that no matter how much feedback he received, he remained focused on his game. He was never distracted by obnoxious words. Nowadays, there are no critics, and Adebayo is a well-known football player with a large fan base.

The best thing he gets out of all of this is the ability to be himself, and others seem to enjoy it. When someone achieves success and popularity at a place they had aspired to for a long time, Adebayo believes it fuels the ambition to achieve even greater heights. Let's continue to read the Top Facts about Adebayo Akinfenwa.

Adebayo Akinfenwa Net Worth & Salary

Football experts can earn a lot of money. Profits, on the other hand, are contingent on a number of factors. These cover the player's field as well as their listings, of course. Athletes in the United Kingdom and Western Europe can earn up to 150TH Euro at the high end of the market.

Top soccer players in a few countries earn $1-2 million per year. Players in countries where soccer is not as popular as the United States and China earn a few hundred thousand dollars per year.

The most heinous paying coalitions can pay less than $50,000 per cycle. Adebayo's net worth in 2019 was estimated to be between $8 and $8.5 million dollars. Adebayo's net worth in 2021 is estimated to be approximately 150th Euro.

Adebayo Akinfenwa Career

On the recommendation of his agency, Akinfenwa joined the Lithuanian club FK Atlantas as a teenager after learning that a member of the coaching staff knew his Lithuanian wife's brother.

Akinfenwa scored the game-winning goal in the 2001 Lithuanian Football Cup final and appeared in the UEFA Cup qualifying rounds for two seasons in a row with the club. "Coming from London, where nobody would mistreat me, this was just brazen," he later said of the racial abuse he experienced from supporters in the country.

Akinfenwa changed clubs again in July 2004, joining

Torquay United

as a replacement for David Graham. During the 2004–05 season, he scored 14 league goals but was unable to assist the club to avoid relegation to League Two.

At the end of the season, he declined to sign a new deal with Torquay. Akinfenwa transferred to Swansea City in July 2005, and the club was compelled to pay an £85,000 compensation cost.

He scored his first competitive goal against

Tranmere Rovers

, and it was also the first competitive goal at Swansea's new Liberty Stadium. He turned down a new contract with Swansea City at the end of the 2006–07 season and decided to join Swindon Town on June 29, 2007.

He did, however, flunk a medical exam. In November 2007, he signed a month-to-month contract with League One club Millwall after a time of recovery and training at Gillingham. In seven appearances, he did not score a single goal.

Akinfenwa signed a contract with

Northampton Town

until the end of the 2007–08 season on January 18, 2008. He signed a one-year contract with Gillingham on July 29, 2010, and scored on his debut with a header against Cheltenham Town.

Akinfenwa was able to create a great relationship with Cody McDonald while at the Gills, and the two combined for 36 goals that season. At the end of the 2010–11 season, Akinfenwa was offered a new contract by Gillingham, but he elected to return to Sixfields on May 25, 2011, when new Cobbler’s boss Gary Johnson brought him in to "catch the imagination of the supporters.

On 2 July 2013, Akinfenwa re-signed for Gillingham on a free transfer. Akinfenwa left the club following the expiration of his one-year contract after rekindling his successful connection with Cody McDonald, scoring 10 goals in the 2013–14 season and finishing third in the Supporters Player of the Year awards.

He joined League Two side AFC Wimbledon on June 20, 2014, after a 14-month transfer chase. On 5 January 2015, when

AFC Wimbledon

hosted Liverpool at Kingsmeadow in the FA Cup third round, Akinfenwa equalized against the team he supports, albeit in a 1–2 defeat.

Following his departure from AFC Wimbledon, Akinfenwa signed a one-year contract with Wycombe Wanderers. He was nominated for the EFL League Two Player of the Season award in April 2018.

Akinfenwa and Wycombe defeated Oxford in the 2020 EFL League One play-off Final, achieving promotion to the EFL Championship for the first time in both the player's and the club's history.

With 10 goals, Akinfenwa concluded the season as the club's joint-top league goal scorer. On July 16, 2020, Akinfenwa signed a one-year contract extension with Wycombe Wanderers. Akinfenwa re-signed a one-year contract with the club on July 8, 2021. Stay tuned to read Top Facts about Adebayo Akinfenwa. 

Quick Facts about Adebayo Akinfenwa


He is so huge, his weight is 102 Kg


He had a 180-pound bench press.


In Lithuania, he was subjected to racism.


He has been a lifetime Liverpool fan.


He came up with the concept of 'Beast Mode.'


He's confused for NFL players on occasion.


He's been compared to an overweight Eddie Murphy.


He is a devout Christian.

​Adebayo Akinfenwa Zodiac Sign

Taurus is Adebayo Akinfenwa's zodiac sign. Taurus is a realistic and grounded sign, according to astrologers, and the sign harvests the rewards of labor.

They are drawn to the material world, hedonism, and physical pleasures because they sense the desire to be surrounded by love and beauty at all times. Taurus people are sensual and tactile, thinking touch and taste to be the most significant of the senses.

This is one of the most dependable signs of the zodiac, willing to persevere and adhere to their decisions until they achieve a point of personal fulfillment. In the Year of the Dog, Adebayo Akinfenwa was born.

Dogs are loyal, trustworthy, honest, distrustful, often guilty of white lies, temperamental, prone to mood swings, dogmatic, and sensitive. Dogs are great at business, but they have a hard time finding partners. Compatible with either the Tiger or the Horse.

Adebayo Akinfenwa Achievements

During the years he has won many clubs and personal honors, which we will mention below

  • FK Atlantas:

    Lithuanian Football Cup: 2000–01

  • Barry Town:

    Welsh Premier League: 2002–03, Welsh Cup: 2002–03

  • Swansea City:

    Football League Trophy: 2005–06

  • AFC Wimbledon:

    Football League Two play-offs: 2016

  • Wycombe Wanderers:

    EFL League One play-offs: 2020

  • Individual:

    PFA Team of the Year: 2017–18 League Two, Torquay United Player of the Year: 2005, Northampton Town Player of the Year: 2010, AFC Wimbledon Player of the Year: 2015, Wycombe Wanderers Player of the Season: 2017, 2018

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