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He is a gentleman, a popular legend, and a man who dedicated all his effort to help the clubs he has played for. Mark van Bommel is one of the great legends in the Netherlands. We are pretty sure that in the end, you will have enjoyed the article.

Bayern Munich, PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, and AC Milan are some of the best teams in the world. These are some of Europe's most illustrious clubs, all of whom have had Mark van Bommel on their roster at some point in their history. Van Bommel's professional career began, though, at Fortuna Sittard.

In the 2004/05 season,

Mark van Bommel

became one of Europe's most flamboyant players and one of the best and most sought-after midfielders. The central midfielder impressed at PSV Eindhoven and the Netherlands, earning a contract with Spanish champions FC Barcelona for the 2005/06 season. On the other hand, the Dutchman did not go beyond the role of noble reservist in the Catalans' "global selection." Van Bommel transferred to Bayern Munich after winning the Champions League in 2006.

With his combative play and leadership characteristics, he became an indisputable regular player and guided the team to a double in 2008. Even Bayern captain, van Bommel, won the double in 2010 and reached the Champions League final. However, he and the Oranje team lost this and the 2010 World Cup final in South Africa. Whatever the case may be, Mark van Bommel's name has always been associated with Dutch football. In the following, we will mention Mark Van Bommel net worth, stats, and other points. Today we want to talk about the 

top facts about Mark Van Bommel 

and tell you some special facts about this former star.

Top facts about Mark Van Bommel you might want to know

Mark Van Bommel is a 44 years old star who has played for Netherlands national team, Bayern Munich,

PSV Eindhoven

, Barcelona, and AC Milan. "The Destroyer" is the nickname the football fans were used to call Mark, so in this part of the article, we want to look at Van Bommel’s adventure and story through a new window.

We will discover everything you want to know about

Mark Van Bommel personal life

and then in the next parts, we will review the top facts about Mark Van Bommel.

  • Full Name

    : Mark Van Bommel

  • Date and Place of Birth:

     22 April 1977 in Maasbracht, Netherlands

  • Mark Van Bommel age

    : 44

  • Height & Weight

    : Mark Van Bommel height is 1.87 m and he weighs 85 kg

  • Family Members

    : John van Bommel (father), Andra van Marwijk (wife), Thomas van Bommel (brother), Renee van Bommel, Ruben van Bommel (sons)

  • Marital Status

    : Married

  • Wife: Andra van Marwijk

  • Mark Van Bommel Children

    : Renee, Ruben

  • Current Team

    : Former Professional Football Player | Head coach of VfL Wolfsburg

  • Jersey Number

    : #17 Bayern Munich, #4 AC Milan / #6 Netherlands

  • Nickname

    : “The Destroyer”

  • Position

    : Midfielder

  • Zodiac Sign:


Mark Van Bommel Birthday, Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Mark Van Bommel was born on 22 April 1977 in Maasbracht, Netherlands. Mark Van Bommel nationality is Dutch. Mark Van Bommel zodiac sign is Taurus. People born under the sign of Taurus have a strong desire for social and corporate stability. They have a strong desire for extravagance, contentment, and great things, which can lead to intense neediness. Taurus natives like the Bull who represents their sign, are prone to anger, but once enraged, they can be terrifying.

Some of the most famous figures born on the 22nd of April (Mark Van Bommel Birthday) are Amber Heard, Machine Gun Kelly, Vladimir Lenin, David Luiz, Ricardo Kaka, and Jack Nicholson.

Mark Van Bommel Parents and Childhood

Mark Van Bommel was born on April 22, 1977 in Maasbracht, Netherlands. Van Bommel was born to Dutch parents. John and Rosi Van Bommel (

Mark Van Bommel parents

) always supported their son and tried to be Mark's side.

Mark Van Bommel childhood was all about football. Mark van Bommel, also known as "The Destroyer," was born in Maasbracht on April 22, 1977. For the 1992/93 season, Mark van Bommel joined RKVV Maasbracht, an amateur team. Van Bommel had established himself as a starter by the end of the 1994/95 season, appearing in 31 games and earning Sittard's promotion back to the Netherlands' top level.

PSV was able to get van Bommel's services for €2.7m ahead of the 1999/2000 season, and it was here that his meteoric climb to prominence was fully launched, and Europe began to take note. In Mark's second season at Eindhoven, the Eredivisie title was successfully defended similarly. Van Bommel inherited the captain's armband during his second season, despite his young age of 23, exhibiting his maturation and leadership qualities.

Van Bommel won four Eredivisie titles and one KNVB Cup during his six years in Eindhoven, when he played with Park Ji-Sung,

Arjen Robben

, and Philip Cocu at various times and under the tutelage of Guus Hiddink.

Van Bommel had thoroughly established himself in the footballing arena at this point, establishing a reputation as a controlling presence in the midfield, a role he played so effectively that he was awarded the Dutch Footballer of the Year award twice (in 2001 and 2005). Mark van Bommel's life narrative is loaded with happy memories, making him one of the greatest personalities in Dutch football history.

Mark's outstanding achievements in the Eredivisie and some strong performances in the Champions League and UEFA Cup drew the attention of clubs all over Europe, including Real Madrid and

Borussia Dortmund

. Van Bommel eventually signed a free transfer with FC Barcelona, one of the numerous teams that Mark had supported since he was a child. Van Bommel was a regular in the first squad under Dutch icon Frank Rijkaard, appearing 24 times during Barcelona's successful La Liga campaign. After one season with the Catalan club, Bayern Munich paid €6m for van Bommel's services.

Bayern had been looking for a successor for Michael Ballack, who had gone on a free transfer to join Chelsea in England. As a result, Van Bommel was able to blend in smoothly with the rest of the team. Like several other Dutch players at the time, Van Bommel had refused to play for the national team as long as head coach Marco van Basten was in charge, and that is why

Mark van Bommel childhood

was spent with hard-working to achieve goals.

Mark Van Bommel Girlfriend, Personal Life and Marital Status

Following the

top facts about Mark Van Bommel

, you should probably be more excited about the rest of the article, so we intend to bring up a new topic. Mark Van Bommel career was a great one. Mark van Bommel began his professional career with Fortuna Sittard in 1992 after playing for the local team RKVV Maasbracht. Wilfred Bouma and Kevin Hofland, two of his Fortuna comrades, would subsequently join PSV alongside him.

Van Bommel joined PSV in 1999 and forged a midfield partnership with Johann Vogel, a Swiss international. With the club, he won three Eredivisie titles and two

Johan Cruyff

Shields. In 2001 and 2005, he was awarded Dutch Footballer of the Year. Van Bommel was signed on a free transfer by Frank Rijkaard to bolster Barcelona's already successful squad.

Van Bommel quickly established himself as a significant member of the German team, giving stability in the middle of the field. He was voted Bayern Player of the Year for the 2006-07 season, edging out longtime fan favorites Roy Makaay and Mehmet Scholl, thanks to his outstanding achievements during his first season at Bayern. Van Bommel was named captain after Oliver Kahn retired in 2008.

He was Bayern Munich's first non-German captain. After resigning from Bayern Munich, Van Bommel signed a six-month free transfer contract with Milan in Italy. He then remained a starter for the remainder of the season, playing defensive midfielder. Despite being given a new contract; he chose not to continue with Milan for another season. Van Bommel may have understood at that point that his career in club football was coming to an end.

Mark van Bommel has been a member of the Dutch national squad for the past 12 years. Van Bommel made his Netherlands debut against Cyprus in a 4-0 victory on October 7, 2000. He did not compete in a major tournament until 2006 due to the Netherlands' failure to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in 2002 and an injury that prevented him from participating in the UEFA Euro 2004 in Portugal.

Van Marwijk chose Van Bommel as the next captain of the Netherlands, succeeding Giovanni van Bronckhorst. Despite earlier rumors, he did not wish to be the next captain after missing two years with the national team. In a 5-0 away triumph over San Marino, he captained the team first. On September 2, 2011, Van Bommel captained the Netherlands to a record-breaking 11–0 victory over San Marino in Eindhoven.

Van Bommel resigned from international football after the Netherlands' elimination from Euro 2012. In January 2014, Van Bommel began his coaching career as an assistant manager for the Netherlands U17 national team, working under Maarten Stekelenburg. He joined his father-in-law Bert van Marwijk with the

Saudi Arabia

national team on September 1, 2015, and served as an assistant for two years. 

He was named head coach of the PSV young team on April 25, 2017. He reconnected with van Marwijk with the Australian national team on March 23, 2018, and assisted him at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The 44-year-old then signed a two-year contract with 'Die Wolfe,' succeeding Oliver Glasner, who recently joined

Eintracht Frankfurt


"I am very much looking forward to working at VfL Wolfsburg and am enthusiastic about my new environment, the people, and the task that awaits me," Van Bommel, who played for Bayern Munich during his active career, said. Those in charge are the same ideals and perceptions as mine, and I can easily identify with the club's route. Allowing me to work as a coach in the Bundesliga, where I spent so much time playing, is a huge honor and a huge responsibility for me, which I will take on with great delight and dedication in collaboration with everyone involved."

Mark Van Bommel Religion


Mark Van Bommel religion

in the top facts about Mark Van Bommel's article, like most of the Dutch people, he is Christian. In 2019, Statistics Netherlands, the government institute that gathers statistical information about the Netherlands, found that 50.1% of the adult population declared no religious affiliation.

Christians comprised 43.8% of the total population; by denomination, Catholicism was 23.7%, the members of the Protestant Church of the Netherlands were 15.5%, and members of other Christian denominations were 4.6%. Islam comprised 4.9% of the total population, Hinduism 0.6%, Buddhism 0.4%, and Judaism 0.1%.

Mark Van Bommel Salary, Net worth and Market Value

Relating to 

Mark Van Bommel salary

, he used to earn €3.5m per year at Bayern Munich. His salary at PSV was much lower than this fee.

Mark Van Bommel net worth

is around €25m. He made his €25m fortune at Bayern Munich, PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, AC Milan and Netherlands national team

Now the whole Mark Van Bommel net worth is around €25m and he also had an annual net salary of €3.5m. After all, about

Mark Van Bommel market value

, it should be said his highest market value was in 2007 worth €15m.

Mark Van Bommel Transfermarket Stats

Mark Van Bommel transfermarket stats

 are tremendous. As we said, in terms of Mark Van Bommel stats, he managed to play 664 games throughout his career. Mark Van Bommel entered the first team of Fortuna Sittard in 1985; they sold him to PSV and it was the start of an exciting path.

Mark Van Bommel had a glorious period at PSV, so Barcelona decided to sign Van Bommel on a free transfer. Then he moved to Bayern Munich and

AC Milan

. His performances in these teams and Dutch National team, proof

Mark Van Bommel stats

were outstanding.

Some Short Top Facts about Mark Van Bommel

Mark Van Bommel was a midfielder. His height is 1.87 m and he weighs 85 kg

About Mark Van Bommel age, it should be said that he is 44 years old.

When it comes to the

top facts about Mark Van Bommel

, leading ability, great determination, excellent tackling, and loyalty come to mind.

Mark Van Bommel salary at Bayern Munich was €3.5m per year.

Regarding Mark Van Bommel children, he has two kids.

Mark Van Bommel is Dutch and he used to play for Netherlands national team.


Mark Van Bommel social media

, he is not active in social media, and his relationships are limited to the pitch.

Mark Van Bommel Instagram account

has 199K followers. Besides all this information, it is better to mention

Mark Van Bommel Facebook account


Mark Van Bommel Twitter account


Mark Van Bommel Quotes

One of the favorite parts of SportMob's article on top facts about Mark Van Bommel is amazing quotes.

Mark Van Bommel on Lionel Messi

“I only played with Leo when he made his Barca debut in 2005 but even by then, you could tell that he was destined for greatness. For me, he is always the best in the world even when he does not win the Golden Ball.”

Mark Van Bommel on Zlatan Ibrahimovic

"It was in the dressing room, I told my teammates that I needed their help; Zlatan was going to kick me when the ball isn't even close. Even I was afraid of him.”

Mark Van Bommel on Arjen Robben

“Yes, I wanted to bring Robben and Ribery to Eindhoven. Two such experienced world stars would have done my young team good with their quality and role model function.”

Mark Van Bommel Achievements

During his time with Bayern Munich, he established club history by becoming the club's first non-German captain. Van Bommel was a member of the Netherlands side that finished second in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He won the UEFA Champions League with Barcelona in 2005-06. Let's take a look at Mark Van Bommel's achievements in the top facts about Mark Van Bommel's article.


  • Dutch Super Cup Winner from 2000-2005 and 2013

  • Dutch Champion in 99/00-00/01-02/03-04/05

  • Dutch Cup Winner in 2004/2005


  • Champion League Winner in 2005/2006

  • Spanish Super Cup Winner in 2004/2005 and 2005/2006

  • La Liga Champion in 2005/2006

Bayern Munich

  • German League Cup Winner in 2007 and 2008

  • Bundesliga Champion in 2007/2008 and 2009/2010

  • German Cup Winner in 2007/2008 and 2009/2010


  • Scudetto Winner in 2010/2011

  • Supercoppa in 2011/2012

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